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  1. deceptio, deceptionis f
    a deceiving, deception, deceitfulness
  2. deputo 1 (2)
    esteem, consider, count as, destine, allot to, impute
  3. depensio, depensionis f
    expenditure, outlay
  4. derogatio, derogationis f
    partial abrogation of a law, derogation
  5. de philosophia sermonem habeo
  6. damnum accipio
  7. Delphi, Delphorum m (2)
    the Delphians, the inhabitants of Delphi
  8. deguno 3
  9. deductus, deductus m
    , a drawing, a dragging down,
  10. deverticula et anfractus
    , changes of direction,
  11. deargumentor 1
    , decide finally,
  12. deitas, deitatis f
    , divine nature, deity,
  13. despectator, despectatoris m
    , one who looks down, despiser,
  14. desorbeo 2
    , swallow down,
  15. decollatio, decollationis f
    a beheading
  16. Deipassianus, Deipassiani m
    a believer in the capacity of the Divine nature for suffering
  17. declinatio, declinationis f
    a bending from a thing, a bending aside, an oblique inclination, an oblique direction
  18. decoctio, decoctionis f
    a boiling down, decoction, mixture
  19. decoctus, decoctus m
    a boiling down, seething
  20. definitio, definitionis f
    a bounding, boundary, a limiting, prescribing, defining, definition, explanation, that which is decreed, that which is decided
  21. deflagratio, deflagrationis f
    a burning up, consuming by fire, conflagration, destruction
  22. Demipho, Demiphonis f
    a character in the Phormio of Terence
  23. decanus, decanusi m
    a chief of ten, one set over ten persons, a kind of officer at the imperial court, the chief of ten parts of a zodiacal sign, chief of the corpse-bearers
  24. delectio, delectionis f
    a choosing, choice
  25. Demetrias, Demetriadis f
    a city in Thessaly (Pelasgiotis), newly colonized by Demetrius Poliorcetes, formerly called Pagasae
  26. Dadastana, Dadastanae f
    a city of Bithynia, near the borders of Galatia, there the Emperor Jovian died
  27. Dadastanae, Dadastanarum f
    a city of Bithynia, near the borders of Galatia, there the Emperor Jovian died
  28. defaecatio, defaecationis f
    a cleansing, purifying
  29. debellatrix, debellatricis g
    a conqueress, she that conquers
  30. Damaratus, Damaratī m
    a Corinthian, the father of Tarquinius Priscus
  31. Demaratus, Demaratī m (1)
    a Corinthian, the father of Tarquinius Priscus
  32. Damocles, Damoclis m
    a courtier of Dionysius the younger
  33. Dacus, Daci m
    a Dacian
  34. dies plenus venustatis
    a day full of pleasantness
  35. dies austrinus
    a day on which the south wind blows
  36. decorticatio, decorticationis f
    a debarking, peeling, peeling off the bark
  37. decrescentia, decrescentiae f
    a decreasing, waning
  38. defensio, defensionis f
    a defending, defense, a written defence, speech, legal maintenance of a right, legal prosecution, punishment of a crime
  39. deformatio, deformationis f (2)
    a deforming, disfiguring, defacing
  40. defraudatio, defraudationis f
    a defrauding, deficiency, cheating
  41. daemoniacus, daemoniaci m
    a demoniac, one possessed by an evil spirit
  42. Decelea, Deceleae f
    a demos in Attica, 120 stadia from the Boeotian frontier
  43. Decelia, Deceliae f
    a demos in Attica, 120 stadia from the Boeotian frontier
  44. dēfossus, dēfossus m
    a digging deeply
  45. decisio, decisionis f
    a diminishing
  46. decoloratio, decolorationis f
    a discoloring
  47. dedignatio, dedignationis f
    a disdaining, refusal
  48. decuriatio, decuriationis f
    a dividing into decuriae
  49. decuriatus, decuriatus m
    a dividing into decuriae
  50. decuria, decuriae f
    a division consisting of ten, decade, division, company, class, association, club
  51. dama, damae f
    a fallow deer, buck, doe, antelope, chamois, venison
  52. damma, dammae f (dama, damae f)
    a fallow deer, buck, doe, antelope, chamois, venison
  53. Daci, Dacorum m
    a famous warlike people, akin to the Thracians
  54. decimanus, decimani m (decumanus, decumani m)
    a farmer of tithes, tithe-gatherer
  55. decumanus, decumani m
    a farmer of tithes, tithe-gatherer
  56. debitrix, debitricis f
    a female debtor
  57. deactio, deactionis f
    a finishing
  58. defluvium, defluvii n
    a flowing down, flowing off, falling off, falling out
  59. defluxio, defluxionis f
    a flowing off, discharge
  60. defluxus, defluxus m
    a flowing off, running off
  61. Daedala, Daedalorum n (1)
    a fortified place in Caria
  62. Decentius, Decentii m
    a general of Magnentius
  63. deditio, deditionis f
    a giving up, a surrender, capitulation
  64. datus, datus m
    a giving, gift
  65. Damon, Damonis m (3)
    a goat-herd
  66. decessus, decessus m
    a going away, departure, withdrawal, retirement of a magistrate from the province, decrease, disappearance
  67. decessio, decessionis f
    a going away, departure, withdrawal, retirement of a magistrate, decrease, diminution, abatement, entire disappearance, transition of words, transferring of words
  68. Daiphron, Daiphronis m
    a Grecian sculptor
  69. Demea, Demeae m
    a Greek proper name
  70. Dexippus, Dexippi m
    a Greek proper name
  71. Dexo, Dexonis f
    a Greek proper name
  72. decurio, decurionis m
    a head-chamberlain
  73. Dalion, Dalionis m (2)
    a historian
  74. decimatrus, decimatruum f
    a holiday of the Falisci, ten days after the Ides
  75. dabla, dablae f
    a kind of Arabian palm, which bears a delicious fruit
  76. dagnades, dagnadum f
    a kind of birds in Egypt
  77. defensiuncula, defensiunculae f
    a kind of defense, something like a defense
  78. dactylis, dactylidis f
    a kind of grape
  79. debilitatio, debilitationis f
    a laming, maiming, weakness
  80. decargyrum, decargyri n
    a large silver coin
  81. deductio, deductionis f
    a leading away, a leading on, a leading forth, a transplanting of colonies, a colonizing, a leading away of the bride, an escorting, a conducting safely, a putting out of possession, ejection, expulsion, a deduction, diminution
  82. dammula, dammulae f
    a little fallow-deer
  83. damula, damulae f
    a little fallow, deer
  84. damulus, damuli m
    a little fallow, deer
  85. desiduo
    a long time
  86. Dalmatica, Dalmaticae f
    a long undergarment of Dalmatian wool, worn by priests during the mass
  87. Delmatica, Delmaticae f
    a long undergarment of Dalmatian wool, worn by priests during the mass
  88. decacuminatio, decacuminationis f
    a lopping, cutting off the top
  89. declaratio, declarationis f
    a making clear, a making evident, a disclosure, exposition, declaration
  90. decunx, decuncis m
    a measure of ten unciae
  91. Daha, Dahae m
    a member of the Scythian tribe of Daher
  92. decies centies milies
    a million times
  93. decies centena milia
    a million, a million each
  94. decachordum decachordi n
    a musical instrument of ten strings
  95. Dabar, Dabaris m
    a Numidian, a relative of Masinissa and an intimate friend of Bocchus
  96. Daesitiatae, Daesitiatarum m
    a people in the south of Pannonia Superior
  97. Dalion, Dalionis m (1)
    a physician
  98. Daphne, Daphnes f (2)
    A place in Syria, near Antioch
  99. damasonion, damasonii n
    a plant = alisma
  100. damasonium, damasonii n
    a plant = alisma
  101. daucos, dauci m
    a plant of the parsnip or carrot kind
  102. dercea, derceae f
    a plant, called also herba Apollinaris, a species of the solanum
  103. Demetrias, Demetriadis f [2]
    a plant
  104. daphnea, daphneae f
    a precious stone
  105. Damon, Damonis m (1)
    a Pythagorean, famous for his friendship with Phintias
  106. dathiathum, dathiathi n
    a reddish sort of incense
  107. Daedala, Daedalorum n (2)
    a region in India
  108. Danaster, Danastri m
    a river forming the boundary between Dacia and Sarmatia, now the Dniester
  109. Dexius, Dexii m
    a Roman proper name
  110. Decianus, Deciani m
    a Roman surname
  111. defricatio, defricationis f
    a rubbing
  112. decursio, decursionis f
    a running down, a flowing down, manœuvre, military exercise, evolution, a descent, hostile attack, a walking in complete armor, a running in complete armor
  113. decursus, decursus m
    a running down, downward course, descent, declivity, inclination, a descending aqueduct, a manœuvring, evolution, hostile attack, a running in armor
  114. Dahippus, Dahippi m
    a sculptor, son and pupil of Lysippus
  115. Dercylides, Dercylidis m
    a sculptor
  116. Daae, Daarum m
    a Scythian tribe beyond the Caspian Sea
  117. Dahae, Daharum m
    a Scythian tribe beyond the Caspian Sea
  118. Dandari, Dandarorum m
    a Scythian tribe in Asiatic Sarmatia
  119. Dandaridae, Dandardarum m
    a Scythian tribe in Asiatic Sarmatia
  120. decussio, decussionis f
    a shaking off, rejection
  121. declivitas, declivitatis f
    a sloping place, declivity
  122. Delium, Delii n
    a small place in Boeotia, with a temple of Apollo
  123. daphnoidēs, daphnoidis f
    a sort of cassia
  124. dasypus, dasypodis m
    a sort of rabbit
  125. Dercenna, Dercennae f
    a source in Hispania, near Bilbilis
  126. Demaratus, Demaratī m (2)
    a Spartan king, colleague of Cleomenes
  127. deprensa, deprensae f
    a species of military punishment between castigatio and ignominia
  128. dactylosa, dactylosae f
    a species of peony
  129. damnosus, damnosi m
    a spendthrift
  130. Damasippus, Damasippi m (2)
    a surname in the gens Licinia
  131. decempeda, decempedae f
    a ten-foot measuring rod
  132. decemiugis, decemiugis m
    a ten-horse chariot
  133. deceris, deceris f
    a ten-oared ship, a ship having ten banks of oars
  134. Decetia, Decetiae f
    a town of the Aedui in Gallia Celtica, now Decize
  135. declinatio, declinationis f
    a turning away from any thing, an avoiding, avoidance, a short digression
  136. deambulatio, deambulationis f
    a walking abroad, promenading, a going out
  137. defatigatio, defatigationis f (defetigatio, defetigationis f)
    a wearying, tiring out, fatiguing, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion
  138. defetigatio, defetigationis f
    a wearying, tiring out, fatiguing, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion
  139. decunx, decuncis m
    a weight of ten unciae
  140. decuncis, decuncis m
    a weight or measure of ten unciae
  141. dealbatio, dealbationis f
    a whitewashing
  142. deserta, desertae f
    abandoned wife
  143. destitutus, destituta, destitutum
    abandoned, forsaken by, robbed of, destitute of
  144. derelictio, derelictionis f
    abandoning, disregarding, neglecting, set aside
  145. deleo 2
    abolish, destroy, annihilate, finish, stop, terminate, end
  146. detestabiliter
  147. dedamno 1
    absolve, acquit
  148. dapsilitas, dapsilitatis f
    abundance, bounty, richness, opulence
  149. donum accipio
    accept as a gift
  150. de more
    according to custom, in accordance with the times
  151. de meo consilio
    according to my plan
  152. delatio, delationis f
    accusation, denunciation
  153. delatura, delaturae f
    accusation, information
  154. de ambitu aliquem accuso
    accuse someone of bribery (in elections),
  155. delator, delatoris m
    accuser, informer, denouncer
  156. datio, dationis f
    act of giving, allotting, distributing, giving up, surrender, the right to give or convey away property, right of alienation, gift
  157. damnicupidus, damnicupida, damnicupidum
    addicted to damage, wasteful
  158. Decentiaci, Decentiacorum m
    adherents of Decentius
  159. demarchisas, demarchisantis m
    administering the office of a demarche
  160. decurro 3
    advance rapidly, charge, skirmish, walk in armor, run in armor, go over, go through, come to, run through, pass through, betake one’s self to, have recourse to, leave off, go at an end
  161. dehortor 1
    advise to the contrary, dissuade
  162. deliberativa, deliberativae f
    advisory speech, , deliberative speech
  163. dedicativus, dedicativa, dedicativum
  164. dedicative
  165. denotatio, denotationis f
    affront, discredit, marking out, pointing out
  166. detractā opinione probitatis
    after losing faith in one's righteousness
  167. defectis defensoribus
    after the defenders were disheartened
  168. debellato
    after the end of the war
  169. desitis seminibus
    after the seed was sown
  170. deditione facta
    after the surrender has taken place
  171. de + Abl.
    after, directly after
  172. de atmosphaera tuenda convenit
    agreement has been reached on the need to protect the atmosphere
  173. de pacis condicionibus convenit
    agreement is reached on the terms of peace
  174. describo aliquem
    aim at someone
  175. defensio antiaeria
    air defence, airspace defence, anti-air defense
  176. degeneres humani ritus
    alienated from all human customs
  177. desperata complorataque res est publica
    all hope of saving the state has been given up
  178. describo aliquem
    allude to someone
  179. delecto 1
    allure from the right path, entice away, seduce, keep back, delight, please, charm, amuse
  180. delicio 5
    allure one from the right way, entice, delight
  181. desperatus comploratusque
    already given up and lamented (as dead), totally given up
  182. depositorium pyrobolorum
    ammo depot, ammunition depot
  183. depositorium telorum
    ammunition depot
  184. depositorium tormentorum bellicorum
    ammunition depot
  185. decargyrus, decargyra, decargyrum
    amounting to ten silver denarii
  186. Damon, Damonis m (2)
    an Athenian musician, teacher of Socrates
  187. depressio oeconomica usque gravescens voluntatem separationis auget
    an ever-increasing economic depression increases the desire to separate
  188. decusatio, decusationis f
    an intersecting of two lines crosswise
  189. decussatio, decussationis f
    an intersecting of two lines crosswise
  190. debitio, debitionis f
    an owing, indebtedness, the debt
  191. denique
    and thereupon, and then, in the sequel, at last, at length, lastly, finally, in fine
  192. de integro
    anew, afresh
  193. denuo (de novo)
    anew, afresh, again, afresh, a second time, once more
  194. dei irati
    angry gods
  195. deletus, deletus m
  196. deletio, deletionis f
    annihilation, extermination, extinction, obliteration, annihilating, destroying
  197. deletor, deletoris m
    annihilator, destroyer, ravager, smasher
  198. dies anniversarius
    anniversary, annual anniversary
  199. dies natalis
    anniversary, annual anniversary
  200. depressus, depressus m
    anxiety, tightness, fear, pinch
  201. despicationes, despicationum f
    any kind of contempt, sentiments of contempt
  202. delinimen, deliniminis n
    any thing that soothes, that charms, that allures, charm, blandishment, allurement, enticement
  203. delinimentum, delinimenti n
    any thing that soothes, that charms, that allures, charm, blandishment, allurement, enticement
  204. delenimen, deleniminis n
    any thing that soothes, that charms, that allures, charm, blandishment, allurement, enticement
  205. delenimentum, delenimenti n
    any thing that soothes, that charms, that allures, charm, blandishment, allurement, enticement
  206. depositum, depositi n
    anything deposited or intrusted for safekeeping, deposit, trust
  207. Delphicus, Delphici m
  208. deprecatio facti
    apology for an injustice
  209. deos suppliciis placo
    appease the gods with sacrifices
  210. deplaco 1
    appease, propitiate
  211. de nihilo fieri
    arise from nothing, emerge from nothing
  212. de nihilo oriri
    arise from nothing, emerge from nothing
  213. dextras securi obarmo
    arm the right hand with an axe
  214. desiderium alicuius facio
    arouse a longing for someone
  215. delectus ago
    arry out levies of recruits
  216. daedale
    artistically, skilfully
  217. daedaleus, daedalea, daedaleum
    artistically, skilfully
  218. deminutive
    as a diminutive
  219. de cetero
    as for the rest
  220. de reliquo
    as for the rest, as to the rest
  221. derogito 1
    ask urgently
  222. depeto 3
    ask, ask out
  223. deos suppliciis fatigo
    assail the gods with offerings
  224. delegatio, delegationis f
    assignment, substitution, delegation, , payment instruction, tax collection
  225. deteriore tempore
    at a worse time
  226. demum
    at length, at last, not till then, just, precisely, especially, exactly, indeed, not till, in fact, in very truth, certainly, only, solely, exclusively, finally, in fine
  227. de manu
    at one's own expense, by one's own hand
  228. de suis
    at own expense, from own funds
  229. dēpraesentiarum
    at present, now
  230. Daedalus, Daedali m
    Athenian architect of the times of Minos, father of Icarus, builder of the Cretan labyrinth
  231. Demochares, Democharis m
    Athenian orator and historian, nephew of Demosthenes
  232. deductus, deducta, deductum
    attenuated, muffled, thin, incurved, elongated, faint, delicate, drawn inwards, bent inwards, slender, weak, humble
  233. de quo bene sperare possis
    auspicious, promising
  234. depreco 1
    avert, ward off by earnest prayer, deprecate, pray, intercede (for the averting of any evil), praying, plead in excuse, imprecate, execrate
  235. deprecor 1
    avert, ward off by earnest prayer, deprecate, pray, intercede (for the averting of any evil), praying, plead in excuse, imprecate, execrate, pray for, intercede in behalf of
  236. devito 1
    avoid, go out of the way of, shun
  237. devitatio, devitationis f
  238. dentes restringo
    bare teeth
  239. depaciscor 3
    bargain for, agree upon, make an agreement
  240. depeciscor 3 (depaciscor 3)
    bargain for, agree upon, make an agreement
  241. decemmodiae, decemmodiarum f
    baskets holding each ten modii
  242. decimodiae, decimodiarum f
    baskets holding each ten modii
  243. de suggestu invehor in aliquem
    bawl someone out
  244. de vi reus fio
    be accused of the use of violence, be sued for the use of force
  245. desum
    be away, be absent, fail, be wanting, be wanting in one’s duty, not to assist, not to serve, desert one, neglect a person or thing, fall short of, miss, fail to obtain
  246. de eo non laboro
    be beyond it, Don't be concerned about it, don't be bothered by it
  247. de vinculis educor audiendus
    be brought out of prison for questioning
  248. desiderio maceor
    be consumed by longing
  249. desiderio macesco
    be consumed by longing
  250. deturbor ex magna spe
    be deprived of a great hope
  251. deamo 1
    be desperately in love with, love dearly, love passionately, be quite in love with, be delighted with, I am greatly obliged to you, be greatly obliged to someone
  252. de sententia deicior
    be dissuaded from one's opinion
  253. de sententia depellor
    be dissuaded from one's opinion
  254. de sententia deterreor
    be dissuaded from one's opinion
  255. deminuor 3
    be downgraded, be demoted, melt together, decrease, become fewer
  256. deicior 5
    be driven out of one’s course, be pushed aside, be thrown down
  257. debeor 2
    be due, be destined
  258. depudet me
    be greatly ashamed
  259. despero 1
    be hopeless, have no hope of, despair of, give up
  260. deteriore condicione sum
    be in a worse position
  261. deteriore condicione utor
    be in a worse position
  262. deteriore loco sum
    be in a worse state
  263. deteriore loco sum
    be in bad shape
  264. de vesperi meo vivo
    be independent, live independently, lead an independent existence, live at one's own expense
  265. deterreor 2
    be intimidated
  266. deridiculo habeor (sum)
    be made fun of, be laughed at, be a laughingstock
  267. delicior 1
    be merry, enjoy oneself, indulge in pleasure
  268. de re publica cogito
    be mindful of the state, be attentive to the state
  269. decrevi
    be of the firm opinion that , , ,
  270. decurso spatio ad carceres a calce revocor
    be ordered back from the finish to the start after completing the course
  271. dementio 4
    be out of one’s senses, be mad, rave
  272. difficultate afficior
    be put on the spot, get into a difficult position
  273. dente Theonino circumrodor
    be reviled by Theon, gnawed by the ravages of slander, gnawed by the ravages of envy
  274. delector 1
    be satisfied, be pleased, be attracted, enjoy
  275. decem milibus aeris damnor
    be sentenced to a fine of 10,000 As
  276. deversor apud aliquem
    be someone's guest, lodge with someone
  277. de caelo percutior
    be struck by lightning
  278. de caelo tangor
    be struck by lightning
  279. deversor 1
    be tarrying as a guest, lodge anywhere as a guest
  280. devorsor 1
    be tarrying as a guest, lodge anywhere as a guest
  281. decem annos vixi
    be turned ten years old
  282. de gradu deicior, ut dicitur
    be upset, lose one's composure, lose one's footing, , falter, become unsettled, let one’s self be disconcerted
  283. desipio 5
    be void of understanding, be silly, be foolish, act foolishly, be delirious, rave
  284. desuefio
    be weaned
  285. de via langueo
    be weary from the journey, be worn out from the journey, be exhausted from the journey, be stressed from the journey, be carried away from the journey
  286. decineresco 3
    be wholly reduced to ashes
  287. defero
    bear away, bring away, bear down, carry down, bring down, drive away, drive down, drive a ship, bring to any place, convey to any place, bring to market, sell, bring, give to one, grant, confer upon, allot, offer to any one, transfer, deliver
  288. demusso 1
    bear silently
  289. deifer, deifera, deiferum
    bearing a god in one’s self
  290. deiferus, deifera, deiferum
    bearing a god in one’s self
  291. debatuo 3
    beat severely, thrust severely
  292. demulco 1
    beat up
  293. detundo 3
    beat, bruise
  294. depavitus, depavita, depavitum
    beaten down, trampled down
  295. demulcatus, demulcata, demulcatum
    beaten, cudgelled soundly
  296. desperato
    because he despaired of it
  297. de Tulliano semisse
    because of the six percent of Tullius
  298. desperatis rebus
    because they despaired of success, in this desperate situation
  299. denigror 1
    become all black
  300. densesco 3
    become denser
  301. demadesco 3
    become humid, become moist
  302. depudesco 3
    become shameless, not to be ashamed
  303. derigesco 3
    become stiff, become rigid, curdle, congeal
  304. defatiscor 3
    become tired, become wearied, grow weary, grow faint, be exhausted
  305. defetiscor 3 (defatiscor 3)
    become tired, become wearied, grow weary, grow faint, be exhausted
  306. desuesco 3
    become unaccustomed, disaccustom one’s self
  307. decalesco 3
    become warm
  308. decorus, decora, decorum
    becoming, fitting, seemly, proper, suitable, decorous, decorated, ornamented, adorned, elegant, fine, beautiful, handsome, adorned with, shining, beautiful with any thing
  309. decenter
    becomingly, decently, properly, fitly
  310. decibilis, decibile
    befitting, becoming
  311. dementia, dementiae f
    being out of one’s mind, insanity, madness, folly
  312. demersio, demersionis f
    being sunken down, sinking
  313. deum esse credimus
    believe in God, believe in the existence of God
  314. decretorius, decretoria, decretorium
    belonging to a decision, decisiv
  315. decretalis, decretale
    belonging to a decree, depending on a decree, decretal
  316. decurialis, decuriale
    belonging to a decuria
  317. decurionalis, decurionale
    belonging to a decurion
  318. deius, deia, deium
    belonging to a deity, divine
  319. deivus, deiva, deivum
    belonging to a deity, divine
  320. depositivus, depositiva, depositivum
    belonging to a deposit
  321. derogatorius, derogatoria, derogatorium
    belonging to a derogation, belonging to a partial repeal, derogatory
  322. dapalis, dapale
    belonging to a sacrificial feast
  323. dediticius, dediticia, dediticium
    belonging to a surrender, belonging to a capitulation
  324. dedititius, deditita, dedititum
    belonging to a surrender, belonging to a capitulation
  325. desultorius, desultoria, desultorium
    belonging to a vaulter, desultory, superficial
  326. delatorius, delatoria, delatorium
    belonging to an informer
  327. deversorius, deversoria, deversorium
    belonging to an inn, belonging to a lodging-place, fit to lodge in
  328. diversorius, diversoria, diversorium
    belonging to an inn, belonging to a lodging-place, fit to lodge in
  329. Danaus, Danaa, Danaum
    belonging to Danaus
  330. Daphnensis, Daphnense
    belonging to Daphne
  331. Davidicus, Davidica, Davidicum
    belonging to David
  332. Decianus, Deciana, Decianum
    belonging to Decius
  333. Decius, Decii m
    belonging to Decius
  334. defrutarius, defrutaria, defrutarium
    belonging to defrutum, , belonging to must
  335. Democriteus, Democritea, Democriteum
    belonging to Democritus
  336. Democriticus, Democritica, Democriticum
    belonging to Democritus
  337. Democritius, Democritia, Democritium
    belonging to Democritus
  338. dativus, dativa, dativum
    belonging to giving, given, appointed
  339. Delhiensis, Delhiense
    belonging to New Delhi
  340. Delliensis, Delliense
    belonging to New Delhi
  341. deportatorius, deportatoria, deportatorium
    belonging to removal, belonging to transportation
  342. Danubinus, Danubina, Danubinum
    belonging to the Danube, Danubian
  343. Danuvinus, Danuvina, Danuvinum
    belonging to the Danube, Danubian
  344. declamatorius, declamatoria, declamatorium
    belonging to the exercise of speaking, declamatory, rhetorical
  345. december, decembris, decembre
    belonging to the month of December
  346. deuterius, deuteria,deuterium
    belonging to the second
  347. delacrimatorius, delacrimatoria, delacrimatorium
    belonging to weeping, for weeping
  348. desub + Abl.
    below, beneath
  349. deflecto 3
    bend downwards, bend aside, turn aside, turn in another direction, inflect, vary the form of a word, turn off
  350. declino 1
    bend from the straight path, turn aside, turn away, bend down, lower, vary, inflect, decline, avoid, shun
  351. decurvatus, decurvata, decurvatum
    bent, curved back
  352. deos lacesso (precibus)
    beseech the gods, plead with the gods
  353. delino 3
  354. delibuo 3
    besmear, anoint
  355. detegor 3
    betray oneself, reveal oneself, show oneself, make oneself known
  356. depelliculor 1
    betray, cheat
  357. desponso 1
  358. desponsatio, desponsationis f
    betrothing, betrothal
  359. deinter + Akk.
    between, under
  360. devincio 4
    bind fast, tie up, bind together, unite closely, engage, oblige, lay under obligation
  361. deligo 1
    bind together, tie together, bind up, bind fast
  362. densabilis, densabile
    binding, astringent
  363. densativus, densativa, densativum
    binding, astringent
  364. devinctio, devinctionis v
    binding, ensnaring, enchantment
  365. dentes suspendo
    bite gently, do not bite hard
  366. dentibus linguam abscīdo
    bite off one's tongue
  367. demordeo 2
    bite off
  368. detector capsellae nigrae
    black box detector
  369. denigro 1
    blacken utterly, dye very black, color very black, blacken, asperse, defame
  370. denigratio, denigrationis f
  371. depectoro 1
    bleed an animal at the breast
  372. deorbatus, deorbata, deorbatum
  373. depletio, depletionis f
  374. deflo 1
    blow off, blow away, cleanse by blowing, blab
  375. decoco 3
    boil away, boil down, diminish by boiling, diminish, repress, consume, waste, become a bankrupt, waste away, become impaired, decline, boil, cook, concoct, fabricate, invent
  376. decoquo 3 (decoco, dequoquo)
    boil away, boil down, diminish by boiling, diminish, repress, consume, waste, become a bankrupt, waste away, become impaired, decline, boil, cook, concoct, fabricate, invent
  377. dequoquo 3
    boil away, boil down, diminish by boiling, diminish, repress, consume, waste, become a bankrupt, waste away, become impaired, decline, boil, cook, concoct, fabricate, invent
  378. defruto 1
    boil down into defrutum, boil down to must
  379. deferveo 2
    boil thoroughly, ferment completely, effervesce, subside
  380. desubulo 1
    bore in deeply
  381. damnas
    bound to make a gift or contribution, condemned to do any thing, sentenced to do any thing
  382. definio 4
    bound, set bounds to, limit, terminate, define, designate by limiting, limit, define, determine, explain, limit within certain bounds, restrict, confine, terminate, finish
  383. determinatio, determinationis f
    boundary, conclusion, end
  384. depalatio, depalationis f
    bounding with palings, paling off, marking of hours by the shadows of small uprights on a dial
  385. defrango 3
    break off
  386. defringo 3
    break off, break to pieces, destroy
  387. dentem evello
    break out a tooth
  388. dentem excipio
    break out a tooth
  389. deum spiro
    breathe divine being, feel like god, play god
  390. debello 1
    bring a war to an end, finish a war, fight out, conquer completely, vanquish, subdue
  391. defero
    bring an account of, give an account of, report, announce, signify, state, indict, impeach, accuse, denounce, report any thing for assessment, return to the censors, ascribe
  392. de exsilio reduco
    bring back from banishment
  393. de exsilio retraho
    bring back from banishment
  394. de exsilio revoco
    bring back from banishment
  395. defendo 3
    bring forward, allege in defence, claim, vindicate at law, prosecute at law, legally avenge
  396. detrimentum alicui infundo
    bring harm upon someone, harm someone, cause harm to someone
  397. deformo 1 (1)
    bring into form, bring into shape, form, fashion, design, delineate, describe, depict
  398. deformo 1 (2)
    bring out of shape, deform, disfigure, spoil, mar, disgrace, dishonor
  399. derupta, deruptorum n
    broken, precipitous, steep
  400. deruptus, derupta, deruptum
    broken, precipitous, steep
  401. demissus, demissa, demissum
    brought down, lowered, sunken, low-lying, low, drooping, falling, hanging down, downcast, dejected, dispirited, lowly, humble, unassuming, shy, retiring, poor
  402. deis templum compono
    build a temple to the gods
  403. decanicum, decanici n
    building belonging to the church, courtyard for ten monks
  404. deardeo 2
    burn down
  405. deflagro 1
    burn down, to be consumed by fire, perish, be destroyed, destroy utterly, burn out, cease burning, abate, be allayed
  406. defragro 1
    burn down, to be consumed by fire, perish, be destroyed, destroy utterly, burn out, cease burning, abate, be allayed
  407. decremo 1
    burn up, consume by fire
  408. deuro 3
    burn up, consume, destroy
  409. desiderio exardesco
    burn with longing
  410. deuror 3
  411. de composito
    by agreement
  412. de die
    by day, in the daytime
  413. decuriatim
    by decuriae
  414. declinative
    by deflection, by declination
  415. denominative
    by derivation
  416. deditim
    by surrender
  417. dis volentibus
    by the grace of the gods
  418. datatim
    by tossing from one to the other
  419. declarative
    by way of explanation
  420. deverticulum, deverticuli n
    by-road, by-path, sideway, deviation, digression, place for travellers to put up, inn, lodging, refuge, retreat, lurking-place
  421. devorticulum, devorticuli n
    by-road, by-path, sideway, deviation, digression, place for travellers to put up, inn, lodging, refuge, retreat, lurking-place
  422. damalio, damalionis m
  423. devoco 1
    call off, call away, call down, call, fetch by calling
  424. deos testes advoco
    call upon the gods as witnesses
  425. deos testes invoco
    call upon the gods as witnesses
  426. deos testor
    call upon the gods as witnesses
  427. dens caninus
    canine tooth, eye-tooth
  428. depolitio, depolitionis f
    careful smoothing, careful finishing, perfection, finished thing, perfect thing
  429. diligens, diligentis
    careful, accurate, devoted to, fond of, conscientious about
  430. devecto 1
    carry away
  431. degero 3
    carry away, carry off
  432. deveho 3
    carry down, carry, convey, take away
  433. deporto 1
    carry down, convey down, carry off, convey away, bring home, fetch home, carry away, get, acquire, banish, transport
  434. deportatio, deportationis f
    carrying away, conveying away, transportation, perpetual banishment, transportation, deportation, exile
  435. descrobo 1
    carve out, copy by carving, copy by graving
  436. demolio 4
    cast off, remove, throw down, pull down, tear down, demolish, destroy, lay waste
  437. demolior 4
    cast off, remove, throw down, pull down, tear down, demolish, destroy, lay waste
  438. deiectus, deiectus m
    casting down, throwing down, declivity, descent, lowering of the voice
  439. deprehendo aliquem in aliqua re
    catch someone doing something
  440. deprehendo aliquem in manifesto scelere
    catch someone in the act
  441. decipio 5
    catch, ensnare, entrap, beguile, elude, deceive, cheat
  442. deprehensio, deprehensionis f
    catching, seizing, surprising, discovery
  443. detrimentum affero
    cause a loss, bring about a damage
  444. dedoceo 2
    cause one to unlearn something, cause one to unteach something, teach the opposite of
  445. degenero 1
    cause to degenerate, deteriorate, dishonor, stain
  446. decito 1
    causing to glide down
  447. defervesco 3
    cease boiling, leave off raging, cease raging, cool down, be allayed, assuaged
  448. despumo 1
    cease foaming, slacken, abate
  449. defremo 3
    cease raging, cease roaring, abate
  450. desterto 3
    cease snoring, cease dreaming
  451. detumesco 3
    cease swelling, settle down, subside
  452. desplendesco 3
    cease to shine, lose its brightness
  453. desino 3
    cease, stop, end, close, perish
  454. de iure meo decedo (cedo)
    cede his right, waive his right
  455. decano 3
    celebrate by singing
  456. damno 1
    censure, judge, disapprove, seek a person’s condemnation, effect a person’s condemnation
  457. Demoleon, Demoleontis m
    centaur slain by Perseus
  458. demuto 1 (intr.)
    change one’s mind, change one’s purpose, change, alter, become different, deviate, depart
  459. demuto 1
    change, alter, alter for the worse, make worse
  460. demutabilis, demutabile
  461. demutator, demutatoris m
    changer, transmuter
  462. demutatio, demutationis f
    changing, change
  463. descriptio ethopoeiaca
    character profile
  464. de repetundis aliquem postulo
    charge someone with extortion, accuse someone of blackmail
  465. de veneficio accuso
    charge with poisoning
  466. deicere hostes de muro
    chasing the enemies off the walls
  467. defaecatus, defaecata, defaecatum
    cheered up, clarified, purified, cleaned, washed
  468. deficatus, deficata, deficatum
    cheered up, clarified, purified, cleaned, washed
  469. damiurgus, damiurgi m
    chief magistrate in some of the Grecian states, title of a comedy of Turpilius, Maker of the world
  470. demiurgus, demiurgi m
    chief magistrate in some of the Grecian states, title of a comedy of Turpilius, Maker of the world
  471. delectamenta puerorum
    child antics
  472. dignus bulla
  473. deoptandi potestas
  474. destrangulo 1
    choke, strangle, destroy
  475. deopto 1
    choose out, select
  476. deligo 3
    choose out, select, gather, pick off
  477. delectus, delectus m (dilectus, dilectus m)
    choosing out, picking out, selecting, selection, choice, distinction, levy, recruiting
  478. delectus, delecta. delectum
    chosen, selected
  479. democratia christiana
    Christian Democracy
  480. democrata christianus
    Christian Democrat
  481. democraticus christianus
    Christian Democrat
  482. defrutarium, defrutarii n
    cider juice jar
  483. defretum, defreti n
    cider juice, must boiled down
  484. defrictum, defricti n
    cider juice, must boiled down
  485. defritum, defriti n
    cider juice, must boiled down
  486. defructum, defructi n
    cider juice, must boiled down
  487. defrutum, defruti n
    cider juice, must boiled down
  488. Daulis, Daulidis f
    city and district in Phocis
  489. Dertona, Dertonae f
    city in Liguria, now Tortona
  490. devindico 1
  491. deplexus, deplexa, deplexum
    clasping, grasping any thing
  492. depurgo 1
    clean out, cleanse, clear, purge
  493. defaeco 1
    cleanse from dregs, refine, purify, defecate, clarify, cleanse, wash, make clear, serene, set at ease
  494. defeco 1
    cleanse from dregs, refine, purify, defecate, clarify, cleanse, wash, make clear, serene, set at ease
  495. defico 1
    cleanse from dregs, refine, purify, defecate, clarify, cleanse, wash, make clear, serene, set at ease
  496. depuro 1
    cleanse from pus, cleanse
  497. depuratus, depurata, depuratum
    cleansed, purged of pus
  498. depurgatio, depurgationis f
    cleansing by purgatives
  499. delapido 1
    clear from stones
  500. delico 1
    clear off a turbid liquid, clarify, strain, clear up by speaking, explain
  501. deliquo 1
    clear off a turbid liquid, clarify, strain, clear up by speaking, explain
  502. Dalmaticatus, Dalmaticata, Dalmaticatum
    clothed in a long undergarment of Dalmatian wool
  503. Delmaticatus, Delmaticata, Delmaticatum
    clothed in a long undergarment of Dalmatian wool
  504. dianthus, dianthi m
    clove, carnation, pink
  505. damnum adiunctum
    collateral damage
  506. damnum collaterale
    collateral damage, accompanying damage, edge damage, undesirable side effect
  507. decimator, decimatoris m
    collector of tithes, tithing collector
  508. decemviri legibus scribendis
    college of priests who preserved the Sibylline books; its number in the time of the emperors was increased to sixty
  509. decemviri stlitibus iudicandis
    college of priests who preserved the Sibylline books; its number in the time of the emperors was increased to sixty
  510. decemviri, decemvirorum m
    college or commission of ten men, the decemviri, the decemvirs, the composers of the Twelve Tables
  511. deverbium, deverbii n
    colloquial part of a comedy, dialogue, comedy
  512. depecto 3
    comb off, comb down, comb, curry one’s hide, give someone a beating
  513. divisio pugnatoria
    combat division, combat unit, combat group, battle group
  514. deustio, deustionis f
  515. dextra affecto
    come close with the hand
  516. descendo 3
    come down, fall down, sink down, descend, alight, sink, go down, go, come, sink, fall, slope, march down, go into, engage, pass off, pass through, penetrate into, sink deep into, penetrate deeply, lower one’s self
  517. devenio 4
    come from, go to, arrive at, reach, go to a place, come to
  518. dehospitor 1
    come in as a guest
  519. decolo 1
    come to naught, fail
  520. decentia, decentiae f
    comeliness, decency
  521. decemviri agris dividundis
    commission for distributing the public land to the people
  522. delictum committo
    commit a crime, commit an illegality, be guilty of a misdemeanor, commit a misdemeanor, sin
  523. de me statuo
    commit suicide, killing oneself
  524. Demodocus, Demodoci m
    companion of Aeneas
  525. Demophoon, Demophoontis m (1)
    companion of Aeneas
  526. damnum compenso cum aliqua re
    compensate a damage by something
  527. damnum meum levo
    compensate oneself, make one's loss bearable, mitigate one's loss
  528. damnum alicui restituo
    compensate someone, reimburse someone, compensate someone for a loss
  529. de praemio proposito concerto
    compete for the prize, vie for a prize that is exposed
  530. degemo 3
    complain about, sigh
  531. decursus, decursus m
    completion of a course, end of a course, a course, career, the rhythmical movement of a verse
  532. discus magneticus
    computer disk, floppy disc, disc
  533. defīnitione comprehensivus
    conceptualizable, conceptually comprehensible
  534. damno aliquem inter sicarios
    condemn someone for assassination
  535. damno aliquem de pecuniis repetundis
    condemn someone for blackmail, condemn someone for extortion
  536. damno aliquem de repetundis
    condemn someone for blackmail, condemn someone for extortion
  537. damno aliquem de veneficiis
    condemn someone for poison mixing
  538. damno aliquem in (ad) opus publicum
    condemn someone to forced labor
  539. damnatio, damnationis f
  540. damnatus, damnata, damnatum
    condemned, reprobate, criminal, hateful, wretched
  541. damnaticius, damnaticia, damnaticium
    condemned, sentenced
  542. densor 1
    condense, thicken
  543. descendo ad omnia
    condescend to anything
  544. devinco 3
    conquer completely, overcome, subdue
  545. devictio
  546. debellator, debellatoris m
    conqueror, subduer
  547. desacro 1
    consecrate, dedicate, devote, deify, destine
  548. desecro 1
    consecrate, dedicate, devote, deify, destine
  549. delibero de aliqua re
    consider something for oneself
  550. decimus, decima, decimum (decumus, decuma, decumum)
    considerable, large, immense
  551. decumanus, decumana, decumanum
    considerable, large, immense
  552. damnum meum solor
    console oneself for a loss
  553. descriptivus, descriptiva, descriptivum
    containing an exact description
  554. decemmodius, decemmodia, decemmodium
    containing ten modii
  555. denarius, denaria, denarium
    containing ten
  556. despicatio, despicationis f
  557. despicatus, despicatus m
  558. despectus, despecta, despectum
    contemptible, despicable
  559. despicabilis, despicabile
    contemptible, despicable
  560. despuēns, dēspuentis
    contemptuous, full of contempt against
  561. de lana caprina rixari
    contend about trifles
  562. de lana caprina rixor
    contend about trifles
  563. de palma cum aliquo contendo
    contest someone for supreme, dispute someone's first rank, compete with someone for the victory prize
  564. depactio, depactionis f
    contract, agreement, arrangement, deal, convention
  565. depectio, depectionis f
    contract, agreement, arrangement, deal, convention
  566. de transverso
    contrary to expectation, unexpectedly
  567. damnatio bestiarum
    conviction to fight with wild animals
  568. defrigesco 3
    cool off, grow cold
  569. deuteronomium, deuteronomii n
    copy of the law, fifth book of Moses, Deuteronomy
  570. describo 3
    copy off, transcribe, write down, write out, sketch off, describe in painting, describe in writing, represent, delineate, describe
  571. delectationis aucupium
    coquetry, addiction to pleasure
  572. deperditus, deperdita, deperditum
    corrupt, abandoned
  573. depravator, depravatoris m
    corrupter, deformer, spoiler, falsifier, distorter, defacer, seducer
  574. deminutio sumptuum
    cost containment, cost saving, cost reduction
  575. Dardania, Dardaniae f
    country of the Dardans in Upper Moesia, today's Serbia
  576. Dandarica, Dandaricae f
    country of the Dardari
  577. derepo 3
    crawl down, sneak down
  578. de ingenio moribusque alicuius expono
    create a characteristic of someone
  579. deserpo 3
    creep down
  580. delatio delicti
    criminal charge
  581. depisus, depisa, depisum
    crushed in a mortar
  582. depolio 4
  583. damnabiliter
  584. descriptio vitae
    curriculum vitae
  585. detestor 1
    curse while calling a deity to witness, execrate, abominate, call to witness, call down upon, denounce while invoking a deity, hate intensely, detest, abhor, avert from one’s self by entreaty, ward off, avert, remove, deprecate, renounce solemnly, renounce under oath
  586. detestabilitas, detestabiltatis f
    curse, detestability, imprecation, malediction
  587. devotamentum, devotamenti n
    cursing, anathema
  588. deseco auriculam alicuius (alicui)
    cut off someone's ear
  589. decido 3 [2]
    cut off, cudgel, beat soundly, decide a matter, determine, settle, terminate, put an end to, cut down, reduce, diminish
  590. decurto 1
    cut off, curtail, mutilate
  591. deseco 1
    cut off, cut away, carve out
  592. deputo 1 (1)
    cut off, prune
  593. desecatio, desecationis f
    cutting off
  594. desectio, desectionis f
    cutting off
  595. Dachanum, Dachani n
  596. Dachavia, Dachaviae f
  597. Dacicus, Dacici m
  598. Daciscanus, Daciscana, Daciscanum
  599. Daciscus, Dacisca, Daciscum
  600. Dacius, Dacia, Dacium
  601. Dacus, Daca, Dacum
  602. Dacisci, Daciscorum m
  603. dactylicus, dactylica, dactylicum
  604. Daedaleus, Daedalea, Daedaleum
    Daedalian, relating to Daedalus
  605. de die in diem
  606. Dalmatensis, Dalmatense
  607. Dalmaticus, Dalmatica, Dalmaticum
  608. Delmatensis, Delmatense
  609. Delmaticus, Delmatica, Delmaticum
  610. damna aedificiorum
    damage to buildings
  611. Damascus, Damasci f
    Damascus, Dameshk
  612. damascena, damascenorum n
    Damask prunes
  613. damnatorius, damnatoria, damnatorium
    damnatory, condemnatory
  614. desalto 1
    dance through, represent by dancing
  615. Danicus, Danica, Danicum
  616. Dardanĭus, Dardanĭa, Dardanĭum
    Dardanian, Trojan
  617. Dardanus, Dardana, Dardanum
    Dardanian, Trojan
  618. deliciolae, deliciolarum f
  619. deliciolum, delicioli n
  620. datorum repositio
    data storage, data retention
  621. datophylacium, datophylacii n
  622. deluto 1
    daub with clay, plaster with clay, cleanse from clay, cleanse from dirt
  623. Danae, Danaes f
    daughter of Acrisius, and mother of Perseus by Zeus
  624. Deiphobe, Deiphobes f
    daughter of Glaucus
  625. Daphne, Daphnes f
    daughter of the river-god Peneus
  626. Daulias, Dauliadis
  627. Daulis, Daulidis
  628. Dauniacus, Dauniaca, Dauniacum
  629. Daunius, Daunia, Daunium
  630. dies cognitionis f
    day of trial
  631. demoscopia, demoscopiae f
    dDemoscopy, opinion research, opinion poll
  632. decania, decaniae f
    deanery, group of ten monks
  633. defunctus, defunctus m
  634. debitor, debitoris m
    debtor, borrower, who is bound to perform his vow, one who is indebted, one who is under obligation to someone for something
  635. debentes, debentium m
  636. decem annorum spatium
  637. decagonus, decagoni m
  638. decalogus, decalogi m
  639. decapito 1
    decapitate, behead, cut off the head
  640. decathlon, decathli n
  641. defunctus, defuncta, defunctum
    deceased, dead, defunct
  642. deceptor, deceptoris m
  643. delusor, delusoris m
  644. delusio, delusionis f
    deceiving, deluding
  645. december, decembris m
  646. decemviralis, decemvirale
    decemviral-zu den decem viri gehörend-
  647. decemviratus, decemviratus m
    decemvirate, rank of a decemvir, office of a decemvir
  648. deceptus, deceptus m
  649. decerno 3
    decide, determine, pronounce a decision, judge, decree, vote for any thing, decide by combat, fight, combat, contend, resolve on something
  650. decretio, decretionis f
    decision, decree
  651. decisio, decisionis f
    decision, settlement, agreement
  652. declaratio independentiae
    Declaration of Independence
  653. declaratio sui amoris
    declaration of love, love proposal
  654. defigo 3
    declare fixedly, declare firmly, declare unalterably, bewitch, enchant, curse any thing, censure
  655. de fastigio aliquem deicio
    declassify someone, knock someone off his pedestal
  656. detracto 1
    decline, refuse, reject, decline to do any thing, refuse to do any thing, lower in estimation, depreciate, detract from
  657. detrecto 1
    decline, refuse, reject, decline to do any thing, refuse to do any thing, lower in estimation, depreciate, detract from
  658. detractatio, detractationis f
    declining, refusing
  659. detrectatio, detrectationis f
    declining, refusing
  660. declivum, declivi n
  661. declive, declivis n
    declivity, slope
  662. devexitas, devexitatis f
    declivity, sloping
  663. decervicatus, decervicata, decervicatum
    decollated, beheaded
  664. diluor 3
    decompose, disintegrate, decay, decompose, fray
  665. decretum, decreti n
    decree, ordinance, principle, doctrine, precept
  666. devoto 1
    dedicate, devote, bewitch, enchant, invoke with vows, curse
  667. dedicatio templi
    dedication of a church, dedication of a temple
  668. dedicatio, dedicationis f
    dedication, consecration
  669. de capite deduco aliquid
    deduct something from the capital
  670. deduco 3
    deduct, subtract, diminish, bring down, bring away, lead away, withdraw, bring
  671. depressus, depressa, depressum
    deep, lying low, depressed, low, suppressed
  672. dequeror 3
    deeply , deplore, bitterly, complain of
  673. depresse
  674. debellatio, debellationis
    defeat, overcoming
  675. descisco ad aliquem
    defect to someone
  676. defectio, defectionis f
    defection, desertion, rebellion, revolt, failing, failure, deficiency, want, disappearance, exhaustion, faintness, swooning, fainting, an ellipsis
  677. defectus, defectus m
    defection, revolt, a failing, failure, lack, disappearance, weakness, a eclipsing
  678. defectrix, defectricis f
    defective, imperfect
  679. defensa, defensae f
  680. defensatio, defensationis f
  681. defensito 1
    defend often, practise defending
  682. defendo aliquem inter sicarios
    defend someone against a charge of assassination
  683. defensator, defensatoris m
  684. defensionalis, defensionale
    defense serving, defending
  685. defensaculum, defensaculi n
    defense, protective device, protective measure
  686. defensabilis, defensabile
  687. dēfoedo 1
  688. definitus, definita, definitum
    definite, limited, distinct, precise, plain, perspicuous
  689. definite
    definitely, precisely, distinctly
  690. definitivus, definitiva, definitivum
    definitive, explanatory, decisive, definite, distinct, plain
  691. definitive
    definitively, plainly, distinctly
  692. deflexus, deflexa, deflexum
    deflecting, distracting
  693. deflorator, defloratoris
    deflowerer, molester
  694. desilvatio, desilvationis f
  695. deformatus, deformata, deformatum
    deformed, disfigured, distorted
  696. deformitas, deformitatis f
    deformity, ugliness, hideousness, baseness, vileness, deformity of character, an uncouth style
  697. defraudo 1 (defrudo 1)
    defraud, overreach, cheat
  698. defrudo 1
    defraud, overreach, cheat
  699. degenio 1
    degenerate, dishonor, desecrate
  700. decolorate
  701. degradatio, degradationis f
    degradation, demotion, declassification, belittling
  702. deminoratio, deminorationis f
    degradation, injury
  703. de honore aliquem deicio
    degrade someone, cut off someone's honor, make someone look bad
  704. degrado 1
    degrade, downgrade, belittle
  705. deicida, deicidae m
    deicide, killer of a god
  706. demissio animi
    dejection, faintheartedness
  707. delectabilis, delectabile
    delectable, delightful, agreeable
  708. devolutio, devolutionis f
    delegation of powers, grant in inheritance matters
  709. Deliaca, Deliacorum n
    Delian bronze vases
  710. Deliacus, Deliaca, Deliacum
    Delian, of Delos
  711. deliberatio consilii capiendi
    deliberation respecting the resolution to be adopted
  712. deliberamentum, deliberamenti n
  713. deliberatio, deliberationis f
    deliberation, consultation, consideration
  714. delicate
    delicately, luxuriously, at one’s ease, tardily, slowly
  715. deliciosus, deliciosa, deliciosum
    delicious, delicate
  716. delectamentum, delectamenti n
    delight, amusement, pastime
  717. delector 1
    delight, charm
  718. delicia, deliciae f
    delight, pleasure, charm, allurement, deliciousness, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, curiosities of art, sport, frolics, darling, sweetheart, beloved
  719. deliciae, deliciarum f
    delight, pleasure, charm, allurement, deliciousness, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, curiosities of art, sport, frolics, darling, sweetheart, beloved
  720. delicies, deliciei f
    delight, pleasure, charm, allurement, deliciousness, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, curiosities of art, sport, frolics, darling, sweetheart, beloved
  721. delicium, delicii n
    delight, pleasure, charm, allurement, deliciousness, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, curiosities of art, sport, frolics, darling, sweetheart, beloved
  722. delicius, delicii m
    delight, pleasure, charm, allurement, deliciousness, luxuriousness, voluptuousness, curiosities of art, sport, frolics, darling, sweetheart, beloved
  723. delectabiliter
  724. delectatio, delectationis f
    delighting, delight, pleasure, amusement, straining, effort, tenesmus
  725. delictor, delictoris m
    delinquent, offender
  726. de scripto orationem habeo
    deliver one's speech according to the concept, read one's speech
  727. demandatio, demandationis f
    delivering with commendation, commending
  728. Delphicus, Delphica, Delphicum
    Delphic, belonging to Delphi
  729. depostulo 1
    demand, require earnestly
  730. deposco 3
    demand, require, request earnestly, request for one’s self the performance of any duty or business
  731. democratia, democratiae f
    democracy, popular rule
  732. demographicus, demographica, demographicum
    demographic, relating to population development
  733. demonstrabilis, demonstrabile
  734. demonstrativa, demonstrativae f
    demonstrative kind of oratory
  735. demonstrative
  736. Demosthenicus, Demosthenica, Demosthenicum
  737. denazifico 1
  738. Dania, Daniae f
  739. densatus, densata, densatusum
    dense, compressed
  740. Dentheliathes, Dentheliathis
    Denthelian, belonging to Denthalii
  741. denego 1
    deny a thing, say it is not so, reject, refuse, deny a request
  742. deos tollo
    deny the gods
  743. defiteor 2
  744. degenero 1
    depart from its race or kind, degenerate
  745. de (ex) vita migro
    depart from life
  746. de vita decedo
    depart from life, die, perish, pass away
  747. de vita excedo
    depart from life, die, perish, pass away
  748. de vita exeo
    depart from life, die, perish, pass away
  749. depingo 3
    depict, portray, paint, draw, represent by painting, paint, color, represent, sketch, describe, imagine, conceive, embroider
  750. deponens, deponentis n
    deponent, a verb that lays aside its proper passive signification,
  751. depositorium, depositorii n
    depot, storeroom
  752. deprecativus, deprecativa, deprecativum
  753. deprecatorius, deprecatoria, deprecatorium
  754. deflammo 1
    deprive of flame, put out, extinguish
  755. defloro 1
    deprive of flowers
  756. decoloro 1
    deprive of its natural color, discolor, stain, deface, soil, tarnish, corrupt, disgrace
  757. deargento 1
    deprive of money, silver over, plate with silver
  758. depompo 1
    deprive of ornament, dishonor
  759. decortico 1
    deprive of the bark, bark, peel
  760. denaso 1
    deprive of the nose
  761. decorio 1
    deprive of the skin, deprive of the outer covering, skin, peel
  762. devirgino 1
    deprive of virginity, deflour
  763. deconcilio 1
    deprive of, take away
  764. depilor 1
    deprive, rob, bereave
  765. decolor, decoloris
    deprived of it’s natural color, discolored, defaced, faded, depraved, degenerate
  766. decolorus, decolora, decolorum
    deprived of it’s natural color, discolored, defaced, faded, depraved, degenerate
  767. depompatio, depompationis f
    depriving of ornament, dishonoring
  768. delegatus, delegati m
    deputy, representative, delegate
  769. deputatus, deputati m
  770. decachinno 1
    deride, laugh to scorn
  771. derivabilis, derivabile
    derivable, deflectable, distractible, seducible
  772. derivamentum, derivamenti n
  773. deductivus, deductiva, deductivum
  774. derivativus, derivativa, derivativum
  775. derivatorius, derivatoria, derivatorium
  776. defiguro 1
    derive, design, remodel
  777. dedux, deducis
    derived, descended
  778. descendo 3
    descend to an act, descend to an employment, yield, agree to any act, acquiesce, depart, deviate, differ from
  779. descendens, descendentis m
  780. descensorius, descensoria, descensorium
    descending, coming downwards
  781. degressus, degressus m
  782. descensus, descensus m
    descent, descending way, lying down
  783. descriptor, descriptoris m
    describer, delineator
  784. depictio, depictionis f
    description, delineation, characterization
  785. deserta, desertorum n
    desert places, deserts, wastes
  786. desertus, deserta, desertum
    deserted, desert, solitary, waste
  787. desiderabilis, desiderabile
  788. desideratio, desiderationis f
    desire, desiring, longing for, missing
  789. desolatio, desolationis f
    desolating, desolation, desert
  790. de salute despero
    despair of salvation, give up hope of rescue
  791. desponsio, desponsionis f
    despairing, desponding
  792. detestandus, detestanda, detestandum
  793. despicor 1
    despise, disdain
  794. despicatus, despicata, despicatum
  795. despicus, despica, despicum
    despised, disdained
  796. dei contemptor
    despiser of God
  797. despector, despectoris m
  798. despicientia, despicientiae f
    despising, contempt
  799. depeculor 1
    despoil, pillage, rifle, plunder, embezzle, detract from, diminish
  800. destinatus, destinata, destinatum
    destined, fixed
  801. deperdo 3
    destroy, ruin, lose
  802. destructibilis, destructibile
  803. destructilis, destructile
  804. devastatio, devastationis f
    destruction, annihilation
  805. demolitio, demolitionis f
    destruction, devastation, tearing down, demolishing, undermining
  806. destructivus, destructiva, destructivum
  807. deterrere aliquem ab iniuria
    deter someone from doing wrong
  808. deterioratio, deteriorationis f
    deterioration, worsening
  809. detestatus, detestata, detestatum
    detested, abominated
  810. detonatio, detonationis f
    detonation, deflagration
  811. detonator, detonatoris m
  812. derogator, derogatoris m
    detractor, depreciator
  813. deleiro 1
    deviate from a straight line, be crazy, be deranged, be out of one’s wits, be silly, dote, rave
  814. delero 1
    deviate from a straight line, be crazy, be deranged, be out of one’s wits, be silly, dote, rave
  815. deliro 1
    deviate from a straight line, be crazy, be deranged, be out of one’s wits, be silly, dote, rave
  816. de via declino
    deviate from the right path
  817. de via deflecto
    deviate from the right path
  818. de recta regione deflecto
    deviate from the straight path, leave the right path
  819. devotus, devota, devotum
    devoted to any one, attached, faithful, pious, devout, given to, abandoned to
  820. devinctus, devincta, devinctum
    devoted, greatly attached to
  821. devote
    devotedly, faithfully
  822. devotio, devotionis f
    devoting, consecrating, devoting of oneself, fealty, allegiance, devotedness, piety, devotion, zeal, cursing, curse, imprecation, execration, sorcery, enchantment, magical formula, incantation, spell, any form of prayer
  823. degulo 1
    devour, consume
  824. deos pie veneror
    devoutly worship the gods
  825. dexteritas, dexteritatis f
    dexterity, aptness, readiness, prosperity, felicity
  826. dextere (dextre)
    dexterously, skilfully
  827. dextre
    dexterously, skilfully
  828. debitum naturae reddo
    die a natural death
  829. demorior 5
    die off, die, depart, decease, depart, be gone, be dying for love of any one
  830. defodio 5
    dig downwards, dig deep, dig up, dig, bury in the earth, hide, conceal, cover
  831. de industria
    diligently, assiduously, on purpose, purposely, intentionally
  832. desenesco 3
    diminish by age, die away
  833. de fama (gloria) alicuius detraho
    diminish someone's fame, detract from someone's glory
  834. de bonis privatorum deminutio
    diminution of personal wealth, diminution of the private assets
  835. decrementum, decrementi n
    diminution, decrease
  836. deminutio, deminutionis f
    diminution, decrease, lessening, abatement, right of alienation of one’s estate, diminutive form
  837. deminutivum, deminutivi n
  838. deminutivus, deminutiva, deminutivum
  839. debilitatus, debilitata, debilitatum
    disabled, enervated, frail, handicapped, infirmed
  840. dearmo 1
    disarm, deprive of power, blunt
  841. depalo 1 [2]
    disclose, reveal
  842. decoloratus, decolorata, decoloratum
    discolored, faded, disfigured, degenerated
  843. desuetudo, desuetudinis f
    discontinuance of a practice, discontinuance of a habit, disuse, desuetude
  844. defectio animi
    discouragement, want of courage, despondency
  845. deliberationem habeo de aliqua re
    discuss a question, hold a conference
  846. deturpo 1
  847. devenusto 1
    disfigure, deform
  848. denormo 1
    disfigure, make irregular, make crooked
  849. dedecoramentum, dedecorament n
    disgrace, dishonor
  850. dedecoratio, dedecorationis f
    disgrace, dishonor
  851. dehonestatio, dehonestationis f
    disgrace, dishonor
  852. dedecoro 1
    disgrace, dishonor, bring to shame
  853. dedecus, dedecoris n
    disgrace, dishonor, infamy, shame, blot, blemish, moral dishonor, vice, turpitude, a vicious action, shameful deed
  854. dehonesto 1
    disgrace, disparage, dishonor
  855. dedecorosus, dedecorosa, dedecorosum
    disgraceful, dishonorable
  856. dedecorus, dedecora, dedecorum
    disgraceful, dishonorable, shameful
  857. dedecorose
  858. dedeceo 2
    dishonor, neglect a thing
  859. defamatus, defamata, defamatum
    dishonored, infamous
  860. delocatio, delocationis f
  861. deartuo 1
    dismember, rend limb by limb, ruin
  862. detractor, detractoris m
    disparager, detractor
  863. detractorius, detractoria, detractorium
    disparaging, slanderous
  864. de principatu cum aliquo contendo
    dispute someone's first rank, dispute someone's highest rank, fight with someone for first rank, compete with someone for first rank
  865. de patella edo
    disregard religion, disrespect the religion
  866. destrictivus, destrictiva, destrictivum
    dissolving, loosening
  867. districtivus, districtiva, districtivum
    dissolving, loosening
  868. dehortatio, dehortationis f
  869. dehortatorius, dehortatoria, dehortatorium
    dissuasive, dehortatory
  870. decennovium, decennovii n
    distance from 1900 feet
  871. decemnovium, decemnovii n
    distance of 1900 feet
  872. definienter
  873. designate
  874. descripte
    distinctly, precisely
  875. desuefacio 5
    disuse, disaccustom, bring out of use
  876. desuesco 3
    disuse, lay aside a custom, lay aside a habit, disaccustom, put out of use
  877. decuso 1
    divide crosswise, divide in the form of an X, decussate
  878. decusso 1
    divide crosswise, divide in the form of an X, decussate
  879. decurio 1
    divide into decuriae, divide the people into companies or clubs
  880. defrusto 1
    divide into pieces, dismember
  881. departio 4
    divide, divide into parts
  882. descindo 3
    divide, marking the measure, parting, dividing into two parties
  883. dei benignitas
    divine blessing, god's blessing
  884. divisio, divisionis f
  885. decania, decaniorum n
    divisions of the zodiac
  886. defendere desino
    do not defend further, stop defending
  887. delectantne te anserinae carnes?
    do you like to eat roast goose?
  888. Democritea, Democriteorum n
    doctrines of Democritus
  889. decreta philosophorum
    doctrines of philosophers, philosophical doctrines
  890. decrepitus, decrepiti m
    dodderer, decrepit person
  891. delphinulus, delphinuli m
    dolphin, a water-organ shaped like a dolphin, certain showy articles of furniture, or perhaps mere ornaments on furniture
  892. delphinus, delphini m (delphin, delphinis m)
    dolphin, a water-organ shaped like a dolphin, certain showy articles of furniture, or perhaps mere ornaments on furniture
  893. delphis, delphinis m
    dolphin, a water-organ shaped like a dolphin, certain showy articles of furniture, or perhaps mere ornaments on furniture
  894. deest mihi opera
    don't want to
  895. depunctio, depunctionis f
    dotting, demarcation, marking
  896. de
  897. deque
  898. deorsum
    downwards, down, below
  899. deorsus
    downwards, down, below
  900. deductorium, deductorii n
  901. dematrico 1
    draining blood from the vena matricalis
  902. detraho 3
    draw off, take off, draw away, draw down, take down, pull down, take away, remove, withdraw, purge, flay, lower, disparage, detract from, withhold
  903. depromo 3
    draw out, draw forth, bring, fetch from anywhere
  904. detractio, detractionis f
    drawing off, taking away, withdrawal, departure from, purging, leaving out, ellipsis, detraction, slander, evil-speaking
  905. depoculo 1
    drink away, squander
  906. damnose bibo
    drink hard (to the detriment of the host)
  907. debibo 3
    drink of
  908. depoto 1
  909. destillo 1 (distillo 1)
    drip down, trickle down, distil, drop, distil
  910. distillo 1
    drip down, trickle down, distil, drop, distil
  911. destillatio, destillationis f (distillatio)
    dripping down, distilling, rheum, catarrh, running
  912. distillatio, distillationis f
    dripping down, distilling, rheum, catarrh, running
  913. defugo 1
    drive away, remove
  914. depango 3
    drive down into the ground, drive in the ground, fix into the ground
  915. deturbo 1
    drive down, thrust down, cast down, throw down, beat down, strike to the ground, cut off, deprive of
  916. demento 1
    drive mad, craze, deprive of mind
  917. depello 3
    drive out, drive away, remove, expel, drive, thrust down, cast down, dislodge an enemy from his position, thrust out, remove from the breast, wean, deter, divert, dissuade from, prevent, hinder, turn away, divert, deny
  918. depulsio, depulsionis f
    driving off, driving away, repelling, warding off, defence, lowering, sinking down
  919. defloresco 3
    drop one's blossoms, fade, wither, decay, decline
  920. delibutus gaudio
    drunk with joy, elated
  921. desicco 1
    dry up, desiccate
  922. desiccatio, desiccationis f
    drying out, desiccation, dehydration
  923. de nocte
    during the night, in the course of the night, at night, by night
  924. deteror 3
    dwindle, perish
  925. depositus, deposita, depositum
    dying (and already given up), deceased
  926. de re publica bene mereor
    earn merit for the state
  927. debitus, debita, debitum
    earned, owed
  928. deprecabundus, deprecabunda, deprecabundum
    earnestly entreating
  929. defensibilis, defensibile
    easily defended
  930. devescor 3
    eat up, devour
  931. declinis, decline
  932. deliquium, deliquii n
  933. devoro 1
    eclipse, make appear insignificant
  934. depressio oeconomica
    economic low, economic depression
  935. designo 1
    effect, do, accomplish
  936. designatus, designata, designatum
    elect, expected
  937. decorosus, decorosa, decorosum
    elegant, beautiful
  938. decoriter
    elegantly, beautifully
  939. deunx, deuncis m
    eleven twelfths
  940. de medio tollo
    eliminate, remove, clear aside, get out of the way, kill
  941. delecti militum
    elite soldiers
  942. delecti, delectorum m
  943. de dignitate aliquem deicio
    embarrass someone, declassify someone
  944. depeculatio, depeculationis f
  945. demigratio, demigrationis f
  946. depleo 2
    empty out, draw off, exhaust
  947. defixĭo, defixĭonis f
  948. determino 1
    enclose within boundaries, bound, limit, prescribe, determine, fix, settle, determine
  949. de pace agere desino
    end the peace talks, break off the peace negotiations
  950. delubra esse in urbibus censeo
    ensure that there should be sanctuaries in the cities
  951. decimum aetatis annum ingredior
    enter the tenth year of life
  952. denumero 1
    enumerate, list
  953. denumeratio, denumerationis f
    enumeration, listing
  954. dens invidus
    envy, jealousy
  955. dendrophorus, dendrophori m
    epithet of Sylvanus, college of priests who carried about branches of trees in procession, in honor of a divinity, carpenter
  956. deos adaequare
    equal to the gods
  957. delabaculum fugientibus expeditum
    escape slide
  958. delabaculum tumultuarium
    escape slide
  959. deverticula flexionesque
    evasions and crooked paths
  960. duodecimum annum aetatis supercedo
    exceed one's twelfth birthday
  961. deparcus, deparca, deparcum
    excessively sparing, niggardly
  962. detestabilis, detestabile
    execrable, abominable, detestable
  963. detestatio, detestationis f
    execration, cursing, detestation, keeping off, averting, formal renunciation under oath
  964. defunctio, defunctionis f
    execution, performance, death
  965. declamatio, declamationis f
    exercise in oratorical delivery, exercise or practice in speaking, declamation, theme, subject for declamation, loud talking, eager talking, bawling
  966. declamo 1
    exercise one’s self in rhetorical delivery, practise speaking, declaim, speak oratorically, declaim, speak as an orator with violence, bluster, bawl
  967. defututus, defututa, defututum
    exhausted by sensuality, worn down, demolished, run down, desolate, squandered, wrecked, fucked up, raped
  968. de civitate aliquem eicio
    exile someone, send someone into exile, expel someone from his position as a citizen
  969. deprecaneus, deprecanea, deprecaneum
  970. delato 1
    expand, extend, widen, enlarge
  971. declaratio, declarationis f
    explanation of terms, definition
  972. diruptivus, diruptiva, diruptivum
  973. disruptivus, disruptiva, disruptivum
  974. deplango 3
    express grief by beating the breast, bewail, lament
  975. declaro sententiam
    express oneself about something, declare one's opinion on something
  976. dentem eximo
    extract the tooth
  977. delusio oculorum
  978. Daunus, Dauni m
    fabulous king over a part of Apulia, father (or ancestor) of Turnus
  979. detabesco 3
    fade away, dwindle, waste away
  980. demarcesco 3
    fade away, wither
  981. defloreo 2
    fade, shed one's blossoms
  982. deflorio 4
    fade, shed one's blossoms
  983. delinquo 3
    fail, be wanting, be lacking, commit a fault, do wrong, transgress, offend
  984. delinquio, delinquionis f
    failure, want, deficiencie, lack, going out, absence, missing
  985. deliquio, deliquionis f (delinquio, delinquionis f)
    failure, want, deficiencie, lack, going out, absence, missing
  986. deliquium, deliquii n
    failure, want, deficiencie, lack, going out, absence, missing
  987. defectio animi (animae)
  988. descisco ab aliquo
    fall away from someone
  989. deruo 3 (intr.)
    fall down
  990. deferor
    fall down, get where, get carried away, be carried away, let oneself be carried away, flow down, fall off, crash down, tumble down, drift, drift away, be swept away, be driven
  991. delabor 3
    fall down, sink down, slip down, glide down, come down, sink, descend, be derived
  992. dolo capior
    fall for the bait, get duped
  993. decido 3
    fall off, fall down, fall down dead, sink down, die, fall, drop, fall away, fail, sink
  994. damnor 1
    fall prey to destruction
  995. deciduus, decidua, deciduum
    falling down, falling off, deciduous
  996. delapsus, delapsus m
    falling off, descent, flowing off, discharge
  997. dens caninus
    fang, carnassial, pointed tooth
  998. defigo 3
    fasten down, fasten in, drive, fix into, fasten into, render immovable, fasten, turn intently, let fall, cast down, strike motionless (with astonishment), stupefy, astound, astonish
  999. desuo 3
  1000. deprandis, deprande
  1001. deprans, deprandis
  1002. Demaratus, Demaratī m (3)
    Father of Pythagoras
  1003. defatigabilis, defatigabile
  1004. deculpatus, deculpata, deculpatum
    faulty, censurable
  1005. delicata, delicatae f
    favorite slave, valet, chamber-maid
  1006. dentes mihi pruriunt
    fear beating
  1007. depinnatus, depinnata, depinnatum
    feathered, winged
  1008. deplumatus, deplumata, deplumatum
    featherless, defeathered
  1009. demuneror 1
    fee, reward
  1010. depasco 3
    feed down, feed off, feed upon, eat up, consume
  1011. depascor 3
    feed down, feed off, feed upon, eat up, consume, cull, select, prune away, remove, destroy, waste
  1012. desiderium capio
    feel desire
  1013. deprecatrix, deprecatricis f
    female intercessor
  1014. defenso 1
    fend off diligently, ward off, protect
  1015. defendo 3
    fend off, ward off, repel, avert, keep off, put a stop (to a fire), check the flames, defend, guard, protect, cover, preserve, maintain, support
  1016. decennalia, decennalium n
    festival celebrated every ten years after the time of Augustus
  1017. decennia, decennium n
    festival celebrated every ten years after the time of Augustus
  1018. depugno 1
    fight eagerly, fight out, contend, combat violently, fight to the end, stop fighting
  1019. de aris et focis dimico
    fight for house and home, fight for house and yard
  1020. de aris et focis pugno
    fight for house and home, fight for house and yard
  1021. delictum defero
    file a criminal complaint, file a charge, fle an accusation
  1022. delimo 1
    file off
  1023. descobino 1
    file off, scrape off
  1024. delimator, delimatoris m
  1025. desiderio aliquem afficio
    fill someone with longing, arouse in someone's desire, cause someone to desire
  1026. demugitus, demugita, demugitum
    filled with bellowing, filled with roar
  1027. damno coerceo
  1028. dactilus, dactili m
    finger, a sort of muscle, a kind of grape, a sort of grass, a precious stone, the date, a dactyl, –⏑⏑
  1029. dactylus, dactyli m
    finger, a sort of muscle, a kind of grape, a sort of grass, a precious stone, the date, a dactyl, –⏑⏑
  1030. dactyloscopia, dactyloscopiae f
  1031. dentes pullini
    first teeth
  1032. dehortativus, dehortativa, dehortativum
    fit for dissuading, likely to dissuade
  1033. defulguro 1
    flash forth
  1034. defomito 1
    flatten by burning, flatten with fire
  1035. diploma volandi
    flight permission
  1036. descriptio volationum
    flight schedule
  1037. demano 1
    flow down, descend, be descended from
  1038. defluo 3
    flow down, move downwards softly or gradually, glide down, flow down, descend, swim down, sail down, flow, come, pass, depart, deviate, spill on the ground, flow away, pass away, cease flowing, cease, vanish, pass away, disappear, get lost
  1039. deliquium, deliquii n [2]
    flowing down, dropping down
  1040. devolo 1
    fly down, fly away, hasten down, hasten away
  1041. denseor 2
    follow each other closely, thicken
  1042. Damasippus, Damasippi m (1)
    follower of Marius, put to death by order of Sylla
  1043. deinceps
    following thereafter, next following, in a constant series, one after another, successively, in turn, successively, in order, and so forth, and so on
  1044. dementer
    foolishly, madly
  1045. de nihilo
    for nothing
  1046. decimum
    for the tenth time
  1047. decaulesco 3
    form a stem, run to stalk
  1048. defingo 3
    form, put in shape, fashion
  1049. decompositus, decomposita, decompositum
    formed or derived from a compound word
  1050. derelinquo 3
    forsake wholly, abandon, desert, leave behind, bequeath
  1051. destitutio, destitutionis f
    forsaking, deserting, deceiving, failure, disappointment, putting away, abandoning
  1052. desertio, desertionis f
    forsaking, deserting, desertion
  1053. Derbe, Derbes f
    fortified city of Lycaonia, residence of the tyrant Antipater; place of refuge for Christians under persecution
  1054. dardanaria fraus
    fraudulent grain speculation, black market
  1055. deceptiosus, deceptiosa, deceptiosum
    fraudulent, misleading, deceptive
  1056. desterno 3
    free from its covering, unsaddle, ungird
  1057. delustro 1
    free one from an evil charm or spell, disenchant
  1058. descisco 3
    free one’s self from a connection, withdraw, leave, revolt from, desert to, go over to any one, depart, deviate, withdraw from, fall off from, be unfaithful to, fall off to, decline to, degenerate into, degenerate, be transformed
  1059. defigor 3
    freeze, take root
  1060. deterreo 2
    frighten from any thing, deter, discourage from, prevent, hinder, avert, keep off
  1061. desuperne
    from above
  1062. deinsuper
    from above, from overhead
  1063. desuper
    from above, from overhead, above
  1064. de superno
    from above, from the top, from the height
  1065. delonge
    from afar
  1066. dedeorsum
    from below
  1067. de tenero ungui
    from childhood, seit der Kindheit
  1068. de die in diem
    from day to day
  1069. diem de die
    from day to day, day after day
  1070. de stipulis magnus acervus erit
    from individual stalks finally becomes a pile
  1071. de meo
    from my assets, from my property
  1072. deforas
    from outside, outside
  1073. deforis
    from outside, outside
  1074. dehinc
    from this place forth, from here, hence, from this time forth, henceforth, henceforward, hereupon, afterwards, next, then
  1075. deleticius, deleticia, deleticium
    from which any thing has been blotted out, from which any thing has been effaced
  1076. deintus
    from within
  1077. de + Abl.
    from, away from, down from, out of, of, from among, out of
  1078. dentes adversi
    front teeth
  1079. dens anterior
    front tooth
  1080. depositorium materiae propulsoriae
    fuel depot, fuel storage
  1081. depositorium materiam propulsoriam continens
    fuel depot, fuel storage
  1082. desidiosus, desidiosa, desidiosum
    full of idleness, slothful, indolent, lazy, causing idleness, making lazy
  1083. damnosus, damnosa, damnosum
    full of injury, that causes injury, injurious, hurtful, destructive, pernicious, that suffers injury, injured, unfortunate, that injures himself, wasteful, prodigal
  1084. dies denicales
    funeral solemnity for the purification of the family of the deceased
  1085. detracta velamina
  1086. denticulatus, denticulata, denticulatum
    furnished with small teeth, denticulated
  1087. desulco 1
    furrow through, plow up
  1088. dextimus, dextima, dextimum
    furthest to the right, extreme right
  1089. dextumus, dextuma, dextumum
    furthest to the right, extreme right
  1090. deambulatorium, deambulatorii n
    gallery for walking, covered walkway
  1091. damnum aleatorium
    game loss
  1092. damna aleatoria
    game losses
  1093. depositio purgamentorum
    garbage disposal
  1094. deiectio purgamentorum
    garbage disposal, waste management
  1095. displosio, displosionis f
  1096. Datis, Datidis m
    general of the Medes
  1097. deliciose
    gently, tenderly
  1098. debilitor 1
    get a damage, suffer a damage, take a damage, lose all composure
  1099. dextram partem operis administro
    get the right side of the work, attack from the right side, conduct the siege on the right side
  1100. dentio 4
    getting teeth, teething
  1101. deleritas, deleritatis f
    giddiness, silliness, folly, dotage, madness
  1102. deliratio, delirationis f
    giddiness, silliness, folly, dotage, madness
  1103. deliritas, deliritatis f
    giddiness, silliness, folly, dotage, madness
  1104. datum, dati n
    gift, present, donation
  1105. deauro 1
    gild, gild over
  1106. deaurator, deauratoris m
  1107. deauratio, deaurationis f
  1108. de iure respondeo
    give a legal opinion (on a question submitted)
  1109. derigo 3
    give a particular direction to, arrange in distinct lines, set different ways, move different ways, lay straight, set in a straight line, arrange, draw up, send in a straight line, direct to a place, set in order, direct, arrange, guide
  1110. dirigo 3
    give a particular direction to, arrange in distinct lines, set different ways, move different ways, lay straight, set in a straight line, arrange, draw up, send in a straight line, direct to a place, set in order, direct, arrange, guide
  1111. denuntio 1
    give an official intimation, make an official announcement, make a declaration of one’s intentions, announce, intimate, declare, order, command, give notice, make known, signify, indicate
  1112. dato 1
    give away, administer
  1113. dedo 3
    give away, give up from one’s self, give up any thing to one, surrender, deliver, consign, yield, deliver up, give up, devote, dedicate
  1114. demando 1
    give in charge, intrust, commit, commend
  1115. da mi bracas et calceamenta
    give me pants and shoes
  1116. da mihi bibere!
    give me to drink!
  1117. denuntio 1
    give notice of a suit, give notice of a process
  1118. dedico 1
    give out tidings, give out a notice, affirm, declare, announce, dedicate, consecrate, set apart, destine, dispose, prepare, set up, devote a thing to its future use, specify one’s property in the census
  1119. dedoleo 2
    give over grieving, grieve no more
  1120. demonstro 1
    give sb to understand that
  1121. de virtute alicui praecipio
    give someone moral standards of conduct
  1122. deduco aliquem de domo
    give someone the guard of honor from his house
  1123. de aliqua re fidem dextrā do
    give the hand on something, promise something as certain
  1124. dextram fidemque do
    give the hand on something, promise something as certain
  1125. de sententia decedo
    give up one's opinion, move away from one's opinion, depart from one's opinion
  1126. desistere (a) conatu
    give up trying
  1127. dano 3
  1128. deditus, dedita, deditum
    given up to, addicted, devoted to something, eager, assiduous, diligent
  1129. desperatus, desperata, desperatum
    given up, despaired of, irremediable, desperate
  1130. datrix, datricis f
    giver, donor
  1131. dator, datoris m
    giver, the slave who hands the ball to the player
  1132. datatim
    giving in turn or reciprocally
  1133. de damno aliorum (alterius) laetus
    gloating, gleeful, mischievous, malicious
  1134. debilitatio atque abiectio animi
    gloom and dejection, dejection and despondency
  1135. degulator, degulatoris m
  1136. dentibus infrendeo
    gnash one's teeth
  1137. derodo 3
    gnaw away, nibble
  1138. derosus, derosa, derosum
    gnawed away, nibbled
  1139. de via decedo
    go astray, get lost
  1140. decedo 3
    go away, depart, withdraw, retire, withdraw from a former position, disappear, go off, abate, subside, cease, deviate from the right way, give way, yield to another, avoid, shun, escape from, fall short of, degenerate from, turn out, result
  1141. devehor 3
    go away, go down, descend
  1142. demeo 1
    go down, descend
  1143. degredior 5
    go down, march down, descend, alight, dismount
  1144. deeo
    go from a place, go away, depart
  1145. de calcaria in carbonariam pervenio
    go from bad to worse, get out of the frying pan and into the fire
  1146. de singulis ago
    go into detail, go into the details
  1147. deorbito 1
    go out of the track, deviate
  1148. descisco ad aliquem
    go over to someone
  1149. decerto 1
    go through a decisive contest, fight out a decisive contest, fill with strife, fill with contention, fight for, achieve by fighting, contending, contend
  1150. decertor 1
    go through a decisive contest, fight out a decisive contest, fill with strife, fill with contention, fight for, achieve by fighting, contending, contend
  1151. depereo
    go to ruin, perish, die, be lost, be undone, fade, be desperately in love with, dying with love for
  1152. destimulo 1
    goad on, stimulate
  1153. daemon, daemonis m
    goblin, imp
  1154. deus nullius exempli capit ´nem
    God allows no comparison with any example, God cannot be compared to any example
  1155. di te amabunt
    God bless you!
  1156. di te ament
    God bless you!
  1157. deus mundum aedificavit
    God created the world
  1158. deus mundum fabricatus est
    God created the world
  1159. deus mundum procreavit
    God created the world
  1160. deus aliquid adprobat et fortunat
    God gives blessings and prosperity to something
  1161. deus est mundi aedificator
    God is the creator of the world
  1162. deus est mundi fabricator
    God is the creator of the world
  1163. deus est mundi procreator
    God is the creator of the world
  1164. deus aequoreus
    god of the sea
  1165. deus alipes
    God with the winged shoes
  1166. deus, dei m
    god, deity
  1167. Deverra, Deverrae f
    goddess of sweeping
  1168. dea, deae f
  1169. degressio, degressionis f
    going away, separation
  1170. descensio, descensionis f
    going down, descending, bath
  1171. declivus, decliva, declivum
    going downhill, sloping
  1172. diligentia in re familiari tuenda
    good housekeeping
  1173. dei propitii
    gracious gods
  1174. debitori intervallum do
    grant the debtor a deferment of payment, give the debtor a deadline for payment
  1175. decretalis, decretale
    granted by decree
  1176. dapaticus, dapatica, dapaticum
    great, noble, distinguished, eminent, august, great in soul, high-minded
  1177. Demoleos, Demolei m
    Grecian chieftain before Troy, slain by Aeneas
  1178. Demophilus, Demophili m
    Greek comic poet
  1179. Danaus, Danaa, Danaum
    Greek, Grecian
  1180. dextram iungo cum aliquo
    greet someone with a handshake, shake someone's hand, promise somebody with a handshake
  1181. depravatio oris
  1182. decenia, deceniorum n
    group of ten zodiac signs
  1183. depulpo 1
    grow lean
  1184. decresco 3
    grow less, grow shorter, decrease, wane, decrease, become less, diminish, seem smaller, pass away by diminution, vanish, disappear
  1185. degrunnio 4
    grunt hard
  1186. digrunnio 4
    grunt hard
  1187. damni infecti satisdo
    guarantee for a feared damage
  1188. delicia, deliciae f
    gutter, upper roof beam
  1189. deliquia, deliquiae f
    gutter, upper roof beam
  1190. dextram alicuius amplector
    hake someone's hand
  1191. dextra data
  1192. dependeo 2
    hang from, hang on, hang down, be dependent on, be governed by, depend on, be derived from
  1193. dependulus, dependula, dependulum
    hanging down
  1194. demissicius, demissicia, demissicium
    hanging down, flowing, long
  1195. demissitius, demissitia, demissitium
    hanging down, flowing, long
  1196. decalicator, decalicatoris m
    hard drinker
  1197. durus, dura, durum
    hard, rough, tough, uncultivated, hardy, vigorous, harsh, rough, stern, unyielding, unfeeling, insensible, obstinate, shameless, impudent, severe, toilsome, troublesome, burdensome, disagreeable, adverse, unfortunate
  1198. damnum affero alicui
    harm someone
  1199. damnum infero alicui
    harm someone
  1200. detrimentum alicui importo
    harm someone, injure someone, inflict loss on someone
  1201. dampno 1
    harm, damage, condemn
  1202. deocco 1
    harrow in
  1203. depropero 1 (tr.)
    hasten greatly, accelerate greatly, prepare hastily
  1204. dehibeo 2
    have (money) from someone, keep (money) from someone, owe something, be under obligation to something, be under obligation for something, be bound to render, be under obligation to pay
  1205. debeo 2
    have (money) from someone, keep (money) from someone, owe something, be under obligation to something, be under obligation for something, be bound to render, be under obligation to pay, be in duty to do something, be bound to do something, I ought, I must
  1206. desiderio alicuius rei incensus sum (flagro)
    have a great longing for something
  1207. desiderio alicuius rei teneor (afficior)
    have a longing for something
  1208. damnor voti (voto)
    have a wish fulfilled, become part of a wish, chieve a wish
  1209. dei notitiam habeo
    have an idea of God, have a concept of God
  1210. defungor 3
    have done with, acquit one’s self of, discharge an affair or an obligation, perform, finish, depart, die
  1211. decimum annum excessi
    have exceeded the tenth year
  1212. decrevi
    have gained the firm conviction that , , ,
  1213. decrevi
    have made it one's principle that , , ,
  1214. deest mihi opera
    have no desire to, don't want to, don't have time to
  1215. decimum annum egressus sum
    have passed the tenth year
  1216. decrevi
    have the firm conviction that , , ,
  1217. deos adversos habeo
    have the gods against oneself
  1218. decastylos, decastylon
    having ten columns, decastyle
  1219. decasemus, decasema, decasemum
    having ten time mores, having ten time units, ten-time
  1220. defraudator, defraudatoris m
    he who defrauds, defrauder
  1221. destitor, destitoris m
    he who desists, he who withdraws from a thing
  1222. devastator, devastatioris m
    he who devastates, ravager
  1223. decertator, decertatoris m
    he who goes through a decisive contest, a champion
  1224. decurio, decurionis m
    head or chief of a decuria, a decurion, a member of the senate of the municipia and the colonies
  1225. decurionus, decurioni m
    head or chief of a decuria, a decurion, a member of the senate of the municipia and the colonies
  1226. debriatus, debriata, debriatum
    heavily intoxicated, fully drunk
  1227. Daniel, Danielis m
    Hebrew prophet
  1228. deus praesens
    helpful god
  1229. de cetero
  1230. decontor 1
    hesitate, to be at a loss
  1231. decunctor 1
    hesitate, to be at a loss
  1232. dedolo 1
    hew away, hew smooth, hew, cudgel soundly
  1233. deascio 1
    hew with an axe, cut with an axe, smoothe, smoothe, rub out, efface, cheat
  1234. delitesco 3
    hide away, conceal one’s self, lie hid-lurk, skulk behind, shelter one’s self under
  1235. delitisco 3
    hide away, conceal one’s self, lie hid-lurk, skulk behind, shelter one’s self under
  1236. deculto 1
    hide thoroughly
  1237. destinatum (destinata) ferio
    hit a target
  1238. defusto 1
    hit with a stick
  1239. detento 1
    hold back, keep back, detain
  1240. detineo 2
    hold off, keep back, detain, delay, lengthen, occupy, engage, hold in the mind, know
  1241. dentes cavati
    hollow teeth
  1242. deum rite colo
    honor God according to custom
  1243. deum summa religione colo
    honor God with the greatest devotion
  1244. dignitas militaris
    honor of war
  1245. deos teque spero
    hope in the gods and in you
  1246. desperate
  1247. desperanter
    hopelessly, despairingly
  1248. desperatio, desperationis f
    hopelessness, despair, desperate boldness, foolhardiness
  1249. dentes caballini
    horse teeth
  1250. dentibus folliculos fabarum spolio
    hull the beans with the teeth
  1251. defectio humana
    human error, human failure
  1252. deiecto 1
    hurl down
  1253. dampnum, dampni n
    hurt, harm, damage, injury, loss, fine, mulct, penalty
  1254. damnum, damni n
    hurt, harm, damage, injury, loss, fine, mulct, penalty, deficit, glitch, breakdown
  1255. detrimentosus, detrimentosa, detrimentosum
    hurtful, detrimental, lossy, very disadvantageous, very harmful
  1256. de tua fide mihi persuasum est
    I am convinced of your reliability
  1257. deesse mihi nolui, quin te admonerem
    I didn't want to miss reminding you
  1258. de hoc crimine te non arguo
    I do not make this accusation against you, I do not accuse you of this, I do not reproach you with this
  1259. de Catilinae coniuratione paucis absolvam
    I will briefly finish the story of the Catilinarian Conspiracy
  1260. decem partibus ... malim
    I'd rather ten times, , ,
  1261. desidia, desidiae f
  1262. deintegro 1
    impair, destroy
  1263. defectivus, defectiva, defectivum
    imperfect, defective
  1264. dapatice
    in a great way
  1265. debilitate
    in a mangled way, paralyzed
  1266. declamatorie
    in a rhetorical manner
  1267. decliviter
    in a sloping manner
  1268. Danice
    in Danish language
  1269. decusatim
    in the form of a Roman ten (X), crosswise
  1270. decussatim
    in the form of a Roman ten (X), crosswise
  1271. decemviraliter
    in the manner of the decemviri
  1272. Delphice
    in the manner of the Delphic oracle
  1273. de amicorum sententia
    in the opinion of friends, according to friends
  1274. deses, desidis
    inactive, indolent, idle
  1275. dedicationis dies
    inauguration day, consecration day
  1276. dentes praecisores
    incisors, incisor teeth
  1277. devergo 3
    incline downwards, sink
  1278. devexum, devexi n
    inclined surface, slope
  1279. declivis, declive
    inclining downwards, sloping
  1280. devergentia, devergentiae f
    inclining downwards, sloping
  1281. devexus, devexa, devexum
    inclining downwards, sloping, shelving, steep
  1282. desultor amoris
    inconstant lover
  1283. digitus demonstratorius
  1284. denuntiatio, denuntiationis f
    indication, intimation, announcement, declaration, information, informing
  1285. de fide deduco aliquem
    induce someone to be unfaithful, mislead someone into infidelity
  1286. desidiae et languori me dedo
    indulge in idleness and indolence
  1287. deformiter
    inelegantly, disgracefully
  1288. debitus destinatusque morti
    infallibly doomed to death
  1289. debiliter
    infirmly, lamely, feebly
  1290. de causa aliquem doceo
    inform someone (a responsible body) about the status of a matter
  1291. delator clam insertus
    informant, informer
  1292. delatores clam inserti
    informants, informers
  1293. Delphicola, Delphicolae m
    inhabitant of Delphi, Apollo
  1294. Derbes, Derbetis m
    inhabitant of Derbe
  1295. Derbetes, Derbetis m
    inhabitant of Derbe
  1296. Damasceni, Damascenorum m
    inhabitants of Damascus, the people of Damascus
  1297. damnifico 1
  1298. damnificus, damnifica, damnificum
    injurious, hurtful, pernicious
  1299. damnigerulus, damnigerula, damnigerulum
    injurious, pernicious
  1300. debitor inhabilis
    insolvent debtor
  1301. debitor non idoneus
    insolvent debtor
  1302. dentarpaga, dentarpagae f
    instrument for drawing teeth
  1303. dentharpaga, dentharpagae f
    instrument for drawing teeth
  1304. dentiducum, dentiduci n
    instrument for drawing teeth
  1305. destinata, destinatorum n
    intended object, determined object, design, intention, intended narratio, goal of life, intentions, dispositions of a will
  1306. data opera
    intentionally, willfully, with intent, with premeditation
  1307. de iure alicuius deminuo aliquid
    interfere with someone's rights, violate someone's rights, diminish someone's rights
  1308. daemon interretialis
    internet gremlin, internet goblin
  1309. de servis quaero in dominum
    interrogate the slaves about their master
  1310. debrio 1
    intoxicate strongly, make drunk to the full
  1311. deos hominesque contestor
    invoke gods and men as witnesses
  1312. deos hominesque testificor
    invoke gods and men as witnesses
  1313. divos in vota voco
    invoke the gods with vows
  1314. deos advoco
    invoke the gods
  1315. deprecatio deorum
    invoking of the gods to send punishment on the perjurer
  1316. defaenero 1
    involve in debt
  1317. defenero 1 (defaenero 1)
    involve in debt, suck out by usury, , put someone deep in debt
  1318. de pangendo nihil fieri potest
    It can't come to anything with writing
  1319. deliberari non potest, num ...
    it cannot be discussed whether (that), there is no question that not, apparently it is necessary that not
  1320. degrandinat
    it ceases to hail
  1321. degrandinat
    it hails violently, it continues to hail
  1322. dedecori est
    it is a disgrace, it is disgraceful, it brings shame
  1323. decem puncta nunc sunt a secunda
    it is now ten minutes past two (o'clock)
  1324. decet 2
    it is seemly, it is comely, it is becoming, it beseems, it behooves, it is fitting, it is suitable, it is proper
  1325. dedecet + aci
    it is unseemly, it is unsuitable, it is unbecoming
  1326. decuit
    it would have been proper, it would have been in accordance with decency
  1327. dedecet eos (improbos esse)
    it's not proper for them (to be cheeky)
  1328. dens maxillaris
    jaw tooth
  1329. demus
    just now
  1330. Danicum fretum
  1331. detentio, detentionis f
    keeping back, detaining
  1332. defectio renum
    kidney failure
  1333. dendroides, dendroidae m
    kind of tithymalus
  1334. deosculor 1
    kiss warmly, kiss affectionately, praise, laud highly
  1335. deosculatio, deosculationis f
  1336. depso 3
    knead, dress, curry, dishonor
  1337. depsticius, depsticia, depsticium
  1338. dentes alicui exturbo
    knock out someone's teeth
  1339. damnum fero
    knowing how to bear a loss, being able to cope with the loss
  1340. defio
    lack, run out, cease, lacking, diminishing, get insufficient, dwindling, waning
  1341. desum alicui
    lacking help for someone
  1342. desum alicuius rebus
    lacking help for someone
  1343. debilito 1
    lame, cripple, maim, to debilitate, unnerve, disable, weaken
  1344. delumbis, delumbe
    lamed in the loins, lamed, weakened, enervated, weak, feeble
  1345. debilitas, debilitatis f
    lameness, debility, infirmity, weakness
  1346. delamentor 1
    lament, bewail
  1347. deploratio, deplorationis f
    lamenting, bewailing
  1348. decumates, decumatium m
    land subject to tithes, land subject to tribute, tithe-land
  1349. decempedator, decempedatoris m
    land-measurer, land-surveyor
  1350. derideo 2
    laugh at, laugh to scorn, scoff at, deride, mock someone, are making game of someone
  1351. derisio, derisionis f
    laughing to scorn, mockery, derision
  1352. daphnon, daphnonis m
  1353. depono 3
    lay away, put aside, place aside, lay down, put down, set down, lay, place, set, deposit, bearing forth, bringing forth, lay up, lay aside
  1354. denudo 1
    lay bare, make naked, denude, uncover, disclose, reveal, detect, betray, expose, strip, plunder
  1355. deprehendo 3
    lay hold of, take away, snatch away, seize upon, catch, overtake, surprise, apprehend,detect, find out, discover, comprehend, perceive, understand, detect, discover, discern, observe, equal, imitate, find, come upon, impede, check, bring into a strait, embarrass
  1356. deprendo 3
    lay hold of, take away, snatch away, seize upon, catch, overtake, surprise, apprehend,detect, find out, discover, comprehend, perceive, understand, detect, discover, discern, observe, equal, imitate, find, come upon, impede, check, bring into a strait, embarrass
  1357. devasto 1
    lay waste, devastate
  1358. depopulo 1
    lay waste, ravage, plunder, pillage, waste, dissipate, destroy, sweep away
  1359. depopulor 1
    lay waste, ravage, plunder, pillage, waste, dissipate, destroy, sweep away
  1360. delapido 1
    lay with stones, pave
  1361. denudatio, denudationis f
    laying bare, uncovering
  1362. depositio, depositionis f
    laying down, putting off, depositing for safe-keeping, pulling down, tearing down, depositing in the earth, burying, parting from, getting rid of, deposition, testimony, lowering, degradation, close of a period, lowering of voice
  1363. depopulatio, depopulationis f
    laying waste, marauding, pillaging, ravage
  1364. deduco 3
    lead away, bring away, lead, fetch, bring down, draw down, clear out, cleanse, draw off, lead off, withdraw troops from a place, conduct, bring to a place, lead forth, conduct a colony, draw out a ship, draw out, spin out, prepare a web, weave
  1365. decepto 1
    lead astray, mislead, deceive, lead around by the nose
  1366. derivo 1
    lead off, turn off, draw off, disperse, distribute, derive
  1367. deduco 3
    lead out, conduct, escort, accompany a person out of the house, conduct a young man to a public teacher, conduct a bride, take home the bride, bring one a concubine, drive out, expel, lead away a person from a disputed possession
  1368. derivatio, derivationis f
    leading off, turning off, turning away, derivation, etymology, exchanging of one word for another
  1369. desulto 1
    leap down
  1370. desultor, desultoris m
    leaper, vaulter, fickle person, inconstant person
  1371. desultura, desulturae f
    leaping down, jumping down
  1372. desolo 1
    leave alone, forsake, abandon, desert
  1373. deiuvo 1
    leave off helping, withhold assistance
  1374. decanto 1
    leave off singing, give over singing
  1375. desino 3
    leave off, give over, cease, desist
  1376. desivo 1
    leave off, give over, cease, desist
  1377. decedere (de) finibus
    leave the area, withdraw from the territory
  1378. de (ex) provincia decedo
    leave the province (as governor)
  1379. de scaena decedo
    leave the stage, renounce the stage, give up acting, , step down from the stage, bid farewell to the stage
  1380. decermina, decerminum n
    leaves and boughs plucked off
  1381. depetigo, depetiginis f
    leprosy, scab, scabies, mange
  1382. depetiginosus, depetiginosa, depetiginosum
    leprous, mangy
  1383. deminuo 3
    lessen by taking from, make smaller, lessen, diminish, take away from, abate, form into a diminutive
  1384. deminoro 1
    lessen, diminish in honor or rank
  1385. daemonie, daemonies f
    lesser divinity, little spirit, evil spirit, demon
  1386. daemonium, daemonii n
    lesser divinity, little spirit, evil spirit, demon
  1387. detemporo 1
    let bleed at the temples
  1388. desudo et elaboro in aliqua re
    let it cost me sweat and work at something
  1389. desudo in re
    let me cost something much sweat
  1390. defuro 3
    let off steam
  1391. demittor 3
    let one’s self down, stoop, descend
  1392. de manu in manus trado aliquid
    let something go from one hand to the other
  1393. dextram dextrae iungentes fidem obstringamus, ut ...
    let us shake hands with each other on the fact that
  1394. demissio, demissionis f
    letting down, sinking, lowering, letting grow, abatement, mitigation
  1395. deplano 1
    level off, make level, make even
  1396. degrumo 1
    level off, straighten
  1397. degrumor 1
    level off, straighten
  1398. delambo 3
    lick off, lick
  1399. delingo 3
    lick, lick off, lick up
  1400. decubo 1
    lie away from, lie out of
  1401. decumbo 3
    lie down, recline at table, lie ill, be confined by sickness, fall
  1402. demoratio, demorationis f
    lingering, abiding, remaining
  1403. desessilis, desessile
    lingering, loitering
  1404. deprecatiuncula, deprecatiunculae f
    little deprecation, trifling plea for pardon
  1405. declamatiuncula, declamatiunculae f
    little exercise in speaking, short declamation
  1406. dextella, dextellae f
    little right hand
  1407. denticulus, denticulī m
    little tooth, agricultural implement with teeth, dentils
  1408. deorum vitam vivere
    live a godly life
  1409. de meo vivo
    live at own expense
  1410. de alieno vivo
    live at someone else's expense, live at other's expense
  1411. delargior 4
    live lavishly, spend lavishly
  1412. delicate ac molliter vivo
    live luxuriously and comfortably
  1413. dexterior, dexterius
    located further to the right
  1414. deversorium, deversorii n
    lodging, guest house, lodging house, boarding house, shelter
  1415. devorsorium, devorsorii n
    lodging, guest house, lodging house, boarding house, shelter
  1416. demoror 1
    loiter, linger, tarry, delay
  1417. devia, deviorum n
    lonely places, unfrequented places
  1418. desolatus, desolata, desolatum
    lonely, desolate, forsaken, deserted, left alone, robbed, deprived of
  1419. desidero 1
    long for, greatly wish for, desire, miss, lose, investigate, examine, discuss
  1420. desiderium me capit
    long to return
  1421. desiderium patriae
    longing for the fatherland
  1422. desiderium, desiderii n
    longing, ardent desire, ardent wish, grief, regret, want, need, necessity, request, petition, pleasure
  1423. desiderio ardens
    longing, yearning
  1424. desiderio flagrans
    longing, yearning
  1425. desiderio incensus
    longing, yearning
  1426. despicio 5
    look down upon, despise, disdain, decline, shun, look away, not to regard, not to attend
  1427. despecto 1
    look down upon, overlook, command, look down upon, despise
  1428. despectio, despectionis f
    looking down upon, despising, contempt
  1429. despectus, despectus m
    looking down upon, view or prospect from an elevated place, spectacle, object of contempt, despising, contempt
  1430. despectatio, despectationis f
    looking down, prospect
  1431. deficio 5
    loosen, set free, remove from, loosen from one’s self, remove one’s self, break loose from, leave, desert, depart from something, depart, cease, fail, separate one’s self, withdraw, forsake, desert, abandon, revolt
  1432. detrunco 1
    lop off, cut off, mutilate, maim, behead
  1433. detruncatio, detruncationis f
    lopping off
  1434. decido de spe
    lose hope
  1435. de statu meo deicior
    lose one's composure
  1436. diffluo 3
    lose one's footing, be groundless, have no footing
  1437. devigesco 3
    lose one’s vigor
  1438. defectio virium
    loss of strength, fading of strength, failure of strength
  1439. delinquitio, delinquitionis f
  1440. deperditio, deperditionis f
  1441. defrumentum, defrumenti n
    loss, disadvantage, shortfall, deficit
  1442. depositorium reperticiorum
    lost and found office
  1443. depositorium rerum inventarum
    lost and found office
  1444. depositorium rerum repertīciarum
    lost and found office
  1445. depressio atmosphaerica
    low pressure, depression
  1446. demisse
    low, humbly, modestly, abjectly, meanly
  1447. deungo 3
    lubricate profusely, anoint profusely
  1448. devius, devia, devium
    lying off the high-road, out of the way, devious, retired, sequestered, leaping aside, inconstant, erroneous, inconsistent, foolish
  1449. deebriatus, deebriata, deebriatum
    made drunk, inebriated
  1450. derectus, derecta, derectum
    made straight, straight, direct, level, upright, steep
  1451. deperditus alicuius amore
    madly in love with someone, desperately in love with someone
  1452. deputatum, deputati n
    maintenance, salary
  1453. delectum habeo
    make a choice
  1454. deum sede sacro
    make a god holy by a temple
  1455. decursionem facio
    make a raid, launch an enemy attack, launch a hostile attack
  1456. deprecor 1
    make a wish to somebody
  1457. decisionem facio
    make an agreement, conclude an agreement
  1458. deflocco 1
    make bald, balding shear, depilate, defibre
  1459. decalvo 1
    make bald, remove the hair
  1460. deacuo 3
    make blunt
  1461. declaro 1
    make clear, make plain, make evident, show, manifest, declare, announce, declare publicly, proclaim publicly, make clear to the mind, demonstrate, prove, show, explain
  1462. destino 1
    make fast, make firm, bind, establish, determine, resolve, consider, design, intend, devote, destine, appoint, choose, elect, intend purchasing, fix upon as a mark, aim at, fix upon for one’s self, intend to buy
  1463. depropero 1
    make great haste, hasten
  1464. delumbo 1
    make lame in the loins, vend, bend into an arch, weaken, enervate
  1465. demitigo 1
    make milder
  1466. decircino 1
    make of a circular form, round off
  1467. deifico 1
    make one a god, deify
  1468. denseo 2
    make thick, press together, hicken, condense
  1469. denso 1
    make thick, press together, hicken, condense
  1470. deterioro 1
    make worse, deteriorate
  1471. deproperus, depropera, deproperum
    making great haste, hastening
  1472. devotatio, devotationis f
    making of vows, consecration
  1473. divitiarum servus
    Mammon's servant
  1474. divitiis addictus
    Mammon's servant
  1475. depalo 1
    mark off with palings, bound with palings, found, establish
  1476. depungo 3
    mark off, designate
  1477. designo 1
    mark out, trace out, describe, designate, define, delineate, design, depict, represent, point out, mark, denote by speech, contrive, devise, perpetrate, dispose, regulate, arrange, appoint, ordain, nominate, elect, choose, ppoint to a public office
  1478. destinatum, destinati n
    mark, aim, intended object, determined object, design, intention, intended narratio, goal of life, intentions, dispositions of a will
  1479. denoto 1
    mark, set a mark on, mark out, point out, specify, indicate, denote, designate, take note of, mark with the mind, observe accurately, stigmatize, scandalize, brand with reproach, brand with infamy
  1480. denotatus, denotata, denotatum
    marked out, conspicuous
  1481. descriptio, descriptionis f
    marking out, delineation, copy, transcript, representation, delineation, description, delineating of character, proper disposition, proper order, proper arrangement, distribution, division
  1482. designatio, designationis f
    marking out, describing, designating, specification, selection, designation to a public office
  1483. delimitatio, delimitationis f
    marking out, limiting
  1484. denotatus, denotatus m
    marking out, pointing out
  1485. deputatio, deputationis f
    marking, showing, assignment, allotment
  1486. denubo 3
    marry off, marry, demean one’s self by marriage, marry beneath one’s rank
  1487. designator, designatoris m
    master of ceremonies at funerals, undertaker
  1488. demetor 1
    measure out, mark out, fix the limits of
  1489. demetior 4
    measure out, measure
  1490. demensio, demensionis f
  1491. decoctum, decocti n
    medicinal drink, potion
  1492. deliquesco 3
    melt away, dissolve, melt, pine away, vanish, disappear
  1493. decurialis, decurialis m
    member of a decuria
  1494. delegatus parlamentarius
    Member of Parliament, Parliamentarian
  1495. decemvir, decemviri m
    member of the 10 men authority
  1496. declaratio voluntatis
    memorandum of understanding, letter of intent
  1497. demereo 2 (demereor 2)
    merit, deserve a thing
  1498. demereor 2
    merit, deserve a thing
  1499. demigro 1
    migrate from, emigrate, depart, remove, have recourse to, depart this life
  1500. deplorabilis, deplorabile
  1501. deduco 3
    mislead, seduce, entice, induce, bring one to an opinion
  1502. desiderio alicuius rei angor
    miss something sorely
  1503. desiderio alicuius rei teneor (afficior)
    miss something, , feel a desire for something, have a desire for something, be inspired by a longing for something
  1504. deformis, deforme
    misshapen, deformed, unsightly, ugly, odious, disgusting, disgraceful, base, shapeless
  1505. delectum habeo
    mobilize, make mobile
  1506. deludifico 1 (deludificor 1)
    mock, banter, make sport of
  1507. deludificor 1
    mock, banter, make sport of
  1508. derisor, derisoris m
    mocker, scoffer, satirical person
  1509. derisus, derisus m
    mockery, scorn, derision
  1510. delusio, delusionis f
    mocking, taunting, teasing, fooling
  1511. dentes genuini
    molars, molar teeth
  1512. dentes maxillares
    molars, molar teeth
  1513. danista, danistae m
    money-lender, usurer
  1514. danisticus, danistica, danisticum
    money-lending, usurious
  1515. denuntiativus, denuntiativa, denuntiativum
    monitory, indicatory, erving as a warning
  1516. diploma birotulae automatāriae gubernandae
    moped driving licence
  1517. demutatio morum
    moral decay
  1518. depravor 1
    morally degenerate, go bad
  1519. depressius
    more deeply
  1520. deversorium autocineticum
  1521. demoveo 2
    move away, turn away, put away, remove, compel, thrust aside, put out of the way
  1522. demeto 3
    mow, reap, cut off, gather, crop, harvest, pluck off, cut out, take out, behead
  1523. decemplicatus, decemplicata, decemplicatum
    multiplied by ten, ten times over
  1524. decurtatus, decurtata, decurtatum
    mutilated, cut off, shortened, trimmed, truncated
  1525. decurtatio, decurtationis f
  1526. demurmuro 1
    mutter over
  1527. deterior condicio fit mea
    my circumstances are getting worse, my situation is getting worse
  1528. derigescunt mihi comae
    my hair stands on end
  1529. decrevi
    my principle is (it) that , , ,
  1530. Davos, Davi m
    name given to Roman slaves
  1531. Davus, Davi m
    name given to Roman slaves
  1532. Damasippus, Damasippi m (2)
    Name of a bankrupt merchant and ridiculous Stoic philosopher
  1533. Dexamenus, Dexameni m
    name of a centaur; = Eurytion
  1534. Delia, Deliae f
    name of a damsel
  1535. Damoetas, Damoetae m
    name of a shepherd
  1536. Damalis, Damalidis f
    name of a woman
  1537. Damalis, Damalis f
    name of a woman
  1538. Decius, Decia, Decium
    name of an eminent plebeian gens at Rome
  1539. denomino 1
    name, designate specifically, denominate
  1540. denotabilis, denotabile
    named, marked, indexed, branded
  1541. denegativus, denegativa, denegativum
    negating, denying
  1542. de pace ago cum aliquo
    negotiate peace with someone
  1543. de pace ago
    negotiate peace, conduct peace negotiations, hold peace talks
  1544. depector, depectoris m
    negotiator, mediator
  1545. Delhium Novum
    New Delhi
  1546. Dellium Novum
    New Delhi
  1547. decemnovennalis, decemnovennale
    nineteen year old
  1548. deleramentum, deleramenti n
    nonsense, absurdity
  1549. deliramentum, deliramenti n
    nonsense, absurdity
  1550. destinatum (destinata) non ferio
    not hitting a target, missing one's target
  1551. depubes, depuberis
    not of full age
  1552. decerpo nihil ex re
    not take anything from the matter
  1553. depudet me
    not to be ashamed, become shameless
  1554. dehabeo 2
    not to have, lack
  1555. de insidiis celare te nolo
    not want to hide the ambush from someone, not wanting to keep someone in the dark about the ambush
  1556. derogari aliquid ex hac lege non licet
    nothing in this law may be restricted
  1557. Dacia, Daciae f
    now Upper Hungary, Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia, Bessarabia
  1558. decada, decadae f
    number of ten
  1559. decas, decadis f
    number of ten, a decade
  1560. deieratio, deierationis f
  1561. deiuratio, deiurationis f
  1562. deiurium, deiurii n
  1563. denormis, denorme
  1564. delitor, delitoris m
  1565. decori alicuius officio
    obscure someone's glory, obscure someone's name, eclipse someone's fame, eclipse someone's name
  1566. damno 1
    occasion loss to, occasion damage to, harm, damage, condemn, doom, sentence one to any punishment, oblige one’s heir by last will and testament to the performance of any act
  1567. Damascenus, Damascena, Damascenum
    of Damascus,Damascene
  1568. Daphnaeus, Daphnaea, Daphnaeum
    of Daphne, at Daphne
  1569. Daucius, Daucia, Daucium
    of Daucus
  1570. Delius, Delia, Delium
    of Delos, Delian
  1571. Demetriacus, Demetriaca, Demetriacum
    of Demetrias, belonging to Demetrias
  1572. Derbeus, Derbei m
    of Derbe
  1573. Deucalioneus, Deucalionea, Deucalioneum
    of Deucalion
  1574. decennovalis, decennovale
    of nineteen years
  1575. decennovennalis, decennovennale
    of nineteen years
  1576. decemmestris, decemmestre
    of ten months
  1577. decennis, decenne
    of ten years
  1578. decennalis, decennale
    of ten years, decennial
  1579. de plano
    off-hand, without formal consideration
  1580. denuntio regi periculum
    offer chess to the king
  1581. dextram alicui tendo
    offer my help to someone
  1582. dextram alicui porrigo
    offer someone the right hand-
  1583. dextram alicui offero
    offer someone the right hand, give someone the right hand
  1584. demarchia, demarchiae f
    office and dignity of a demarch
  1585. decaprotia, decaprotiae f
    office and dignity of the decaproti
  1586. desubito
    on a sudden, suddenly
  1587. de + Abl.
    on account of, because of
  1588. demolaletus, demolaleta, demolaletum
    on everyone's lips, known to the people, well known, widely known, man of rank and repute
  1589. de plano
    on level ground, not on the tribunal
  1590. dextera
    on the right of
  1591. dextra
    on the right of
  1592. de eorum vita siletur
    one is silent about their life
  1593. decies sestertium (= decies centena milia sestertium)
    one million sesterces
  1594. Deiopea, Deiopeae f
    one of Juno's nymphs
  1595. derelictor, derelictoris m
    one who abandons
  1596. deprecator, deprecatoris m
    one who averts by praying, interceder, intercessor
  1597. deductor, deductoris m
    one who brings, guide, teacher, one who accompanies or attends on a candidate for office, an attendant
  1598. deportator, deportatoris m
    one who carries away, bearer, carrier, transporter
  1599. damnator, damnatoris m
    one who condemns
  1600. declarator, declaratoris m
    one who declares, one who makes known, an announcer
  1601. detractator, detractatoris m
    one who declines, one who refuses, diminisher, disparager
  1602. detrectator, detrectatoris m
    one who declines, one who refuses, diminisher, disparager
  1603. dedicator, dedicatoris m
    one who dedicates, founder, author
  1604. deliberator, deliberatoris m
    one who deliberates
  1605. depostulator, depostulatoris m
    one who demands (for punishment, torture), challenger, prompter
  1606. depositor, depositoris m
    one who deposits a thing for safe-keeping, depositor, one who disowns, one who disclaims
  1607. depreciator, depreciatoris m
    one who depreciates, depreciator
  1608. depretiator, depretiatoris m
    one who depreciates, depreciator
  1609. definitor, definitoris m
    one who determines, one who settles, one who appoints
  1610. dedecorator, dedecoratoris m
    one who dishonors, reviler, blasphemer
  1611. depulsor, depulsoris m
    one who drives away, one who removes, one who repels, epithet of Jupiter, as the averter of evil
  1612. detestator, detestatoris m
    one who execrates, curser
  1613. defensor, defensoris m
    one who fends, one who wards, one who averts, one who keeps off, defender, protector
  1614. desertor, desertoris m
    one who forsakes, forsaker, one who abandons, runaway, deserter, one who joins the enemy
  1615. desioculus, desioculi m
    one who has lost an eye
  1616. decoctor, decoctoris m
    one who has squandered the property, a ruined spendthrift, a bankrupt
  1617. dediticius, dediticii m
    one who has surrendered, one who has capitulated, a captive
  1618. detentator, detentatoris m
    one who holds or keeps back something, detainer
  1619. depopulator, depopulatoris m
    one who lays waste, marauder, spoiler, pillager
  1620. deviator, deviatoris m
    one who leaves the way, forsaker
  1621. deversor, deversoris m
    one who lodges anywhere, inmate, guest
  1622. delegator, delegatoris m
    one who makes an assignment, assignor
  1623. depalator, depalatoris m
    one who marks out the bounds, founder
  1624. dentilegus, dentilegi m
    one who picks up his teeth, tooth-gatherer
  1625. demonstrator, demonstratoris m
    one who points out, one who indicates, indicator, exhibiter
  1626. declamator, declamatoris m
    one who practises set speaking, a rhetorician, declaimer
  1627. destructor, destructoris m
    one who pulls down, destroyer
  1628. deversitor, deversitoris m
    one who puts up at an inn, guest
  1629. depositarius, depositariii m
    one who receives a deposit, trustee, depositary, one who makes a deposit, depositor
  1630. designator, designatoris m
    one who regulates, one who arranges, regulator, officer whose duty it was to assign seats in the theatre, umpire at public spectacles
  1631. defector, defectoris m
    one who revolts from another, a revolter, rebel
  1632. delenitor, delenitoris m (delinitor, delinitoris m)
    one who softens down, one who soothes, one who wins over
  1633. delinitor, delinitoris m
    one who softens down, one who soothes, one who wins over
  1634. doctor umbraticus
    one who teaches at home, private tutor
  1635. detrusor, detrusoris m
    one who thrusts down, knocker, device for knocking down
  1636. de altero tantum loco excusatus
    only half justified
  1637. de altero tantum nomine excusatus
    only half justified
  1638. dignitates umbrabiles
    only illusions of majesty
  1639. debrachiolo 1
    open a vein on the arm, open a vein on the thigh muscles
  1640. decursionem indīco
    order a manoeuvre
  1641. damno aliquem  in expensas
    order someone to pay the costs
  1642. decoramen, decoraminis n
    ornament, decoration
  1643. decoramentum, decoramenti n
    ornament, decoration
  1644. decus, decoris n
    ornament, grace, embellishment, splendor, glory, honor, dignity, a deed of honor, moral dignity, virtue
  1645. decor, decoris
    ornamented, adorned, elegant, beautiful
  1646. decoris, decore
    ornamented, adorned, elegant, beautiful
  1647. deseps, desipis
    out of one’s mind, insane
  1648. demens, dementis
    out of one’s mind, out of one’s senses, mad, raving, foolish
  1649. decursu annorum
    over the years
  1650. defaeneratus, defaenerata, defaeneratum
    overwhelmed by debt, exhausted by usury
  1651. defeneratus, defenerata, defeneratum
    overwhelmed by debt, exhausted by usury
  1652. dolor coeliacus
    pain in the stomach
  1653. delphinum silvis adpingo, fluctibus aprum
    paint a dolphin to the forest, a boar to the floods
  1654. defixus, defixa, defixum
    paralyzed, motionless, immobile, as if rooted to the spot, as if spellbound
  1655. dehisco 3
    part, divide, go apart, split open, gape, yawn, spring a leak, burst open
  1656. decursibus intersum
    participate in manoeuvres
  1657. desquamata, desquamatorum n
    parts of the body from which the skin has been rubbed off, excoriated parts
  1658. de manu in manum trado
    pass from hand to hand
  1659. debacchatio, debacchationis f
    passionate raving, fury
  1660. dedecus adulatorium
    pathetic sycophancy
  1661. depraesento 1
    pay in cash
  1662. de meo impendo
    pay out of pocket
  1663. desolvo 3
  1664. dependo 3
    pay, spend, expend, lay out, bestow upon a thing, give up, abandon
  1665. deglubo 3
    peel off, shell, husk, take off the skin, skin, flay
  1666. decrusto 1
    peel off, split off, disintegrate
  1667. delibratio, delibrationis f
    peeling, debarking
  1668. desiderari coepta est Epaminondae diligentia
    people began to yearn for the prudence of Epameinondas
  1669. Deraemestae, Deraemestarum m
    people in Dalmatia
  1670. Dardani, Dardanorum m
    people in Upper Moesia, today's Serbia
  1671. Derbices, Derbicum m
    people of Asia, near the mouth of the Oxus, on the Caspian Sea
  1672. Dassarenses, Dassarensium m
    people of Illyria
  1673. Dassaresii, Dassaresiorum m
    people of Illyria
  1674. Dassaretae, Dassaretarum m
    people of Illyria
  1675. Derangae, Derangarum m
    people of India
  1676. desudo 1
    perform with exertion
  1677. decennium, decennii n
    period of ten years
  1678. denascor 3
    perish, die
  1679. delenitorius, delenitoria, delenitorium
    pertaining to softening, serving for softening, soothing
  1680. delinitorius, delinitoria, delinitorium
    pertaining to softening, serving for softening, soothing
  1681. deliciaris, deliciare
    pertaining to a gutter
  1682. daemoniacus, daemoniaca, daemoniacum
    pertaining to an evil spirit, demoniac, devilish
  1683. daemonicus, daemonica, daemonicum
    pertaining to an evil spirit, demoniac, devilish
  1684. Danaeius, Danaeia, Danaeium
    pertaining to Danae, descended from Danae
  1685. Decentiacus, Decentiaca, Decentiacum
    pertaining to Decentius
  1686. defensorius, defensoria, defensorium
    pertaining to defence
  1687. decursorius, decursoria, decursorium
    pertaining to the race-course
  1688. dentarius, dentaria, dentarium
    pertaining to the teeth
  1689. december, decembris, decembre
    pertaining to the ten
  1690. depravate
    perversely, wrongly
  1691. depravo 1
    pervert, distort, disfigure, seduce, corrupt, deprave
  1692. depravatus, depravata, depravatum
    perverted, distorted, disfigured, seduced, corrupted, depraved
  1693. depravatio, depravationis f
    perverting, distorting, corrupting, vitiating, perversity
  1694. Democritus, Democriti m
    philosopher born at Abdera, an adherent of the Eleatic school, and the originator of the atomic theory
  1695. deformitas membrorum
    physical deformity, deformity of the limbs
  1696. datis habenis proferor
    pick up speed without braking, dash along, gallop along
  1697. demeio 3
    piss, make water
  1698. demingo 3
    piss, make water
  1699. dēfossum, dēfossi n
  1700. deambulacrum, deambulacri n
    place to walk in, promenade, walk
  1701. deruncino 1
    plane off, deceive, cheat, shave
  1702. decalco 1
    plaster with lime, whitewash
  1703. deludo 3
    play false, mock, deceive, make sport of, delude, play through, leave off playing
  1704. da semiplenum quaeso potorium
    please give a cup only half full
  1705. da quaeso cofeam
    please give me (a cup of) coffee
  1706. dentale, dentalis n
    plow, plow share, beam share
  1707. dentalia, dentalium n
    plow, plow share, beam share
  1708. devello 3
    pluck down, pull off, tear off
  1709. deoppilo 1
    pluck off, pluck out
  1710. defloratio, deflorationis f
    plucking of flowers, deflouring
  1711. depraedor 1
    plunder, pillage, ravage
  1712. depilatus, depilata, depilatum
    plundered, cheated
  1713. depraedator, depraedatoris m
  1714. depeculator, depeculatoris m
    plunderer, embezzler
  1715. depraedatio, depraedationis f
  1716. depeculatus, depeculatus m
    plundering, looting
  1717. devastatio Hebraeorum
    pogrom against the Jews
  1718. devergium, devergii n
    point of separation
  1719. demonstro 1
    point out, indicate, designate, show, guide by pointing out the way, prove, demonstrate, represent, describe
  1720. demonstrativus, demonstrativa, demonstrativum
    pointing out, designating, laudatory, vituperative, demonstrative
  1721. demonstratorius, demonstratoria, demonstratorium
    pointing out, indicating
  1722. despectus, despectuum m
    points of view, heights
  1723. dens venenatus
    poison fang, poison snake
  1724. dentes venenati
    poison teeth
  1725. dentes spina argentea perfodio
    poke teeth with a silver toothpick
  1726. denuntiator, denuntiatoris m
    police officer, police inspector
  1727. descendentes, descendentium m
    posterity, descendants
  1728. defundo 3
    pour down, pour out, pour forth
  1729. dato singulis plena potoria!
    pour everyone his glass, give everyone their glass full
  1730. defundor 3
    pour oneself down, flow down
  1731. defusio, defusionis f
    pouring out into vessels
  1732. defectus electricitatis
    power failure, power cut, blackout
  1733. declamito 1
    practise rhetorical delivery, practise declamation, declaim, plead for the sake of practise, talk violently, bluster
  1734. deblatero 1
    prate of a thing, babble, blab out
  1735. deo preces adhibeo
    pray to God
  1736. deo supplico
    pray to God
  1737. deum invoco
    pray to God
  1738. deum precor
    pray to God
  1739. deis supplicare
    pray to the gods
  1740. deos alloquor
    pray to the gods
  1741. derupta, deruptorum n
  1742. descriptus, descripta, descriptum
    precisely ordered, properly arranged
  1743. decessor, decessoris m
    predecessor in office, one who retires from a province he has governed
  1744. deprehensibilis, deprehensibile
    prehensible, graspable, reachable, encounterable
  1745. debuccellatus, debuccellata, debuccellatum
    prepared from crushed rusk
  1746. depondero 1
    press down by its weight, weigh down
  1747. deprimo 3
    press down, weigh down, sink down, depress, sink deep, plant deep, dig deep, sink to the bottom, sink, depreciate in words, disparage, oppress
  1748. dextram alicuius apprimo
    press someone's right hand against oneself
  1749. depressio, depressionis f
    pressing down, sinking down, depression
  1750. defluvia capitis cohonesto
    prevent or cure the falling off of the hair
  1751. Delphis, Delphidis f
    priestess of the Delphic Apollo
  1752. defensio datorum
    privacy, data privacy, data protection
  1753. domesticus, domestica, domesticum
  1754. domi
  1755. defanatus, defanata, defanatum
    profaned, desecrated, unholy
  1756. despondeo 2
    promise to give, promise, pledge, promise in marriage, betroth, engage, espouse, give up, devote to, yield, resign
  1757. depropitio 1
    propitiate, reconcile
  1758. defendere aliquem ab iniuria
    protect someone from injustice
  1759. de re frumentaria provideo
    provide food
  1760. dentefaber, dentefabris, dentefabre
    provided with prongs, prong mounted
  1761. dentifer, dentifera, dentiferum
    provided with tines, provided with teeth
  1762. demogrammateus, demogrammatei m
    public scribe
  1763. devexo 1
    pull asunder, rend asunder, destroy, vex, trouble
  1764. divexo 1
    pull asunder, rend asunder, destroy, vex, trouble
  1765. destruo 3
    pull down, tear down, destroy, ruin, weaken
  1766. dentibus spolio
    pull off with the teeth
  1767. depilo 1
    pull out the hair, pluck out the feathers, rub off the skin, peel
  1768. de digito anulum detraho
    pull the ring off the finger
  1769. destructio, destructionis f
    pulling down, destruction, refuting, refutation, disturbance
  1770. defarinatus, defarinata, defarinatum
    pulverized, reduced to flour
  1771. dealbatio peccatorum
    purification from sins, cleansing from sins, washing clean from sins
  1772. denicalis, denicale (danecalis)
    purifying from death
  1773. depurgativus, depurgativa, depurgativum
    purifying, purgative
  1774. delicus, delica, delicum
    put away from the breast, weaned
  1775. depono 3
    put by, deposit anywhere, give in charge to, commit to the care of, intrust to, lay upon the ground, give up, resign, get rid of, intrust, commit
  1776. densito 1
    put tightly together, condense, compress
  1777. deversito 1
    put up at an inn, dwell upon
  1778. defunctorius, defunctoria, defunctorium
    quickly despatched, slight, cursory
  1779. devirginor 1
    quit the period of youth
  1780. decursionibus regionem vasto
    raid and devastate the area
  1781. depluo 3
    rain down
  1782. desaevio 4
    rave furiously, rage, cease raving, cease raging
  1783. debaccho 1
    rave like the Bacchantes, rage without control, revel wildly
  1784. debacchor 1
    rave like the Bacchantes, rage without control, revel wildly
  1785. demento 1
    rave, be out of one’s mind
  1786. dextram reconciliatae gratiae pignus alicui offero
    reach out a hand of reconciliation to somebody
  1787. de tabella lego
    reading from sheet
  1788. deos macto
    reconcile the gods
  1789. deos placo
    reconcile the gods
  1790. depropitiatio, depropitiationis f
  1791. dēlectator, dēlectatoris m
  1792. dēlector, dēlectoris m
    recruiter, one who draws out, one who levies, one who recruits
  1793. demopsephisma, demopsephismatis n
    referendum, plebiscite
  1794. desisto de petitione
    refrain from applying
  1795. denegator, denegatoris m
  1796. dedigno 1
    reject as unworthy, disdain, scorn, refuse
  1797. dedignor 1
    reject as unworthy, disdain, scorn, refuse
  1798. delegatorius, delegatoria, delegatorium
    relating to an assignment
  1799. deliberativus, deliberativa, deliberativum
    relating to deliberation, deliberative
  1800. desideo 2
    remain sitting, continue sitting, sit long, sit idle, remain inactive, go to stool
  1801. detestatio, detestationis f (2)
    removal of the testes, castration
  1802. derigeo 2
    remove hardness, soften
  1803. dextras renovo
    renew one's pledge, renew one's promise
  1804. denuo constituo
  1805. detrimentum amoveo
    repair the damage, clean up the damage
  1806. derogo 1
    repeal a part of a law, restrict a part of a law, modify a part of a law, take away, detract from, diminish, remove, withdraw, disparage, dishonor
  1807. denuo repeto eandem cantilenam
    repeat the same tune again
  1808. damnum sarcio
    replace a damage, repair a damage
  1809. damnum pio
    replace a loss
  1810. deos in humani oris speciem assimulo
    represent the gods human-like
  1811. deformatio, deformationis f
    representation, delineation
  1812. deprecabilis, deprecabile
    requestable, that may be entreated, exorable
  1813. de potestate decedo
    resign from one's office, resign from one's position, give up one's office
  1814. destinate
    resolutely, obstinately
  1815. deliberatus, deliberata, deliberatum
    resolved upon, determined, certain
  1816. de sepulcro insurgo
    resurrect, return to life
  1817. demoror 1
    retard, detain, delay
  1818. decessio, decessionis f
    retirement of a magistrate from the province he has governed
  1819. de exsilio redeo
    return from exile, return from banishment
  1820. de exsilio regredior
    return from exile, return from banishment
  1821. de exsilio revertor
    return from exile, return from banishment
  1822. detraho alicui pellem
    reveal someone's mistakes
  1823. deveneror 1
    reverence, worship, avert by prayers
  1824. denuo pertracto
    revise, rework, rewrite
  1825. denuo retracto
    revise, rework, rewrite
  1826. dextera, dexterae f
    right hand, fidelity, strength, courage, right side, hand, pledge of friendship
  1827. dextra, dextrae f (dextera, dexterae f )
    right hand, fidelity, strength, courage, right side, hand, pledge of friendship
  1828. dextra, dextrorum n (dextera, dexterorum n )
    right side, right bank
  1829. dextimi, dextimorum m
    right-wing extremists
  1830. dextris partibus radicitus favens
    right-wing radical
  1831. dentes aqua colluo
    rinse the teeth thoroughly with water
  1832. debacchor 1
    rioting and raving
  1833. decoctior, decoctius
    riper, more carefully elaborated
  1834. desurgo 3
    rise from any place, rise
  1835. de vita dimico
    risk one's life, stake one's life, risk one's death, take one's death into account
  1836. demugio 4
    roar like an ox
  1837. defrugo 1
    rob of corn, sow too little grain
  1838. despolio 1
    rob, plunder, despoil
  1839. despoliator, despoliatoris m
    robber, plunderer
  1840. despoliatio, despoliationis f
    robbing, despoiling
  1841. denarius, denarii m
    Roman silver coin, which originally contained ten, and afterwards eighteen asses, in value equivalent to an Attic drachma, an apothecary’s weight, = drachma, gold coin of the value of 25 silver denarii, copper coin, money
  1842. decenarius, decenarii m
    Roman silver coin
  1843. dentes cariosi
    rotten teeth
  1844. dasys, dasia, dasy
    rough breathe, rough
  1845. detero 3
    rub away, wear away, wear out, thresh out, diminish in force, lessen, weaken, impair
  1846. defrico 1
    rub off, rub down, rub hard, rub, lash well, scour
  1847. derado 3
    rub off, scrape off, smooth off, shave off, cut off
  1848. detritus, detritus m
    rubbing away
  1849. detrimentum, detrimenti n
    rubbing off, loss, damage, detriment, ruin, loss of a battle, defeat, overthrow
  1850. demarchus, demarchi m
    ruler of the people at Athens, the president of a demos, a demarch, answering to the Roman tribune of the people
  1851. defugio 5
    run away from, flee, shun, avoid, escape by flight
  1852. decurro 3
    run down, flow down, move down, sail down, swim down, run over, run through, traverse, accomplish the course, go through military exercises, go through manœuvres
  1853. deficio 5
    run out, be wanting, fail,disappear,become extinct, die out, grow faint
  1854. defuga, defugae m
    runaway, deserter
  1855. degrassor 1
    rush down
  1856. damium, damii n
    Sacrifices for the Bona Dea
  1857. desiderium expio
    satisfy a craving, satisfy a desire
  1858. devotiones faustae
    saving vows, saving prayers
  1859. decretum ad parsimoniam pertinens
    savings decision
  1860. de summo pectore dico
    say rashly, say thoughtlessly, talk rashly, , say without much reflection
  1861. derbiosus, derbiosa, derbiosum
  1862. desquamo 1
    scale off, scale, peel off, rub, scour, clean off, shake off, scrape off
  1863. delitigo 1
    scold, rail angrily
  1864. detorreo 2
    scorch, burn
  1865. di undisoni
  1866. David, David m (indecl.)
    second king of the Jews, and principal author of the Book of Psalms
  1867. David, Davidis m
    second king of the Jews, and principal author of the Book of Psalms
  1868. decondo 3
    secrete by burying
  1869. detuitio, detuitionis f
    seeing the reflection
  1870. decens, decentis
    seemly, becoming, decent, proper, fit, regularly, symmetrically, handsomely, shaped, well-formed, noble
  1871. defervefacio 5
    seethe, cause to boil
  1872. defervo 3
    seethe, cause to boil
  1873. decimo 1
    select by lot every tenth man for punishment, decimate, cause to pay tithes, collect tithes from someone, select the tenth part as an offering, pay tithes of anything
  1874. decumo 1
    select by lot every tenth man for punishment, decimate, cause to pay tithes, collect tithes from someone, select the tenth part as an offering, pay tithes of anything
  1875. de mille sagittis unam sepono
    select one from a thousand arrows
  1876. decimatus, decimata, decimatum
    selected, excellent
  1877. decumatus, decumata, decumatum
    selected, excellent
  1878. defensio salutis suae
    self defense
  1879. defensio sui
    self defense
  1880. deditio sui
  1881. demitto 3
    send down, drop, let, sink down, bring down, cause to hang down, cause to fall down, lower, put down, let fall, put into the ground, plant, lead down, cast down, let sink
  1882. Delphos mitto consultum
    send to Delphi to consult the oracle
  1883. delego 1
    send, assign, dispatch, delegate, assign, confide, commit, intrust, lay upon a person any charge, impose upon a person any charge, impose an order, impose a business, impose a command, refer to, transfer, make over, attribute, impute, ascribe to
  1884. damno in metallum
    sentence to work in mine
  1885. deiugo 1
    separate, sever
  1886. dedita opera
    seriously, with a purpose, intentionally, deliberately
  1887. dapifex, dapificis m
    servant who prepared food
  1888. dapifer, dapifera, dapiferum
    servant who waited at table
  1889. dapino 1
    serve up
  1890. deservio 4
    serve zealously, be devoted to, subject to
  1891. declarativus, declarativa, declarativum
    serving for explanation, explanatory
  1892. derisorius, derisoria, derisorium
    serving for laughter, ridiculous
  1893. detectorius, detectoria, detectorium
    serving the discovery, , serving the enlightenment, serving the disclosure
  1894. desisto 3
    set down
  1895. destituo 3
    set down, set, place anywhere, leave alone, forsake, abandon, desert, desist from
  1896. descrobo 1
    set, enchase
  1897. destinatio, destinationis f
    setting fast, establishing, resolution, determination, purpose, design, obstinacy
  1898. destrictus, destricta, destrictum
    severe, rigid, censorious
  1899. de rebus sexualibus doctrina
    sex education
  1900. decutio 5
    shake off, strike off, beat off, cast off, dislodge, shake out, throw aside
  1901. dextram alicui do
    shake someone's hand, extend one's rights to someone
  1902. dehonestas, dehonestatis f
    shame, dishonor
  1903. defamis, defame
  1904. destricte
    sharp, strict, decisive
  1905. deletrix, deletricis f
    she that annihilates, she that destroys
  1906. deceptrix, deceptricis f
    she that deceives
  1907. despectrix, despectricis f
    she that despises, despiser
  1908. desertrix, deserttricis f
    she that forsakes, she that neglects
  1909. defensatrix, defensatricis f
    she who defends
  1910. defenstrix, defenstricis f
    she who defends
  1911. defraudatrix, defraudatricis f
    she who defrauds
  1912. deipara, deiparae f
    she who gives birth to God, of the Virgin Mary
  1913. demonstratrix, demonstratricis f
    she who points out, she who indicates, instructress, designator
  1914. delinitrix, delinitricis f
    she who softens down, soothes, wins over
  1915. depopulatrix, depopulatricis f
    she who spoils, she who destroys, destroyer
  1916. detonso 1
    shear off
  1917. detundeo 2
    shear off, cut off, clip, shear, strip off
  1918. detondeo 2
    shear off, cut off, to clip, shear, strip off, lay waste, crop, eat
  1919. detonsio, detonsionis f
    shearing off
  1920. delacrimo 1
    shed tears, weep
  1921. destinatum (destinata) peto
    shoot at a target
  1922. descriptiuncula, descriptiunculae f
    short description, short delineation
  1923. defectio spiritus
    shortness of breath
  1924. demonstratio, demonstrationis f
    showing out, pointing out, indication, description, designation, demonstrative kind of oratory, laudatory kind of oratory, vivid delineation, picturesque presentation, clear and complete declaration of one’s will, bounding of a place, limiting of a place
  1925. delirus, delira, delirum
    silly, doting, crazy
  1926. desperatis generi rebus
    since he had given up hope for his son-in-law
  1927. decanto 1
    sing off, repeat in a singing manner, repeat often, say over and over again, recite, rehearse, repeat as a charm, bewitch, enchant, charm
  1928. desido 3
    sink, fall down, settle down, deteriorate, degenerate
  1929. demergor 3
    sink, submerge
  1930. demergo 3
    sink, submerge, plunge into, dip, depress, overwhelm
  1931. demersor 1
    sink, submerse
  1932. demersus, demersus m
  1933. desidia, desidiae f
    sitting long, remaining in a place, sitting idle, idleness, inactivity, slothfulness, lying fallow
  1934. delineo 1
    sketch out, delineate
  1935. delinio 4
    sketch out, delineate
  1936. delineatio, delineationis f
    sketch, delineation
  1937. desultor nartatorius
    ski jumper
  1938. desultura nartatoria
    ski jumping
  1939. desultura scridatoria
    ski jumping
  1940. daedalicus, daedalica, daedalicum
  1941. despumo 1
    skim off, skim, work off, digest, rub off, polish, let blood, bleed, deposit a frothy matter, expressing by foaming
  1942. dehaurio 4
    skim off, swal low down, swallow
  1943. dehorio 4
    skim off, swallow down, swallow
  1944. deorio 4
    skim off, swallow down, swallow
  1945. despumatio, despumationis f
    skimming off
  1946. domus aeriae
    sky spaces
  1947. desomnis, desomne
  1948. delabaculum, delabaculi n
    slide, chute
  1949. defunctorie
    slightly, cursorily
  1950. declivia, declivium n
  1951. deiugis, deiuge
  1952. Delos, Deli f
    small island in the Aegean Sea, one of the Cyclades, the birthplace of Apollo and Diana
  1953. deversoriolum, deversorioli n
    small lodging-place
  1954. deglabro 1
    smooth off, make smooth
  1955. delaevo 1
    smooth off, make smooth
  1956. delevo 1
    smooth off, make smooth
  1957. depolio 4
    smooth off, polish off
  1958. decipula, decipulae f
    snare, gin, trap
  1959. decipulum, decipuli n
    snare, gin, trap
  1960. democratia socialis
    social democracy
  1961. democrata socialis
    social democrat
  1962. demollio 4
    soften completely
  1963. dapis, dapis f
    solemn feast for religious purposes, sacrificial feast
  1964. daps, dapis f
    solemn feast for religious purposes, sacrificial feast
  1965. Damasichthon, Damasichthonis f
    son of Amphion and Niobe, slain by Apollo
  1966. Danaus, Danai m
    Son of Belus and twin brother of Aegyptus, father of the 50 Danaids
  1967. Deionides, Deionidae m
    son of Deïone by Apollo, i, e, Miletus
  1968. Dardanus, Dardani m
    son of Jupiter and Electra of Arcadia, founder of the city Dardania, in Troas, and ancestor of the royal race of Troy
  1969. Deiphobus, Deiphobi m
    son of Priam and Hecuba, and husband of Helen after the death of Paris
  1970. Deucalion, Deucalionis m
    son of Prometheus, king of Phthia, in Thessaly, and husband of Pyrrha
  1971. Demophoon, Demophoontis m (2)
    son of Theseus and Phaedra, a lover of Phyllis, who fought before Troy
  1972. deinde paulo post
    soon after, shortly after
  1973. delenio 4
    soothe down, soften down, cajole, charm, win, captivate, entice
  1974. delinio 4
    soothe down, soften down, cajole, charm, win, captivate, entice
  1975. delenitrix, delenitricis f
    sootheress, she that soothes
  1976. delenifica verba
    soothing words
  1977. delenificus, delenifica, delenificum
    soothing, caressing, captivating, flattering, enchanting
  1978. delinificus, delinifica, delinificum
    soothing, caressing, captivating, flattering, enchanting
  1979. Daphidas, Daphidae m
    sophist of Telmessus
  1980. Daphitas, Daphitae m
    sophist of Telmessus
  1981. denarismus, denarismi m
    sort of tax
  1982. desero 3 [2]
    sow, plant
  1983. deperco 3
    spare, pack in cotton wool, touch with velvet gloves
  1984. deloquor 3
    speak, talk, say
  1985. dendrites, dendritae m
    species of agate
  1986. dardanarius, dardanarii m
    speculator in corn, forestaller, , grain speculator, grain usurer
  1987. dego 3
    spend, carry on, wage
  1988. deduco 3
    spin out a literary composition like a thread, elaborate, prepare, compose, make finer, make thinner, make weaker, attenuate, derive, remove, cure, withhold
  1989. despuo 3
    spit out, spit, reject, abhor
  1990. dens maledicus
    spiteful resentment, spiteful envy
  1991. desputamentum, desputamenti n
  1992. desputum, desputi n
  1993. defindo 3
    split, split up, divide up
  1994. deminutio vectigalium a maritis solvendorum
    spouse splitting
  1995. daphnoidēs, daphnoidis f
    spurge-laurel, mezereon
  1996. destico 1
  1997. desisto 3
    stand off from, stand apart, leave off, cease, give over, desist from, coming to a close
  1998. dextra sto
    stand on the right
  1999. descriptio civitatis
    state constitution
  2000. de multa nocte
    still deep in the night
  2001. despondeo mihi aliquid
    stipulate something
  2002. defectus stomachi
    stomach weakness, gastric weakness
  2003. denixe
    strenuously, earnestly, zealously
  2004. destrictio, destrictionis f
    stretching out, hindrance, difficulty, sharpness,severity
  2005. districtio, districtionis f
    stretching out, hindrance, difficulty, sharpness,severity
  2006. depalmo 1
    strike with the open hand, box on the ear
  2007. depuvio 4
    strike, beat
  2008. depuvo 3
    strike, beat
  2009. detunico 1
    strip off the tunic, flay
  2010. destringo 3
    strip off, rubbing the body in the bath, scouring out, unsheathe, draw, touch gently, graze, skim, skirt, criticise, censure, satirize
  2011. demulceo 2
    stroke down, stroke caressingly, soften, allure
  2012. dalivus, daliva, dalivum
    stupid, foolish
  2013. demerso 1
    submerge, immerse
  2014. desidia, desidiae f [2]
    subsiding, retiring
  2015. denominatio, denominationis f
    substitution of the name of an object for that of another to which it has some relation, as the name of the cause for that of the effect, of the property for that of the substance, etc, metonymy
  2016. desugo 3
    suck from any thing, suck in
  2017. data exsugo
    suck off data, fish off data
  2018. dēfoenero 1
    suck out by usury, make poor by usury
  2019. de repentino
  2020. derepentino
  2021. damnum facio ex aliqua re
    suffer a loss from something
  2022. damnum contraho
    suffer a loss
  2023. damno afficior
    suffer damage, suffer harm
  2024. defringor 3
    suffer demolition
  2025. detrimentum facio
    suffer harm, cause harm, cause damage, suffer defeat in battle
  2026. detrimentum capio (accipio)
    suffer harm, suffer damage, suffer defeat in battle
  2027. defraudor 1
    suffer lack, suffer need, suffer from want
  2028. deceptivus, deceptiva, deceptivum
    suitable for deception
  2029. decore
    suitably, properly, decorously, elegantly, charmingly, beautifully
  2030. daemones adiuro
    summon the spirits
  2031. dapsilis, dapsile
    sumptuous, bountiful, richly provided with every thing, abundant
  2032. dapsile
    sumptuously, bountifully
  2033. dapsiliter
    sumptuously, bountifully
  2034. deiectus, deiecta, deiectum
    sunk down, low
  2035. Democritii, Democritiorum m
    supporter of Democritus
  2036. Dalmaticus, Dalmatici m
    surname of L, Metellus, on account of his victories over the Dalmatians
  2037. Delmaticus, Delmatici m
    surname of L, Metellus, on account of his victories over the Dalmatians
  2038. Denter, Dentris m
    surname of Marcus Livius (consul 452 AUC)
  2039. dedor 3
    surrender one’s self, capitulate, give up one’s self, apply one’s self, devote one’s self, dedicate one’s self
  2040. damnum facio
    sustain a loss, take damage
  2041. deglutio 4
    swallow down, overwhelm, abolish
  2042. devoro 1
    swallow, swallow down, gulp down, devour, swallow up, ingulf, absorb, seize upon greedily, seize upon hastily, swallow eagerly, repress, suppress, check, consume, waste, destroy, bear patiently, endure, accept eagerly, enjoy
  2043. deos iuro
    swear by the gods
  2044. desudasco 3
    sweat greatly
  2045. desudesco 3
    sweat out
  2046. desudo 1
    sweat out, exude
  2047. deverro 3
    sweep away, sweep out
  2048. devorro 3
    sweep away, sweep out
  2049. denato 1
    swim down
  2050. defectus animi
  2051. Dercetis, Dercetis f
    Syrian goddess, called also Atargatis, supposed to be the same with the Greek Aphrodite
  2052. Derceto, Dercetus f
    Syrian goddess, called also Atargatis, supposed to be the same with the Greek Aphrodite
  2053. decebat
    t would have been fitting
  2054. deiero 1 (deiuro 1)
    take an oath, swear
  2055. deieror 1
    take an oath, swear
  2056. deiuro 1
    take an oath, swear
  2057. damnum facio aut certe non magnum lucrum
    take damage, at least not much gain
  2058. descendo ad extrema consilia
    take extreme measures, resort to the extreme measures
  2059. desumo 3
    take for one’s self from a multitude, pick out, choose, select, take upon one’s self, undertake
  2060. deplanto 1
    take off a twig, take off a shoot, break off, set in the ground, plant
  2061. decollo 1
    take off from the neck, deprive, rob of a thing, decollate, decapitate, behead
  2062. de cruce depono
    take off the cross, remove from cross
  2063. decarno 1
    take off the flesh
  2064. detraho tegimen capiti
    take off the helmet
  2065. delibro 1
    take off the rind, take off the bark, peel
  2066. delibo 1
    take off, take away a little from anything, take, enjoy, pluck, gather, cull, touch upon, take away, detract from, diminish
  2067. demo 3
    take off, take away, withdraw, subtract, remove
  2068. damnum praesto
    take responsibility for a damage
  2069. de reis aliquem eximo
    take someone off the docket, remove someone from the charge list
  2070. dēmtus, dēmta, dēmtum
    taken away
  2071. delibatio, delibationis f
    taking away from, diminishing, first fruit, sample, representative portion
  2072. demptio, demptionis f
    taking away
  2073. detractus, detractus m
    taking away, rejection
  2074. de scripto dico
    talk according to the concept
  2075. decantatio, decantationis f
  2076. de nare loquor
    talking through the nose
  2077. degusto 1
    taste, try, make trial of, make one’s self acquainted with, touch slightly upon, treat briefly of
  2078. degustatio, degustationis f
  2079. delegatoria, delegatoriae f
    tax collection certificate
  2080. deminutio vectigalium
    tax relief, tax reduction
  2081. delanio 1
    tear apart
  2082. discindo 3
    tear asunder, cleave asunder, cut asunder, divide, rend, tear, interrupt
  2083. destructura, destructurae f
    tear down, demolition, destruction
  2084. delacero 1
    tear in pieces, frustrate, destroy, shred, lacerate
  2085. deripio 5
    tear off, tear away, snatch away, remove violently, pull down
  2086. derupio 5
    tear off, tear away, snatch away, remove violently, pull down
  2087. dacruma, dacrumae f
    tear, gum-drop which exudes from plants
  2088. dentifrangibulus, dentifrangibula, dentifrangibulum
    teeth breaking out, teeth knocking out
  2089. dentes colliduntur
    teeth chatter
  2090. dentio, dentionis f
    teething, dentition
  2091. dentitio, dentitionis f
    teething, dentition
  2092. denarro 1
    tell, relate, recount, narrate
  2093. delubrum, delubri n
    temple, shrine, sanctuary
  2094. deceni, decenae, decena
    ten each, ten at a time, by tens
  2095. deni, denae, dena
    ten each, ten at a time, by tens
  2096. decem millesimae
    ten per thousand
  2097. decuplum, decupli n
    ten times as much
  2098. deciens (decies)
    ten times, an indefinite large number or sum
  2099. decies (deciens)
    ten times, an indefinite large number or sum
  2100. dextans, dextantis m
    ten twelfths of any thing
  2101. dextans, dextantis m
    ten twelfths of any thing, five sixths of anything
  2102. decemremis, decemreme
    ten-oared, having ten banks of oars
  2103. deceris, decere
    ten-rudder, having ten rows of oars
  2104. decacordus, decacorda, decacordum
  2105. decasyllabus, decasyllaba, decasyllabum
  2106. decemscalmus, decemscalma, decemscalmum
    ten-thowled, having ten oars
  2107. decemiugis, decemiuge
  2108. decem
  2109. deditioni immineo
    tend to surrender, tend to hand over
  2110. decemplex, decemplicis
  2111. decuplus, decupla, decuplum
  2112. decuplo 1
    tenfold, increase tenfold
  2113. deversorium tentorium
    tent accommodation
  2114. decima, decimae f (decuma, decumae f)
    tenth part, one tenth
  2115. decimo
  2116. decumo
  2117. Deiotarus, Deiotari m
    Tetrarch of Galatia, afterwards king in Armenia Minor and a part of Pontus
  2118. declinabilis, declinabile
    that can be (grammatically) inflected
  2119. delassabilis, delassabile
    that can be wearied out
  2120. dentaria, dentariae f
    that cures the toothache
  2121. degener, degeneris
    that departs from its race or kind, degenerate, not genuine, mentally or morally degenerate, ignoble, base
  2122. delicatus, delicata, delicatum
    that gives pleasure, alluring, charming, delightful, luxurious, voluptuous, soft, tender, delicate, addicted to pleasure, spoiled with indulgence, dainty, effeminate, fastidious, scrupulous
  2123. determinabilis, determinabile
    that has an end, finite
  2124. desolatorius, desolatoria, desolatorium
    that makes lonely, that makes desolate
  2125. delebilis, delebile
    that may be blotted out, that may be destroyed
  2126. defaecabilis, defaecabile
    that may be easily cleansed
  2127. defecabilis, defecabile
    that may be easily cleansed
  2128. declarat
    that testifies, that proves
  2129. demolitor, demolitoris m
    that which breaks down, demolisher, destroyer, hooligan
  2130. dehonestamentum, dehonestamenti n
    that which disfigures, that which dishonors, blemish, deformity, disgrace, dishonor
  2131. decorum, decori n
    that which is seemly, that which is suitable, seemliness, fitness, propriety, decorum
  2132. deletilis, deletile
    that wipes out, that blots out
  2133. Delminium, Delminii n
    the ancient capital of Dalmatia
  2134. decerptio, decerptionis f
    the breaking off, plucking off
  2135. diurna urbis acta
    the city journal
  2136. dent operam consules, ne quid res publica detrimenti capiat
    the consuls may take care that the state is not harmed (SCU)
  2137. Dalmatia, Dalmatiae f
    the country on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia
  2138. discrimen sublātum est
    the crisis is over
  2139. Dalmatae, Dalmatarum m
    the Dalmatians, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic
  2140. Delmatae, Delmatarum m
    the Dalmatians, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic
  2141. Danai, Danaorum m
    the Danai, the Greeks (esp the Greeks before Troy)
  2142. Dani, Danorum m
    the Danes, the people of Denmark
  2143. Danubius, Danubii m
    the Danube
  2144. Danuvius, Danuvii m
    the Danube
  2145. dativus, dativi m
    the dative
  2146. Danaides, Danaidum f
    the daughters of Danaus, the Danaides
  2147. dies iam vergit
    the day is already approaching its end, the day is already coming to an end
  2148. dies crisimus
    the day of a crisis (in disease)
  2149. dies violaris
    the day on which graves were garlanded with violets, roses, etc
  2150. defunctus, defuncti m
    the deceased, the dead
  2151. decisioni reclamatur
    the decision is being protested
  2152. decertatio, decertationis f
    the decision of a dispute, a decisive conflict or contest
  2153. decreta unanimiter combrobanda sunt
    the decisions must be taken unanimously
  2154. Delius, Delii m
    the Delian Apollo
  2155. Delia, Deliae f
    the Delian Diana
  2156. Delta n (indecl.)
    the Delta in Lower Egypt
  2157. devoti, devotorum m
    the devoted, the faithful
  2158. decemprimatus, decemprimatus m
    the dignity of the decem primi
  2159. dehiscat mihi terra
    the earth shall swallow me
  2160. decessus aestus
    the ebbing, subsidence
  2161. dautia, dautiorum n
    the entertainment furnished in Rome to foreign ambassadors or distinguished guests at the expense of the state
  2162. Delphi, Delphorum m (1)
    the famous city of the oracle of Apollo in Phocis
  2163. delta n (indecl.)
    the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, delta
  2164. delta, deltae f
    the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, delta
  2165. datus insipientis non est utilis tibi
    the gift of an imbecile is of no use to you
  2166. Dardanidae, Dardanidarum m
    the Greeks
  2167. decem primi, decem primorum m
    the heads or presidents of the ten decuriae which usually formed the senate in an Italian city or Roman colony
  2168. decemprimi, decemprimorum m
    the heads or presidents of the ten decuriae which usually formed the senate in an Italian city or Roman colony
  2169. deus optimus maximus
    the highest and best god
  2170. deus summus
    the highest god
  2171. demissus atque humilis sermo
    the humble and low everyday language
  2172. Daunus, Dauni m
    the inhabitants of Apulia Daunia
  2173. daphne, daphnes f
    the laurel-tree, bay-tree
  2174. decalvatio, decalvationis f
    the making bald
  2175. demensum, demensi n
    the measured, due food requirement, ration
  2176. decures, decurium m
    the members of the senate of the municipia and the colonies were called decuriones
  2177. decuriones, decurionum m
    the members of the senate of the municipia and the colonies were called decuriones
  2178. decies centies millesimus, decies centies millesima, decies centies millesimum
    the millionth
  2179. Demosthenes, Demosthenis m
    the most celebrated of the Grecian orators
  2180. deterrimus mortalium
    the most depraved man
  2181. decussis sexis
    the number sixteen
  2182. decussissexis, decussissexis m
    the number sixteen
  2183. decus, deci m
    the number ten, ten asses, a ten-as piece
  2184. decusis, decusis m
    the number ten, ten asses, a ten-as piece
  2185. decussis, decussis m
    the number ten, ten asses, a ten-as piece
  2186. decurionatus, decurionatus m
    the office and dignity of a decurion
  2187. delegatis parlamentariis sexto suffragio contigit, ut praesidentem eligerent
    the parliamentarians succeeded in electing a president in the sixth ballot
  2188. dēstrictarium, dēstrictarii n
    the place in the baths where the body was rubbed down
  2189. daphnoidēs, daphnoidis f
    the plant called also Clematis Aegyptia
  2190. decennovii paludes
    the Pomptine Marshes (19,000 feet in length)
  2191. decennovii palus
    the Pomptine Marshes (19,000 feet in length)
  2192. Daunias, Dauniadis f
    the province Daunia
  2193. decermina Fortunae
    the refuse of Fortune
  2194. damascena, damascenae f
    the region about Damascus
  2195. damascene, damascenaes f
    the region about Damascus
  2196. dextera, dexterorum n
    the right side, he right bank,
  2197. dasea, daseae f
    the rough-breathing
  2198. dasia, dasiae f
    the rough-breathing
  2199. depuduit me
    the shame has left me
  2200. deductum in partes audientium studium
    the shared interest of the audience
  2201. dēnuo nunc sol est
    the sun is shining again
  2202. declinatio, declinationis f
    the supposed slope of the earth towards the poles, a region of the earth or sky, a climate
  2203. deus supremus
    the supreme god
  2204. decimatio, decimationis f
    the taking of a tenth, a tithing, a selecting by lot of every tenth man for punishment, decimation, a tenth
  2205. decaproti, decaprotorum m
    the ten chief men
  2206. decimus, decimi m
    the tenth book
  2207. decimus, decimi m
    the tenth day
  2208. decima, decimae f (decuma, decumae f)
    the tenth hour, sixteen o'clock
  2209. decima unius millesimae pars
    the tenth part of a per mille
  2210. decima unius centesimae pars (0,1%)
    the tenth part of one percent
  2211. decuma, decumae f
    the tenth part, tith
  2212. decimus, decima, decimum (decumus, decuma, decumum)
    the tenth
  2213. decumus, decuma, decumum
    the tenth
  2214. dies comperendinus
    the third following day to which a trial was deferred
  2215. decima, decimae f (decuma, decumae f)
    the tithe, the tenth
  2216. decimana, decimanae f (decumana, decumanae f)
    the wife of a tithefarmer
  2217. de te cum tacent, clamant
    their silence about you speaks clearly enough, when they are silent about you, they shout
  2218. dein
    thereafter, thereupon, from there, from that place, next, afterwards, then, from this time forward, next in order, next in the order of excellence, at length, in fine
  2219. defecere a Romanis ad Hannibalem
    they fell away from the Romans to Hannibal
  2220. dextram inter se iungunt
    they shake hands with each other
  2221. densus, densa, densum
    thick, dense, close, compact, thickly set with, thickly covered with, full of, set close, frequent, continuous, strong, powerful, deep, profound, condensed, concise, coarse
  2222. densatio, densationis f
  2223. densitas, densitatis f
    thickness, density
  2224. descripta, descriptorum n
    things recorded, writings
  2225. de insidiis cogito
    think of a trap
  2226. de ea re ita censeo
    this is how I advise in this matter, , this is my recommendation about it, this is my advice about it
  2227. de ea re ita censeo
    this is what I think about it, this is my opinion about it, this is how I judge it
  2228. de hac re etiam agendum est
    this still needs to be discussed, there is still a need for negotiation, this has not yet been fully discussed
  2229. deverbero 1
    thrash soundly, cudgel soundly
  2230. detramen, detraminis n
  2231. denuntio caedem
    threaten to kill
  2232. dentaneus, dentanea, dentaneum
  2233. deicio 5
    throw down, cast down, hurl down, precipitate, drive out, dislodge an enemy from his position, drive out, turn out of possession, eject, dispossess, fell with a mortal wound, bring down dead to the ground, kill, slay, lower, let down, hang down, depress
  2234. deruo 3 (tr.)
    throw down, cast down, take away, detract
  2235. decubo 1
    throw on the earth, throw
  2236. deicio aliquem de saxo Tarpeio
    throw someone off Tarpeian Rock
  2237. deiectio, deiectionis f
    throwing down, casting down, throwing out, casting out, ejection, turning out of possession, depression
  2238. detrudo 3
    thrust away, drive away, force away, thrust down, push down, dislodge, dispossess, drive out from his possession, drive from any thing, drive to any thing, bring to any thing, reduce to any thing, keeping out of office, put off, postpone
  2239. depulso 1
    thrust away, push aside
  2240. detrusio, detrusionis f
    thrusting down
  2241. detono 1
    thunder down, thunder, thunder forth, express in thundertones, storm, cease thundering, cease raging
  2242. defatigatus, defatigata, defatigatum
    tired, slack, exhausted
  2243. defessus, defessa, defessum
    tired, wearied, weary, faint, exhausted
  2244. diluceo 2
    to be clear, be evident
  2245. de alicuius vesperi ceno
    to be dependent on someone, eat someone's bread, eat at someone's table, to be fed by someone
  2246. datarius, dataria, datarium
    to be given away
  2247. de pecunia laboro
    to be in money embarrassment, to be in money trouble, have payment difficulties
  2248. dilucet mihi
    to be ovious
  2249. dilucescit
    to dawn
  2250. deum sede sacro
    to dedicate a temple to a god
  2251. dilucescit
    to get light
  2252. damno aliquem voti (voto)
    to grant someone his wish
  2253. decem ipsos dies Athenis fui
    to have been in Athens exactly ten days
  2254. de meo sensu
    to my mind, according to my feeling, in my opinion
  2255. dilido 3
    to smash, to pieces
  2256. damnose
    to someone's detriment, to the injury of somone
  2257. dextra ac sinistra fornicem
    to the right and left of the arch
  2258. dextra viam
    to the right of the country road
  2259. dexter, dextra, dextrum (dexter, dextera, dexterum)
    to the right, on the right side, right, handy, dexterous, skilful, opportune, proper, suitable, fitting, favorable, propitious, fortunate
  2260. decharmido 1
    to un-Charmidize, destroy one’s identity as Charmides
  2261. dentifrangibulum, dentifrangibuli n
  2262. dentifrangibulus, dentifrangibuli m
    tooth-breaker, one who knocks out teeth
  2263. dentiscalpium, dentiscalpii n
  2264. dentifricium, dentifricii n
    tooth-powder, dentifrice
  2265. dens, dentis m
    tooth, point, spike, prong, tine, fluke, tooth of envy, envy, ill-will, destroying power
  2266. dentalgia, dentalgiae f
  2267. dentex, denticis m
    toothbrass, dentex
  2268. dentix, dentricis m
    toothbrass, dentex
  2269. dentrix, dentricis m
    toothbrass, dentex
  2270. dentatus, dentata, dentatum
    toothed, having teeth, dentated, spiked, pointed, polished with a tooth
  2271. dentibus carens
  2272. dentibus defectus
  2273. dentibus vacuus
  2274. dentifricium, dentifricii n
  2275. daduchus, daduchi m
    torch-bearer, priest of Ceres (Demeter) at Eleusis
  2276. dedicatissimus, dedicatissima, dedicatissimum
    totally devoted, totally consecrated
  2277. dextrorsum (dextrorsus, dextroversum)
    towards the right side, to the right
  2278. dextrorsus
    towards the right side, to the right
  2279. dextrorsus vergens
    towards the right side, to the right
  2280. dextroversum
    towards the right side, to the right
  2281. Desudaba, Desudabae f
    town in Thrace
  2282. demos, demi m
    tract of land, demos, inhabitants of a demos
  2283. delictum, delicti n
    transgression of law, fault, offence, crime, transgression, wrong
  2284. deculco 1
    tread down, trample upon
  2285. detractatus, detractatus m
  2286. deltoton, deltoti n
  2287. Denseletae, Denseletarum m
    tribe of Northern Thrace
  2288. Denthelethi, Denthelethorum m
    tribe of Northern Thrace
  2289. delectatiuncula, delectatiunculae f
    trifling pleasure, petty delight
  2290. detriumpho 1
    triumph over, conquer
  2291. debuccino 1
    trumpet forth
  2292. debucino 1
    trumpet forth
  2293. detorqueo 2
    turn aside, bend aside, turn off, turn away, distort, misrepresent
  2294. deverto 3 (intr.)
    turn aside, go aside, turn towards, go towards, turn in, put up, lodge anywhere
  2295. deverto 3 (tr.)
    turn away, turn aside
  2296. devorto 3 (tr.)
    turn away, turn aside
  2297. devio 1
    turn from the straight road, go aside, eviate
  2298. detorqueo 2
    turn in any direction, go in any direction
  2299. detorno 1
    turn off, turn, turn off with a lathe
  2300. devertor 3
    turn one’s self aside, turn one’s self to any place, betake one’s self to any place, turn in, put up at, resort to, have recourse to
  2301. devortor 3 (intr.)
    turn one’s self aside, turn one’s self to any place, betake one’s self to any place, turn in, put up at, resort to, have recourse to
  2302. deorbito 1
    turn out of the track, turn aside
  2303. de via declino ad dexteram
    turn right off the road
  2304. declinis, decline
    turning aside
  2305. deflexio, deflexionis f
    turning aside, bending aside
  2306. deflexus, deflexus m
    turning aside, bending aside
  2307. dens obliquus
    tusk, fang, hewer
  2308. dentes apri
    tusks of the boar
  2309. difax, difacis
  2310. dies bifestus
    twofold festival
  2311. dextra nuda
    unarmed right hand
  2312. dehonestus, dehonesta, dehonestum
    unbecoming, improper
  2313. defrenatus, defrenata, defrenatum
    unbridled, unrestrained
  2314. deoperio 4
    uncover, disclose
  2315. detego 3
    uncover, expose, lay bare, unroof, take off, remove, discover, disclose, reveal, betray, detect
  2316. detector, detectoris m
    uncoverer, revealer
  2317. detectio, detectionis f
    uncovering, revealing
  2318. desero 3
    undo one’s connection with another, leave, forsake, abandon, desert, give up
  2319. desidia coacta
    unemployment, jobless
  2320. de improviso
  2321. depropitius, depropitia, depropitium
    unfavorably tuned
  2322. deplico 1
    unfold, uncoil, unroll, unfurl, spread out
  2323. deglutino 1
    unglue, separate by moistening
  2324. dendritis, dendritidis f
    unknown gem
  2325. dedisco 3
    unlearn, forget
  2326. deonero 1
    unload, disburden, free from the burden
  2327. debilis, debile
    unmanageable, wanting in flexibility or activity, lame, disabled, crippled, infirm, debilitated, feeble, frail, weak
  2328. dedecor, dedecoris
    unseemly, unbecoming, shameful, vile
  2329. debilitatus atque abiectus
    unsteady and discouraged, disheartened and despondent
  2330. detendo 3
    unstretch, relax
  2331. decalantico 1
    unveil, deprive of one’s hood, plunder
  2332. decalautico 1
    unveil, deprive of one’s hood, plunder
  2333. develo 1
    unveil, uncover
  2334. deiungo 3
  2335. de statu aliquem deicio
    upset someone
  2336. dentium confricamentis utor
    use toothpaste
  2337. defruor 3
    use up, consume by enjoying
  2338. deutor 3 (+ Abl.)
    use wrongfully, abuse
  2339. dextram dextrae committo
    ut hand in hand
  2340. desperatio rerum omnium
    utter hopelessness, hopeless situation
  2341. deverticulum feriale
    vacation accommodation, vacation rental
  2342. declinatus, declinatus m
    variation, inflection (of words)
  2343. declinatio, declinationis f
    variation, inflection, declension, conjugation, comparison, derivation
  2344. demane
    very early
  2345. deridiculus, deridicula, deridiculum
    very laughable, ridiculous
  2346. demagis
    very much
  2347. decrepitus, decrepita, decrepitum
    very old, decrepit
  2348. depudico 1
    violate, dishonor
  2349. depugnatio, depugnationis f
    violent fighting, decisive fight, eager contest, defacing, showdown
  2350. desudatio, desudationis f
    violent sweating, exertion, painstaking
  2351. defletio, defletionis f
    violent weeping
  2352. devertor ad aliquem
    visit someone's house as a guest
  2353. delicatus, delicati m
    voluptuous, glutton, page, favorite slave, voluptuary, wanton
  2354. deacinatus, deacinata, deacinatum
    von den Trauben befreit
  2355. devoveo 2
    vow, devote, give up, attach, promise solemnly, mark out, destine, appoint, curse, execrate, bewitch by conjuration
  2356. deambulo 1
    walk abroad, walk much, take a walk, promenade
  2357. deliciis diffluo
    wallow in lavish pleasures
  2358. deerro 1
    wander away, stray, go astray, go the wrong way, lose one’s way, err, stray, deviate
  2359. devagor 1
    wander, stray from, deviate, digress
  2360. desipientia, desipientiae f
    want of understanding, foolishness
  2361. de aliquo agi volo
    want proceedings against someone, want a case against somebody
  2362. delicuus, delicua, delicuum
    wanting, lacking
  2363. deliquus, deliqua, deliquum (delicuus, delicua, de ...
    wanting, lacking
  2364. deus bellator
    war god
  2365. dux belli
    war leader
  2366. duellum, duelli n
    war, warfare, hostilities between two nations, battle
  2367. deprecatio, deprecationis f
    warding off by prayer, averting by prayer, deprecating, deprecation, imprecation, prayer for pardon
  2368. decalefacio 5
    warm thoroughly
  2369. deproelior 1
    warring violently
  2370. delavo 1
    wash off, wash clean
  2371. deluo 3
    wash out, wash off, cleanse
  2372. delavatio, delavationis f
    washing up, ablution
  2373. dependo operam incassum alicui rei
    waste one's effort on something
  2374. desertitudo, desertitudinis f
    wasteland, desert
  2375. desertum, deserti n
    wasteland, desert
  2376. desolator, desolatoris m
    waster, failure, loser, one who makes lonely, one who makes desolate
  2377. de caelo servo
    watch the sky (by sign), observe the sky (by sign)
  2378. delacrimatio, delacrimationis f
    watery running of the eyes, watery weeping of the eyes, cessation of weeping
  2379. definitiuncula, definitiuncule f
    weak determination, weak definition
  2380. defectus, defecta, defectum
    weak, weakened, worn out, enfeebled
  2381. divitiae mihi malo vertunt
    wealth becomes my misfortune
  2382. deliculus, delicula, deliculum
    weaned from breast milk
  2383. desuetus, desueta, desuetum
    weaned, alienated
  2384. dentibus atque comis utor emptis
    wear dentures and a wig, wear false teeth and false hair
  2385. defetiscentia, defetiscentiae f
  2386. defatigo 1 (defetigo 1)
    weary out, tire a person, fatigue, exhaust
  2387. defetigo 1
    weary out, tire a person, fatigue, exhaust
  2388. delasso 1
    weary out, tire out
  2389. detexo 3
    weave off, finish by weaving, make by weaving, weave, plait, explain, describe, complete, finish
  2390. deploro 1
    weep bitterly, moan, wail, lament, complain, weep, bleed greatly
  2391. deploro 1
    weep for bitterly, bewail, lament, deplore, regard as lost, give up, regard as hopeless, regard asincurable
  2392. defleo 2
    weep over, lament, deplore, bewail, weep much, weep violently, weep to exhaustion
  2393. deplorabundus, deplorabunda, deplorabundum
    weeping bitterly
  2394. degravo 1
    weigh down, press down, overpower, drag down, burden, incommode
  2395. delibero 1
    weigh well in one’s mind, consider maturely, deliberate respecting a thing, take counsel, consult, advise upon, consult an oracle, resolve, determine
  2396. deliberabundus, deliberabunda, deliberabundum
    weighing carefully, considering, reflecting, deliberating
  2397. delibutus, delibuta, delibutum
    wetted, smeared, anointed
  2398. debitum, debiti n
    what is owing, a debt, what is due, debt, duty, obligation
  2399. decor, decoris m
    what is seemly, what is becoming, comeliness, elegance, grace, beauty, ornament, charms
  2400. die iam vesperato
    when it had already become evening
  2401. dealbo 1
    whiten over, whitewash, parget, plaster, purify, cleanse
  2402. dealbatus, dealbata, dealbatum
    whitewashed, plastered
  2403. dealbamentum, dealbamenti n
  2404. desponsor, desponsorris m
    who betroths
  2405. dehortator, dehortatoris m
    who dissuades, who discourages
  2406. defioculus, defioculi m
    who lacks an eye, one-eyed
  2407. deificus, deifica, deificum
    who makes one a god, who deifies, consecrated, sacred
  2408. demessor, demessoris m
    who measures, who assigns
  2409. dealbator, dealbatoris m
    who whitens over, whitewasher, pargeter, plasterer
  2410. decineratus, decinerata, decineratum
    wholly turned to ashes
  2411. dentilegum te faciam
    will smash your teeth
  2412. devotus in aliquan rem
    willing to do something, ready for
  2413. delibamentum, delibamenti n
    wine poured out to the gods, libation
  2414. depennatus, depennata, depennatum
  2415. detergeo 2
    wipe off, wipe away, drive away, remove, chase away, cleanse by wiping, wipe off, wipe clean, clean out, clear, empty, take away, cleanse, purge, strip off, break off, break to pieces
  2416. de victoria alicui gratulor
    wish someone luck for victory, congratulate someone for victory
  2417. deliciatus, deliciata, deliciatum
    with a gutter
  2418. desiderabiliter
    with ardent desire
  2419. defricate
    with biting sarcasm
  2420. de tenero ungui
    with body and soul, down to the fingertips
  2421. dentata manu
    with crooked fingers
  2422. de + Abl.
    with respect to, concerning
  2423. de foro decedo
    withdraw from public life, retire from public life
  2424. de computo aufero
    withdraw from the account
  2425. de computo detraho
    withdraw from the account
  2426. denegatio, denegationis f
    withdrawal, deprivation, refusal
  2427. duabus tribusve horis
    within two or three hours
  2428. delectu omni et discrimine omisso
    without any regard for the person
  2429. depugis, depuge
    without buttocks, thin-buttocked
  2430. depygis, depyge (depugis, depuge)
    without buttocks, thin-buttocked
  2431. deplumis, deplume
    without feathers, featherless
  2432. depilis, depile
    without hair
  2433. de nihilo
    without reason, without cause
  2434. demiror 1
    wonder at, be at a loss to imagine
  2435. de verbo
    word for word, verbatim
  2436. delaboro 1
    work hard, overwork
  2437. daedalus, daedala, daedalum
    worked with artistry, artful, artistic
  2438. descriptio orbis terrarum
    world map, worldmap
  2439. divina ratio toti mundo et partibus eius inserta
    world spirit, divine spirit
  2440. detritus, detrita, detritum
    worn out, trite, hackneyed
  2441. deterius
    worse, less
  2442. deterior, deterius [deterrimus]
    worse, poorer, meaner, weaker
  2443. deterioror 1
    worsen, deteriorate, lose value
  2444. deos deasque veneror, qui hanc urbem colunt
    worship the gods and goddesses who frequent this city
  2445. deos adoro
    worship the gods
  2446. deservitio, deservitionis f
    worship, slave service
  2447. daemonicola, daemonicolae c
    worshipper of devils, heathen
  2448. damnabilis, damnabile
    worthy of condemnation, damnable
  2449. damnandus, damnanda, damnandum
    worthy of condemnation, damnable
  2450. dictīs mē circumvenio
    wrap himself up in words
  2451. delucto 1 (deluctor 1)
    wrestle, struggle
  2452. deluctor 1
    wrestle, struggle, combat
  2453. deluctatio, deluctationis f
    wrestling, struggle
  2454. de manibus alicui extorqueo aliquid
    wring something out of someone's hands
  2455. delatro 1
    yell in a whimpering tone
  2456. deum agnoscis ex operibus eius
    you know God by his work
  2457. desitus, desitus m
  2458. deum iram averrunco
  2459. decimanus, decimana, decumanum (decumanus, decumana, decumanum)
    considerable, large, immense
  2460. depletura, depleturae f
  2461. dactyliotheca, dactyliothecae f
    collection of seal-rings and jewels
  2462. dessicco 1
  2463. de civitate aliquem extermino
    drive someone out of state
  2464. dentem extraho
  2465. depastio, depastionis f
  2466. deest mihi argumentum ad scribendum
  2467. decrevi
    , ,
  2468. debeo 2
    be due, be owing
  2469. deliberatio omnis haec est
  2470. desilio 4
  2471. desiderium me tenet
    yearning fills me, desire fills me
  2472. demutilo 1
  2473. deprecio 1
    undervalue, depreciate, disregard, make light of
  2474. depretio 1
    undervalue, depreciate, disregard, make light of
  2475. deos praefari
    invoke the gods first
  2476. damno 1
  2477. deiector, deiectoris m
    one who casts down
  2478. demeaculum, demeaculi n
  2479. densus mollisque villus
  2480. desiderium expleo
    satisfy one's desire
  2481. depulsorius, depulsora, depulsorum
  2482. deiectiuncula, deiectiunculae f
  2483. decempedalis, decempedale
  2484. decimum, decimi n
  2485. deltoton, deltoti n
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