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  1. observatio aerispatii
    airspace control, airspace observation, air surveillance
  2. omnia, quae violata sunt
    all committed violations
  3. omnia, quae violata sunt
    all transgressions, everything stained with guilt
  4. oraculum arietinum
    ambiguous oracle (the figure taken from the divergent horns of a ram)
  5. oraculum anceps
    ambiguous oracle
  6. oleum cicinum
    an aperient oil expressed from the fruit of the cici, castor-oil
  7. offensas voco
    arouse aversion against oneself,, cause offence, set against oneself
  8. omnium ora in me verto
    attract the attention of all
  9. os alicui sublino
    befool, cheat, bamboozle
  10. oculi suffusi cruore
    bloodshot eyes
  11. obiex, obicis c
    bolt, bar, barrier, wall
  12. opus textorium
    braided work
  13. officio fungor
    carry out one's duty, perform one's duty
  14. officio satisfacio
    carry out one's duty, perform one's duty
  15. officium servo
    carry out one's duty, perform one's duty
  16. ostium adduco
    close the door
  17. orarium, orarii n
    cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief, face towel
  18. ordo pugnatorius
    combat division, combat unit, combat group, battle group
  19. os confusum
    consternation, embarrassment, consternation, bewilderment
  20. oculi abacti
    deep-set eyes
  21. oculis devoro
    devour with the eyes
  22. otium temporis oblecto aliqua re
    do something to pass the time
  23. Oceanus Britannicus
    English Channel, Sleeve channel
  24. obstinatus, obstinata, obstinatum
    firmly set, fixed, resolved, determined, resolute, steadfast, inflexible, stubborn, obstinate
  25. obstinate
    firmly, inflexibly, resolutely, pertinaciously, stubbornly, obstinately
  26. os alicui claudo
    gag someone
  27. orationem urgeo
    give a passionate speech
  28. officia et administrationes
    government services and official functions
  29. organum maius fidibus intentum alae formam habens
    grand piano
  30. omnes mensas tollo
    have all tables cleared away
  31. ophiusa, ophiusae f
    herb good against the bite of a viper
  32. obstaculum, obstaculi n
    hinderance, obstacle
  33. omni asseveratione
    in all seriousness
  34. opus tumultuarium
    in haste created building, building created in a hurry
  35. oculi vigilantes
    keen observing eyes
  36. omnes meas vindemiolas reservo
    keep all my small income together
  37. opes terrestres
    land forces
  38. osculum, osculi n
    little mouth, pretty mouth, sweet mouth, kiss
  39. onera umeris accipio
    load the burdens on my shoulders
  40. oeconomico-nationalis, oeconomico-nationale
    macroeconomic, macro-economic
  41. ordo militandi
    military ranking, military hierarchy
  42. oeconomia publica
    National Economy, Political Economy, Economics
  43. ornatura, ornaturae f
    ornament, trimming
  44. Ostrogothi, Ostrogothorum m
  45. otium temporis
  46. occasionem arripio
    pick an occasion-
  47. officialis cursorius
  48. obstinate taceo
    pout, play the offended, be unwillingly silent, make a pout
  49. obstinato silentio stomachum prae me fero
    pout, play the offended, be unwillingly silent, make a pout
  50. os verbero
    punch in the face, slap in the face
  51. occallatus, occallata, occallatum
    rendered callous, indurated, blunted
  52. oculos detergeo
    rubbing one's eyes, rubbing one's eyes out
  53. ostende vero
    show me!, let me see it!
  54. occulte suspiro
    sigh silently
  55. odarium, odarii n
    song, ode
  56. obsipo 1
    sprinkle at, sprinkle upon
  57. opus coronarium
  58. oneri succedo
    take on the burden
  59. olla male fervet
    the affair looks bad
  60. opus coronarium
    the making of a golden crown
  61. omnia, quae violata sunt
    the total damage dones
  62. oina
  63. organum, organi n
  64. oraculum adeo
    turn to the oracle
  65. oraculum adorior
    turn to the oracle
  66. omnia, quae ad bellum gerendum pertinent
    war supplies, war supply
  67. omnia, quae ad bellum gerendum usui sunt
    war supplies, war supply
  68. opus belli
    war work
  69. Olympia vinco
    win at the Olympic Games
  70. ovum urinum
  71. ova zephyria
    wind-eggs, addle-eggs
  72. omni asseveratione
    with all emphasis
  73. officiose atque observanter
    with courteous regard, with distinguished regard
  74. omnium gentium domitor
    world conqueror
  75. omnium hominum communis sermo
    world language, global language
  76. orbis terrarum dominus
    world ruler
  77. omnibus notus
    world-famous, world-renowned
  78. os iugale
    zygomatic bone
  79. orbis terrarum
    w, orld circuit
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