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  1. numquam non
  2. nomen transcripticium
    assignment of debts
  3. nove vestitus sum
    be dressed according to the fashion, be dressed fashionably
  4. nosocomialis, nosocomiale
    belonging to the hospital
  5. negotium alicui exhibeo
    bully someone, harass, victimize, persecute, hassle, mess around
  6. negotium alicui facesso
    bully someone, harass, victimize, persecute, hassle, mess around
  7. numquam
    by no means
  8. nequeo risui admoderarier
    cannot moderate my laughter
  9. nullius veneris
    charmless, without stimulus, without any appeal
  10. nuntiis bonis aliquem afficio
    cheer someone up with good news, bring good news to someone
  11. noegeum, noegei n
    cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief
  12. nomen collectivum
    collective noun
  13. nodus scirpiculus
    commonplace, truism
  14. nox votiva
    consecrated night
  15. nolite cunctari
    doesn't make a lot of fuss
  16. nihil admiror
    don't let anything upset me
  17. nil admiror
    don't let anything upset me
  18. navem applico
    drive, direct, steer, bring a ship anywhere, land, bring to land
  19. nummorum mercatus
    Financial Centre
  20. nummorum mercatus
    Financial Market
  21. non abludo ab aliquo (ab aliqua re)
    fit well with someone, fit well with something
  22. navis praetoria
  23. navis praetoria vexillo insignis
  24. navis vexillifera
  25. nfluenzalis, nfluenzale
    flu, grippal
  26. nummum externorum mercatus
    foreign exchange market
  27. nimio libertatis amore incensus
    freedom hawk, freedom enthusiast
  28. nivosus, nivosa, nivosum
    full of snow, snowy
  29. noctu venatum eo
    go hunting at night
  30. nec quid nec quare
    God knows how and why
  31. nihil impedio, quominus faciat
    he may do it for my sake, he may do it for me, he may do it anyway
  32. neglegenter
    heedlessly, carelessly, negligently
  33. non teneo te pluribus
    I don't want to slow you down with long speeches, I want to keep it short
  34. non demutabo
    I won't change my mind, I won't change my purpose
  35. novam legem perferendam curo
    introduce a new law
  36. nimis violentum est
    it doesn't make sense, there is no point
  37. nimis violentum est
    it is going too far
  38. nihil adiuvat
    it is useless, it runs nowhere, it fizzles out ineffectively, it leads to nothing, it is a wasted effort of love, it is not worth it
  39. nullum operae pretium est
    it's not worth the effort
  40. nunc demum
    just now
  41. ne quid titubetur
    lest anything goes wrong
  42. nota margini adscripta
    marginal gloss
  43. non est ingenii cymba gravanda tui
    meddle not with themes above your powers
  44. nummi, nummorum m (nummi, nummum m)
    monetary capital
  45. nummorum mercatus
    money market
  46. napy, napyos n
  47. naturalis dies
    natural day
  48. natura atque vis animi
    nature and essence of the soul
  49. nervus umbilicaris
    navel-string, umbilical cord
  50. naves bellicae
    navy, battle fleet, war fleet
  51. nec citra nec ultra
    neither on that side nor on this, neither backwards nor forwards
  52. nidus adulteratus
    nest tainted (by cuckoo eggs)
  53. numquam ante hoc tempus
    never before, never before this time
  54. nova infectio
    new infection
  55. nuper (Sup. nuperrime)
    newly, lately, recently, not long ago, recently, in modern times, formerly, once
  56. nihilo setius
    no less, just as
  57. numquam hodie effugies
    no way by no means you will escape today
  58. numquam adhuc
    noch nie
  59. nomades, nomadum m
  60. nomas, nomadis m
  61. nomadica vita
    nomadic life, nomadic lifestyle, gypsy life
  62. nomadicam vitam ago
    nomadic life, nomadic lifestyle, gypsy life
  63. nomadum vita
    nomadic life, nomadic lifestyle, gypsy life
  64. neque adhuc
    not as yet, not to this time
  65. ne verbum quidem de aliquo facio
    not even mentioning someone with a word
  66. non modo ... verum etiam ...
    not only - but also
  67. non solum ... verum etiam ...
    not only - but also
  68. non tantum ... verum etiam ...
    not only - but also
  69. non tantummodo ... verum etiam ...
    not only - but also
  70. ne verbum quidem de aliquo facio
    not say a word about somebody
  71. nullum operae pretium est
    not worth it
  72. nihil adhuc
    nothing as yet, not at all as yet
  73. nunc demum agon est
    now we must act, now is the time for action
  74. nunc demum
    now, now at length, at last
  75. non usquam
  76. nostra sponte
    of free will, of one’s own accord, of one’s self, freely, willingly, voluntarily, spontaneously
  77. nostri veteres
    our old writers, our ancient writers
  78. nimium pretium alicui rei statuo
    overrate, over estimate, overcharge
  79. nimis admiror
    overrate, overestimate
  80. nimis tribuo
    overrate, overestimate
  81. nux Americana
  82. nablium verro
    play the harp, stir the harp
  83. narro asello fabellam surdo
    preaching to deaf ears, talk to the wind
  84. nares corrugo
    produce loathing, cause disgust
  85. nubes aquosae
  86. novissima acies
    rearmost line of battle
  87. novissime
    recently, lately, a short time ago, lastly, last of all, finally
  88. necrophagus, necrophagi m
  89. notam alicui rei appono
    set a sign to something
  90. non astrictus
    slouchy, not tight fitting
  91. nyctea nivea
    snow owl
  92. nivales undae
    snow water, snowwater
  93. nix cadens
  94. nives plumeae
  95. nivi similis
  96. nivis dissolutio
    snowmelt, melting snow
  97. non numquam
  98. nonnumquam (non numquam)
  99. nomen in toto orbe spargo
    spread my name all over the world
  100. nummorum mercatus
    Stock exchange, Stock market
  101. nomen do
    take military service
  102. non astrictus
    tasteless, sloppy
  103. ne tibi desis
    that you be not wanting to yourself, neglect not your own advantage
  104. nox vergit ad lucem
    the night approaches the morning
  105. numerus ternarius
    the number three
  106. non est cantandum
    there is no occasion for singing, there is no occasion for imagination, fiction
  107. non arbitrario
    there’s no mistake about it
  108. nihil moror eos salvos esse
    they may get away with their lives because of me
  109. negotium abietarium
    timber business, timber trade
  110. negotium carbonarium
    traffic in charcoal
  111. non accinctus
  112. nova re ictus
    violently touched by the unexpected
  113. Nemea vinco
    win at the Nemean Games
  114. nullo attactu
    without touch
  115. nocens, nocentis m
    wrongdoer, , hat commits a wicked action, bad, wicked, culpable, criminal, malefactor, delinquent
  116. non est assiliendum statim ad aliquid
    you can't just jump right in with something, you shouldn't fall into the house with the door straight away when you do something
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