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  1. homo stratioticus
  2. haustus, haustus m
    a drawing, right of drawing, drinking, swallowing, drawing in, drink, draught
  3. homo absurdus
    a man who is fit or good for nothing
  4. homo nullius stipendii
    a man without any military service
  5. homo ad perdiscendum acerrimus
    a person highly inspired by the eagerness to learn
  6. homo abstrusus
    a reserved man
  7. herba securiclata
    a weed growing among lentils, hatchet vetch
  8. hostibus propulsatis
    after repulse of the enemies
  9. hastatus, hastata, hastatum
    armed with a spear
  10. hiatus niger
    black hole
  11. homo vatius
    bow-legged man
  12. hic vigilans somniat
    build castles in the air, have waking dreams
  13. hamaxobius, hamaxobii m
    car inhabitants, car dwellers
  14. homo abscisus
    castrato, emasculated
  15. homo umbraticus
    creep, moral coward, pussyfoot, creeper, creep, sneakers, hypocrite
  16. huc aditum fero
    direct the steps here
  17. haustor, haustoris m
    drawer, water-drawer, drinker, he who fills casks with wine
  18. humus sugesta
    earth elevation
  19. hostes urgent
    enemies invade
  20. habitus, habitus m
  21. homo tenebrarius
    fellow that shuns the light, giddy fellow, obscure person
  22. hora vacua
    free period
  23. horror me perfundit
    get goose bumps, get goose pimples
  24. hamum vorat
    go to the fishing rod
  25. hara anserum
  26. hic de nostris verbis errat videlicet
    he certainly misunderstands my words
  27. heres unciarius
    heir of the twelfth part
  28. Hellespontus, Hellesponti m
    Hellespont, Dardanelles
  29. herba viperalis
    herb good against the bite of a viper
  30. haereticus, haeretici m
    heretic, apostate, deviant, apostate, deviationist, dissident, misbeliever, renegade, sectarian, follower of a sect
  31. hara suis
    hog-stye (as a term of reproach)
  32. hara, harae f
  33. Hyperboreus, Hyperborea, Hyperboreum
    hyperboreal, northern
  34. hysopum, hysopi n
  35. hoc primum te absolvo
    I'll tell you in advance
  36. hieme et vere
    in winter and in spring
  37. haud longē abesse potest
    it can't be far from here
  38. hastifer, hastiferi m
    lance girder, lance bearer
  39. hasta, hastae f
    lance, pike, javelin, spear
  40. homullus, homulli m
    little man, manikin
  41. homo agrestis
    lout, roughneck, ruffian, uncouth fellow, rake, rascal,
  42. homo rerum humanarum peritus
    man of the world
  43. homo urbanus, urbana, urbanu
    man of the world
  44. homo humanus
    man of the world, man of fine living
  45. homo omni vita et victu excultus et expolitus
    man of the world, man of fine living
  46. homo rari aditus
    man rarely accessible, an inaccessible person, a little open-minded person
  47. haud setius
    none the less, just as much
  48. haud usquam
  49. huc accedit, quod (ut)...
    on top of that, in addition to that
  50. homo de capsula
    one who is excessively neat, nice
  51. homo umbraticus
    one who is fond of the shade, effeminate person, lounger
  52. hallucinator, hallucinatoris m
    one who is wandering in mind, dreamer, silly fellow
  53. hara, harae f
    pen for animals, coop for animals
  54. herba vesicalis
    plant that cures pain in the bladder, bladder-wort
  55. hominem alicui de manu in manum trado
    put someone to someone's heart, recommend someone to somebody
  56. homo trioboli
    ragged person, shoddy human
  57. homo tumultuosus
  58. humi volvor
    roll on the ground
  59. harena, harenae f
    sand, slime, mud, sandy place, sandy desert, waste, shore of the sea, beach, coast, strand, place of combat in the amphitheatre, combat in the amphitheatre, the combatants in the arena, place of combat, scene of any contest
  60. harenatio, harenationis f
    sanding, plastering with sand, plastering, cementing
  61. hircus malorum depulsor
  62. halec, halecis n
    sediment of a costly fish-sauce, sauce prepared from small fish, fish-pickle, fish-brine
  63. hallec, hallecis n
    sediment of a costly fish-sauce, sauce prepared from small fish, fish-pickle, fish-brine
  64. horologium ad tempus hibernum apto
    set the clock to winter time
  65. hoc villi edormisco
    sleep off this little rush
  66. hac voce utor
    so I speak
  67. haud numquam
  68. Hispanicus, Hispanica, Hispanicum
  69. hypersonicus, hypersonica, hypersonicum
    supersonic, hypersonic
  70. hoc mihi exemplum ascribo
    take this as an example, apply it as an example to oneself
  71. hospitium tentorium
    tent accommodation
  72. hospitium tumultuarium
    tent accommodation, tent camp
  73. hoc hominis agrestis est
    that is boorishness
  74. hoc artius astringi ratio non potest
    the final sequence cannot be summed up more succinctly than this
  75. hic unus
    this alone, this only, this one alone
  76. hodierno et crastino die
    today and tomorrow
  77. hamaxobii, hamaxobiorum m
    travelling people
  78. hostia pro delicto
  79. huc atque illuc me verso
    twist and turn, know neither in nor out
  80. hypogaeus, hypogaea, hypogaeum
    underground, located under the earth
  81. hypogaeum, hypogaei n
    vault under ground, cellar under ground, burying-vault, sepulchre
  82. hypogeum, hypogei n
    vault under ground, cellar under ground, burying-vault, sepulchre
  83. hortus vinearius
  84. hallucinor 1
    wander in mind, talk idly, prate, dream, follow no definite train of thought, digress freely
  85. hallucinatio, hallucinationis f
    wandering of mind, dreaminess, revery
  86. hama, hamae f
    waterbucket, firebucket
  87. homo imbecillus
  88. homo imbellis
  89. homo infirmus
  90. homo minimi roboris
  91. haud cunctanter
    without much fuss
  92. homo maleficus
    wrongdoer, an evil doer, malefactor, delinquent
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