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  1. lac schiston
  2. lacus Cutilĭae
    a lake in the Sabine land
  3. legio veterana
    a legion consisting of veteran soldiers
  4. lacertos auro vincio
    adorn the arms with golden clasp
  5. locum sessui impertio
    assign a seat, allocate a place to sit
  6. lateres diatoni
    band-stones, which run through the thickness of a wall and bind it together
  7. libertatis amore ardeo
    be filled with a great love of freedom, burn with a love of freedom
  8. libertatis amore incensus sum
    be filled with a great love of freedom, burn with a love of freedom
  9. Londiniensis, Londiniense
    belonging to London
  10. Luganopolitanus, Luganopolitana, Luganopolitanum
    belonging to Luhansk
  11. lentiarius, lentiaria, lentiarium
    belonging to the lentils, from lentils
  12. litus aro
    bestow useless labor
  13. lamina aurichalca
    brass sheet, brass plate
  14. later coctilis
  15. litem alicui intendo
    bring an action against someone, bring a lawsuit against someone
  16. latus, lata, latum
    bulky, unwieldy
  17. lucro aliquid appono
    calculate for a profit, consider as a profit
  18. litterae capitaneae
  19. laturarius, laturarii m
    carrier, porter
  20. luctum alicui affero
    cause someone grief
  21. liturgus, liturgi m
    Civil servant
  22. lentitudo, lentitudinis f
  23. lacunam expleo
    compensate for the deficit
  24. lina xylina
  25. loca ascia
    countries under the equator
  26. lepus dormiens
    creep, moral coward, pussyfoot, creeper, creep, sneakers, hypocrite
  27. libertatis desiderium
    desire for freedom
  28. lumina suprema verso
    do his last look, open his eyes for the last time
  29. lautitia, lautitiae f
    elegance, splendor, magnificence
  30. lingua ventosa
    empty boast, vainglorious boast
  31. libertatis inimicus
    enemy of freedom
  32. lex omnis aut adimit aut tribuit
    every law either takes or gives
  33. lacunam expleo
    fill a gap
  34. lapis vivus
  35. linum volatile
    fluttering sail
  36. libertatis vindex
    founder of freedom
  37. liberator, liberatoris m
    founder of freedom, liberator
  38. libertatis semper amator
    freedom apostle
  39. lacuna, lacunae f
    gap, void, defect,, want, loss, deficit
  40. laetor alienis malis
    gloat, mope, feel malicious joy
  41. laudem sumo
    harvesting praise, receiving praise
  42. latebris me abstrudo
    hole up, creep away, hide
  43. lacuna, lacunae f
    hollow, cavity, opening, chasm, cleft
  44. lacerna, lacernae f
    hooded coat, hooded robe, hoodie
  45. Luganopolitae, Luganopolitarum m
    Inhabitants of Luhansk
  46. Libri Pontificales
    Instructions of the Pontifices for the performance of the sacred rites
  47. litem contestor
    introduce a lawsuit by calling witnesses, bring an action, set on foot an action
  48. lex viaria
    law for the repair of roads, law for keeping the roads in repair
  49. libellus, libelli m
    leaflet, handbill, flier, broadsheet , handout
  50. legiones adiutrices
    legions raised by the proconsul in the provinces for the purpose of strengthening the veteran army
  51. litterae victrices
    letter containing news of victory, letter with the news of the victory
  52. litterae umbraticae
    letters composed in one’s study
  53. libertatis amans
    love of freedom
  54. libertatis amor
    love of freedom
  55. Luganopolis, Luganopolis f
  56. Lemberga, Lembergae f
  57. Leopolis, Leopolis f
  58. lupus cervariolus
  59. lupus cervarius
  60. ludificor 1
    make game, mock, make game of, make sport of, turn into ridicule, delude, deceive, ridicule, thwart, frustrate
  61. lugeo 2
    mourn, lament, bewail, deplore, be in mourning, wear mourning apparel
  62. luna corniculans
    new moon
  63. luna corniculata
    new moon
  64. libellus factionalis
    party book, party register
  65. linea circumcurrens
  66. lectum commeio
    piss in bed
  67. liberi commeatus interdictio
    prohibition of free movement, ban on free movement
  68. lacertum adduco
    reach out with your arm
  69. librum usque ad umbilicum revolvo
    read the book to the end
  70. libellos castro
    remove the obscenity from the books, expurgate the books
  71. limes actuarius
    road 12 feet wide between fields
  72. lapis arenarius
  73. leniter dormio
  74. lux lampade emissa
    spotlight, headlight
  75. lignum viride
    still green wood
  76. lapidum caesor
  77. lugens, lugentis
    suffering, mourning, grieving
  78. litem denuntio
    summon for immediate trial
  79. leges cibariae
    sumptuary laws, laws restraining luxury
  80. locum capio
    take a position, take a stand
  81. luminar, luminaris n
    that which gives light, light-giver, luminary, a heavenly body, light, lamp, window-shutter, window
  82. luminare, luminaris n
    that which gives light, light-giver, luminary, a heavenly body, light, lamp, window-shutter, window
  83. lectus vitalis
    the bed upon which one is laid while alive and is laid out when dead, death-bed, funeral-couch
  84. lugentes, lugentium m
    the bereaved, the mourners, the grieving, the suffering
  85. lis contestatur
    the litigation is initiated, the lawsuit is filed
  86. lorica serta
    track armour, tracked armour, chain mail
  87. lapis vivus
    unprocessed stone, natural stone
  88. ludentis naturae varietas
    variety, variant, mutant
  89. ligna vitea
    vine wood
  90. leges circumvenio
    violate the laws by evading
  91. luto me tergoro
    wallowing in the mud, rolling in the mud
  92. lavo 1
    wash, bathe, lave, wash away
  93. lavo 3
    wash, bathe, lave, wash away
  94. lento pectore fero aliquid
    watch something cold-blooded
  95. laver, laveris f
    water parsley
  96. lampas lucem emittens
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