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  1. fēriae sementinae
  2. flavit velis aura secunda meis
    a favorable breeze breathed on my sails, I was in prosperity
  3. fabula crepidata
    a kind of Græco-Roman tragedy
  4. fistula vicenaria
    a tube of twenty, a twenty inch tube
  5. funibus depono
  6. fortiter ago
    act vigorously
  7. fructus adventicius
    additional profit, side profit
  8. fatuus, fatui m
    another name for the prophesying Faunus
  9. freta tollo
    arouse the tides
  10. facultates, facultatum f
    asset situation, asset circumstances
  11. fortunae, fortunarum f
    asset situation, asset circumstances
  12. ferocio 4
    be fierce, be unruly, be ungovernable, rage, be furious
  13. fortuna mobilis
    capriciousness of happiness, moodiness of happiness, whimsicality of happiness
  14. flammam traho
    catch fire
  15. fatalia deverto
    change the destiny of destiny, give destiny a new direction
  16. facitergium, facitergii n
    cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief
  17. flos dianthi
    clove, carnation, pink
  18. fratres arvales
    college of twelve priests, who yearly made offerings to the field-Lares for the increase of the fruits of the field
  19. fac populo audientiam
    command silence
  20. facies confusior
    consternation, embarrassment, consternation, bewilderment
  21. fines, finium m
    country border, national border
  22. fabrica comitatensis
    court intrigue
  23. fistula transversa
  24. fano 1
    dedicate, consecrate
  25. fibula dentaria
    dental brace
  26. forma derivativa
    derived form, derivation, variant
  27. fines violo
    devastate the territory
  28. fatis debitus
    devoted to death
  29. flagitium, flagitii n
    disgraceful deed
  30. fluctibus obruor
    down, be downed
  31. fortis, forte
    drastic, radical
  32. fluctibus haurior
    drown, be drowned
  33. fuga subtrahor
    escape, abscond
  34. forma uxoria
    everyday beauty, ordinary beauty
  35. facinus forte
  36. facinus forte ac memorabile
  37. facinus magnum
  38. facinus mirabile
  39. feminicidium, feminicidii n
    femicide, feminicide
  40. festivitas, festivitatis f
    festive gayety, festivity, mirth, merriment, joy
  41. fugam ac vastitatem late facio
    flee and leave devastation far and wide
  42. familia venalis
    flock of slaves
  43. floralia, floralium n
    flower garden
  44. florum cultor
    flower gardener
  45. fatuus, fatui m
    fool, simpleton, jester, buffoon, one who acts foolishly
  46. fatuus, fatua, fatuum
    foolish, silly, simple, Insipid, tasteless, Awkward, clumsy, unwieldy
  47. fatue
    foolishly, absurdly
  48. firmitas, firmitatis f
  49. frontem aequo
    form a front line, make a front line
  50. frontem adduco
  51. frontem contraho
  52. fax sepulcralis
    funeral pyre
  53. feriae denicales
    funeral solemnity for the purification of the family of the deceased
  54. frontem subduco
    furrow one's brow
  55. facialia, facialium n
  56. fortuna vitrea est; tum, cum splendet, frangitur
    happiness and glass, how soon they break
  57. foro cedo
    have to leave the stock exchange, leave business life
  58. febris defectiva
    intermittent fever
  59. fortiter et strenue ago
    intervene emphatically, take tough action
  60. fortiter ago
    intervene, interfere, interpose
  61. felle suffusi
    jaundice, jaundiced people
  62. fundamentum substruo
    lay the foundation
  63. fortunis secundis utor
    live in brilliant circumstances, I am doing very well, I am doing brilliantly, be blessed with fortunate goods
  64. fons acidae aquae
    mineral water fountain, sour well
  65. fons acidulus
    mineral water fountain, sour well
  66. forma demutata
  67. fastidibilis, fastidibile
    nasty, mean, bad, ugly, yuck, wicked, obnoxious, disgusting, ugh
  68. foedus, foedua, foeduum
    nasty, mean, bad, ugly, yuck, wicked, obnoxious, disgusting, ugh
  69. focale, focalis n
    necktie, tie, neck-cloth, cravat
  70. fomes nuclearis
    nuclear fuel
  71. fallacia alia aliam trudit
    one intrigue leads to the other
  72. fores cardine tacito verto
    open the door quietly
  73. fontes venenis violo
    poison the sources, poison the springs
  74. factionalis, factionale
    relating to a party, party-
  75. faenum chordum
    second crop of hay, after-math
  76. fabrica scutaria
    shield factory, shield manufacturing
  77. fumus abscondit caelum
    smog makes the sky invisible, smoke covers the sky
  78. fringilla nivalis
  79. fons et caput infectionis
    source and origin of the infection
  80. forum argentarium
    Stock exchange, Stock market
  81. forum nummorum
    Stock exchange, Stock market
  82. fello 1
  83. fellator, fellatoris m
  84. fellatio, fellationis f
  85. fortioribus remediis utor
    take tough action, intervene more vigorously, intervene more forcefully, take stronger measures
  86. forum boarium (bovarium)
    the cattle market at Rome
  87. forum bovarium
    the cattle market at Rome
  88. flamina boreālia
    the north winds
  89. fortunae verbera
    the strokes of fate
  90. fortunae deterrima
    the very depraved rabble
  91. filum lineum
    thread, yarn, packthread
  92. ferrum alicuius retundo
    thwart someone's murder plan
  93. farcio 4
    to stuff, cram, fill, full, to fatten
  94. fur thesaurarius
  95. fumantem nasum vivi tentare ursi
    try the muzzle of the still living bear
  96. fistula urinae
  97. felix ter et amplius
    very happy, over and over happy
  98. falx vinitoria
    vinedresser’s knife, pruning-hook
  99. fructus vineaticus
    vintage, grape harvest
  100. feles virginarius
    virgin-cat, virgin-stealer
  101. fluctifragus, fluctifraga, fluctifragum
    wave-breaking, that breaks the waves
  102. farina tritici
    wheat flour
  103. far triticeum
    wheat meal, wheat grist
  104. fortes fortuna adiuvat
    who dares wins, luck only helps the able
  105. foro cedo
    withdraw from the market, give up business, be insolvent, stop payment
  106. fine dempto
    without end
  107. facinus, facinoris n
    wrongdoer, an evil doer, malefactor, delinquent
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