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  1. gurgulio, gurgulionis m (2)
    a corn-worm, weevil, membrum virile, gurgler, gurgling person
  2. gladiolus segetalis
    a weed that grows among green corn
  3. gorgo
    actually, indeed, really, truly, surely, assuredly, by all means, certainly
  4. gradu honoris superior sum aliquo
    are higher in the hierarchy than someone
  5. gloriam in me transmoveo
    ascribe the fame to themselves, transfer the fame to themselves
  6. gubernaculis assideo
    be at the levers of power, be at the helm, be in government, be in power, exercise power, hold power
  7. generasco 3
    be generated, be produced
  8. gestatio sellaris
    carrying in a sedan, carrying on the carrying chair
  9. gena, genae f
  10. gradus comparativus
  11. gonger, gongri m
  12. gradus deiectio
  13. gaudium corrumpo
    denature the joy
  14. gravis, grave
    drastic, radical
  15. gentem excido
    exterminate a people
  16. gentem recido
    exterminate a people
  17. gestorum volumen
    file, document
  18. gobio, gobionis m
    fish of small value, gudgeon
  19. gobius, gobii m (cobius)
    fish of small value, gudgeon
  20. grippalis, grippale
    flu, grippal
  21. generalitas, generalitatis f
  22. genoma, genomatis n
    genome, genetic material
  23. gradum contollo
    go to meet
  24. grippa, grippae f
    influenza, flu-like infection
  25. gravis, grave
    insistent, urgent, emphatic
  26. galbeum, galbei n
    kind of armband, fillet
  27. gaudium de alterius damno
    malicious joy
  28. glossa margini adscripta
    marginal gloss
  29. gangaba, gangabae m
  30. gammarus, gammari m
    sea-crab, lobster
  31. gemitus edo
    sigh loudly
  32. gemo 3
    sigh over, bemoan, bewail any thing
  33. gemo 3
    sigh, groan, cry, make a mournful noise, creak, utter complaints
  34. glaebula nivis
  35. galanthus nivalis
  36. gradus testudineus
    tortoise-pace, snail’s pace
  37. gladium mihi attempero
    turn the sword against himself
  38. globus terrae
    world globe
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