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    1053 Ergebnisse
  1. uncia, unciae f
    twelfth part of a pound, an ounce
  2. umbrae ex hostibus
    , frightening images, which emanate from the enemies
  3. umbilicatus, umbilicata, umbilicatum
    , navel-shaped, umbilicate,
  4. uno haustu
    (drink) in one go
  5. usura centesima
    1% interest per month, 12% interest per year
  6. urbs vasta fuga et caedibus
    a city extinct by flight and murder
  7. uva uvam videndo varia fit
    a grape becomes colorful when it sees a grape (said about envy)
  8. uniola, uniolae f
    a plani, otherwise unknown
  9. ustilago, ustilaginis f
    a plant, called also carduus silvaticus
  10. usurpatio, usurpationis f
    a using by another party, whereby a prescription or usucaption is interrupted
  11. ulvosus, ulvosa, ulvosum
    abounding in sedge
  12. ubertas piscium
    abundance of fish
  13. ubertas utilitatis
    abundant benefit, plentiful benefit
  14. uber rivus
    abundantly flowing brook
  15. ut est captus alicuius
    according to one’s capacity or notion
  16. ut captus noster est
    according to our concept, according to our understanding
  17. ut convenerat
    according to the agreement
  18. ut erat constitutum
    according to the agreement, in accordance with the convention
  19. utcumque praesens affectio movet
    according to the current mood, as the current mood dictates
  20. ut res fert
    according to the state of affairs
  21. ut quisque est honoratior
    according to their rank
  22. usu capio
    acquire ownership of a thing by long use, acquire by prescription or usucaption
  23. usucapio 5
    acquire ownership of a thing by long use, acquire by prescription or usucaption
  24. usufacio 5
    acquire ownership of a thing by long use, acquire by prescription or usucaption
  25. usucapio, usucapionis f
    acquisition of ownership by long use or possession, usucaption
  26. usucaptio, usucaptionis f
    acquisition of ownership by long use or possession, usucaption
  27. usus capio, usus capionis f
    acquisition of ownership by long use or possession, usucaption
  28. usuram perscrībo
    add interest to the capital
  29. utrique lateri equite circumdato
    after both flanks were occupied with cavalry
  30. urbe capta
    after the fall of the city, after the capture of the city, after the conquest of the city
  31. urbe expugnata
    after the fall of the city, after the capture of the city, after the conquest of the city
  32. urbanatim
    after the manner of city people, politely, urbanely
  33. utinam abisset!
    ah, he would have gone away! (unfortunately he did not go away)
  34. utinam ne abisset!
    ah, he would not have gone away! (unfortunately he left)
  35. universaliter
    all together
  36. universi, universae, universa
    all together, all taken collectively, whole, entire, collective, general, universal
  37. universus, universa, universum
    all together, all taken collectively, whole, entire, collective, general, universal
  38. univorsus, univorsa, univorsum
    all together, all taken collectively, whole, entire, collective, general, universal
  39. universim
    all together, as a whole
  40. universatim
    all together, wholly, entirely
  41. ut creditur
    allegedly, as one believes
  42. ut credunt
    allegedly, as one believes
  43. unice
    alone, solely, singularly, especially, in an extraordinary degree
  44. utrimquesecus (utrinquesecus)
    along both sides, on both sides, on either hand
  45. utrinquesecus
    along both sides, on both sides, on either hand
  46. uno impetu hostis perruptus est
    already in the first attack the enemies were defeated
  47. unctus, uncta, unctum
    anointed, oiled, rich, luxurious, sumptuous, luxurious, voluptuous, copious
  48. unguentatus, unguentata, unguentatum
    anointed, perfumed
  49. unctor, unctoris m
  50. unctura, uncturae f
    anointing of the dead
  51. unctorium, unctorii n
    anointing-room in a bath
  52. unctus, unctus m
  53. ullus, ulla, ullum
    any, any one, any one, anybody
  54. ut praetermittam + aci.
    apart from the fact that, except that
  55. ut veri simile est
    apparently, by all appearances, in all probability, in all likelihood
  56. urbi appropinquo
    approaching the city
  57. undae adludentes
    approaching waves
  58. ut ait Cicero
    as Cicero says
  59. ut omnes sciunt
    as everyone knows, as is well known
  60. ut omnibus notum est
    as everyone knows, as is well known
  61. ut reor
    as I believe, as I think
  62. ut explorata victoria
    as if victory was a foregone conclusion, as if the victory was certain
  63. unissime quantum potest
    as intimate as possible, as uniform as possible
  64. ut in circulis mos est
    as is customary before a street audience
  65. utpote
    as is natural, naturally, as namely, namely, as being, as, seeing that, inasmuch as, since
  66. ut inter omnes constat
    as is well known, as everyone knows
  67. ut assolet
    as is wont to happen, as is customary, as usual
  68. ut est captus Germanorum
    as it is the opinion of the Germanic peoples
  69. ut decet et par est
    as it should and should be
  70. ut fere fit
    as it tends to happen
  71. ut fieri solet
    as it tends to happen
  72. ut fit
    as it tends to happen
  73. ut solet
    as it tends to happen, usually
  74. ut postea satis claruit
    as later became sufficiently clear
  75. ut supra dictum est
    as said above, as said before
  76. ut supra diximus
    as said above, as said before
  77. ubi diluxit
    as soon as it had become day, as soon as it was daylight
  78. ubi illuxit
    as soon as it had become day, as soon as it was daylight
  79. ubi luxit
    as soon as it had become day, as soon as it was daylight
  80. ubi dies advenit
    as soon as the agreed day had come
  81. ubi dies coepit
    as soon as the day broke, as soon as the day dawned
  82. ubi primum
    as soon as
  83. ubi semel
    as soon as
  84. ut infra dictum est
    as stated below, as stated later, as said below
  85. ut nunc est
    as the circumstances are now, for the time being
  86. ut est in proverbio
    as the saying goes, as the proverb says
  87. ut perhibent
    as they say, how they say
  88. uti supra ostendimus
    as we have explained further ahead, as we have explained above
  89. ut infra diximus
    as we have said below, as we have said later
  90. ut procedente libro patebit
    as will be shown in the course of the book
  91. ut audimus
    as you hear it called, as you hear it said
  92. ut scis
    as you know, as you well know
  93. utpote cum (+ Konj.)
    as you might exspect since
  94. ut sementem feceris, ita metes
    as you sow, so you will reap
  95. usiacus procurator
    asset manager
  96. unitio, unitionis f
  97. uno aspectu
    at a glance
  98. ubique
    at all places, everywhere
  99. uspiam
    at any place, anywhere, somewhere
  100. ubivis
    at any place, at any location, everywhere, all around
  101. umquam
    at any time, ever
  102. unquam
    at any time, ever
  103. ubique locorum
    at every corner and end, at all places and ends
  104. ut mihi quidem videtur
    at least in my opinion
  105. unose
    at once, at the same time, together
  106. uno in conspectu
    at one glance, at one look
  107. ultimo mense
    at the end of the month
  108. utrobi
    at which of two places, on which of the two sides
  109. utrubi
    at which of two places, on which of the two sides
  110. ut lubet
    at will
  111. ut libet (ut lubet)
    at will, as you like it
  112. urbs ballistarum tormentis petitur
    attack the city with artillery fire
  113. urbs ballistis tormentisque petitur
    attack the city with artillery fire
  114. urbem circumvenio
    attack the city
  115. urbem tempto
    attack the city
  116. unius dominatus
    autocracy, sole reign
  117. ulciscor aliquem
    avenge one’s self on, take vengeance on, punish, take revenge for, avenge
  118. ultor iniuriarum
    avenger of injustice
  119. ultricia tēla
    avenging bullets, bullets of revenge
  120. ultrix, ultricis
    avenging, vengeful
  121. ultro istum a me
    away with this person!, away with this guy!, away with this!, get this man away from me!
  122. uter, utris m
    bag made of an animal’s hide, bottle made of an animal’s hide, skin for wine, oil, water, avain man
  123. utris, utris m
    bag made of an animal’s hide, bottle made of an animal’s hide, skin for wine, oil, water, avain man
  124. utricularius, utricularii m
    bagpiper, master of a raft floated on bladders, used for ferriage
  125. umeris onera porto
    be a porter, be a carrier
  126. ubero 1
    be fruitful, be productive, bear fruit
  127. uxorem habeo
    be married, have a wife
  128. umeo 2
    be moist, be damp, be wet
  129. usui est
    be of use, be of service, be of benefit, be useful, be serviceable, be advantageous, be profitable
  130. undique premor
    be pressed from all sides
  131. undique urgeor
    be pressed from all sides
  132. umide putrere
    be rotten because of the wetness
  133. uberiores effero fruges
    bear abundant fruit
  134. ursarius, ursarii m
    bear keeper
  135. ursus, ursi m
  136. ursina, ursinae f
    bear’s meat
  137. ulmeus fio
    become an elm, be beaten up, be soundly scourged
  138. uvesco 3
    become moist, become wet, become damp, become dank, become humid, grow moist, grow wet, grow damp, grow dank, grow humid, moisten one’s self, refresh one’s self, drink freely, tipple
  139. undis volvor
    being a game of the waves, being washed back and forth by the waves
  140. usia, usiae f
  141. utriculus, utriculi m (2)
    belly, abdomen, little womb, little matrix, bud of a flower, hull of grain, husk of grain
  142. una facio cum aliquo
    belong to someone's party, stand by someone, be at someone's side
  143. ursinus, ursina, ursinum
    belonging to a bear, bear’s
  144. universalis, universale
    belonging to all, belonging to the whole, universal, worldwide
  145. ulmeus, ulmea, ulmeum
    belonging to an elm-tree, of elm, elm-
  146. unguentarius, unguentaria, unguentarium
    belonging to ointments, belonging to unguents, ointment-
  147. urceolaris, urceolare
    belonging to pitchers, pitcher-
  148. urciolarius, urciolaria, urciolarium
    belonging to pitchers, pitcher-
  149. urbicarius, urbicaria, urbicarium
    belonging to the city
  150. urbicus, urbica, urbicum
    belonging to the city, city-, civic
  151. umbilicaris, umbilicare
    belonging to the navel, umbilical
  152. unctorius, unctoria, unctorium
    belonging to the ointment
  153. umbraticus, umbratica, umbraticum
    belonging to the shade, belonging to retirement, belonging to seclusion, belonging to leisure, retired, private, contemplative
  154. uraeus, uraea, uraeum
    belonging to the tail
  155. universitarius, universitaria, universitarium
    belonging to the university
  156. urinalis, urinale
    belonging to urine, urinary, urinative
  157. uncatio, uncationis f
    bending inwards, hooking, curving
  158. utilitas efflorescit ex aliqua re
    benefit grows out of something
  159. uncatus, uncata, uncatum
    bent inwards, hooked, curved, bent down, bowed down, hooked, barbed
  160. urbem obsidere
    besiege a city
  161. urbem obsidione cingo
    besiege a city
  162. unctito 1
    besmear often, anoint often
  163. unctulus, unctula, unctulum
    besmeared, anointed
  164. unctio, unctionis f
    besmearing, anointing, ointment, unguent
  165. umentia ultra
    beyond the swamp area, beyond the marsh area
  166. ultra Socratem
    beyond the time of Socrates
  167. ultra solitum
    beyond the usual measure, unusually far, abnormally much
  168. uls (archaist. ouls)
  169. umores fellinei
    bile juices, gall juices
  170. uredo, uredinis f
    blast of plants, blight of plants, burning itch
  171. undae ferventes
    boiling water
  172. urbem tormentis et telis aggredior
    bombard a city
  173. urbs in confinio sita
    Border town
  174. urbs limitalis
    Border town
  175. uno partu editus cum aliquo
    born at the same time with someone, born together with someone
  176. uterinus, uterina, uterinum
    born of the same mother, uterine
  177. umbo, umbonis m
    boss of a shield, shield, elbow, promontory, projecting boundary-stone, full part or swelling of a garment
  178. uterque consul
    both consuls
  179. utraque fluminis ripa
    both riverbanks
  180. utrumque tempus
    both temples
  181. utrīque, utraeque, utraque
  182. ulceratio, ulcerationis f
    breaking out into sores, ulceration, sore, ulcer
  183. universum prope genus humanum in se circumagit
    bring almost the entire humanity on his side
  184. ursus fulvus
    brown bear
  185. ustilo 1
    burn a little, scorch, singe, burn up, consume by fire, pinch, nip, blast with cold
  186. ustulo 1
    burn a little, scorch, singe, burn up, consume by fire, pinch, nip, blast with cold
  187. usti, ustorum m
    burn victims, fire victims
  188. ustilatio, ustilationis f
  189. ustulatio, ustulationis f
  190. uro 3
    burn, burn up, destroy by fire, consume, scorch, parch, dry up, sting acutely, pain acutely, rub sore, gall, fret, chafe, corrode, pinch with cold, nip, blast, wither, inflame, consume with passion, vex, annoy, disturb, harass, annoy, oppress
  191. uror 3
    burn, glow, be heated, be inflamed, be enamored
  192. ultrix flamma
    burning revenge
  193. ustrina, ustrinae f
    burning, burn, place for burning corpses
  194. ustrinum, ustrini n
    burning, burn, place for burning corpses
  195. ustio, ustionis f
    burning, searing, cauterizing,
  196. usta, ustae f
    burnt ochre
  197. unum illud extimescebam, ne quid turpiter facerem
    but I was afraid that I would do something shameful, only that I was afraid to do something shameful
  198. urbs metropolitana
    capital, capital city
  199. uno in saltu duos apros capio
    catch two boars in one forest
  200. uros foveis capio
    Catching aurochses in pitfalls
  201. urica, uricae f
    caterpillar, canker-worm
  202. uruca, urucae f
    caterpillar, cankerworm, sort of cole-wort
  203. urbs media
    center of the city, city center
  204. uno vinculo copulo
    chain together, concatenate, link together, interconnect
  205. ungues demordeo
    chew on the fingernails
  206. ungues rodo
    chew the fingernails, bite the nails
  207. urceus mustarius
    cider pitcher
  208. urbes motu terrae collapsae
    cities collapsed by an earthquake
  209. urbes cognatae populique propinqui
    Cities of the same tribe and fraternal peoples
  210. urbibus notus et populis
    city and world-famous, city and world-renowned
  211. urbicremus, urbicrema, urbicremum
    city burning
  212. urbanus, urbani m
    city dweller, townsman
  213. urbs in altum proiecta
    City jutting out into the sea
  214. urbs oblonga forma
    city of elongated plant
  215. urbicapus, urbicapi m
    city taker, taker of cities
  216. usurpatio civitatis
    claiming the civil right
  217. univocatio, univocationis f
    clarity, unambiguity, synonymity, univocality
  218. uvifer, uvifera, uviferum
    clusterbearing, bearing grapes, producing grapes
  219. universitas litterarum
    college, higher education, university
  220. ultĭmo 1
    come to an end, be at the last
  221. undecimviri, undecimvirorum m
    committee of eleven, board of eleven
  222. usu receptus
    commonly used, conventionally
  223. uxorius amnis
    conjugal river
  224. urbem expugnare
    conquer a city
  225. urnalis, urnale
    containing an urn, holding half an amphora
  226. undenarius, undenaria, undenarium
    containing eleven
  227. umifer, umifera, umiferum
    containing moisture, moist
  228. umectatio oris nauseabilis
    convergence of the saliva in the mouth
  229. ustor, ustoris m
  230. urbem praesidio saepio
    cover the city with a garrison, protect the city with a garrison
  231. umerale, umeralis n
    covering for the shoulders, (military) cape
  232. urbum, urbi n
    curved part of a plough, the plough-tail
  233. urvum, urvi n
    curved part of a plough, the plough-tail
  234. unio a portoriis
    Customs Union
  235. unio teloniaria
    Customs Union
  236. urbem omni commeatu privo
    cut off all supply to the city
  237. ulcus ferro rescindo
    cut open a lump with a knife
  238. ungues reseco
    cut the nails (back)
  239. ungues pono
    cut the nails, trimm the nails
  240. umbrosae cavernae
    dark caves, sinister caves
  241. undae caecae
    dark sea, dark ocean,
  242. unguentarius, unguentarii m
    dealer in unguents
  243. usu coniunctus sum cum aliquo
    dealing with someone, interacting with someone
  244. ultima dimicatio
    decision battle, decisive fight
  245. urbem monumentis adorno
    decorate the city with buildings
  246. urbem a solo everto
    destroy the city completely
  247. urbs ad solum diruta est
    destroy the city to the ground
  248. ultimato
    directly, without any other intervention
  249. urbem rumoribus pulso
    disquiet the city with rumors
  250. urinator, urinatoris m
  251. undulatus, undulaa, undulaum
    diversified as with waves (like watered stuffs), undulated
  252. uxori claves adimo
    divorce his wife
  253. uxorem suas res sibi habere iubeo
    divorce his wife, divorce from his wife
  254. uno opere eandem incudem diem noctemque tundo
    do one and the same thing all the time
  255. utrum mavis rubrum an candidum ?
    do you prefer red or white wine?
  256. utrum mavis de ala  an de poplitibus capi?
    do you prefer the wing or the club of the cock?
  257. utrum de vitulinis an de ovillis carnibus mavis?
    do you prefer veal or lamb?
  258. ultimum iudicium
    doomsday, last judgment
  259. usus agonisticus medicamenti stupefactivi
  260. urbs interior
    downtown, city center
  261. undique auxilia contraho
    draw together armed forces from everywhere
  262. uva pensilis
    dried grape (for preservation)
  263. uvam bibo
    drink grape juice
  264. uno impetu poto
    drink it empty in one go
  265. uvam bibo
    drinking wine
  266. unguentis adfluens
    dripping of ointment oil
  267. una hora
    during one hour, in one hour
  268. uterque, utraque, utrumque
    each of them, either of them
  269. uterque ... alterum ...
    each other, mutually
  270. uterque ... utrumque ...
    each other, mutually
  271. urceola auriculae
    ear cavity
  272. Unio Rerum Publicarum Sovieticarum Socialisticarum
    Eastern Bloc
  273. unio oeconomica
    Economic Union, Economic Association
  274. undenonaginta
  275. utrocunque modo
    either way
  276. ulna, ulnae f
    elbow, arm, ell, fathom
  277. undeni, undenae, undena
    eleven each, eleven
  278. undecies (undeciens)
    eleven times
  279. undecim
  280. ulmitriba, ulmitribae m
    elm-rubber, one that wears out elms, one that is often beaten with elm-rods
  281. ulmus, ulmi f
    elm, elm-tree
  282. usu
  283. urbem vallo circummunio
    enclose the city with a wall
  284. urbem flammis circumdo
    enclose the city with fires
  285. ultimo mense Iunio
    end of June, at the end of the month of June
  286. ultimum vitae
    end of life, life end
  287. ultimum orationis
    end of the speech
  288. ultima platea
    end of the street
  289. ultima patior
    endure the worst
  290. urbem ingredior
    enter the city, enter the town
  291. urbem inire
    enter the city, enter the town
  292. urbem intro
    enter the city, enter the town
  293. urbem alicui defendendam trado
    entrust someone with the defense of the city
  294. undique expleta et perfecta forma
    epitome of perfection, ideal
  295. unio Eurasiatica
    Eurasian Union
  296. ut quisque fortuna utitur, ita praecellet
    everyone is the smith of his own fortune
  297. undique circa
    everything around
  298. ultra modum
    exaggeratedly, excessively
  299. usu hominum aliquem prohibeo
    exclude from intercourse with others
  300. urethra, urethrae f
    excretory canal of the urine, urethra
  301. urgeo 2
    exert in excess, press upon, crowd, hem in, confine, ply, urge with argument, follow up, keep to, stick to, ply hard, push forward, urge on, force into, plunge into
  302. ultrotributa, ultrotributorum n
    expenditures made by the State for public works
  303. usus belli
    experience of war
  304. ubera exsero
    expose the breasts, bare the breasts
  305. urbs vacua
    extinct city, uninhabited city
  306. urbs vasta a civibus
    extinct city, uninhabited city, a city deserted by citizens
  307. ultime
    extremely, to the last degree, to the extreme, on the outermost
  308. ulterior, ulterius
    farther, on the farther side, that is beyond
  309. Uranos, Urani m
    father of Saturn
  310. unguen, unguinis n
    fatty substance, fat, ointment, unguent
  311. ultionem timeo
    fear the revenge
  312. umbram meam metuo
    fearing even its shadow, being afraid without reason, fear without cause
  313. umbras timeo
    fearing even its shadow, being afraid without reason, fear without cause
  314. ustricula, ustriculae f
    female hair-curler
  315. unguentaria, unguentariae f
    female perfumer, art of making unguents, art of making perfumes
  316. undae mulierum verbales
    female verbal effusion
  317. undesexaginta
  318. urendo populandoque bellum gero
    fight the war with fires
  319. umbraliter
    figuratively, metaphorically
  320. urbani assidui cives
    fine urban and meddlesome citizens, fine urban and pushy citizens
  321. unguiculus, unguiculi m
  322. unguis, unguis m
    finger-nail, toe-nail, claw, talon, hoof, nail-like spot of plants, kind of shell-fish, hook, white skin on the eye
  323. ungulus, unguli m
    finger-ring, ring
  324. ustiones, ustionum f
    fire damages
  325. ubertas fluminum
    fish wealth of the rivers
  326. umbra, umbrae f
    fish, called also sciaena, grayling, umber
  327. urbem praeterfluere
    flow past the city
  328. undique collecti coeunt
    flow together closed from all sides
  329. undique concurro
    flow together from everywhere
  330. undifluus, undiflua, undifluum
    flowing with waves
  331. ultimo
    for the last time
  332. ultimum
    for the last time, only once again
  333. ultima vice
    for the last time, the last time
  334. urbem ad deditionem perpello
    force the city to surrender
  335. usuras alicui remitto
    forgive someone the interests
  336. undequinquaginta
  337. urbem auspicato condo
    found the city after perform auspices
  338. universum quadriduum
    four full days
  339. ultroneitas, ultroneitatis f
    freewill, voluntariness
  340. usus benevolentiaque
    friendly contact (with someone)
  341. undique
    from all parts, from all sides, from all places, from every quarter, on all sides, on every part, everywhere, utterly, entirely, completely, in all respects
  342. undecunde
    from all sides, on all sides
  343. utrimque (utrinque)
    from both sides, from both parts, on both sides, on both parts, on the one side and on the other
  344. utrinque
    from both sides, from both parts, on both sides, on both parts, on the one side and on the other
  345. utrinde
    from both sides, on both sides
  346. usque ab unguiculo ad capillum summum
    from the head to the toe
  347. unitas ex duobus fio
    from two to become one
  348. unde domo?
    from what country?
  349. unde gentium
    from where in the world
  350. unde in omnes partes circumspectus est
    from where you can look out in all directions
  351. unde unde
    from wherever, whencesoever, from whatever quarter
  352. undeunde
    from wherever, whencesoever, from whatever quarter
  353. undecumque (undecunque)
    from wherever, whencesoever, from what place soever
  354. unde natalium
    from which family environment?
  355. unde
    from which place, whence, from whom, from which, on whose side
  356. uba, ubae f
    fruit of the vine, grape
  357. unguinosus, unguinosa, unguinosum
    full of fat, full of oil, fat, oily, unctuous
  358. uliginosus, uliginosa, uliginosum
    full of moisture, wet, moist, damp, marshy
  359. umbrosus, umbrosa, umbrosum
    full of shade, shady, umbrageous
  360. ulcerosus, ulcerosa, ulcerosum
    full of sores, ulcerous, knobby, full of knots, wounded
  361. undosus, undosa, undosum
    full of waves, full of surges, surgy, billowy
  362. unduosus, unduosa, unduosum
    full of waves, full of surges, surgy, billowy
  363. urinus, urina, urinum
    full of wind, windy
  364. ubertas verborum
    fullness of words, verbosity
  365. ultra quam satis est
    further than necessary, more than enough
  366. usum consequor ex alqa re
    gaining experience from something
  367. urbanicianus, urbaniciana, urbanicianum
    garrisoned in the city
  368. unda radiodiffusionis Germanica
    German Broadcasting
  369. uxorem assumo
    get a wife
  370. uxorem sponso
    get engaged to a woman
  371. ultimum spiritum reddo
    give up his mind
  372. ultra excurro
    go beyond, extend beyond
  373. utinam ita velint superi!
    God grant it!, God give it!, May God give it!
  374. uva cibaria
    grape suitable only for eating
  375. unctae manus
    greasy hands
  376. Ultima Thule
  377. umesco 3
    grow moist, grow wet
  378. uva semiacerba
    half ripe grape
  379. urbs semiruta
    half-destroyed city
  380. uno conspectu aliquid video
    have a general overview of something
  381. utero laboro
    have birth pains
  382. usu praeditus sum
    have experience
  383. unde audierim, oblitus sum
    have forgotten who I heard it from
  384. usu aliquid cognitum habeo
    have practical knowledge, have practical skills, have practical skills
  385. usu bellorum gerendorum exercitatus sum
    have war experience
  386. unicaulis, unicaule
    having a single stalk
  387. unicalamus, unicalama, unicalamum
    having a single stem, having a single straw
  388. ungulatus, ungulata, ungulatum
    having claws, having hoofs
  389. unguifer, unguifera, unguiferum
    having nails
  390. unicorporeus, unicorporea, unicorporeum
    having one body, single-bodied
  391. uniiugus, uniiuga, uniiugum
    having one yoke, fastened to a single yoke, fastened to a single cross-beam, that has been married only once
  392. unimanus, unimana, unimanum
    having only one hand, one-handed
  393. unipetius, unipetia, unipetium
    having only one stalk
  394. unistirpis, unistirpe
    having only one stem, having only one trunk
  395. unarius, unaria, unarium
    having only one variation
  396. ultimus suorum mortuus est
    he died as the last of his family, as the last of his family died, with him his family died out
  397. unam et sexaginta centesimas suffragiorum accepit
    he received 61 % of the votes
  398. utroque tuum laudabit pollice ludum
    he will keep both fingers crossed for your poetry
  399. usurae graviores
    high interests
  400. ultro ac citro
    hither and thither, this way and that, here and there, to and fro, from both sides, backwards and forwards, reciprocally
  401. ultro citro
    hither and thither, this way and that, here and there, to and fro, from both sides, backwards and forwards, reciprocally
  402. ultro citroque
    hither and thither, this way and that, here and there, to and fro, from both sides, backwards and forwards, reciprocally
  403. ultro et citro
    hither and thither, this way and that, here and there, to and fro, from both sides, backwards and forwards, reciprocally
  404. unguium tenacitas
    holding claws, clinging claws, claws that hold on
  405. urbs, in qua quis natus (genitus) est
    home town, birthplace
  406. urbs natalis
    home town, birthplace, city of birth
  407. urbs patria
  408. ungula, ungulae f
    hoof, claw, talon, horse
  409. uncus, unci m
    hook, barb, anchor
  410. uncus, unca, uncum
    hooked, bent in, crooked, curved, barbed
  411. upupa, upupa f
    hoopoe, kind of mattock
  412. utinam ne abierit!
    hopefully he did not leave!
  413. utinam abierit!
    hopefully he has left!
  414. utinam abeat!
    hopefully he will leave!
  415. utinam ne abeat!
    hopefully he will not leave!
  416. urbis tumultus
    horror that the houses of the city could collapse
  417. ut vales?
    how are you?
  418. ut Homerus ait
    how Homer sings
  419. ut affirmatur
    how to insure, how to be insured
  420. ut
    how, in what way, in what manner
  421. ut valetur?
    how's it going?, how does one feel?
  422. utcumque libebit
    however you like it
  423. ululo 1
    howl, yell, shriek, utter a mournful cry, ring, resound, re-echo, howl forth, utter with howlings, cry out, wail over, howl over, fill (a place) with howling, fill (a place) with yells, fill (a place) shrieks
  424. ululatus, ululatus m
    howling, wailing, shrieking, wild yells, wild cries and shouts
  425. ululamen, ululaminis n
    howling, wailing, howl
  426. ululatio, ululationis f
    howling, wailing, lamentation
  427. ululabilis, ululabile
    howling, yelling, wailing
  428. umecta, umectorum n
    humidities, moistures
  429. unus omnia possideo
    I alone own everything
  430. una sum
    I am present
  431. uxorium me praebeo
    I am subject to my wife, I am under the slipper
  432. ut maxime cupiam, non possum
    I can't, for the life of me
  433. utcumque valeo
    I feel so so-so
  434. utinam numquam cum Caesare societatem coissem
    I would never have entered into a covenant with Caesar!
  435. ut si (+ Konj.)
    if for instance, for example, if
  436. utilitas si amicitias conglutinaret
    if interest would tie friendship ties
  437. utroqueversum
    in a twofold sense
  438. undanter
    in a waving manner, like waves, in a throng
  439. undatim
    in a waving manner, like waves, in a throng
  440. undatus, undata, undatum
    in a wavy form, in a wave-like form
  441. uno verbo
    in a word, in one word, in short
  442. usurpative
    in an unusual manner, improperly, wrongly
  443. utique
    in any case, at any rate, certainly, surely, assuredly, by all means, particularly, especially, at least, without fail, undoubtedly
  444. ullatenus
    in any respect whatever
  445. utilis, utile
    in cases for which there was no express legal provision
  446. unum comminus ense ferit
    in close combat with the sword
  447. undique gentium
    in every part of the world
  448. ultime affectus
    in extremely bad situation, in extremely bad circumstances
  449. universe
    in general, generally
  450. ut mea est opinio
    in my opinion, in my view, according to my opinion
  451. ut mea fert opinio
    in my opinion, in my view, according to my opinion
  452. ut opinor
    in my opinion, in my view, according to my opinion
  453. uniformiter
    in one and the same manner, uniformly
  454. una
    in one and the same place, at the same time, in company, together
  455. uno tenore
    in one course, in one direction, uninterruptedly, uniformly
  456. uno tractu
    in one go, all at once
  457. uno agmine
    in one go, in one move
  458. una in re anteferor alicui
    in one point to be placed above someone, in one point to be preferred to someone else
  459. uno loco
    in one respect, in one consideration, in one relationship, in one point
  460. umbratiliter
    in outline, slightly
  461. usurpata statim libertate
    in the first enjoyment of freedom
  462. usitate
    in the usual manner
  463. usitato
    in the usual manner
  464. usualiter
    in the usual manner
  465. usitatim
    in the usual way, in the usual manner
  466. undose
    in waves
  467. utcumque
    in what way soever, howsoever, however, in any way whatever, in one way or another, at whatever time, whenever
  468. utut
    in whatever manner, howsoever
  469. ubi
    in which place, in what place, where
  470. utpote qui (quae, quod) (+ Konj.)
    inasmuch as he who, inasmuch as he, because he,
  471. urbem obsidione cingō
    include a city, enclose a city
  472. urbem obsidione claudo
    include a city, enclose a city
  473. unisubsellium, unisubsellii n
    individual bench
  474. utor 3
    indulge, yield to, experience, undergo, receive, enjoy the friendship of any one, be familiar with, be intimate with, associate with, be in possession of a thing, have, hold
  475. urbs intuta
    Insecurity of the city
  476. ursar, ursaris n
    instrument for smoothing the screed floor
  477. usurae semissium
    interest at six percent
  478. usurarii, usurariorum m
    interest recipient, lender, money lender
  479. uniter
    into one, together in one, conjointly
  480. unde (hinc) efficitur, ut ...
    it follows from this that
  481. usu venit, ut ...
    it happens, it occurs, it befalls, it chances
  482. usu receptum est
    it is a traditional custom, it is an old fashioned custom
  483. usu receptum est
    it is common, it is commonly used, it is usual
  484. usitatum est
    it is something in common use
  485. usitatum est
    it is something in common use, it is common, it is usual
  486. utile est + aci
    it is useful, it is of use
  487. usurpatum est
    it is usual, it is customary
  488. urceatim pluit
    it pours like from cans, it rains very strongly
  489. usu receptum est
    it's in fashion, it is fashionable
  490. ursula cummea
    jelly baby
  491. unio 4
    join together, unite
  492. urbanus, urbani m
    joker, funny man
  493. umbo iudicialis
    judicial defense
  494. unum te rogare volo
    just one thing I want to ask you
  495. unum illud dico
    just so much I want to say
  496. urbe oppugnanda hostes coercuit
    keep the enemies in check through the siege of the city
  497. uno in saltu duos apros capio
    kill two birds with one stone, kill two flies with one stone
  498. urion, urii n
    kind of earth in mines
  499. urium, urii n
    kind of earth in mines
  500. ulpicum, ulpici n
    kind of leek
  501. urus, uri m
    kind of wild ox, ure-ox, urus
  502. usu cognitum habemus
    know from experience, know by experience
  503. usu receptus
    know from experience, know by experience
  504. utrum albus an ater sit nescio (ignoro)
    know nothing more about him, do not know him personally closer
  505. urpex, urpicis m
    large rake with iron teeth, harrow
  506. ultima, ultimorum n
    last part, final part, end
  507. ultima pars
    last part, final part, end, remotest part, farthest part
  508. ubi quis habitat, aliquem duco
    lead someone to someone's apartment
  509. urbs trunca
    leaderless city, driverless city
  510. urbem a tergo relinquo
    leave the city behind
  511. urbe oppidove egressus
    left Rome or a country town, having left Rome or a rural town
  512. umor, umoris m
    liquid, fluid, moisture
  513. ungella, ungellae f
    little claw, little talon
  514. unguella, unguellae f
    little claw, little talon
  515. unctulum, unctuli n
    little ointment
  516. urceola, urceolae f
    little pitcher, little water-pot
  517. urceolum, urceoli n
    little pitcher, little water-pot
  518. urceolus, urceoli m
    little pitcher, little water-pot
  519. urciolum, urcioli n
    little pitcher, little water-pot
  520. urciolus, urcioli m
    little pitcher, little water-pot
  521. umerulus, umeruli m
    little shoulder
  522. urnula, urnulae f
    little urn, water-urn, cinerary urn
  523. uxorcula, uxorculae f
    little wife
  524. urbanitas, urbanitatis f
    living in a city, city life, city fashion, city manners, Refinement, elegance of manner, politeness, courtesy, affability, urbanity, delicacy of speech, elegance of speech, wit, humor, pleasantry, raillery, trickery, roguery, knavery
  525. ultratus, ultrata, ultratum
    located on the other side, located further towards
  526. ultra illud prospicio
    look beyond, see further
  527. umbrarum dominus
    lord of the underworld, king of the underworld
  528. uxore excido
    lose my wife
  529. usurae leviores
    low interest
  530. urruncum, urrunci n
    lowest part of an ear of corn
  531. uno ordine habeo
    lump together, lump them all together
  532. urigo, uriginis f
    lustful heat, desire, pruriency
  533. ubero 1
    make fruitful, fertilize
  534. uberto 1
    make fruitful, fertilize
  535. umifico 1
    make moist, moisten
  536. umefacio 5
    make moist, moisten, wet
  537. uno 1
    make one, join, unite
  538. ulcero 1
    make sore, cause to ulcerate
  539. ulcera montium
    marble quarry
  540. uxoratus, uxorata, uxoratum
    married, partnered
  541. ultimas terras peragro
    migrate through the most remote countries
  542. ubera plena premo
    milk the bulging udders
  543. usus perversus
    misapplication, abuse, misuse
  544. umidum, umidi n
    moist place, wet place, damp place
  545. umens, umentis
    moist, damp, wet
  546. umidus, umida, umidum
    moist, humid, damp, dank, wet, watery, weak
  547. umorosus, umorosa, umorosum
    moist, wet
  548. uvidulus, uvidula, uvidulum
    moist, wet
  549. uvidus, uvida, uvidum
    moist, wet, damp, dank, humid, juicy
  550. uvens, uventis
    moist, wet, humid
  551. umecto 1
    moisten, wet, be moist, tearful, weep
  552. umectatio, umectationis f
    moistening, watering, moisture
  553. umide
    moistly, by reason of moisture
  554. uvor, uvoris m
    moistness, moisture, humidity
  555. umor gramen alit
    moisture soaks the grass
  556. uviditas, uviditatis f
  557. uligo, uliginis f
    moisture, marshy quality of the earth
  558. unguentarium unguentarii n
    money for buying perfumes
  559. unitas coloris
  560. unisyllabus, unisyllaba, unisyllabum
    monosyllabic, monosyllable
  561. unisonus, unisona, unisonum
    monotonous, uniform, monotone
  562. uligines paludum
  563. ut verius dicam
    more correctly, to put it more correctly
  564. uberius
    more fruitfully, more fully, more copiously, more plentifully
  565. urgentiora, urgentiorum n
    more urgent means
  566. unicum filium elugeo
    mourn his only son appropriately
  567. ungula, ungulae f (2)
    myrrh oil, ointment oil
  568. urtica, urticae f
    nettle, stinging-nettle, sea-nettle, lustful desire, pruriency
  569. undeviceni, undevicenae, undevicena
    nineteen each, nineteen
  570. undeviginti
  571. undecentum
  572. utcumque res ceciderit
    no matter how it ends (has ended), how it will go
  573. ubi uber, ibi tuber
    No roses without thorns
  574. ut plura non dicam
    not to go into more detail, not to be exhaustive
  575. ut haec omittam
    not to mention
  576. ut nihil dicam de ...
    not to speak of
  577. unio, unionis f
    number one, oneness, unity, unity, union, single large pearl, kind of single onion
  578. ultima vox
  579. umectus, umecta, umectum
    of a moist nature, moist, damp, wet
  580. uniusmodi
    of one and the same species
  581. unicolor, unicoloris
    of one color, all of one, all of the same color
  582. unicolorus, unicolora, unicolorum
    of one color, all of one, all of the same color
  583. unimodus, unimoda, unimodum
    of one fashion, of one sort, simple
  584. unanimis, unanime
    of one mind, accordant, harmonious, unanimous
  585. unanimans, unanimantis
    of one mind, of one accord
  586. unanimus, unanima, unanimum
    of one mind, of one heart, of one will, of one accord, concordant, harmonious, unanimous
  587. unianimis, unianime
    of one mind, of one heart, of one will, of one accord, concordant, harmonious, unanimous
  588. uninomius, uninomia, uninomium
    of one name, bearing the same name
  589. utinam abiret!
    oh let him go away! (unfortunately he does not go away)
  590. utinam (+ Konj.)
    oh that! I wish that!, if only!, would that!
  591. utinam ne abiret!
    oh, he would not go away! (unfortunately he is going away)
  592. unguentarium unguentarii n
    ointment jar, ointment box
  593. unguilla, unguillae f
  594. unguedo, unguedinis f
    ointment, unguent
  595. unguentum, unguenti n
    ointment, unguent, perfume
  596. utraque
    on both sides
  597. utrasque
    on both sides, both times
  598. utrobidem
    on both sides, on each or either side
  599. utrubidem
    on both sides, on each or either side
  600. ultra [ulterior, ultimus]
    on the other side, beyond, farther, over, more, besides, farther, later
  601. utralibet
    on whichever of two sides, on either side
  602. unicus, unica, unicum
    one and no more, only, sole, single, alone of its kind, singular, uncommon, unparalleled, unique, singularly bad, detestable
  603. unum atque idem
    one and the same
  604. unus et idem
    one and the same
  605. unus Cato est pro centum milibus
    one Cato weighs hundreds of thousands
  606. unus mihi restat scrupulus
    one concern remains for me, I still have one reservation
  607. unus de multis
    one from the crowd, one from many, one from the big bunch
  608. utendum est animis, dum spe calent
    one must forge the iron while it is hot
  609. undecimprimus, undecimprimi m
    one of the eleven elders of the city
  610. unus beatiorum
    one of the wealthy, one of the more wealthy
  611. unus atque alter
    one or the other, some, several, quite a few
  612. uncia, unciae f
    one twelfth of a jugerum
  613. utrarius, utrarii m
    one who brings water in skins, water-carrier
  614. utricida, utricidae m
    one who cuts skins or bags in pieces, skin-slayer, utricide
  615. usufructuarius, usufructuarii m
    one who has the use and profit but not the property of a thing, a usufructuary
  616. umbraticola, umbraticolae c
    one who is fond of the shade, effeminate person, lounger
  617. usuarius, usuarii m
    one who uses or has the use of a thing
  618. usurpator, usurpatoris m
    one who uses possession unlawfully, one who takes possession unlawfully, usurper of a thing, one who accomplishes
  619. unioculus, uniocula, unioculum
  620. unoculus, unocula, unoculum
  621. unus, una, unum
    one, a single, some, some one, alone, only, sole, single
  622. unicornis, unicorne
    onehorned, having a single horn
  623. umbra imagoque iustitiae
    only a shadow of justice
  624. unigena, unigena c
    only-begotten, only, born of one parent, born of the same family
  625. unigenitus, unigenita, unigenitum
    onlybegotten, only
  626. urnatura, urnaturae f
    ornament, trimming
  627. undo 1
    overflow, inundate, deluge
  628. udo colores illino
    paint in fresco
  629. usuram pendo
    pay interest
  630. usuram solvo
    pay interest
  631. urina respergo
    pee on, pee on, sprinkle with urine
  632. uxori lenocinium praebeo
    pimping your own wife
  633. ulmarium, ulmarii n
    plantation of elms, nursery of elms
  634. unum lusum conficio
    play only one game
  635. ubertim
    plentifully, abundantly, copiously
  636. urbo 1
    plough round, mark out with a plough
  637. urvo 1
    plough round, mark out with a plough
  638. urbem violo
    plunder the city
  639. urbium opes exhaurio
    plunder the rich cities
  640. urino 1
    plunge under water, dive
  641. urinor 1
    plunge under water, dive
  642. ursus albus
    polar bear
  643. ungellae, ungellarum f
    pork claws, pig's feet
  644. urbs portuensis
    port city, seaport, harbor city
  645. usus forensis
    practice of advocacy
  646. urgueo 2
    press, push, force, drive, impel, urge, press upon, bear hard upon, bear close upon, press hard, beset, bear down, burden, oppress, stimulate, drive, solicit, strain , exert in excess, press upon, crowd, hem in, confine, ply, urge with argument, follow up, keep to, stick to
  647. urgeo 2
    press, push, force, drive, impel, urge, press upon, bear hard upon, bear close upon, press hard, beset, bear down, burden, oppress, stimulate, drive, solicit, strain
  648. uvas calco
    pressing grapes
  649. urgens, urgentis
    pressing, cogent, urgent
  650. urgenter
  651. ut arbitror
    presumably, but probably, probably, but certainly
  652. usurpatorie
    presumptuously, pretentiously
  653. usticius, usticii n
    produced by burning, brown
  654. ultorem me promitto
    promise oneself as avengers
  655. ultionem exigo ab aliquo
    punish someone, take revenge on someone
  656. ultionem peto ab aliquo
    punish someone, take revenge on someone
  657. ultor, ultoris m
    punisher, avenger, revenger
  658. umerum pallio onero
    put the coat over the shoulder
  659. umeris alas assumo
    put wings to the shoulders
  660. ululatum edo
    raise a shout, raise a yell
  661. ululatum tollo
    raise a shout, raise a yell
  662. uber bellum
    rapier war, ravenous war, rich war
  663. umidulus, umidula, umidulum
    rather damp, dampish, wettish
  664. ubera praebeo
    reach the chest
  665. ubera admoveo
    reach the chest, reach the breast
  666. ubera do
    reach the chest, reach the breast
  667. usureceptio, usureceptionis f
    recovery by usucaption of property once alienated
  668. usurecipio 5
    recovery by usucaption of property once alienated
  669. uxorem propulso
    reject the wife from the door, turn away a marriage
  670. ureticus, uretica, ureticum
    relating to urine, urinary
  671. uncati syllogismi
    reluctant conclusions, recalcitrant conclusions
  672. utrisque armis vaco
    remain neutral, stay neutral
  673. umbratilis, umbratile
    remaining in the shade, remaining in retirement, remaining at home, private, retired, contemplative, in the manner of the schools
  674. urbem obsidione liberatam esse nuntio
    report the liberation of the city
  675. unde egressus sum me refero
    return to its starting point
  676. ultio violatae pudicitiae
    revenge for the desecration, revenge for the dishonour, revenge for the assault
  677. umbra rhetorica
    rhetoric school
  678. ubertas anni
    rich annual yield, high annual yield, rich blessing of the year
  679. unctum, uncti n
    rich banquet, sumptuous feast
  680. uber agrorum proventus
    rich blessing of the fields
  681. uber, uberis
    rich in something, full, fruitful, fertile, abundant, plentiful, copious, productive, rich
  682. uncta patrimonia
    rich inheritances
  683. ubertas et copia orationis
    richness and abundance of speech
  684. ubertas, ubertatis f
    richness, fulness, plenteousness, plenty, abundance, copiousness, fruitfulness, fertility, productiveness
  685. urbem circumequito
    ride around the city
  686. urbs Fluminensis
    Rio de Janeiro
  687. undo 1
    rise in waves, rise in surges, throw up waves, surge, swell, overflow with, be full of, abound in any thin, wave, undulate, waver, fluctuate, be agitated
  688. ultima audeo
    risk everything, put everything on one card, dare the extreme, dare the utmost
  689. unda irremeabilis
    river of no return, river without return
  690. unguento 1
    rub with sweet ointments, anoint, perfume
  691. undas rate sulco
    sail through the waves
  692. unius sexus coniugium
    same-sex marriage, gay marriage, registered partnership
  693. unciatim comparco
    save up by the cent, save up by the penny
  694. ura scorpiu
    scorpion’s-tail, a plant
  695. urco 1
    scream like a lynx
  696. ulucus, uluci m
  697. ulula, ululae f
  698. ulva, ulvae f
  699. urina genitalis
    seed, semen
  700. ultro morti me offero
    seek death of their own free will, kill themselves, go to death of their own free will
  701. umbrosa, umbrosorum n
    semi-darkness, twilight, dim light
  702. uxorem repudio
    separate from his wife, part with his wife
  703. utilitates alicui praebeo
    serve someone extraordinarily well
  704. urbem in libertatem eximo
    set the city in freedom
  705. urbem inflammo
    set the town on fire
  706. undenonaginta
  707. umbrifer, umbrifera, umbriferum
    shade-bringing, shade-giving, casting a shade, shady
  708. umbro 1
    shade, shadow, overshadow, overspread, cover, make a shade, cast a shade
  709. umbra, umbrae f
    shade, shadow, uninvited guest, attendant, shady place, that which gives a shadow, trace, obscure sign, obscure image, faint appearance, imperfect copy, imperfect representation, semblance, pretence, cover, protection, rest, leisure
  710. umbrella, umbrellae f
    shadow roof
  711. umbresco 3
    shadow, become shadowy, darken
  712. umbratio, umbrationis f
  713. umbrae silentes
    shadows of the underworld
  714. umbraculum, umbraculi n
    shady place, bower, arbor, school, sunshade, parasol, umbrella
  715. urnam moveo
    shake the lottery pot, shake the lot pot
  716. una domus
    shared apartment, common apartment, common home, shared home
  717. usurpatrix, usurpatricis f
    she that assumes or takes to herself without right
  718. ultrix, ultricis f
    she that avenges, avenger
  719. ursa, ursae f
    she-bear, bear
  720. upilio, upilionis m
  721. undeciremis, undeciremis f
    ship of eleven banks of oars
  722. ubi quis habitet, alicui demonstro
    show someone someone's apartment
  723. ulex, ulicis m
    shrub resembling rosemary
  724. unda Sicula
    Sicilian Sea
  725. uno tempore
    simultaneously, at the same time
  726. una sedeo
    sit together
  727. ulmanus, ulmana, ulmanum
    situated near the elms, situated near the elm grove
  728. uxores alienas permolo
    sleep the wives of other men
  729. urceolus fictilis
    small earthen pitcher
  730. uterculus, uterculi m
    small paunch, small belly
  731. utriculus, utriculi m
    small skin, small leathern bottle
  732. ulcusculum, ulcusculi n
    small sore, small ulcer
  733. undula, undulae f
    small wave
  734. unguo 3
    smear, besmear, anoint, dress with oil
  735. undae Maeandri recurvatae
    snake windings of the meander
  736. ut ita dicam
    so to speak, as it were
  737. udo, udonis m
    sock of felt or fur
  738. undecimani, undecimanorum m
    soldiers of the eleventh legion
  739. undecumani, undecumanorum m
    soldiers of the eleventh legion
  740. unetvicesimani, unetvicesimanorum m
    soldiers of the twentyfirst legion
  741. unculus, uncula, unculum
    some, any
  742. unctiusculus, unctiuscula, unctiusculum
    somewhat unctuous
  743. ulcus, ulceris n
    sore spot, delicate subject
  744. ulcus, ulceris n
    sore, ulcer, excrescence (of trees)
  745. unco 1
    sound like a bear, roar like a bear
  746. uva acerba
    sour grape, unripe grape, immature grape
  747. Unio Rerum Publicarum Sovieticarum Socialisticarum
    Soviet Union
  748. una cum legione hiemo
    spend the winter together with the legion
  749. uterque utrique insidiatur
    stalk each other, ambush each other
  750. una sto
    stand beside it
  751. urbem fame suffoco
    starve the city, starve the town
  752. univiratus, univiratus m
    state of a woman who has married but once
  753. unitas, unitatis f
    state of being one, oneness, unity, unity of sentiment, agreement, concord
  754. una mihi restat spes
    still one hope remains for me
  755. uncum bene decutio
    successfully escape the hangman, happily escape the evil, avoid the danger happily
  756. ubera duco
    sucking on the chest, suck at the breast
  757. undis vehor
    surf, riding the waves
  758. undivectatio, undivectationis f
  759. uncus, unci m
    surgical instrument
  760. urnarium, urnarii n
    table on which water-vessels were set, urn-table
  761. uraeum, uraei n
    tail-piece of tunny-fish, fishtail
  762. umbram quoque spei devor
    take away every glimmer of hope
  763. uxorem duco
    take home as wife, marry
  764. usuram ab aliquo accipio
    take interest
  765. usurpo 1
    take into use, make use of, use, employ, apply, practise, exercise, enjoy, get possession of, acquire, obtain a thing, assume unlawfully, appropriate unlawfully, usurp
  766. urbe aliquem socio
    take somebody in his city, share his city with someone
  767. ulnis attollo aliquem
    take somebody on the arm
  768. ulnis tollo aliquem
    take somebody on the arm
  769. urbem surripio
    take the city with cunning
  770. ulcisco 3
    take vengeance on, punish
  771. usurpatio, usurpationis f
    taking into use, making use, using, use of, undertaking of, enjoyment, possession, seizing unlawfully, using unlawfully, usurpation
  772. ultio, ultionis f
    taking vengeance, avenging, revenge, punishment
  773. uberius dico de aliqua re
    talk in more detail about something
  774. uberius disputo de aliqua re
    talk in more detail about something
  775. unctior cena
    tasty food, delicious food, tasty meal
  776. uxorium, uxorii n
    tax laid on old-bachelors, old-bachelor tax, , love potion,
  777. udum gaudium
    tearful pleasure
  778. uber, uberis n
    teat, pap, dug, udder, breast that gives suck, fruitful breast, mass in the shape of an udder, richness, fruitfulness, fertility
  779. univocus, univoca, univocum
    that has but one meaning, univocal
  780. unicuba, unicubae f
    that has lain with but one husband
  781. ut mihi supersit, suppetat, superstitet
    that I have plenty of it
  782. ultramundanus, ultramundana, ultramundanum
    that is beyond the world, ultra-mundane, , aboveworldly, transcend the world
  783. ulter, tra, trum [ulterior, ultimus]
    that is beyond, that is on the other side
  784. usualis, usuale
    that is for use, fit for use, usual, common, ordinary
  785. usuarius, usuaria, usuarium
    that is used, that made use of, whom one has the use of, but does not own
  786. usurpabilis, usurpabile
    that may be used
  787. utensilis, utensile
    that may be used, fit for use, of use, useful
  788. umificus, umifica, umificum
    that renders moist, moistening
  789. ussurarius, ussuraria, ussurarium
    that serves for use, that is fit for use, of which one has the use or enjoyment, belonging to interest, belonging to usury, that pays interest
  790. usurarius, usuraria, usurarium
    that serves for use, that is fit for use, of which one has the use or enjoyment, belonging to interest, belonging to usury, that pays interest
  791. usurarius, usuraria, usurarium
    that serves for use, that is fit for use, of which one has the use or enjoyment, belonging to interest, belonging to usury, that pays interest
  792. ut quisque (+ Superl.) ... ita (+ Superl.) ...
    the - the
  793. ut quisque (+ Superl.) ... sic (+ Superl.) ...
    the - the
  794. undans Aetna
    the (from the earthquake) trembling Etna
  795. ursus caveae clatros frangit
    the bear breaks the bars of the cage
  796. urbs amoeno loco sita est
    the city has a beautiful location
  797. urbs opportuno loco sita est
    the city has a favorable location
  798. urbs valido praesidio firmata est
    the city has a strong protection force
  799. urbs cecidit
    the city has fallen, the city has been conquered
  800. urbs expugnata est
    the city has fallen, the city has been conquered
  801. urbs solo tenus deiecta est
    the city is destroyed to the ground, the city is razed to the ground
  802. urbs usque ad solum diruta est
    the city is destroyed to the ground, the city is razed to the ground
  803. urbs luctu consedit
    the city is sunk in mourning
  804. urbs mari alluitur
    the city is washed by the sea
  805. urbs in dorso montis porrigitur
    the city stretches along the ridge
  806. ut quisque proxime accederet
    the closer someone gets to us
  807. urnifer, urniferi m
    the constellation Aquarius
  808. ultimi discriminis tempus
    the decisive hour, the decisive time
  809. undecimus, undecima, undecimum
    the eleventh
  810. Unio Europaea, Unionis Europaeae
    the European Union (EU)
  811. Unio Europaea his decenniīs ad iura humana provehenda multum contulit
    the European Union has done much to promote human rights in recent decades
  812. usitata, usitatorum n
    the everyday, the usual
  813. ultimum, ultimi n
    the extreme, the worst, the last, the end, lowest degree
  814. ultimus, ultima, ultimum
    the farthest, most distant, most remote, the uttermost, extreme, last, the farthest, the most distant part of any thing
  815. undesexagesimus, undesexagesima, undesexagesimum
    the fifty-ninth
  816. unda te rursus in bellum resorbet
    the flood draws you again to war
  817. undequinquagesimus, undequinquagesima, undequinquagesimum
    the forty-ninth
  818. Unxia, Unxiae f
    the goddess of anointing
  819. uva calore solis augescit
    the grape thrives in the heat of the sun
  820. undique circumfusae molestiae
    the harassment that comes from all sides
  821. uranoscopos, uranoscopi m
    the heaven-gazer, sea-fish
  822. uranoscopus, uranoscopi m
    the heaven-gazer, sea-fish
  823. umbilicus Veneris
    the herb navelwort
  824. ungula sonat
    the hoofbeat roars, the hoofbeat thunders
  825. urbs situ ad aspectum praeclara est
    the location of the city is very beautiful
  826. ut quisque (+ Superl.) ... ita (+ Superl.) ...
    the more - the more
  827. ut quisque (+ Superl.) ... sic (+ Superl.) ...
    the more - the more
  828. ultimae terrae
    the most remote countries, end of the world
  829. Urania, Uraniae f
    the Muse of astronomy, name of one of Actœon’s hounds
  830. Uranie, Uranies f
    the Muse of astronomy, name of one of Actœon’s hounds
  831. usus adest
    the need is present, the need exists
  832. usus venit
    the need requires it, the need occurs, it becomes necessary
  833. undevicesimus, undevicesima, undevicesimum
    the nineteenth
  834. undevigesimus, undevigesima, undevigesimum
    the nineteenth
  835. undecentesimus, undecentesima, undecentesimum
    the ninety-ninth
  836. unguentum crocum sapit
    the ointment oil smells of crocus
  837. una et consentiens vox est
    the opinion about it is unanimous, there is a unanimous voice
  838. ultimus caeli complexus
    the outermost perimeter of the sky
  839. ulceraria, ulcerariae f
    the plant horehound
  840. urbs frequentia crescit
    the population of the city is growing, the city is growing in population
  841. uxorius ambitus
    the scheming efforts of a woman
  842. urbs draconigena
    the snake-founded city
  843. urbs pulcherrima Syracusae
    the so beautiful city of Syracuse
  844. undevicesimani, undevicesimanorum m
    the soldiers of the nineteenth legion
  845. unedo, unedonis m
    the strawberry-tree, and also its fruit
  846. undequadragesimus, undequadragesima, undequadragesimum
    the thirty-ninth
  847. urit Venerem Iuno
    the thought of Iuno torments Venus
  848. uncia, unciae f
    the twelfth part of a foot, an inch
  849. unetvicesimus, unetvicesima, unetvicesimum
    the twentyfirst
  850. undetricesimus, undetricesima, undetricesimum
    the twentyninth
  851. undae recedunt
    the water falls, the water level sinks
  852. undae me obruunt
    the waves crash over my head
  853. universi, universorum m
    the whole body of citizens, all men together
  854. universum, universi n
    the whole world, the universe
  855. universitas, universitatis f
    the whole, the whole number of things, the whole world, the universe, number of persons associated into one body, society, company, community, guild, corporation
  856. unctrix, unctricis f
    the woman who anoints, femal anointer
  857. usus est
    there is the need, it is necessary
  858. una adsunt
    they come together
  859. utensilia, utensilium n
    things for use, utensils, materials, necessaries
  860. ultima cogito
    think the worst, imagine the worst
  861. undequadragiens
    thirty-nine times
  862. unum illud
    this one grievance
  863. urbem tempto
    threaten the city
  864. ultorem me promitto
    threatening with revenge, plotting revenge
  865. universum triduum
    three full days
  866. unite
    throughout, consistently, without exception
  867. ut omittam similitudines
    to avoid parables, to leave parables aside
  868. ut ad pauca redeam
    to be brief, to abbreviate me, to be short
  869. ut brevi complectar
    to be brief, to abbreviate me, to be short
  870. ut brevi praecidam
    to be brief, to abbreviate me, to be short
  871. ut breviter complectar
    to be brief, to abbreviate me, to be short
  872. ut breviter dicam
    to be brief, to abbreviate me, to be short
  873. ut paucis complectar
    to be brief, to keep it short
  874. ut ut brevi comprehendam
    to be brief, to keep it short, to make a long story short
  875. utroque
    to both places, to both parts, to both sides, in both directions, in either point of view, both ways
  876. utrolibet
    to either one of two sides, to either side
  877. ut planius dicam
    to express myself more clearly
  878. ut exemplo utar
    to give an example, for example
  879. ut hoc afferam
    to give the example, to cite the example
  880. ut alia omittam
    to leave aside other things, apart from other, among others
  881. unctionis causa
    to oil yourself
  882. urbis defendendae causa
    to protect the city
  883. ut paucis (rem) absolvam
    to put it briefly, to make a long story short
  884. ut ad minima veniam
    to quote very trivial things
  885. ut in eodem simili verser
    to remain in the same parable, to stay in the same parable
  886. ut in perpetuum dicam
    to say it once and for all
  887. ut semel dicam
    to say it once and for all, to put it once and for all
  888. ut emphaticoteron dicam
    to speak with greater force, to emphasise it more
  889. ut in pauca conferam
    to sum it up in a few words
  890. ut eorum, quae dixi, summam faciam
    to sum up my words, to summarize my words
  891. ut Ciceronis verbis utar
    to talk with Cicero, to speak with Cicero
  892. ultro
    to the farther side, beyond, on the other side, afar, away, off, superfluously, gratuitously, wantonly, on his part, on their part, of himself, of themselves, of one’s own accord, without being asked, spontaneously, voluntarily, of his own motion
  893. ut hoc utar
    to use the example
  894. ut levissime dicam
    to use the mildest expression
  895. ut gravissimo vebo utar
    to use the strongest expression
  896. utro
    to which of two places, to which side, to which part
  897. uno vulnere aliquem in mortem afficio
    to wound someone to death with one blow, to give someone the death blow
  898. una mecum simul
    together with me
  899. uberibus exsertis
    topless, bare, breasted, bare, chested
  900. universalitas, universalitatis f
    totality, universality
  901. ulcus tango (attingo)
    touch a sore spot, touch on a delicate subject
  902. uncia, unciae f
    trifle, bit, atom
  903. urbem tuendam alicui committo
    trust the protection of the city to sh
  904. urbem tempto
    try to conquer the city
  905. uncia, unciae f
    twelfth part of any thing, a twelfth
  906. untia, untiae f
    twelfth part of any thing, a twelfth
  907. undetricies
    twenty nine times
  908. undetriceni, undetricenae, undetricena
    twenty-nine each, twentynine
  909. undetriginta
  910. universum biduum
    two full days
  911. ultimate
    ultimate, without further action, immediate
  912. umbilicus, umbilici m
    umbilical cord, middle, centre, projecting end of the cylinder on which an ancient book was rolled, projection in the middle of plants, small circle, index on a sundial, kind of sea-snail, sea-cockle
  913. unum sensum habens
  914. unanimitas, unanimitatis f
    unanimity, concord
  915. una voce
  916. uno consensu
  917. unanimiter
    unanimously, cordially
  918. uno ore
    unanimously, with one voice, with one vote, all together
  919. ultimum in libertate
    unbridled freedom, most unrestrained freedom
  920. ungues incompti
    uncut nails, untrimmed nails
  921. uno nomine
    under one heading, at once
  922. usurpatio itineris
    undertaking of a journey
  923. uniformitas, uniformitatis f
  924. unilateralis, unilaterale
  925. Unionis Europaeae Societates Pedifollicae (UEFA)
    Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)
  926. Unio Meridionalis Americae Nationum
    Union of South American States (Unasur)
  927. Unionitae, Unionitārum m
    Unionites, Unitarians, religious sect that denied the Trinity
  928. unesco 3
    unite, to become one
  929. unisco 3
    unite, to become one
  930. Unitarum Nationum Conventus ad commercium et progressionem provehenda (Unctad)
    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD
  931. Unitarum Nationum ab educatione, scientia, cultura organizatio (UNESCO)
    United Nations Educational-Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  932. Unitarum Nationum educationis scientiae culturae ordo (UNESCO)
    United Nations Educational-Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  933. universitas rerum
    universe, space, outer space, world building
  934. undae caecae
    unknown sea, unknown ocean
  935. usum pedum amitto
    unlearn how to walk, forget how to walk
  936. uva immitis
    unripe grape, immature grape, too young girl
  937. ubi nulla suspicio subest
    unsuspicious, where no suspicion exists, suspect free, unsuspicious
  938. unulus, unula, unulum
  939. umerus, umeri m
    upper bone of the arm, shoulder, middle part of a thing, back, ridge
  940. ultima cavea
    uppermost row of seats
  941. urgentia, urgentiae f
    urgency, emergency
  942. urgentia, urgentium n
    urgent necessity
  943. urinal, urinalis n
    urinal, pee bowl, piss basin
  944. urinam facio
    urinate, piss, pee
  945. urinam reddo
    urinate, piss, pee
  946. urina, urinae f
  947. urniger, urnigera, urnigerum
  948. usui aptus
    usable, utilizable, useable, useful
  949. usus, usus m
    use of any thing, using of any thing, employment, practice, exercise, experience, discipline, skill acquired by practice, reality, intercourse, familiarity, association, intimacy, society, usefulness, value, utility, benefit, profit, advantage
  950. usus armorum
    use of weapons
  951. usitor 1
    use often, be in the habit of using
  952. usio, usionis f
  953. uto 3
    use, employ, make use of
  954. utor 3
    use, make use of, employ, manage, control, wield, spend, wear, accept, adopt, resort to, consult, make, adopt, perform, exercise, practise, enjoy, profit by, take advantage of
  955. usitatio, usitationis f
    use, usage
  956. utilitas, utilitatis f
    use, usefulness, utility, serviceableness, service, expediency, benefit, profit, advantage
  957. utilis ad rem
    useful for something
  958. utilis, utile
    useful, serviceable, beneficial, profitable, advantageous, suitable, adapted, proper
  959. utiliter
    usefully, profitably, beneficially, advantageously
  960. usitator, usitatoris m
  961. usura, usurae f
    using of a thing, use of a thing, enjoyment of a thing, use of money lent, interest, usury
  962. usitatus, usitata, usitatum
    usual, wonted, customary, common, ordinary, accustomed, familiar
  963. usus fructus
  964. usus et fructus
    usufruct (of foreign property)
  965. usufructuarie
    usufruct, by usufruct
  966. usurpatorius, usurpatoria, usurpatorium
    usurping, usurpatory
  967. unice securus
    utterly regardless
  968. ulophonon, ulophoni n
    variety of the plant chamaeleon
  969. uranos, urani m
    vault of heaven, sky vault
  970. ungellula, ungellulae f
    very little claw
  971. unguellula, unguellulae f
    very little claw
  972. urbs praevalida
    very powerful city, very mighty city
  973. urna, urnae f
    vessel for drawing water, water-pot, water-jar, urn, voting-urn, urn of fate, cinerary urn, money-pot, money-jar, liquid measure containing half an amphora, measure
  974. urnalia, urnalium n
    vessels containing an urn
  975. ultima exspecto (expecto)
    wait for the end, await the end
  976. urbs, urbis f
    walled town, city, city of Rome, the citizens, capital city, metropolis, main point
  977. undivagus, undivaga, undivagum
    wandering in waves
  978. usus belli
    war supplies, war supply
  979. urnifer, urniferi m
    water carrier
  980. unda undam supervenit
    wave follows wave
  981. undifragus, undifraga, undifragum
    wave-breaking, that breaks the waves
  982. undisonus, undisona, undisonum
    wave-sounding, sounding with the waves, roaring with the waves
  983. unda, undae f
    wave, billow, surge, water, moisture, fluid, liquid, any wavelike thing, talon, ogee, stream, tide
  984. undicola, undicolae c
    wavedwelling, inhabiting the waves, dwelling in the sea
  985. unilateralem declarationem independentiae agnoscere non valemus
    we do not see ourselves in a position to recognize the unilateral declaration of independence
  986. uxor beata
    wealthy wife
  987. unda putealis
    well water
  988. udi oculi
    wet eyes, watery eyes
  989. udus, uda, udum
    wet, moist, damp, humid, tearful
  990. udo 1
    wet, moisten
  991. umentia, umentium n
  992. utcumque cessura res est
    whatever the outcome, whatever the outcome will be
  993. ut primum
    when first, as soon as ever
  994. ubi iam vesperaverat
    when it had already become evening
  995. ubi (+ Ind.)
    when, whenever, as soon as, as
  996. undelibet
    whence you will, whencesoever, from any place whatever, from anywhere, from whatever quarter
  997. ubinam?
    where actually?
  998. ubi uber, ibi tuber
    where an udder, there is a swelling
  999. ubi constitit?
    where did he put himself?, where did he place himself?
  1000. ubiquaque
    where ever
  1001. ubinam gentium?
    where in the world?, where on earth?
  1002. ubinam terrarum?
    where in the world?, where on earth?
  1003. ubi gentium?
    where in the world
  1004. ubi terrarum?
    where in the world
  1005. ubilibet
    where it likes, everywhere
  1006. unde tuos repetam fastus?
    where should I begin to describe your pride?
  1007. ubicumque gentium
    wherever in the world, everywhere in the world
  1008. ubicumque terrarum
    wherever in the world, everywhere in the world
  1009. ubiubi
    wherever, wheresoever, wherever it may be, anywhere, , ,
  1010. ubicumque
    wherever, wheresoever, wherever it may be, anywhere, everywhere
  1011. ubicunque
    wherever, wheresoever, wherever it may be, anywhere, everywhere
  1012. ubiquomque
    wherever, wheresoever, wherever it may be, anywhere, everywhere
  1013. Urios, Urii m
    which gives good airflow, title of Jupiter
  1014. uterlibet, utralibet, utrumlibet
    which of the two you please, whichsoever of the two, either one (of two), either of the two
  1015. utervis, utravis, utrumvis
    which of the two you will, either one of the two, either
  1016. uter, utra, utrum
    which of them, which of the two, who of them
  1017. utercumque, utracumque, utrumcumque
    whichever of the two, whichsoever, whichever
  1018. utercunque, utracunque, utrumcunque
    whichever of the two, whichsoever, whichever
  1019. uter, utra, utrum
    whoever of them, whoever of both, whoever of the two
  1020. uxor, uxoris f
    wife, spouse, consort
  1021. uxori nubere nolo meae
    will not be subject to my wife
  1022. uno ad nullum ictu vicimus
    win with one to zero goals, win with 1:0
  1023. unca avis Minervae
    with crooked beak and talons
  1024. unifistulatus, unifistulata, unifistulatum
    with one barrel
  1025. unā significatione litterarum
    with one stroke of the pen
  1026. una litterarum significatione
    with one stroke of the pen, with one pen stroke
  1027. urceatim
    with pitchers
  1028. uno digitulo
    with the little finger, child's easy, very simple, baby light
  1029. univira, univirae f
    woman that has had only one husband
  1030. univiria, univiriae f
    woman that has had only one husband
  1031. uter, uteri m
    womb, matrix, fruit of the womb, fetus, child, young, belly, earth cavity, paunch
  1032. uterus, uteri m
    womb, matrix, fruit of the womb, fetus, child, young, belly, earth cavity, paunch
  1033. universa mens divina
    world spirit
  1034. unicultor, unicultoris m
    worshipper of one God, monotheist
  1035. ulcero iecur
    wounding the heart
  1036. usurpativus, usurpativa, usurpativum
    wrongly used, unusual, improper, usurpative
  1037. utrumvis facere potes
    you can do both (at will)
  1038. unam tibi viam et perpetuam esse vellem
    you would never return again!
  1039. uncus, unci m
  1040. umigo 1
  1041. ultionem peto ab aliquo
  1042. usu venire potest, ut ...
    the case may occur that, the case may occur that, there may be the case that
  1043. urbs resurgit
  1044. urbs terra marique clauditur
  1045. ut quisque maxime ... ita minime
  1046. ut a fabulis ad facta veniamus
  1047. ultimatim
    immediate, instantaneous
  1048. Unitarum Nationum Conventus ad commercium et progressionem provehenda (Unctad)
  1049. Unitarum Nationum Institutum exulibus subsidiarium
  1050. ultionis cupiditas
    vindictiveness, vengefulness
  1051. unde me exhibeam?
  1052. unde quo venis?
  1053. utique scire cupio
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