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  1. zopyron, zopyri n
    a plant, called also clinopodion
  2. zopyrontion, zopyrontii n
    a plant, called also clinopodion
  3. zmintha, zminthae f
    an aromatic plant, a kind of mint
  4. zonarius, zonaria, zonarium
    belonging to a belt, belonging to a girdle
  5. zephyrius, zephyria, zephyrium
    belonging to a zephyr, belonging to the west wind
  6. zonalis, zonale
    belonging to a zone
  7. Zaporizhiensis, Zaporizhiense
    belonging to Zaporizhzhia
  8. zona, zonae f
    belt, girdle, zone, money-belt, climate-zone, kind of herpes or erysipelas, shingles
  9. zōna repulsoria
    buffer zone
  10. zmegma, zmegmatis n
    cleansing medicine, detergent
  11. zmecticus, zmectica, zmecticum
    cleansing, abstersive
  12. zeunitor, zeunitoris m
  13. zona frigida
    cold zone, arctic circle, polar circle
  14. zona conflictata
    conflict zone
  15. zema, zemae f
    cooking utensil, saucepan
  16. zuma, zumae f
    cooking utensil, saucepan
  17. zinzilo 1
    cry of the thrush
  18. zinzio 1
    cry of the thrush
  19. zinzito 1
    cry of the thrush
  20. zizania, zizaniae f
    darnel, cockle, tares
  21. zizania, zizaniorum n
    darnel, cockle, tares
  22. zmectica, zmecticorum n
  23. zabolus, zaboli m
  24. zabolicus, zabolica, zabolicum
    devilish, diabolical
  25. zomoteganite, zomoteganites f
    dish of fish stewed in their own liquor
  26. zmaragdus, zmaragdi m
    emerald, beryl, jasper, malachite
  27. zetema, zetematis n
    examination, investigation, task
  28. zona displosiva
    explosive belt
  29. zygaena, zygaenae f
  30. zophorus, zophori m
    frieze of a column
  31. zephyrus, zephyri m
    gentle west wind, western breeze, zephyr
  32. zimpiberi n (indecl.)
  33. zingiber, zingiberis n
  34. zingiberi n (indecl.)
  35. zona aurea muliebriter cingor
    gird yourself with a golden belt after the manner of a woman
  36. zoster, zosteris m
    girdle, kind of herpes, shingles, kind of sca shrub
  37. zeugma, zeugmatis n
    grammatical figure
  38. zoophthalmon, zoophthalmi n
    great houseleek, called also aizoum majus
  39. zoophthalmos, zoophthalmi m
    great houseleek, called also aizoum majus
  40. zigeunus, zigeuni m
  41. zona perusta
    hot zone, equatorial zone
  42. zona torrida
    hot zone, equatorial zone
  43. zona usta
    hot zone, equatorial zone
  44. zamia, zamiae f
    hurt, damage, loss
  45. zelotypus, zelotypi m
    jealous man
  46. zelivira, zelivirae f
    jealous wife, false read, for caelibi
  47. zelotypa, zelotypae f
    jealous woman
  48. zelotypus, zelotypa, zelotypum
  49. zelotypia, zelotypiae f
  50. ziziphus, ziziphi f
  51. ziziphum, ziziphi n
  52. Zacharpolis, Zacharpolis f
    Kharkiv, Charkiv, Kharkov
  53. zaberna, zabernae f
    kind of cross bag
  54. zeus, zei m
    kind of fish
  55. zmyrus, zmyri m
    kind of fish
  56. zea, zeae f
    kind of grain, spelt, kind of rosemary
  57. zmyrnion, zmyrnii n
    kind of herb like myrrh
  58. zythum, zythi n
    kind of malt-liquor among the Egyptians
  59. zeugites, zeugitae m
    kind of reed
  60. zanca, zancae f
    kind of soft Parthian shoe
  61. zancha, zanchae f
    kind of soft Parthian shoe
  62. zanga, zangae f
    kind of soft Parthian shoe
  63. zothecula, zotheculae f
    little closet, little cabinet
  64. zetematium, zetematii n
    little examination, little investigation, little task
  65. zonula, zonulae f
    little girdle
  66. zotheca, zothecae f
    little private chamber, closet, cabinet, recess, niche
  67. zonam recingo
    loosen the virgin belt
  68. zelo 1
    love with zeal, love ardently, be jealous of, be zealous for
  69. zelor 1
    love with zeal, love ardently, be jealous of, be zealous for
  70. zonarius, zonarii m
    maker of girdles
  71. zygostates, zygostatae m
    master of the weights, weigh-master
  72. zaeta, zaetae f
    mode of living prescribed by a physician, diet, dwelling-place, dwelling room, summer-house
  73. zeta, zetae f
    mode of living prescribed by a physician, diet, dwelling-place, dwelling room, summer-house
  74. zygostasium, zygostasii n
    office of a weigh-master
  75. Zoe, Zoes f
    one of the Æons of Valentinus
  76. zelotes, zelotae m
    one that loves with jealousy, one that is jealous
  77. zopissa, zopissae f
    pitch mixed with wax, which was scraped off from ships
  78. zamilampis, zamilampis m
    precious stone
  79. zmilampis, zmilampis m
    precious stone
  80. zoraniscaeos, zoraniscaei f
    precious stone
  81. zonatim
    round about, in a circle
  82. zacon, zaconis m
    servant of the church, minister of the church, deacon
  83. zaconus, zaconi m
    servant of the church, minister of the church, deacon
  84. zmaris, zmaridis f
    small seafish of inferior quality
  85. zona natatoria
    swim belt
  86. zona temperata
    temperate zone
  87. zēta n (indecl.)
    the Greek letter zeta
  88. zinzilulo 1
    the natural cry of certain birds, chirp
  89. zodiacus, zodiaci m
    the zodiac
  90. zona transitoria
    transit zone
  91. zygia, zygiae f
    tree, called also carpinus, horn-beam
  92. zetarius, zetarii m
  93. zaplutus, zapluta, zaplutum
    very rich
  94. zygis, zygidis f
    wild thyme
  95. zanthenes, zanthenis m
    yellow gem
  96. Zaporizhia, Zaporizhiae f
  97. zelus, zeli m
    zeal, emulation, jealousy
  98. zelator, zelatoris m
    zealous person, zealot
  99. zelanter
  100. zoologicus, zoologica, zoologicum
  101. zoologus, zoologi m
  102. zoologia, zoologiae f
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