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  1. in seducto
  2. institutum rebus subsidiariis dispensandis
  3. institutum socialibus auxiliis ferendis
  4. institutum teneo
  5. institutum, instituti n
  6. ius agnaticium
    , the right of the agnati to enter upon an inheritance,
  7. instrumentum balnearium
    a bathing implement
  8. in alicuius verba iuro
    administer the oath to somebody
  9. inspectio aeria
    airspace control, airspace observation, air surveillance
  10. iudicem aliquem addico
    allow someone to act as a judge
  11. ingenio varius
    an unstable character, an erratic character
  12. iudex compromisssrius
    arbitrator, umpire, referee chosen by contending parties
  13. inter cenam
    at table
  14. in ipso articulo
    at the fit moment, at the nick of time
  15. in ipso articulo temporis
    at the most critical moment
  16. initio veris
    at the onset of spring, at the arrival of spring
  17. in aetate (hominum)
    at times, sometimes, now and then, at any time, always, ever
  18. in aversum
  19. in eis numeror
    be among
  20. in eo numero sum
    be among
  21. in eum numerum referor
    be among
  22. in vero esse
    be based on truth
  23. in vitio sum
    be guilty, be faulty, deserve blame
  24. in abstruso sum
    be in concealment
  25. inferior sum
    be inferior
  26. in confesso sum
    be notorious, everywhere known
  27. in id devocor, ut
    be prevailed to do so
  28. in adversum oōs vulneror
    be wounded straight in the face
  29. ius bubulae
    beef soup
  30. iconicus, iconica, iconicum
    belonging to an image, imitating a figure, copied from life
  31. iactantia, iactantiae f
    boasting, bragging, display, ostentation, fuss
  32. in acceptum refero
    book as income
  33. in chartas transfero
    bring to paper, put on paper
  34. invectio, invectionis f
    bringing in, importing of goods, importation, attacking with words, assailing with words, inveighing against, invective
  35. ius verrinum
    butcher's soup, pork broth
  36. invicem
    by turns, in turn, one after another, alternately, one another, each other, mutually, reciprocally, instead of
  37. iter devium
  38. inconstantia mutabilitasque ingenii
    capriciousness, moodiness
  39. ibex, ibicis m
    capricorn, ibex
  40. ibix, ibicis m
    capricorn, ibex
  41. in adulterio deprehendor
    caught in adultery
  42. iustitium, iustitii n
    cessation from business in the courts of justice, legal vacation, cessation of public business, public mourning, suspension of business for mourning
  43. infectiones catenatae
    chain of infection, infection chain
  44. in certamen pugnae devoco
    challenge to a duel
  45. infantium morbus
    children's disease, Childhood illness, paediatric disease
  46. in conspectum cado
    come before the eyes, come near
  47. in meam tutelam venio
    come of age, become of age, become mature, reach the age of majority
  48. in meam contumeliam aliquid verto
    consider something as a personal insult
  49. ignavus animo
    cowardly, craven
  50. in mercatura vortor
    deal in trade, engage in commerce
  51. iustitium edico
    decree the cessation of all legal transactions, decree a judicial standstill
  52. iactura, iacturae f
  53. insuave quid facio
    denature something, make a little bitterness
  54. insuave quid reddo
    denature something, make a little bitterness
  55. in cinerem vanesco
    dissolve into ashes, disintegrate in ashes
  56. in aquis pereo
    down, be downed
  57. infectiva, infectivorum n
    dye-stuffs, dyes
  58. inscriptio electronica
    e-mail address
  59. icon scrīptionalis
  60. inanis sententiis verborum volubilitas
    empty verbiage, thoughtless verbosity
  61. in collocutionem venio
    enter into conversation, engage in conversation
  62. in vituperationem incido (cado, venio, adducor)
    experience censure, be rebuked, being reprimanded
  63. in ventrem sumo confidentiam
    fill my belly with courage
  64. ignis collecticius
    fire fed by fuel gathered here and there
  65. iter aeronauticum
    flight route
  66. iam diu hoc saxum vorso
    for a long time I've been rolling this stone, for a long time I've been picking at this block, with this person I struggle in vain
  67. in annum
    for a year, in the next year, the next year
  68. in ceterum
    for the rest, for the future
  69. in deterius
    for the worse, to the detriment
  70. is, qui liberavit
    founder of freedom, liberator
  71. iubae admissae
    free flowing manes
  72. impetus adversus
    frontal attack, frontal assault
  73. impetus maior
    full attack, major attack
  74. iocosus, iocosa, iocosum
    full of jesting, jocose, humorous, droll, facetious
  75. incendium gehennale
  76. iniectionem accipio
    get an injection
  77. inficior 5
    get infected, become infected
  78. infirma valetudine afficior
    get sick
  79. in sermōnem venio
    get talked about, get into the talk
  80. Iunoni adoleo honores
    glorify Iuno through sacrificial steam, make the honoring sacrifices to Iuno
  81. in aciem descendo
    go into battle
  82. in cursu sum
    go on, continue
  83. iusta causa
    good reason, just cause, full right
  84. ingemisco 3 (ingemesco 3)
    groan over a thing, sigh over a thing
  85. inhumanam vitam vivo
    have an inhuman life, live inhumanly
  86. in vacuo vagor
    have free leeway, have free play
  87. igni spectatus sum
    have passed the crucial test
  88. incurro in voculas malevolorum
    have to put up with the jokes of envious people
  89. iam pro damnato mortuoque est
    he is already as good as condemned and dead
  90. ipse viderit
    he may watch himself, I don't care about that, it's none of my business
  91. impeditio, impeditionis f
    hinderance, obstruction
  92. illi surgunt cristae
    his crest rises, he carries his head high, he is conceited
  93. in simultate sum cum aliquo
    hold a grudge against someone, live in tension with someone, have a tense relationship with someone, sulk with someone
  94. infectio nosocomialis
    hospital infection
  95. instrumentum venatorium
    hunting equipment, hunting device
  96. icon, iconis f
    image, figure
  97. immunis, immune
  98. immunitas, immunitatis f
  99. imminisatio, imminisationis f
  100. importatio, importationis f
    importation, import
  101. in atomo
    in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
  102. in tempore adflagranti
    in an unquiet or turbulent time
  103. in uno proelio omnis fortuna disceptatur
    in one battle all good and bad is decided
  104. in seducto
    in retirement, in solitude
  105. in collatu
    in the affray
  106. in tenebrosis
    in the dark
  107. imbricatim
    in the form of a gutter-tile
  108. in Deo amen
    in the God of faithfulness
  109. in vicino
    in the neighborhood, nearby
  110. in conspectu
    in the presence or vicinity, before the eyes, before the face of, in sight
  111. in his undis et tempestatibus
    in these storms of political unrest
  112. incidentia, incidentiae f
  113. inclinatio animi ad libertatem
    inclination for freedom
  114. inficio 5
  115. infectio, infectionis f
  116. infectiosus, infectiosa, infectiosum
    infectious, infective
  117. influentia, influentiae f
    influenza, flu-like infection
  118. influenza, influenzae f
    influenza, flu-like infection
  119. inhumanitas, inhumanitatis f
    inhuman conduct, savageness, barbarity, Incivility, impoliteness, unkindness, disobligingness, surliness, churlishness, niggardliness
  120. inhumane
    inhumanly, savagely, cruelly, unpolished, uncivil, unmannerly, ill-bred, churlish, discourteous
  121. infinitus numerus
    innumerable, vast number, vast quantity, immense number
  122. ingens numerus
    innumerable, vast number, vast quantity, immense number, abundance
  123. innumerabilis multitudo
    innumerable, vast number, vast quantity, immense number, abundance
  124. innumerabilis vis
    innumerable, vast number, vast quantity, immense number, abundance
  125. in vicem (mit Gen.)
    instead of, for, in place of
  126. immodestia, immodestiae f
    intemperate conduct, immodesty, licentiousness, avarice, extortion
  127. Internationale Consilium Rubrae Crucis (ICRC)
    International Committee of the Red Cross (IKRK)
  128. interretialis pagina domestica
    internet homepage
  129. interruptio, interruptionis f
    interrupting, interruption, interval, sudden break in the thought or expression, breaking up, division, distinction
  130. in unum
    into one, to one place, together
  131. ingredior 5
    invade, march in, enter
  132. intro 1
    invade, march in, enter
  133. introeo
    invade, march in, enter
  134. invado 3
    invade, march in, enter
  135. iam diei vesper erat
    it was already evening
  136. iocose
    jestingly, jocosely
  137. ibi demum
    just there
  138. irpex, irpicis m
    large rake with iron teeth, harrow
  139. in urina crus attollo
    lift the leg when peeing, lift the leg when urinating
  140. in aridis vescor
    live in arid lands
  141. in tabernaculo vivo
    live in the tent, stay in a tent
  142. indigenae advenaeque
    locals and foreigners
  143. invidorum gaudium
    malicious joy
  144. imbrices clavulis figo
    nail the hollow bricks with small nails
  145. inhumanus, inhumana, inhumanum
    not suitable to the human condition, that does not befit a human being, unpolished, uncivil, unmannerly, ill-bred, churlish, discourteous, superhuman, godlike
  146. iam demum
    now at last, now
  147. intra animum aliquid voluto
    occupy oneself mentally with something
  148. infernas, infernatis
    of the Tyrrhene Sea
  149. in transversa charta
    on the back of the paper, on the back of the sheet
  150. inter undas
    on the sea, on the ocean
  151. istoc oculo utor minus
    on this eye I see less well
  152. ita demum
    only then, only so
  153. immodicus mei aestimator sum
    overestimate yourself, be full of yourself, be overconfident
  154. in partem alcis rei venio
    participate in something, take part in something
  155. idioma, idiamatis n
    peculiarity in language, idiom
  156. id, amabo, adiuta me
    please help me!
  157. inania templa
    plundered temples, looted temples
  158. ius civile
    private rights, the law, the body of Roman law relating to private rights, Civil Law
  159. iuris criminalis curator
    Public Prosecutor, District Attorney
  160. iustitium remitto
    put an end to a suspension of legal proceedings, cause the courts to resume their business
  161. inficio 5
    put into, dip into, stain, dye, color, tinge with, mix with, taint, infect, spoil, instruct in, corrupt, infect
  162. in derisum facio
    put to scorn
  163. ignavia animi
    quiet kicking, sneaking, grumbling, moral cowardice
  164. imber crassae aquae
    rain falling in thick drops
  165. infectio renovata
  166. iter salvationis
    rescue alley, emergency lane, rescue lane-escape lane
  167. infectio respiraminis
    respiratory tract infection, respiratory infection
  168. infortunium crassum
    rough beating, good beating
  169. in subsidium advento
    rush to support
  170. in vulgus tribuo
    serve everyone
  171. ineptiae, ineptiarum f
    sillinesses, fooleries, trifles, absurdities
  172. in pluma dormio
    sleep in a comforter
  173. inimicissimus, inimicissima, inimicissimum
    spider enemy
  174. icio 5
    strike, hit, smite, stab, sting
  175. ico 3
    strike, hit, smite, stab, sting
  176. in supervacuum
    superfluously, uselessly
  177. in huius locum substituor
    take his place, substitute
  178. iugum accipio
    take the yoke upon oneself
  179. ineptio 4
    talk absurdly, act absurdly, trifle, play the fool
  180. imber uxorius
    tears for the wife, tears about the death of the wife
  181. impedimentum, impedimenti n
    that by which one is entangled or impeded, hinderance, impediment, delay, luggage
  182. in eo victoria vertitur
    that is decisive for the victory, the victory is based on that
  183. inferior, inferius
    that is farther beneath, lower, farther down
  184. intestinum verti videtur
    the intestine seems to writhe convulsively
  185. ira vanescit
    the rage subsides, the rage fades away
  186. istuc verbum
    this your expression
  187. in artum desilio
    throw myself into difficulties
  188. in unguem
    to a hair, to a nicety, exactly, perfectly
  189. implacabiliter odi
    to be at enmity, to hate each other irreconcilably
  190. in speculis sum
    to be on the watch, to be on the lookout
  191. in publico in conspectu patris assisto
    to be seen in public next to his father
  192. in rei familiaris angustiis sum
    to live in bad financial circumstances, be in financial distress
  193. instrumentum, instrumenti n
  194. in utramque partem me verso
    twist and turn
  195. inhumaniter
    uncivilly, discourteously
  196. imprudenter
    unintentional, without malicious intent
  197. ictus aliqua re
    unpleasantly touched by something
  198. immodestus, immodesta, immodestum
    unrestrained, excessive, extravagant, immoderate
  199. in toto
    upon the whole, in general, generally
  200. iter urinae
  201. infectio virosa
    virus infection, viral infection
  202. imperium, imperii n
    war office
  203. ingrati esse vitemus
    we want to avoid being ungrateful
  204. in totum
    wholly, entirely, altogether, totally, upon the whole, in general
  205. immanis terror verborum
    wild horror words, wild scare words
  206. Isthmia vinco
    win at the Isthmian Games
  207. in pugna vinco
    win the battle, win the clash, win the fight, win the skirmish, win the encounter
  208. ignis fatuus
  209. iure
    with justice, justly, justifiably, constitutionally, according to the constitution
  210. intra finem anni vertentis
    within the current year
  211. iocose
    witty, fun
  212. imperium omnium gentium
    world domination, world supremacy
  213. imperium orbis terrarum
    world domination, world supremacy
  214. idiographus, idiographa, idiographum
    written with one’s own hand
  215. iniuria afficio aliquem
    wrong someone
  216. id non abhorret a tua natura
    you can be trusted with this
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