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  1. res secunde procedit
  2. refrigeratio, refrigerationis f
    a cooling, coolness
  3. refrigerium, refrigerii n
    a mitigation
  4. radiophonice aliquid praeconor
    advertise something on the radio, promote something on the radio
  5. rebus tranquillatis
    after the situation was calmed
  6. rem ad populum devoco
    appeal to the people
  7. res familiaris, rei familiaris f
    asset situation, asset circumstances
  8. rerum adipiscor
    attain dominion, come to power
  9. res maximi momenti est
    be of the greatest importance
  10. res veneraria
    belonging to love, venereal
  11. rusticus, rustica, rusticum
    belonging to the country, rural, rustic, country-like, country-, rustic, simple
  12. rubor mihi suffunditur
    blush in the face
  13. rem pūblicam converto
    bring the state into disorder
  14. refrigerativus, refrigerativa, refrigerativum
    cooling, refrigeratory
  15. refrigeratorius, refrigeratoria, refrigeratorium
    cooling, refrigeratory
  16. refrigeratrix, refrigeratricis f
    cooling, refrigeratory
  17. refrigerosus, refrigerosa, refrigerosum
    cooling, refrigeratory
  18. rusticitas, rusticitatis f
    country life, country occupations, tillage, husbandry, country people, manners of country people, rustic behavior, rusticity
  19. rerum humanarum condicio
    course of the world, course of human things
  20. res sordidas deorum honore afficio
    daying divine homage to the dirt
  21. remoramen, remoraminis n
    delay, hinderance
  22. retibus aequor verro
    drag the sea with nets, fish in the sea with trawl nets
  23. redactrix, redactricis f
  24. res energetica
    energy beings, energy system
  25. reus tonsus
    exonerated defendant, defendant acquitted
  26. res male gesta
  27. res egregie gesta
  28. res praeclare et fortiter gesta
  29. res fiscalis
    finance, financials
  30. rota dentata
    gear wheel, toothed wheel
  31. rumorem subdo
    give currency to a rumour
  32. raresco 3
    grow thin, lose its density, become rare, be rarefied
  33. relativus, relativa, relativum
    having reference, havingrelation, referring, relative
  34. rustice
    in a countrified manner, clownishly, boorishly, awkwardly
  35. refrigeratio, refrigerationis f
  36. refrigerium, refrigerii n
  37. refrigeratio, refrigerationis f
  38. rudicula, rudiculae f
    mixing spoon, stirring spoon
  39. rudis, rudis f
    mixing spoon, stirring spoon
  40. resectorium, resectorii n
    nail scissors, clipper
  41. res turpes cohonesto
    nefarious things call by honorable names
  42. res vehicularia
    postal service, cartage
  43. res vehicularis
    postal service, cartage
  44. reconflo 1
  45. resilientia, resilientiae f
    resilience, ability to last, hardiness, ability to bounce back
  46. revivisco 3
    resurrect, return to life
  47. recognosco 3
  48. rubleus, rubeli m
  49. rublus, rubli m
  50. ruta capelliana
    rue readily eaten by goats
  51. res mali exempli
  52. res pessimi exempli
  53. reum aliquem subdo
    scapegoat, blame
  54. res gesta
    scenario, scene
  55. recte vendo
    sell expensively
  56. receptui cano
    sound a retreat
  57. raeda cursualis
  58. ruina aerarii
    State Bankruptcy, National bankruptcy
  59. rota moderatrix
    steering wheel
  60. rudimentum pono
    take a sample
  61. responsabilitatem in me recipio
    take on the responsibility
  62. responsalitatem in me recipio
    take on the responsibility
  63. remediis gravioribus utor
    take tough action, intervene more vigorously, intervene more forcefully, take stronger measures
  64. res vertitur in meo foro
    the matter concerns me, the matter depends on me, the matter falls within my sphere of responsibility
  65. res male gesta est
    the matter has failed
  66. res cautionem habet
    the matter requires caution, the matter admits of caution
  67. refuto 1
    the right of inheriting the effects of a client
  68. res publica in ancipiti est
    the state is in crisis
  69. res convenit
    the thing is fit, it is becoming, it is seemly, it is suitable, it is appropriate, it is proper, it is serviceable for something, it becomes
  70. res in serium versa est
    they took the matter into serious consideration
  71. rei medendae causa
    to remedy a grievance
  72. relatio commercialis
    trade relationship
  73. res vectoria
    transportation, traffic
  74. rudimenta adulescentiae pono
    try one's first youth forces
  75. regiones vitiosae
    unhealthy areas
  76. rebello 1
    wage war again, make an insurrection, revolt, rebel, renew the combat, break out again, resist
  77. rerum bellicarum administratio
    war department
  78. rei militaris peritia
    war experience
  79. res bello gesta
    war incident
  80. res militaris
    war matter, war affair
  81. res ad bellum gerendum necessaria
    war supplies, war supply
  82. remotā subtilitate disputandi
    without engaging in subtle investigation
  83. res in orbe terrarum gestae
    world history
  84. rerum humanarum peritia
    world knowledge
  85. rerum humanarum peritus
    world knowledge
  86. rerum inanium amor
    world love
  87. res politica globalis
    world politics, global politics
  88. res politica universalis
    world politics, global politics
  89. rerum naturae contemplatio
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