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  1. scansorius, scansoria, scansorium
  2. sessimonium, sessimonii n
  3. stomacace, stomacaces f
  4. structe
  5. subventor, subventoris m
  6. suffrago 1
  7. sacra spina
  8. savior aliquem
  9. scalptura, scalpturae f
  10. scamillus, scamilli m
  11. scamma, scammatis n
  12. scammoneum, scammonei n
  13. scammonium, scammonii n
  14. scamnatus, scamnata, scamnatum
  15. scamonium, scamonii n
  16. scandalum, scandali n
  17. scansilis, scansile
  18. scansio, scansionis f
  19. scardia, scardiae f
  20. scelerĭtas, scelerĭtatis f
  21. scelero 1
  22. scelerus, scelera, scelerum
  23. schisma, schismatis n
  24. schistos, schista, schiston
  25. schoenantos, schoenanti n
  26. schoenus, schoeni m
  27. schoinuanthos, schoinuanthi n
  28. scholastica, scholasticorum n
  29. scillinus, scillina, scillinum
  30. scimpodion, scimpodii n
  31. scintillatio, scintillationis f
  32. sciropaectes, sciropaect ae m
  33. scitamenta, scitamentorum n
  34. scituli, scitulorum m
  35. scitulus, scitula, scitulum
  36. scius, scia, scium
  37. scius, scii m
  38. scolopendra, scolopendrae f
  39. scopulus, scopuli m
  40. scotoma, scotomatis n
  41. scribatus, scribatus m
  42. scripturio 4
  43. scrupulositas, scrupulositatis f
  44. sebastonices, sebastonicae m
  45. sebosus, sebosa, sebosum
  46. sebur, seburi m
  47. sectivus, sectiva, sectivum
  48. secubitus, secubitus m
  49. secutio, secutionis f
  50. secutuleius, secutuleia, secutuleium
  51. sedimentum, sedimenti n
  52. sedis, sedis f
  53. sedulus, sedula, sedulum
  54. segestre, segestris n
  55. segnesco 3
  56. selas n (indecl.)
  57. selenites, selenitae m
  58. selenitis, selenitidis f
  59. sematus, semata, sematum
  60. semaxius, semaxia, semaxium
  61. sementinus, sementina, sementinum
  62. semicorus, semicori m
  63. semimitra, semimitrae f
  64. seminata, seminatorum n
  65. seminatio, seminationis f
  66. seminium, seminii n
  67. seminiverbius, seminiverbia, seminiverbium
  68. semipedalis, semipedale
  69. semiperfectus, semiperfecta, semiperfectum
  70. semiperitus, semiperiti m
  71. semipes, semipedis m
  72. semipiscina, semipiscinae f
  73. semiplene
  74. semiseptenaria, semiseptenariae f
  75. semisopitus, semisopita, semisopitum
  76. semisupinus, semisupina, semisupinum
  77. semitatim
  78. semitatrix, semitatricis f
  79. senecio, senecionis m
  80. senica non sescunciae
  81. senipes, senipedis
  82. senticosus, senticosa, senticosum
  83. sentifico 1
  84. sentisco 3
  85. sentosus, sentosa, sentosum
  86. sentuosus, sentuosa, sentuosum
  87. separator, separatoris m
  88. separatrix, separatricis f
  89. sepelibilis, sepelibile
  90. sepositus, seposita, sepositum
  91. seps, sepis c
  92. septa, septorum n
  93. september, septembris, septembre
  94. septemviratus, septemviratus m
  95. sequacitas, sequacitatis f
  96. sequaciter
  97. sequentia, sequentium n
  98. sequestratim
  99. sequestratio, sequestrationis f
  100. sequestrator, sequestratoris m
  101. sericarius, sericaria, sericarium
  102. sericarius, sericarii m
  103. sericatus, sericata, sericatum
  104. sermocinatrix, sermocinatricis f
  105. serotinus, serotina, serotinum
  106. serrata, serratae f
  107. servilicola, servilicolae f
  108. servolicola, servolicolae f
  109. servulicola, servulicolae f
  110. sescla, sesclae f
  111. Sesculixes, Sesculixis m
  112. sescuncia, sescunciae f
  113. sescuplum, sescupli n
  114. sescuplus, sescupla, sescuplum
  115. sesquicyathus, sesquicyathi m
  116. sesquiopera, sesquioperae f
  117. sessibulum, sessibuli n
  118. sessibulus, sessibula, sessibulum
  119. sessiuncula, sessiunculae f
  120. sessorium, sessorii n
  121. setania, setaniae f
  122. setim n (indecl.)
  123. seutlophace, seutlophaces f
  124. severitudo, severitudinis f
  125. seviratus, seviratus m
  126. sexagessis, sexagessis m
  127. sexfascalis, sexfascais m
  128. sexis n (indecl.)
  129. sextadecumani, sextadecumanorum m
  130. sextani, sextanorum m
  131. sextarialis, sextarialis f
  132. sibus, siba, sibum
  133. siccaneus, siccanea, siccaneum
  134. Sicelicon, Sicelici n
  135. sideritis, sideritidis f
  136. sido 3
  137. sigillaricium, sigillarici n
  138. sigma, sigmatis n
  139. silaceus, silacea, silaceum
  140. siliquaticum, siliquatici n
  141. siliquor 1
  142. sillographus, sillographi m
  143. silvicomus, silvicoma, silvicomum
  144. silvifragus, silvifraga, silvifragum
  145. silviger, silvigera, silvigerum
  146. simo 1
  147. simulatorius, simulatoria, simulatorium
  148. sinciput, sincipitis n
  149. siriacus, siriaca, siriacum
  150. siriasis, siriasis f
  151. sisto 3 (intr.)
  152. sistrifer, sistrifera, sistriferum
  153. sistriger, sistrigera, sistrigerum
  154. sisura, sisurae f
  155. sitanius, sitania, sitanium
  156. sitarchia, sitarchiae f
  157. sitarcia, sitarciae f
  158. sitīcula, sitīculae f
  159. soporus, sopora, soporum
  160. spadonatus, spadonatus m
  161. spissae, spissarum f
  162. stabulum servitricium
  163. stercoreus, stercorea, stercoreum
  164. stercoreus, stercorei m
  165. subdivo
  166. subtorqueo 2
  167. supernitas, supernitatis f
  168. stultus, stulti m
    a fool
  169. segregus, segrega, segregum
    apart, separate, different
  170. segrex, segregis
    apart, separate, different
  171. septemviralis, septemvirale
    belonging to the septemvirs, septemviral
  172. superventus, superventus m
    coming up, coming upon, arrival
  173. semermis, semerme
    half armed, badly armed, indifferently armed
  174. sensiculus, sensiculi m
    little sentence
  175. sententia, sententiae f
    philosophical proposition, aphorism, apophthegm, maxim, axiom
  176. secundanus, secundana, secundanum
    the second in rank, the second in rank
  177. schoenum, schoeni n
  178. scholasticellulus, scholasticelluli m
  179. scholasticellus, scholasticelli m
  180. scholasticulus, scholasticuli m
  181. scelus, sceleris n
    , a misfortune,, a calamity
  182. sequestratorium, sequestratoriī n
    , depository, place where any thing is laid up for safe keeping
  183. stillaticius, stillaticia, stillaticium
    , dropping, dripping, stillatitious
  184. sequaciter
    , of course, consequently
  185. supersisto 4
    , place one’s self upon, place one’s self over, stand upon, stand over
  186. sublido 3
    , press out, injure by degrees,
  187. sphaeroides, sphaeroides
    , round, globular, spherical
  188. seminata, seminatorum n
    , seeds, seed fields
  189. sensui subiectus
    , sensorial
  190. semipatens, semipatentis
    , standing half open, half open,
  191. sillographus, sillographi m
    , writer of lampoons, writer of satires
  192. scarabaeus, scarabaei m
    a beetle, scarab, scarabee
  193. striatura, striaturae f
    a being channelled, a being fluted, fluting, striature
  194. silentium, silentii n
    a being still, a being silent, noiselessness, stillness, silence, quietness, freedom from disturbance, faultlessness, perfectness, standstill, cessation, repose, inaction, tranquillity
  195. scamnum, scamni n
    a bench, stool, step
  196. staphyloma, staphylomatis n
    a blemish in the eye shaped like a grape, stone
  197. sesquiplaga, sesquiplagae f
    a blow and a half, a stroke and a half
  198. scaturex, scaturigis f
    a bubbling spring, a gushing spring
  199. scaturigo, scaturiginis f
    a bubbling spring, a gushing spring, spring water
  200. scatebra, scatebrae f
    a bubbling up, a gushing up
  201. strongyla, strongylae f
    a bust
  202. silentiarius, silentiarii m
    a certain high officer at court, a privy councillor
  203. scaphium, scaphii n
    a chamber pot
  204. scansio, scansionis f
    a climbing up
  205. schola, scholae f
    a college, a corporation
  206. scaphe, scaphes f
    a concave sundial
  207. silentiarius, silentiarii m
    a confidential domestic servant watching for the domestic silence
  208. subtectio, subtectionis f
    a covering
  209. scalptor, scalptoris m
    a cutter, graver
  210. sesquicyathus, sesquicyathi m
    a cyathus and a half
  211. sesquiopera, sesquioperae f
    a day’s work and a half
  212. sesquiopus, sesquioperis n
    a day’s work and a half
  213. spoliarium, spoliariī n
    a den of robbers, a den of murderers, cutthroat place
  214. sesquidigitus, sesquidigiti m
    a digit and a half
  215. scotomaticus, scotomatici m
    a dim sighted person
  216. securicula, securiculae f
    a dovetail
  217. scaenographia, scaenographiae f
    a drawing in perspective
  218. scenographia, scenographiae f
    a drawing in perspective
  219. sciagraphia, sciagraphiae f
    a drawing in perspective
  220. subdito 1
    a false read (Lucr)
  221. sciaena, sciaenae f
    a female sea fish, grayling, ombre
  222. statulibera, statuliberae f
    a female slave to whom liberty is granted by testament
  223. speciaria, speciariae f
    a female spice-dealer
  224. speclaria, speclariae f
    a female spice-dealer
  225. soteria, soteriorum n
    a festive entertainment given on a person’s recovery from illness or escape from danger; presents given on such an occasion, a congratulatory poem on such an occasion
  226. saucaptis, saucaptidis f
    a fictitious spice
  227. schematismos, schematismi m
    a figurative manner speaking
  228. schematismus, schematismi m
    a figurative manner speaking
  229. schema, schematis n
    a figure of speech, a rhetorical figure
  230. saturator, saturatoris m
    a filler, satisfier
  231. saturamen, saturaminis n
    a filling, satisfying
  232. saturatio, saturationis f
    a filling, satisfying
  233. squamatus, squamati m
    a fish
  234. scalae, scalarum f
    a flight of steps, a flight of stairs, a staircase, a ladder, scaling, ladderstairs, a staircase, scaling ladder
  235. schematismus, schematismi m
    a florid manner of speaking
  236. sesquipedis, sesquipede
    a foot and a half in height
  237. sesquipes, sesquipedis m
    a foot and a half in length, a foot and a half in breadth, a foot and a half in height
  238. schola, scholae f
    a gallery
  239. sephyrus, sephyri m
    a gentle west wind, the western breeze, zephyr
  240. scalptura, scalpturae f
    a graved figure, a sculpture
  241. sceptos, scepti m
    a gust, a squall, a storm
  242. solivertiator, solivertiatoris m
    a guy who makes a bolt for it, runaway
  243. semichristianus, semichristiani m
    a half Christian
  244. semicubitalis, semicubitale
    a half cubit long
  245. semipedalis, semipedale
    a half foot in size, half a foot long, half a foot broad
  246. semipedaneus, semipedanea, semipedaneum
    a half foot in size, half a foot long, half a foot broad
  247. sincipitamentum, sincipitamenti n
    a half head
  248. sīnciputamentum, sīnciputamenti n
    a half head
  249. sembella, sembellae f
    a half libella
  250. semestrium, semestrii n
    a half month, fortnight
  251. Semipersa, Semipersae m
    a half Persian, half a Persian
  252. selibra, selibrae f
    a half pound
  253. semias, semiassis m
    a half pound
  254. schirrosis, schirrosis f
    a hardening in the flesh
  255. scirrosis, scirrosis f
    a hardening in the flesh
  256. scorpio, scorpionis m (scorpius, scorpii m)
    a heap of stones terminating in a point, and used as a boundary mark
  257. scala gallinaria
    a hen, roost
  258. saucietas, saucietatis f
    a hurting,, hurt
  259. sesquiiugerum, sesquiiugeri n
    a juger and a half
  260. selinas, selinadis f
    a kind of cabbage resembling parsley
  261. scolex, scolecis m
    a kind of copper rust
  262. scircula, scirculae f
    a kind of grapes
  263. sibina, sibinae f
    a kind of hunting spear
  264. sibonis, sibonis m
    a kind of hunting spear
  265. sibyna, sibynae f
    a kind of hunting spear
  266. scincos, scinci m
    a kind of lizard
  267. scincus, scinci m
    a kind of lizard
  268. strychnos, strychni m
    a kind of nightshade
  269. scolecion, scolecii b
    a kind of scarlet berr
  270. scriblita, scriblitae f
    a kind of tart
  271. specularis lapis
    a kind of transparent stone, muscovy-glass, isinglass-stone, mica
  272. stacula, staculae f
    a kind of vine, also called sircula
  273. stephanites, stephanitae m
    a kind of vine
  274. stephanitis, stephanitidis f
    a kind of vine
  275. sticha, stichae f
    a kind of vine
  276. savium, savii n
    a kiss, a love, kiss
  277. scientia, scientiae f
    a knowing in any thing, being skilled in any thing, knowledge, science, skill, expertness
  278. scala, scalae f
    a ladder
  279. scelotyrbe, scelotyrbes f
    a lameness in the ankles
  280. scelotyrbe, scelotyrbes f
    a lameness in the knees
  281. sinum, sini n
    a large drinking vessel
  282. sinus, sini m
    a large drinking vessel
  283. sexaginta
    a large number
  284. seductio, seductionis f
    a leading aside, a drawing aside, misleading, seduction, separation
  285. scheda, schedae f (schida, schidae f)
    a leaf of paper, a sheet of paper
  286. schida, schidae f
    a leaf of paper, a sheet of paper, a strip of papyrus bark
  287. scholasticus, scholastici m
    a lecturer in the schools, a rhetorician
  288. scaeva, scaevae m
    a lefthanded person
  289. scapha, scaphae f
    a light boat, a skiff
  290. scamellum, scamelli n
    a little bench, a little stool
  291. scamillarii, scamillariorum m
    a little bench, a little stool
  292. scamillum, scamilli n
    a little bench, a little stool
  293. scamillus, scamilli m
    a little bench, a little stool
  294. scaphula, scaphulae f
    a little boat, skiff
  295. subinvisus, subinvisa, subinvisum
    a little disliked, somewhat odious
  296. sessiuncula, sessiunculae f
    a little group assembled for amusement, meeting for amusement, company assembled for amusement
  297. saviolum, savioli n
    a little kiss
  298. suaviolum, suavioli n
    a little kiss
  299. scientiola, scientiolae f
    a little knowledge, a smattering, superficial knowledge
  300. saxulum, saxuli n
    a little rock
  301. satyriscus, satyrisci m
    a little Satyr
  302. specula, speculae f
    a look-out, watch-tower, high place, height, eminence
  303. scabellum, scabelli n
    a low stool, footstool, cricket
  304. sciadeus, sciadei m
    a male sea fish, grayling, ombre
  305. scholasticus, scholastici m
    a man of learning, a scholar
  306. sescentoplagus, sescentoplaga, sescentoplagum
    a man of six hundred stripes
  307. stigma, stigmatis n
    a mark burned in, a brand impressed, a mark of disgrace, stigma
  308. stomatice, stomatices f
    a medicine for diseases of the mouth
  309. scaevitas, scaevitatis f
    a mischance, misfortune
  310. sesquimensis, sesquimensis m
    a month and a half
  311. sima, simae f
    a moulding, ogee
  312. savium, savii n
    A mouth to be kissed
  313. stalagmias, stalagmiae m
    a natural vitriol
  314. sesquimodius, sesquimodii m
    a peck and a half
  315. scalmus, scalmi m
    a peg to which an oar was strapped, a thole, a tholepin
  316. suprema, supremorum n
    a person's last will and testament
  317. schola, scholae f
    a place for learned conversation, a place for learned instruction, a place of learning, a school
  318. scholae bestiarum
    a place where animals fight, an amphitheatre
  319. silphium, silphii n
    a plant called in Latin laserpitium
  320. sesamoides, sesamoidis n
    a plant resembling sesame
  321. sesimoides, sesimoidis n
    a plant resembling sesame
  322. strumus, strumi m
    a plant that cures the struma, called also strychnos and cuculus
  323. scolibrochon, scolibrochi n
    a plant, also called callitrichos, scolopendrion
  324. scolopendrion, scolopendrii n
    a plant, also called callitrochon and scolibrochon
  325. solsequia, solsequiae f
    a plant, also called heliotropium
  326. solsequium, solsequii n
    a plant, also called heliotropium
  327. serapias, serapiadis f
    a plant, also called orchis
  328. serapion, serapii n
    a plant, also called orchis
  329. statumaria, statumariae f
    a plant, also called proserpinaca
  330. sozusa, sozusae f
    a plant, called also artemisia and serpyllum maius
  331. solago, solaginis f
    a plant, called also heliotropium
  332. smyrriza, smyrrizae f
    a plant, called also myrrha and myrrhis
  333. stoebe, stoebes, f
    a plant, called also pheos
  334. sirpe, sirpis n
    a plant, called also silphium and laser, asafœtida
  335. solanum, solani n
    a plant, called also strychnos, nightshade
  336. sparton, sparti n
    a plant, of which ropes, mats, nets, etc, , were made
  337. spartum, sparti n
    a plant, of which ropes, mats, nets, etc, , were made
  338. sublabium, sublabii n
    a plant, dog’s-tongue
  339. stachys, stachyos f
    a plant, horsemint
  340. staphis, staphidis f
    a plant, licebane, staves-acre
  341. struthion, struthii n
    a plant, soapwort
  342. scēnicus, scēnici m
    a player, actor, stage hero
  343. sesquilibra, sesquilibrae f
    a pound and a half
  344. scilla, scillae f
    a prawn, a shrimp
  345. scorpitis, scorpitidis f
    a precious stone, resembling the scorpion in color or shape
  346. scaritis, scaritidis f
    a precious stone
  347. siderites, sideritae m
    a precious stone
  348. sideropoecilos, sideropoecili m
    a precious stone
  349. stipulatus, stipulatus m
    a promise formally demanded, bargain, stipulation
  350. schedia, schediae f
    a raft, a float constructed in hast
  351. silurus, siluri m
    a riverfish, sheat fish
  352. saxetum, saxeti n
    a rocky place
  353. saxum, saxi n
    a rough stone, a detached fragment of rock, a rock, a stone
  354. scabredo, scabredinis f
    a roughness of the skin, scabbiness, itch, mange
  355. sceptrum, sceptri n
    a royal staff, a sceptre
  356. Satyrus, Satyri m
    a Satyr
  357. sceptuchus, sceptuchi m
    a sceptre bearer
  358. Scotus, Scoti m
    a Scot
  359. scarifatio, scarifationis f
    a scratching open, a scarifying
  360. scarificatio, scarificationis f
    a scratching open, a scarifying
  361. scariphatio, scariphationis f
    a scratching open, a scarifying
  362. scalpurigo, scalpuriginis f
    a scratching
  363. scilla, scillae f
    a sea onion, sea leek, squill
  364. septuplum, septupli n
    a septuple
  365. schema, schematis n
    a shape, a figure, a form, a fashion, a manner, a posture, a attitude
  366. scalprum, scalpri m (scalper, scalpri m)
    a sharp cutting instrument, a chisel, knife
  367. scandula, scandulae f
    a shingle
  368. scandularius, scandularii m
    a shingler,
  369. scaeva, scaevae f
    a sign in the sky, a token in the sky, an omen
  370. sceletus, sceleti m
    a skeleton
  371. statuliber, statulibri m
    a slave to whom liberty is granted by testament
  372. subdefectio, subdefectionis f
    a slight failure
  373. scimpodion, scimpodii n
    a small bed, a couch
  374. schedula, schedulae f
    a small leaf of paper
  375. semiphalarica, semiphalaricae f
    a small phalarica
  376. scalpellum, scalpelli n
    a small surgical knife, a scalpel, a lancet
  377. scalper, scalpri m
    a small surgical knife, a scalpel, a lancet
  378. siliqua, siliquae f
    a small weight, a small measure
  379. scirerytis, scirerytidis f
    a sort of silver dross
  380. sciria, sciriae f
    a sort of silver dross
  381. scaenaticus, scaenatici m
    a stageplayer
  382. scenaticus, scenatica, scenaticum
    a stageplayer
  383. scheda, schedae f (schida, schidae f)
    a strip of papyrus bark
  384. scida, scidae f
    a strip of papyrus bark, a leaf of paper, a sheet of paper
  385. subterraneum, subterranei n
    a subterranean place
  386. serius
    a tad late
  387. scriblitarius, scriblitarii m
    a tart baker, pastry cook
  388. sceptrum, sceptri n
    a teacher's rod
  389. stobrus, stobri f
    a tree in Carmania yielding an odorous gum
  390. storax, storacis m
    a tree, the resinous gum of that tree, storax
  391. schola, scholae f
    a waiting place in a bathing room
  392. securiclata, securiclatae f
    a weed growing among lentils, hatchet vetch
  393. systema, systematis n
    a whole consisting of several parts, a complex whole, system
  394. scelio, scelionis m
    a wicked man, scoundrel
  395. scelerosus, scelerosi m
    a wicked or vicious person, a wretch
  396. sophos, sophi m
    a wise man
  397. sophus, sophi m
    a wise man
  398. scamma, scammatis n
    a wrestling place
  399. scamma, scammatis n
    a wrestling, a contest
  400. satirographus, satirographi m
    a writer of satires, a satirist
  401. satyrographus, satyrographi m
    a writer of satires, a satirist
  402. summum imperium depono
    abdicate supreme command
  403. super
    above, on top, thereupon, upon, moreover, besides, over, left, remaining
  404. supra + Akk.
    above, over, before, over, above, beyond, more than
  405. saturitas, saturitatis f
  406. scisco 3
    accept, approve, assent to something
  407. subsiciva opera
    accessory work, over-work
  408. succentor, succentoris m
    accompanier in singing, furtherer, promoter
  409. succentus, succentus m
    accompanying, accompaniment
  410. suatim (1)
    according to his method, according to his way, on his own terms, on his way
  411. secus + Akk.
    according to, in proportion to
  412. scrutans, scrutantis
    accurate investigating, urgently investigating
  413. subiugalis, subiugale
    accustomed to the yoke
  414. subsidior 1
    act as a reserve, stand in reserve
  415. summae rei praefectus sum
    act as superintendent
  416. summae rei praepositus sum
    act as superintendent
  417. statarius, stataria, statarium
    actor in the comoedia stataria, , performer in the comoedia stataria
  418. superadicio 5
    add more
  419. superadnecto 3
    add more
  420. superaddo 3
    add over and above, superadd
  421. superappono 3
  422. supernexivus, supernexiva, supernexivum
    adding to this
  423. suggestio, suggestionis f
    adding to, addition, hint, intimation, suggestion
  424. suffectio, suffectionis f
    adding, supplying, substituting
  425. sumptus superfluus
    additional amount of the costs
  426. superpostulatio, superpostulationis f
    additional demand
  427. superaugmentum, superaugmenti n
    additional increase, further increase
  428. secundo 1
    adjust, adapt, accommodate, favor, further, second, to be favorable
  429. subadmiratio, subadmirationis f
  430. superadmiro 1
    admire at exceedingly, wonder at exceedingly
  431. successus, successus m
    advance, approach, succession of time, continuance, happy issue, good result, success, posterity
  432. suasus, suasus m
    advice, persuasion, advising, persuading
  433. suadeo 2
    advise, recommend, exhort, urge, persuade, induce, impel, recommend, advocate, speak in favor
  434. suasorie
  435. socialia, socialium n
    affairs of the confederates
  436. spleneticus splenetica, spleneticum
    affected with spleen, splenetic, hypochondriac
  437. spleniacus, spleniaca, spleniacum
    affected with spleen, splenetic, hypochondriac
  438. splenicus, splenica, splenicum
    affected with spleen, splenetic, hypochondriac
  439. spleniticus splenitica, spleniticum
    affected with spleen, splenetic, hypochondriac
  440. spasticus, spastica, spasticum
    afflicted with the cramp or spasms, spastic
  441. secundina, secundinae f
    after birth
  442. seniliter
    after the manner of an old person
  443. suatim (2)
    after the manner of swine, swinishly
  444. secundum
    after, behind, afterwards, in the next place, secondly
  445. senica, senicae f
    aged person, old man, old woman
  446. senectus, senecta, senectum
    aged, very old
  447. solita dierum singulorum descriptio
  448. solita dierum singulorum ratio
  449. solita rerum descriptio
  450. solita rerum ratio
  451. sequester, sequestris m
    agent, go between, mediator
  452. secundum + Akk.
    agreeably to, in accordance with, according to, in favor of, to the advantage of
  453. symphonium, symphonii n
    agreement of sounds, concord, harmony, symphony
  454. symphonia, symphoniae f
    agreement of sounds, concord, harmony, symphony, signal in war, kind of musical instrument
  455. societas agricolaris
    agricultural enterprise
  456. subministro 1
    aid by giving, give, furnish, afford, supply
  457. sumministro 1
    aid by giving, give, furnish, afford, supply
  458. societas aeronautica
  459. statio aeronautica
    airport, airdrome, aerodrome
  460. sedator, sedatoris m
    allayer, calmer, quieter
  461. sedamen, sedaminis n
    allaying, allayment, sedative
  462. sedatio, sedationis f
    allaying, assuaging, calming of the passions
  463. societas, societatis f
  464. sociale foedus
    alliance, federal cooperative, federation
  465. stagnum, stagni n (2)
    alloy of silver and lead, tin
  466. stannum, stanni n
    alloy of silver and lead, tin
  467. stratiotes, stratiotae m
    aloe-leaved watersoldier, great duck-weed
  468. solitarius, solitaria, solitarium
    alone, by itself, lonely, solitary
  469. solum
    alone, only, merely, barely
  470. solus, sola, solum
    alone, only, single, sole, lonely, solitary, forsaken, deserted, unfrequented, desert
  471. superintellego 3
    also understand, understand in addition, understand additionally
  472. stypteria, stypteriae f
  473. styptiria, styptiriae f
  474. stypteriazusa, stypteriazusae f
  475. secubito 1
    always sleep alone
  476. sucina, sucinorum n
    amber jewellery
  477. succinacius, succinacia, succinacium
    amber-coloured, amber
  478. sucinacius, sucinacia, sucinacium
    amber-coloured, amber
  479. succinum, succini n
  480. sucinum, sucini n
  481. subsessa, subsessae f
    ambush, ambuscade
  482. semiuncialis, semiunciale
    amounting to a half ounce
  483. semuncialis, semunciale
    amounting to a half ounce
  484. scripularis, scripulare
    amounting to a scruple, of a scruple
  485. stillarium, stillarii n
    an added drop, a trifling addition
  486. senex, senis m
    an aged person, an old man
  487. simia, simiae f
    an ape
  488. structura, structurae f
    an architectural fitting together, building, erecting, mode of building, construction, erection, edifice, structure, arrangement, order
  489. serichatum, serichati n
    an aromatic plant
  490. sequax, sequacis
    an attendant, follower
  491. sequax, sequacis m
    an attendant, follower
  492. stalagmium, stalagmii n
    an ear-drop, pendant
  493. scolymos, scolymi m
    an edible kind of thistle, caraoon
  494. scelus, sceleris n
    an evil deed, a wicked action, a heinous action, an impious action, a crime, a sin, enormity, wickedness
  495. scelerator, sceleratoris m
    an evil doer, a wretch
  496. schedium, schedii n
    an extemporaneous poem
  497. spalax, spalacis f
    an herb now unknown
  498. statice, statices f
    an herb of an astringent quality
  499. septemnerva, septemnervae f
    an herb, called also plantago
  500. sesquihora, sesquihorae f
    an hour and a half
  501. scandalum, scandali n
    an inducement to sin, a temptation
  502. succonditor, succonditoris m
    an inferior officer in the Circensian games
  503. siriasis, siriasis f
    an inflammatory disease of children, siriasis
  504. scalptorium, scalptorii n
    an instrument for scratching one's self
  505. sesquiobolus, sesquiobol m
    an obolus and a half
  506. saurex, sauricis m
    an owl bird
  507. saurix, sauricis m
    an owl bird
  508. sorix, soricis m
    an owl bird
  509. scrapta, scraptae f
    an unchaste woman
  510. scratia, scratiae f
    an unchaste woman
  511. scratta, scrattae f
    an unchaste woman
  512. scrattia, scrattiae f
    an unchaste woman
  513. spinturnix, spinturnicis f
    an unsightly bird, Eagle Owl
  514. sentiendi facultatis privatio
    anaesthesia, narcosis
  515. succensio, succensionis f
    anger, irritation, indignation
  516. suscensio, suscensionis f
    anger, irritation, indignation
  517. stomachose
    angrily, peevishly
  518. subterlino 3
    anoint underneath
  519. synchrisma, synchrismatis n
  520. stibi, stibis n
    antimony, a sulphuret of antimony, stibium
  521. stibium, stibii n
    antimony, a sulphuret of antimony, stibium
  522. stimmi, stimmis n
    antimony, a sulphuret of antimony, stibium
  523. silex, silicis m
    any hard stone, pebble stone, flint, flint stone, rock, crag
  524. stridor, stridoris m
    any harsh sound, any shrill sound, any hissing sound, any grating sound, any creaking sound, creaking, hissing, rattling, buzzing, whizzing, whistling
  525. subscriptio, subscriptionis f
    Any thing written underneath, subscription, warrant, list, register
  526. segredior 5
    apart, separately
  527. sensilocus, sensiloca, sensilocum
    appealing to the senses, sensual
  528. superapparitio, superapparitionis f
    appearance above
  529. spectrum, spectri n
    appearance, form, image
  530. superordino 1
    appoint in addition, add something to
  531. scisco 3
    appoint, enact, decree, ordain
  532. status, stata, statum
    appointed, fixed, regular, moderate, average, normal
  533. succinctorium, succinctorii n
  534. suspicax, suspicacis
    apt to suspect, distrustful, suspicious, that excites mistrust, suspicious
  535. seiromastes, seiromastae m
    arbed lance
  536. suspensura, suspensurae f
    arching, vaulting, arched work, arch
  537. suspensio, suspensionis f
    arching, vaulting, arched work, imperfect pronunciation of a letter
  538. superargumentor 1
    argue over and above, prove besides
  539. suspicionem affero alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise someone's suspicion
  540. suspicionem commoveo alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise suspicion in someone
  541. suspicionem excito alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise suspicion in someone
  542. suspicionem facio alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise suspicion in someone
  543. suspicionem inicio alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise suspicion in someone
  544. suspicionem moveo alicui
    arouse suspicion in someone, raise suspicion in someone
  545. suspicionem moveo
    arouse suspicion, raise suspicion
  546. satelles fabricatus
    artificial satellite
  547. sic
    as follows, in the following manner, as I do it, as you see, in the manner mentioned, under these circumstances, accordingly, hence
  548. saxeus, saxea, saxeum
    as hard as stone
  549. simul atque
    as soon as
  550. solite
    as usual
  551. summa imperii mihi defertur
    ascend to supremacy
  552. scitatio, scitationis f
    asking, inquiring
  553. sciscitatio, sciscitationis f
    asking, inquiry
  554. sicarius, sicarii m
    assassin, murderer
  555. subadsentiens, subadsentientis
    assenting a little, yielding a little
  556. subassentiens, subassentientis
    assenting a little, yielding a little
  557. sedulitas, sedulitatis f
    assiduity, application, zeal, earnestness, sedulousness, sedulity
  558. subornatrix, subornatricis f
    assistant of the ōrnātrīx
  559. subadiuva, subadiuvae m
  560. subadiuvans, subadiuvantis m
  561. Societas externae politiae amplectendae Germanica (DGAP)
    association, think tank, advocacy group
  562. stypticus, styptica, stypticum
    astringens, styptic
  563. stalticum, staltici n
  564. stalticus, staltica, stalticum
    astringent, contracting, attracting, tightening
  565. sorsum
    asunder, separately, apart
  566. sublucanis temporibus
    at dawn, in the early morning
  567. sub galli cantum
    at daybreak, at cock-crowing
  568. summum
    at most, at the most, not more than
  569. simitu
    at once, at the same time, together
  570. simitur
    at once, at the same time, together
  571. suis opibus
    at one's own expense, at one's own charge, at one's own expenses, at one's own cost
  572. summo carmine
    at the end of the song
  573. summa aestate
    at the height of summer
  574. supremo in tempore
    at the most critical moment
  575. simul
    at the same time, together, at once, as soon as, also, likewise
  576. solito tempore
    at the usual time
  577. septimana vergente
    at the weekend
  578. scalas moenibus applico (adplico)
    attach storm ladders to the wall
  579. summum bonum in virtute pono
    attach the highest value to virtue
  580. stipator, stipatoris m
    attendant of a nobleman, attendant, bodyguard
  581. stipatrix, stipatricis f
    attendant upon, thronging in attendance
  582. societas autocinetica
    automobile company
  583. suppetilis, suppetile
    auxiliary, helpful, useful
  584. suppetulis, suppetule
    auxiliary, helpful, useful
  585. suspicionem a me depello
    avert suspicion from oneself
  586. suspicionem a me propulso
    avert suspicion from oneself
  587. suscitator, suscitatoris m
    awakener, resuscitator
  588. suscitatio, suscitationis f
    awakening, resuscitation
  589. scaevus, scaeva, scaevum
    awkward, perverse, stupid, silly
  590. scaevitas, scaevitatis f
    awkwardness, perverseness, unskilfulness
  591. sinisteritas, sinisteritatis f
    awkwardness, untowardness, perversity
  592. subula, subulae f
    awl, a very small weapon
  593. securifer, securifera, securiferum
    axe bearing, armed with a battle axe
  594. securiger, securigera, securigerum
    axe bearing, armed with a battle axe
  595. securis, securis f
    axe, hatchet, blow, death blow
  596. sermocinator, sermocinatoris m
  597. suppus, suppa, suppum
  598. supinus, supina, supinum
    backwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine, going back, retrograde, sloping, inclined, stretched out, extended, careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, with head thrown back, haughty, proud
  599. scelerate
    bad, impious, wicked, infamous, vicious, flagitious
  600. sceleratus, scelerata, sceleratum
    bad, impious, wicked, infamous, vicious, flagitious
  601. sinistre
    badly, wrongly, perversely
  602. siliginarius, siliginarii m
    baker of wheat flour
  603. similaginarius, similaginaria, similaginarium
    baking with finest wheat flour
  604. sphaerista, sphaeristae m
  605. spaera, spaerae f
    ball, globe, sphere
  606. sphaera, sphaerae f
    ball, globe, sphere
  607. sphera, spherae f
    ball, globe, sphere
  608. secta, sectae f
    band of robbers
  609. stroppus, stroppi m
    band, thong, strap
  610. struppus, struppi m
    band, thong, strap
  611. sera, serae f
    bar for fastening doors
  612. sepimen, sepiminis n
    barrier, enclosure, hedge, fencing, fence
  613. sepimentum, sepimenti n
    barrier, enclosure, hedge, fencing, fence
  614. suffusus, suffusa, suffusum
    bashful, shamefaced, prudish, modest
  615. sententia summa
    basic Idea
  616. semina rerum
    basic materials of nature
  617. scaphium, scaphii n
    basin in the form of a boat
  618. scirpiculus, scirpiculi m
    basket made of rushes, rush basket
  619. sirpiculus, sirpicula, sirpiculum
    basket made of rushes, rush basket
  620. sirpiculus, sirpiculi m
    basket made of rushes, rush basket
  621. surpiculus, surpiculi m
    basket made of rushes, rush basket
  622. salix viminea
    basket willow
  623. sirpea,sirpeae f
    basket work of rushes, body of a wagon
  624. sirpia, sirpiae f
    basket work of rushes, body of a wagon
  625. subdubito 1
    be a little doubtful, be a little undecided, have some hesitation
  626. servio 4
    be a servant, be a slave, serve, be in service, help, assist, be serviceable to, be useful for
  627. stupefio
    be amazed, be upset, lose your temper, go berserk
  628. sum pro aliquo
    be an advantage to sb, , be an asset to sb,
  629. somno opprimor
    be assaulted by sleep
  630. summa necessitudine aliquem contingo
    be associated with sombody
  631. suppeto 3
    be at hand, be in store, be present, be equal to, be sufficient for, suffice, agree with, correspond to, ask in place of another, to personate another in asking
  632. somno experrectus sum
    be awake from sleep
  633. somno excutior
    be awakened from sleep
  634. summa familiaritate coniunctus sum cum aliquo
    be bound together in the deepest friendship
  635. supra caput sum
    be burdensome, be annoying
  636. supra caput sum
    be close at hand
  637. sublate dico
    be concealed beneath, , be concealed below, be hidden underneath
  638. sensu audiendi careo
    be deaf
  639. sordeo 2
    be dirty, be filthy, be foul, be mean, be base, be low, be sordid, seem base, seem paltry, seem despised, seem slighted, held of no account, seem paltry, seem of small account
  640. studeo 2
    be eager , be zealous, take pains about, be diligent in, be anxious about, be busy one’s self with, strive after, apply one’s self to, pursue some course of action, desire, wish
  641. summe exspecto, quidnam ...
    be eager to learn
  642. subtervaco 1
    be empty below
  643. suffragium habeo
    be entitled to vote
  644. suppedito 1
    be fully supplied, be in abundance, be at hand, be in store, have in abundance, abound, be rich in, be enough, be sufficient, suffice, be fit for, be equal to, be a match for
  645. superbio 4
    be haughty, be proud, take pride in a thing, disdains, be superb, be splendid, be magnificent
  646. summo ingenio praeditus sum
    be highly talented
  647. sum in ambiguo
    be in an uncertain position
  648. sum cum aliquo
    be in cahoots with sb,
  649. sentino 1
    be in difficulty, be in danger
  650. surio 4
    be in heat
  651. summae imperii praesum
    be in supreme command
  652. suis legibus uti
    be independent
  653. sumptui parco
    be inexpensive
  654. succenseo 2
    be inflamed with anger, be angry, be irritated, be enraged
  655. suscenseo 2
    be inflamed with anger, be angry, be irritated, be enraged
  656. stomachor 1
    be irritated, be peevish, be pettish, be vexed, be angry, be out of humor, fume, fret, be angry, be vexed
  657. sum in aliquem locum
    be located somewhere
  658. sessilis, sessile
    be longing to sitting, fit for sitting upon, low, dwarf
  659. supereffulgeo 2
    be more than effulgent
  660. sileo 2
    be noiseless, still, silen, keep silence, not to speak of, to keep silent respecting a thing, be still, be quiet, remain inactive, rest, cease
  661. summa gloria floreo
    be on the crest of my fame
  662. superfio
    be over and above, be left, remain
  663. supersum
    be over and above, be left, remain, exist still, live after, outlive, be still alive, survive, be in abundance, abound, be in excess, be superabundant, be superfluous, be present, serve by being present, assist, serve as an advocate, be over, be beyond, be prominent
  664. superstito 1
    be over, be remaining
  665. somno opprimor
    be overcome by sleep
  666. supplicio afficior
    be put to death, be executed
  667. sedeo 2
    be quieted
  668. successorem accipio
    be removed from office
  669. supplicio aliquem coerceo
    be sent to punishment
  670. stello 1
    be set with star, be covered with star
  671. subtimeo 2
    be somewhat afraid, fear a little
  672. subirascor 3
    be somewhat angry
  673. suppudet
    be somewhat ashamed
  674. subdiffido 3
    be somewhat distrustful
  675. subvereor 2
    be somewhat fearful, be somewhat apprehensive
  676. squaleo 2
    be stiff, be rough, be desert, be untilled, be waste, mourn in squalid garments
  677. stupeo 2
    be struck senseless, be stunned, be benumbed, be struck aghast, be astonished, be astounded, be amazed, be confounded, be stupefied, be astonished, be amazed at, wonder at any thing
  678. subservio 4
    be subject to, serve, comply with, humor, accommodate one’s self to
  679. somno captus sum
    be sunk in sleep
  680. somno oppressus sum
    be sunk in sleep
  681. supervaco 1
    be superfluous
  682. suspicionem alicuius rei habeo
    be suspect of something, be suspicious of something
  683. suspector 1
    be suspect, be under suspicion
  684. suspicione non careo
    be suspect, be under suspicion
  685. somno vincor
    be unable to resist sleep
  686. subsum
    be under, be among, be behind, be near, be close, be at hand, be near, approach, be underneath, be at the bottom, be under, exist under, lie concealed in
  687. superabundo 1
    be very abundant, superabound
  688. stritto 1
    be weak in the feet
  689. studeo 2
    be zealous for any one, be friendly, be attached to one, be favorable to one, be favor, be apply one’s self to learning, be apply one’s self to study, be diligent in study
  690. sum
    be, exist, live, happen, occur, befall, take place, be present, be at a place, depend upon, rest with, be of, belong to, be of use for, serve for
  691. sorbitio fabaria
    bean soup, soup of beans
  692. sumptus tolero
    bear the costs
  693. sphondylion, sphondylii n
    bear’s-foot, bear’s-wort, spicknel
  694. sphondylium, sphondylii n
    bear’s-foot, bear’s-wort, spicknel
  695. spondilium, spondilii n
    bear’s-foot, bear’s-wort, spicknel
  696. spondylion, spondylii n
    bear’s-foot, bear’s-wort, spicknel
  697. sustentabilis, sustentabile
  698. subvector, subvectoris m
    bearer, carrier, conveyer
  699. sesquioctavus decimus, sesquioctava decima, sesquioctavum decimum
    bearing the ratio of nineteen to eighteen
  700. silviger, silvigera, silvigerum
    bearing woods, wooded, woody
  701. sufferentia, sufferentiae f
    bearing, enduring, toleration, sufferance
  702. subiugale, subiugalis n
    beast of burden
  703. sugillo 1
    beat black-and blue, flout, jeer, taunt, scoff at, insult, revile, beat into one, suggest
  704. symbolae, symbolarum f
    beatings, floggings
  705. scitus, scita, scitum
    beautiful, elegant, fine
  706. sopior 4
    became unconscious, became senseless, was stunned, be laid to rest, be laid to die
  707. splendesco 3
    become bright, become shining, derive lustre
  708. surdesco 3
    become deaf
  709. sordesco 3
    become dirty, grow filthy, become wild, lie untilled, be mean, be vile
  710. sicco 1
    become dry, get dry
  711. solidesco 3
    become firm, become solid, whole, unite, grow together
  712. subdeficio 5
    become more and more feeble, fail somewhat
  713. situ pcorrumpor 3
    become mouldy, become musty
  714. subhorresco 3
    become rough from below, stormy from below, boil up
  715. segnesco 3
    become slow, abate, decrease
  716. silesco 3
    become still, become silent, become calm
  717. spissesco 3
    become thick, thicken, condense
  718. suesco 3
    become used, become accustomed, accustom, habituate, train
  719. stratum, strati n
    bed, covering, coverlet, quilt, blanket, pillow, bolster, bed, couch, horsecloth, housing, saddle, pavement
  720. stroma, stromatis n
    bedcovering, coverlet
  721. stratorium, stratoriī n
  722. seminium, seminii n
    begetting of animals, procreation of animals, race of animals, stock of animals, breed of animals
  723. sperare videor
    being allowed to hope
  724. singularitas, singularitatis f
    being alone, being single, singleness, singular number, unity, number one
  725. solitudo, solitudinis f
    being alone, being solitary, loneliness, solitariness, solitude, lonely place, desert, wilderness
  726. solitas, solitatis f
    being alone, loneliness, solitude
  727. situs, situs m
    being laid, being placed, lying, manner of lying, situation, local position, site of a thing, a quarter of the world, region, rust, mould, mustiness, dust, dirt, neglect, idleness, absence of use, rusting, moulding, wasting away, dulness, inactivity
  728. sectarius vervex
  729. strophoma, strophomatis n
    bellyache, gripes, colic
  730. strophus, strophi m
    bellyache, gripes, colic
  731. sudatorius, sudatoria, sudatorium
    belonging to sweating, serving for sweating, sudatory
  732. sphaeralis, sphaerale
    belonging to a ball, globular, spherical
  733. sphaericus, sphaerica, sphaericum
    belonging to a ball, spherical
  734. sphericus, spherica, sphericum
    belonging to a ball, spherical
  735. symposiacus, symposiaca, symposiacum
    belonging to a banquet, convivial, symposiac
  736. sonarius, sonaria, sonarium
    belonging to a belt, belonging to a girdle
  737. sellularius, sellularia, sellularium
    belonging to a chair:
  738. scalaris, scalare
    belonging to a flight of steps, belonging to a ladder
  739. semissalis, semissale
    belonging to a half as
  740. semissarius, semissaria, semissarium
    belonging to a half as, who inherits one half
  741. specularis, speculare
    belonging to a mirror, like a mirror
  742. subsidiarius, subsidiaria, subsidiarium
    belonging to a reserve, reserve-, subsidiary, serving for support
  743. subsidialis, subsidiale
    belonging to a reserve, subsidiary
  744. scholaris, scholare
    belonging to a school
  745. scolaris, scolare
    belonging to a school
  746. scholasticus, scholastica, scholasticum
    belonging to a school, scholastic
  747. scholicus, scholica, scholicum
    belonging to a school, school,
  748. scorpionius, scorpionia, scorpionium
    belonging to a scorpion
  749. sellaris, sellare
    belonging to a seat
  750. senatorius, senatoria, senatorium
    belonging to a senator, senatorial
  751. seviralis, sevirale
    belonging to a sexvir
  752. stlatarius, stlataria, stlatarium
    belonging to a ship, brought by ship, costly
  753. sutoricius, sutoricia, sutoricium
    belonging to a shoemaker
  754. sutorius, sutoria, sutorium
    belonging to a shoemaker, belonging to a cobbler
  755. sutrinus, sutrina, sutrinum
    belonging to a shoemaker, belonging to a cobbler, shoemaker’s-
  756. sororius, sororia, sororium
    belonging to a sister, sisterly
  757. servilis, servile
    belonging to a slave, slavish, servile
  758. stratioticus, stratiotica, stratioticum
    belonging to a soldier, soldierlike, military
  759. synanchicus, synanchica, synanchicum
    belonging to a soreness of the throat
  760. scrofinus, scrofina, scrofinum
    belonging to a sow
  761. scrophinus, scrophina, scrophinum
    belonging to a sow
  762. suminatus, suminata, suminatum
    belonging to a sow’s udder, that has the paps on
  763. stellaris, stellare
    belonging to a star, starry
  764. stabularius, stabularia, stabularium
    belonging to a stopping-place, belonging to a stable
  765. syllogisticus, syllogistica, syllogisticum
    belonging to a syllogism, syllogistic
  766. synodalis, synodale
    belonging to a synod, synodal
  767. sepulcralis, sepulcrale
    belonging to a tomb, sepulchral
  768. silvester, silvestris, silvestre
    belonging to a wood, belonging to a forest, overgrown with woods, wooded, woody, growing wild, wild
  769. silvestris, silvestre
    belonging to a wood, belonging to a forest, overgrown with woods, wooded, woody, growing wild, wild
  770. sodaliciarius, sodaliciaria, sodaliciarium
    belonging to an association, belonging to an fellowship
  771. sodalitiarius, sodalitiaria, sodalitiarium
    belonging to an association, belonging to an fellowship
  772. simininus, siminina, simininum
    belonging to apes, of apes
  773. sponsalis, sponsale
    belonging to betrothal, belonging to espousal, belonging to spousal, belonging to sponsal
  774. sponsalicius, sponsalicia, sponsalicium
    belonging to betrothal, spousal
  775. subiunctivus, subiunctiva, subiunctivum
    belonging to binding together, connecting
  776. spiritalis, spiritale
    belonging to breathing, belonging to wind, belonging to air, belonging to spirit, spiritual
  777. spiritualis, spirituale
    belonging to breathing, belonging to wind, belonging to air, belonging to spirit, spiritual
  778. spartarius, spartaria, spartarium
    belonging to broom, bearing broom
  779. structorius, structoria, structorium
    belonging to building, architectural
  780. structilis, structile
    belonging to building, that is built or constructed, that is designed or used for building
  781. sepulturarius, sepulturaria, sepulturarium
    belonging to burial
  782. symphoniacus, symphoniaca, symphoniacum
    belonging to concerts, belonging to music
  783. suasorius, suasoria, suasorium
    belonging to counselling, belonging to persuading, suasory, persuasive, belonging to the suasory species of discourse, hortatory, suasory
  784. scotomaticus, scotomatica, scotomaticum
    belonging to dimness of vision
  785. stercerarius, sterceraria, stercerarium
    belonging to dung
  786. stercorarius, stercoraria, stercorarium
    belonging to dung
  787. sodalicius, sodalicia, sodalicium
    belonging to fellowship, belonging to companionship, pertaining to an unlawful secret association
  788. sodalitius, sodalitia, sodalitium
    belonging to fellowship, belonging to companionship, pertaining to an unlawful secret association
  789. suspendiosus, suspendiosa, suspendiosum
    belonging to hanging, suffered while hanging
  790. semitarius, semitaria, semitarium
    belonging to lanes
  791. spondeus, spondea, spondeum
    belonging to libations
  792. spondius, spondia, spondium
    belonging to libations
  793. stipendiosus, stipendiosa, stipendiosum
    belonging to military servic
  794. senilis, senile
    belonging to old people, aged, senile
  795. stagnatilis, stagnatile
    belonging to ponds, belonging to pools
  796. stagnensis, stagnense
    belonging to ponds, belonging to pools
  797. supputarius, supputaria, supputarium
    belonging to reckoning, belonging to computation
  798. supputatorius, supputatoria, supputatorium
    belonging to reckoning, belonging to computation
  799. sigillaricius, sigillaricia, sigillaricium
    belonging to sealing
  800. signatorius, signatoria, signatorium
    belonging to sealing
  801. seminarius, seminaria, seminarium
    belonging to seed
  802. sementinus, sementina, sementinum
    belonging to seed, belonging to sowing, that occur at seed time, proper for sowing
  803. sementivus, sementiva, sementivum
    belonging to seed, belonging to sowing, that occur at seed time, proper for sowing
  804. separativus, separativa, separativum
    belonging to separation, disjunctive, separative
  805. sequestrarius, sequestraria, sequestrarium
    belonging to sequestration
  806. sexualis, sexuale
    belonging to sex, sexual
  807. surcularius, surcularia, surcularium
    belonging to shoots, belonging to twigs, planted with young trees, living among the twigs, living among branches
  808. sericarius, sericaria, sericarium
    belonging to silks
  809. siricarius, siricaria, siricarium
    belonging to silks
  810. sedentarius, sedentaria, sedentarium
    belonging to sitting, sitting, sedentary
  811. somnurnus, somnurna, somnurnum
    belonging to sleep, seen in sleep
  812. strutheus, struthea, strutheum
    belonging to sparrows
  813. struthius, struthia, struthium
    belonging to sparrows
  814. sermonalis, sermonale
    belonging to speech, speaking
  815. speculatorius, speculatoria, speculatorium
    belonging to spies, belonging to scouts
  816. segetalis, segetale
    belonging to standing crops
  817. statarius, stataria, statarium
    belonging to standing, belonging to standing fast, standing, standing firm, stationary, steady
  818. stramentarius, stramentaria, stramentarium
    belonging to straw
  819. Suburanus, Suburana, Suburanum
    belonging to Subura
  820. successorius, successoria, successorium
    belonging to succession, successory
  821. suillinus, suillina, suillinum
    belonging to swine
  822. suillus, suilla, suillum
    belonging to swine
  823. suarius, suaria, suarium
    belonging to swine, swine-
  824. suinus, suina, suinum
    belonging to swine, swine-
  825. sidereus, siderea, sidereum
    belonging to the constellations, belonging to the stars, starry, heavenly, divine, bright, glittering, shining, excellent, brilliant, divine
  826. siriacus, siriaca, siriacum
    belonging to the dog star, of the dog star
  827. smaragdineus, smaragdinea, smaragdineum
    belonging to the emerald, smaragdine
  828. smaragdinus, smaragdina, smaragdinum
    belonging to the emerald, smaragdine
  829. substantialis, substantiale
    belonging to the essence, belonging to the substance, essential, substantial, substantial, substantive
  830. Septimontialis, Septimontiale
    belonging to the feast of the Seven Hills
  831. solarius, solaria, solarium (solum)
    belonging to the land
  832. scenofactorius, scenofactoria, scenofactorium
    belonging to the making of tents
  833. septemtrionalis, septemtrionale
    belonging to the north, northern, north,
  834. septemtrionarius, septemtrionaria, septemtrionarium
    belonging to the north, northern, north,
  835. septentrionalis, septentrionale
    belonging to the north, northern, north,
  836. septimanus, septimana, septimanum
    belonging to the number seven
  837. septumanus, septumana, septumanum
    belonging to the number seven
  838. septuagenarius, septuagenaria, septuagenarium
    belonging to the number seventy, containing seventy, septuagenarian
  839. sirpicus, sirpica, sirpicum
    belonging to the plant sirpe
  840. sectorius, sectoria, sectorium
    belonging to the purchase of confiscated effects
  841. sotericianus, sotericiana, sotericianum
    belonging to the Saviour
  842. secundarius, secundaria, secundarium
    belonging to the second class, sort, or quality
  843. Sericus, Serica, Sericum
    belonging to the Seres
  844. soricinus, soricina, soricinum
    belonging to the shrew-mouse
  845. Sibyllinus, Sibyllina, Sibyllinum
    belonging to the Sibyl, Sibylline
  846. spinalis, spinale
    belonging to the spine, spinal
  847. spionicus, spionica, spionicum
    belonging to the spionia
  848. scaenalis, scaenale
    belonging to the stage
  849. scaenatilis, scaenatile
    belonging to the stage
  850. scenatilis, scenatile
    belonging to the stage
  851. scaenarius, scaenaria, scaenarium
    belonging to the stage, scenic, dramatic, theatrical
  852. scaenicus, scaenica, scaenicum
    belonging to the stage, scenic, dramatic, theatrical
  853. scenicus, scenica, scenicum
    belonging to the stage, scenic, dramatic, theatrical
  854. scenalis, scenale
    belonging to the stage, scenic, theatrical
  855. scenarius, scenaria, scenarium
    belonging to the stage, scenic, theatrical
  856. sideralis, siderale
    belonging to the stars, sidereal
  857. subiectivus, subiectiva, subiectivum
    belonging to the subject of a proposition, subjective
  858. solstitialis, solstitiale
    belonging to the summer solstice, solstitial, belonging to midsummer, summer heat, belonging to the sun, solar
  859. solarius, solaria, solarium (sol)
    belonging to the sun, sun-, solar, sunny
  860. solaris, solare
    belonging to the sun, sun-, solar, sunny, towards the sun
  861. suffragatorius, suffragatoria, suffragatorium
    belonging to the support of a candidate, recommendatory, suffragatory
  862. superficialis, superficiale
    belonging to the surface, superficial, denoting the superficial content
  863. scripturarius, scripturaria, scripturarium
    belonging to the tax on pastures
  864. supernas, supernatis
    belonging to the upper country, upper, northern
  865. subiugius, subiugia, subiugium
    belonging to the yoke, that is attached to the yoke
  866. stupparius, stupparia, stupparium
    belonging to tow
  867. stipendialis, stipendiale
    belonging to tribute
  868. stipendiarius, stipendiaria, stipendiarium
    belonging to tribute, liable to impost, liable to contribution, tributary, receiving pay, serving for pay, stipendiary
  869. scriptionalis, scriptionale
    belonging to writing
  870. scriptorius, scriptoria, scriptorium
    belonging to writing, writing,
  871. sublunaris, sublunare
    below the moon
  872. subter
    below, beneath, underneath
  873. subtus
    below, beneath, underneath
  874. subter + Abl.
    below, beneath, underneath, under, close to
  875. subter + Akk.
    below, beneath, underneath, under, close to
  876. scutica, scuticae f (scytica, scyticae f)
    belt whip, lash
  877. sona, sonae f
    belt, girdle, zone, kind of herpes, shingles
  878. sedes, sedis f
    bench, chair, throne
  879. supino 1
    bend backwards, lay backwards, place on the back, put on the back, throw on the back, turned over, ploughed up
  880. succlino 1
    bend somewhat, incline somewhat
  881. sinuo 1
    bend, wind, curve, bow, swell out in curves, hollow out, excavate
  882. supinitas, supinitatis f
    bending backwards, lying flat, flatness
  883. sinuamen, sinuaminis n
    bending, bend, curve
  884. sinuatio, sinuationis f
    bending, turning, winding
  885. superflexus, superflexa, superflexum
    bent over
  886. superincurvatus, superincurvata, superincurvatum
    bent over, stooping over
  887. sinus, sinus m
    bent surface, curve, fold, hollow, purse, money, bosom, bay, bight, gulf, basin, hollow, valley, the interior part, the inmost part of a thing
  888. super quam, quod
    besides that
  889. sublino 3
    besmear beneat, anoint beneath, lay on as a groundcolor, prime with any thing, put underneath, underlay
  890. stellans, stellantis
    bestarred, starry, glittering, shining
  891. sponso 1
    betroth, affiance, espouse
  892. sponsalia, sponsaliorum n (sponsalia, um n)
    betrothal, espousal, betrothal feast, betrothal gift
  893. sponsus, sponsi m
    betrothed man, a bridegroom
  894. sposus, sposi m
    betrothed man, a bridegroom
  895. sponsa, sponsae f
    betrothed woman, bride
  896. sperata, speratae f
    betrothed, intended, over, bride
  897. speratus, sperati m
    betrothed, intended, over, bride
  898. sculpo 3
    bilden, meißeln, modellieren, schnitzen
  899. subligo 1
    bind below, tie below, bind on
  900. substringo 3
    bind beneath, bind up, tie up, draw up
  901. sustollo 3
    bind beneath, bind up, tie up, draw up
  902. superdeligo 1
    bind over
  903. superilligo 1
    bind over, bind upon
  904. superstringo 3
    bind together above, draw together above, draw together over
  905. surclo 1
    bind together with twigs
  906. surculo 1
    bind together with twigs
  907. subnecto 3
    bind under, tie under, bind on beneath, add, subjoin
  908. subligatio, subligationis f
    binding below, tying below
  909. subligatura, subligaturae f
    binding below, tying below
  910. suffrenatio, suffrenationis f
    binding down fast, cementing
  911. septimestris partus
    birth after seven months of pregnancy
  912. sales suffusi felle
    biting jokes, sardonic jokes, malicious jokes
  913. sugillatio, sugillationis f
    blackand-blue mark, a livid spot, affronting, insulting
  914. spinus, spini f
    blackthorn, sloe-tree
  915. spinus, spinus f
    blackthorn, sloe-tree
  916. subaccuso 1
    blame somewhat, accuse somewhat
  917. sublaqueo 1
  918. solis ardores
    blazing heat of the sun
  919. status sanguinis
    blood count
  920. sanguis torrens
  921. sanguine decolor
  922. superfloresco 3
    blossoming all over
  923. sufflo 1
    blow forth from below, to blow up, puff out, inflate, got enraged
  924. sufflatio, sufflationis f
    blowing up, puffing up, inflation
  925. scybalon, scybali n
    body dung
  926. sufferveo 2
    boil gently, seethe gently
  927. suffervefio
    boil up
  928. sponsor, sponsoris m
    bondsman, surety, godfather, godmother, sponsor
  929. speculatoria, speculatoriae f
    boot worn by spies, boot worn by scouts
  930. superforo 1
    bore from above
  931. saxigenus, saxigena, saxigenum
    born from stone
  932. subteradnexus, subteradnexa, subteradnexum
    bottom tied to
  933. subterannexus, subterannexa, subterannexum
    bottom tied to
  934. subcumbus, subcumbi m
  935. succumbus, succumbi m
  936. scambus, scamba, scambum
    bow legged, bandy legged
  937. suffercitus, suffercita, suffercitum
  938. sertus, serta, sertum
  939. syntrophium, syntrophii n
  940. surus, suri m
    branch, stake
  941. stigmo 1
    brand, stigmatize
  942. subverbustus, a, um
    branded under the spear
  943. suffringo 3
    break below, break
  944. subrumpo 3
    break off below, destroy
  945. sponsum nego
    break one’s pledge, disown one’s pledge
  946. silentium vinco
    break the silence
  947. suppedo 3
    break wind softly, , fart a little, fart slightly
  948. statumen fluctigerum
  949. sumen, suminis n
    breast of women, sow’s udder, paps of a sow, sow, hog, fat part, richest portion
  950. singulto 1
    breathe out with sobs, gasp away with short sobs
  951. spiro 1
    breathe, blow, draw breath, respire, be favorable, favor, live, be alive, be poetically inspired, have the lyric spirit, be puffed up, be proud, be arrogant, breathe out, exhale, emit, breathe feebly, breathe forth, exhale, breathe into, be full of, show, express, manifest
  952. suspiriosus, suspiriosa, suspiriosum
    breathing deeply, breathing with difficulty, breathing short, asthmatic
  953. suspiritus, suspiritus m
    breathing deeply, breathing with difficulty, deep breath, sigh
  954. spiramentum, spiramenti n
    breathing-hole, airhole, vent, pore, spiracle, breathing space, brief pause, brief interval, instant
  955. spiramen, spiraminis n
    breathing-hole, passage for the breath, air-hole, thrill, vent, breathing, blowing
  956. spiratio, spirationis f
    breathing, breath
  957. spiratus, spiratus m
    breathing, breath
  958. spiritus, spiritus m
    breathing, gentle blowing of air, breath, breeze, air, exhalation, smell, odor, inspiration, breath of life, life, aspiration, hiss of a snake, haughty spirit, haughtiness, pride, arrogance, high spirit, energy, courage, spirit, soul, mind
  959. spiraculum, spiraculi n
    breathinghole, air-hole, vent, spiracle
  960. scrofa, scrofae f
    breeding sow
  961. seminatio, seminationis f
    breeding, propagation
  962. sponsale, sponsalis n
    bridal bed
  963. sponsalis, sponsalis m
    Bridal chamber
  964. sponsus et sponsa
    Bridal pair
  965. sponsus sponsaque
    Bridal pair
  966. succincte
    briefly, concisely, succinctly
  967. succinctim
    briefly, concisely, succinctly
  968. scintilla, scintillae f
    bright point, sparkling point
  969. sudum, sudi n
    bright weather, clear weather
  970. splendidus, splendida, splendidum
    bright, shining, glittering, brilliant, illustrious, distinguished, noble, showy, fine, specious
  971. sudum
  972. splendide
    brightly, brilliantly, splendidly, nobly, intelligibly, ostentatiously
  973. splendifice
    brightly, splendidly
  974. splendentia, splendentiae f
  975. splendificus, splendifica, splendificum
    brilliant, shiny, bright
  976. superefficio 5
    brim over
  977. sulfur, sulfuris n
    brimstone, sulphur
  978. sulphur, sulphuris n
    brimstone, sulphur
  979. subadmoveo 2
    bring close
  980. si quid belli habes, affer!
    bring it on if you have something pretty!
  981. suffragium inire iubeo
    bring sb to the vote
  982. suspicionem confero in aliquem
    bring someone under suspicion, cast suspicion on somebody
  983. signa sustineo
    bring the army to a halt
  984. sermonem alio transfero
    bring the language to something else, give the conversation a different direction, , steer the conversation to another point, change the topic
  985. summatim expono
    bring to the point
  986. subiugo 1
    bring under the yoke, subject, subjugate
  987. subigo 3
    bring under, get under, bring up, get up, bring up to any place, turn up from beneath, break up, dig up, plough, cultivate, work, knead, rub down, sharpen, whet, tame, break, put down, overcome, conquer, subjugate, subject, subdue
  988. subveho 3
    bring up from below, bring, carry, convey, conduct to a place, bring up stream, carry up stream
  989. superingero 3
    bring upon, heap upon
  990. splendorifer, splendorifera, splendoriferum
    bringing brightness, bringing splendor
  991. serenifer, serenifera, sereniferum
    bringing fair weather, clearing up
  992. sereniger, serenigera, serenigerum
    bringing fair weather, clearing up
  993. strenuus, strenua, strenuum
    brisk, nimble, quick, prompt, active, vigorous, strenuous, restless, turbulent
  994. strenue
    briskly, quickly, promptly, actively, strenuously
  995. setiger, setigeri m
    bristle bearer, bristler, boar
  996. setiger, setigera, setigerum
    bristle bearing, having coarse hair, having bristles, bristly, setaceous
  997. seta, setae f
    bristle, stiff hair, spiny leaves, brush made from bristles
  998. scopula, scopulae f
    broom twig
  999. syrus, syri m
    broom, besom
  1000. scopo 1
    brush away, sweep away
  1001. sulfura taedis circumlino
    brush sulphur around the torches
  1002. summas undas stringo
    brush the crest of the wave
  1003. situla, situlae f
    bucket for drawing water, urn used in drawing lots
  1004. situlus, situli m
    bucket for drawing water, urn used in drawing lots
  1005. specialis, specialis m
    buddy, special
  1006. sumptuum futurorum existimatio
    budget planning
  1007. sumptuum futurorum existimatio
  1008. substruo 3
    build beneath, to underbuild, lay
  1009. superinstruo 3
    build over, build upon, arrange over one another
  1010. superaedifico 1
    build upon, build over
  1011. superstruo 3
    build upon, build over, superstruct
  1012. superaedificatio, superaedificationis f
    building upon
  1013. schoenus, schoeni m
  1014. sepultorium, sepultorii n
    burial ground
  1015. sepulcrum, sepulcri n
    burial place, grave, tomb, sepulchre, grave, tomb
  1016. sepultura, sepulturae f
    burial, interment, funeral obsequies, sepulture
  1017. sepulcretum, sepulcreti n
    burialplace, cemetery
  1018. suburo 3
    burn slightly, singe, scorch
  1019. sepulio 4
  1020. sepelio 4
    bury, overwhelm, submerge, destroy, ruin, suppress
  1021. sedule
    busily, diligently, carefully
  1022. sedulo
    busily, diligently, industriously, eagerly, carefully, zealously, unremittingly, assiduously, solicitously, sedulously
  1023. sedulus, sedula, sedulum
    busy, diligent, industrious, zealous, careful, unremitting, solicitous, assiduous, sedulous
  1024. studium, studii n
    busying one’s self about a thing, application to a thing, assiduity, zeal, eagerness, fondness, inclination, desire, exertion, endeavor, study, good-will, affection, attachment, devotion, favor, kindness
  1025. sin
    but if
  1026. sed
  1027. sedum
  1028. sumo 3
    buy, purchase, enjoy, fascinate, charm
  1029. synoneton, synoneti n
    buying up, collecting by purchase
  1030. stillatim
    by drops, drop by drop
  1031. sortito
    by lot, by fate, by destiny
  1032. suis viribus
    by oneself, on its own
  1033. scissim
    by rending, by cleaving, by dividing
  1034. scripulatim
    by scruples
  1035. scrupulatim
    by scruples
  1036. summo iure
    by strict law
  1037. synecdochice
    by synecdoche
  1038. synecdochicus, synecdochica, synecdochicum
    by synecdoche
  1039. sensibiliter
    by the senses, sensibly
  1040. stirpitus
    by the stalk, by the roots, root and branch, stock and stump, utterly
  1041. secivum, secivi n
    cake, pancake
  1042. sura, surae f
    calf of the leg, smaller bone of the leg
  1043. suffragium decretorium fero
    call a second ballot
  1044. sevoco 1
    call apart, call aside, call away, call off, separate, withdraw, remove
  1045. subclamo 1
    call out, cry out, shout, exclaim
  1046. succlamo 1
    call out, cry out, shout, exclaim
  1047. succlamatio, succlamationis f
    calling out, crying out, shouting, acclamation
  1048. sedate
    calmly, tranquilly, sedately
  1049. stratopedon, stratopedi n
  1050. stratopedum, stratopedi n
  1051. sedibilis, sedibile
    capable of being sat upon
  1052. secabilitas, secabilitatis f
    capacity for being cut or divided
  1053. sensualitas, sensualitatis f
    capacity for sensation, sensibility
  1054. sollicite
    carefully, punctiliously, anxiously, with grief, with solicitude
  1055. secure
    carelessly, heedlessly, fearlessly, unconcernedly, quietly, safely, securely
  1056. supine
    carelessly, negligently
  1057. socorditer
    carelessly, negligently, slothfully
  1058. subblandior 4
    caress a little, fondle a little
  1059. suppalpor 1
    caress a little, fondle a little, wheedle a little
  1060. sollemnia antequadragesimalia
  1061. subiunctorium, subiunctorii n
    carriage drawn by animals, beast used for draught
  1062. superinungo 3
    carry above
  1063. subterduco 3
    carry off secretly, to steal away any thing
  1064. superveho 3
    carry over
  1065. superfero
    carry over, carry beyond, place over, put over
  1066. supporto 1
    carry to a place, bring to a place, convey to a place
  1067. suffero
    carry under, to put under, lay under, offer, proffer, hold up, bear, support, sustain, take upon one’s self, undergo, bear, endure, suffer an evil
  1068. suggero 3
    carry, bring, put under, lay under, heap up, raise, erect, build, furnish, afford, supply, excite, produce, put upon, imposed upon, suggest, advise, prompt, offer, bring to mind, assign, add, subjoin
  1069. subvectus, subvectus m
    carrying, conveying, conveyance
  1070. subvectio, subvectionis f
    carrying, transporting, conveying, conveyance
  1071. secamenta, secamentorum n
    carved work
  1072. scissor, scissoris m
  1073. scrinium, scrinii n
    case, chest, box for keeping books, box for keeping papers, box for keeping letters, book box, letter case, escritoir
  1074. sortior 4
    cast lots, draw lots, fix, assign by lot, appoint by lot, allot, obtain by lot, receive by lot, share, divide, distribute, choose, select, obtain, receive
  1075. suffragium fero
    cast one's ballot
  1076. superiacio 5
    cast over, throw over, cast upon, throw upon, overdo, exaggerate, overtop with any thing
  1077. supinatio, supinationis f
    casting back
  1078. sortitio, sortitionis f
    casting of lots, drawing of lots, choosing by lot, determining by lot, sortition
  1079. sortitus, sortitus m
    casting of lots, drawing of lots, lot, fate, destiny
  1080. sectio, sectionis f
  1081. sollicito 1
    cause anxiety, cause uneasiness, distress, fill with apprehension, cause fear, cause suspense of the mind, cause anxiety for the future, grieve, afflict, make wretched, arouse, excite, incite, urge to wrong-doing, inveigle, seduce, incite, stimulate, provoke, tempt, abet
  1082. scandalum, scandali n
    cause of offence
  1083. subrogo 1
    cause to be chosen in place of another, put in another’s place, substitute
  1084. surrogo 1
    cause to be chosen in place of another, put in another’s place, substitute
  1085. suspendo 3
    cause to be suspended, make uncertain, make doubtful, keep in suspense, stay, stop, check, interrupt, suspend, hang upon, fix upon
  1086. subradio 1
    cause to beam forth, indicate
  1087. surradio 1
    cause to beam forth, indicate
  1088. spumo 1
    cause to foam, cause to foam forth, cover with foam
  1089. sedo 1
    cause to sit, allay, settle, still, calm, assuage, appease, quiet, check, end, stop, stay
  1090. sisto 3 (tr.)
    cause to stand, place, produce in court, arrest, stop, end, put an end to
  1091. statuo 3
    cause to stand, set up, set, station, fix in an upright position, set in the ground, erect, plant, place, set forth, construct and place, set up after constructing, make, establish, found, build, cause to stand still, cause to stop, cause to stand firm
  1092. sufficio 5
    cause to take the place of, supply instead of, furnish as a substitute, be sufficient, suffice, avail for, meet the need of, satisfy
  1093. somnificus, somnifica, somnificum
    causing sleep, narcotic
  1094. spelunca latronum
    cave of robbers
  1095. spelaeum, spelaei n
    cave, cavern, den
  1096. speleum, spelei n
    cave, cavern, den
  1097. spelunca, speluncae f
    cave, cavern, den
  1098. specus, specus m
    cave, cavern, grot, den, cavity, chasm, ditch, drain, canal, channel, covered water-course, pit in mines
  1099. submuto 1
    change, interchange, substitute one thing for another
  1100. summuto 1
    change, interchange, substitute one thing for another
  1101. stephaneplocos, stephaneploci f
  1102. schoenus, schoeni m
    cheap parfume
  1103. savillum, savilli n
    cheese cake
  1104. savillum, savilli n
  1105. scutulata, scutulatorum n
    chequered garment
  1106. supermando 3
    chew after something else, eat after something else
  1107. stymma, stymmatis n
    chief ingredient of an unguent, foundation of an unguent
  1108. sufes, sufetis m
    chief magistrate of the Carthaginians, sufet
  1109. suffes, suffetis m
    chief magistrate of the Carthaginians, sufet
  1110. summatus, summatus m
    chief rule, supremacy, sovereignty
  1111. supertextor, supertextoris m
  1112. soligena, soligenae m
    child of the Sun
  1113. Sinensis, Sinense
  1114. superordinatio, superordinationis f
    choice of a bishop’s successor
  1115. spirarches, spirarchae m
    choir leader
  1116. strangulator, strangulatoris m
    choker, strangler
  1117. suffocatio, suffocationis f
    choking, stifling, suffocating
  1118. suffoco 1
    choking, stifling, suffocating, starve
  1119. strangulatus, strangulatus m
    choking, strangling
  1120. strangulatio, strangulationis f
    choking, suffocating, strangulation
  1121. subsortior 4
    choose by lot as a substitute
  1122. subdeligo 3
  1123. subdescendo 3
  1124. selector, selectoris m
    chooser, selecter
  1125. subsortitio, subsortitionis f
    choosing of substitutes by lot
  1126. selectio, selectionis f
    choosing out, choice, selection
  1127. sensim atque summissim rideo
  1128. Septimontium, Septimontii n
    circuit of the Seven Hills
  1129. status, status m
    civil status, condition, position, circumstances, constitution, institutions, form of government, characteristic, mark, character, essential feature, mood of the verb
  1130. superplaudo 3
    clap over a thing, flap over a thing, flap at a thing
  1131. sonitus armorum
    clash of arms
  1132. smegma, smegmatis n
    cleansing medicine, detergent
  1133. smigma, smigmatis n
    cleansing medicine, detergent
  1134. smecticus, smectica, smecticum
    cleansing, abstersive
  1135. surculo 1
    clear of shoots, clear of sprouts, prune, trim, surculate
  1136. serenum, sereni n
    clear sky, bright sky, serene sky, fair weather
  1137. serenitas, serenitatis f
    clear weather, fair weather, serene weather, fairness, serenity, Serene Highness
  1138. serenus, serena, serenum
    clear, fair, bright, serene, cheerful, glad, joyous, tranquil
  1139. serenificus, serenifica, serenificum
    cleared up, clear, serene
  1140. serene
    clearly, brightly
  1141. signate
    clearly, distinctly
  1142. signatim
    clearly, distinctly
  1143. significanter
    clearly, distinctly, expressly, significantly, graphically
  1144. scissio, scissionis f
    cleaving, dividing, scission
  1145. summo 1
    climax, culminate, culminationate
  1146. superscendo 3
    climb over, step over
  1147. sufflamen, sufflaminis n
    clog, break, drag-chain, hinderance, impediment
  1148. striculus, stricula, striculum
    close-haired, rau-haired
  1149. systylos, systylon
  1150. stricte
    closely, tightl, accurately
  1151. strictim
    closely, tightl, accurately
  1152. sudarium, sudarii n
    cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief
  1153. supervestio 4
    clothe upon, clothe
  1154. semipullatus, semipullata, semipullatum
    clothed in half black
  1155. semiatratus, semiatrata, semiatratum
    clothed in half black, in half mourning
  1156. sericatus, sericata, sericatum
    clothed in Seric stuffs, dressed in silks
  1157. scurra, scurrae m
    clown jester, funbird, monkey, harlequin, farm dwarf, crazy fool
  1158. scurrilis, scurrile
    clownish, funny, farcical, jokerish
  1159. socius confoederatus
    coalition partner
  1160. stupa, stupae f
    coarse part of flax, tow, hards, oakum
  1161. stuppa, stuppae f
    coarse part of flax, tow, hards, oakum
  1162. stipidosus, stipidosa, stipidosum
    coarse, clumsy, bulky, uncouth
  1163. solox, solocis
    coarse, harsh, bristly
  1164. sutriballus, sutriballi m
  1165. sportulor 1
    collect donations
  1166. sexprimi, sexprimorum m
    college of magistrates in provincial towns, consisting of six members
  1167. synodus, synodi f
    college of priests, ecclesiastical assembly, ecclesiastical council, synod
  1168. septemviri, septemvirorum m
    college of seven men, septemvirs
  1169. sermo cotidianus (cottidianus)
    colloquial language
  1170. societas armorum
    combat alliance, fighting alliance, battle alliance
  1171. subsalto 1
    come jumping along, jumping along
  1172. supervenio 4
    come over, come upon, come to, come in addition to, overtake, come up, arrive, fall upon, leap, cover, be added to, go beyond, surpass, exceed, excel
  1173. stationem facio
    come to a standstill, stand still
  1174. suppetior 1
    come to the aid of, assist, succor, run to aid
  1175. subeo
    come under any thing, go under any thing, come or go up to, approach, draw near, advance to a place, proceed to a place, come on, go on, follow, succeed, go down, sink, come up, spring up
  1176. succedit animo
    come up with the idea, have the idea
  1177. subvenio 4
    come up, advance to one’s assistance, come to one’s assistance, aid, assist, relieve, succor, obviate, remedy, heal, cure a disease, come up, come, come to one’s mind, occur to him
  1178. subvento 1
    come with assistance to one
  1179. stella cincinnata
  1180. stella comans
  1181. stella crinita
  1182. solor 1
    comfort, console, solace, soothe, ease, lighten, lessen, relieve, assuage, mitigate
  1183. solamen, solaminis n
    comfort, relief, solace, consolation
  1184. solator, solatoris m
    comforter, consoler
  1185. successio, successionis f
    coming into the place of another, following after, succeeding, succession, good issue, success
  1186. succurricius, succurricia, succurricium
    coming to the rescue, helping
  1187. subdistinctio, subdistinctionis f
    comma, colon
  1188. scelus committo
    commit a crime
  1189. sensus, sensus m
    common feelings of humanity, moral sense, taste, discretion, tact
  1190. sermo familaris et cotidianus
    common parlance
  1191. sensus communis
    common sense
  1192. sermunculus, sermunculi m
    common talk, tittletattle, report, rumor, little discourse
  1193. spissitas, spissitatis f
    compactness, density
  1194. socia, sociae f
    companion, partner, co-owner
  1195. socialis, sociale
    companionable, sociable, social, belonging to allies, belonging to confederates, allied, confederate, conjugal, nuptial
  1196. societas mercatoria
  1197. simile, similis n
    comparison, likeness, parallel case, parallel example, resemblance
  1198. sufficientia sui
    complacency, self-satisfaction
  1199. summa fides
    complete confidence
  1200. sedatus, sedata, sedatum
    composed, moderate, calm, quiet, tranquil, sedate
  1201. scriptura, scripturae f
    composing, composition
  1202. stringo 3
    compress, abridge, hold in check, rule, sway, waste, consume, reduce, touch, move, affect, affect painfully, wound, pain
  1203. semiquinarius, semiquinaria, semiquinarium
    comprising half of five
  1204. semiseptenarius, semiseptenaria, semiseptenarium
    comprising half of seven
  1205. sodaliciarius, sodaliciarii m
    comrade, bosomfriend
  1206. sodalitiarius, sodalitiarii m
    comrade, bosomfriend
  1207. superfeto 1
    conceive anew while still with young, superfetate
  1208. superfoeto 1
    conceive anew while still with young, superfetate
  1209. spissatio, spissationis f
    condensation, packing
  1210. servitium, servitii n
    condition of a slave, condition of a servant, slavery, servitude, body of servants, class of slaves
  1211. substitutivus, substitutiva, substitutivum
  1212. suffragium do
    confer the right to vote
  1213. stupido 1
    confound, amaze, astonish
  1214. synchysis, synchysis f
  1215. synagoga, synagogae f
    congregation, synagogue of Jews
  1216. suspicabilis, suspicabile
  1217. synemmenon, synemmeni n
    conjoined, name of a certain series of musical sounds
  1218. subcuneo 1
    connect with wedges, wedge
  1219. syntaxis, syntaxis f
    connection of words
  1220. servatorium, servatorii n
    conservatory, magazine
  1221. spiceus, spicea, spiceum
    consisting of ears of corn
  1222. sublicius, sublicia, sublicium
    consisting of piles, resting upon piles
  1223. stimuleus, stimulea, stimuleum
    consisting of prickles, consisting of goads
  1224. senarius, senaria, senarium
    consisting of six each
  1225. spondaicus, spondaica, spondaicum
    consisting of spondees, spondaic
  1226. spondiacus, spondiaca, spondiacum
    consisting of spondees, spondaic
  1227. syllogismaticus, syllogismatica, syllogismaticum
    consisting of syllogisms, syllogistic
  1228. staminatus, staminata, staminatum
    consisting of threads
  1229. stamineus, staminea, stamineum
    consisting of threads, full of threads, thready
  1230. solaminium, solaminii n
  1231. solatius, solatia, solatium
  1232. synodia, synodiae f
    consonance, synody, unison
  1233. synodium, synodii n
    consonance, synody, unison
  1234. stupor, stuporis m
    consternation, embarrassment, consternation, bewilderment
  1235. synodale, synodalis n
    constitution of a synod
  1236. subtriplus, subtripli m
    contained three times in a larger number
  1237. sesquiculearis, sesquiculeare
    containing a culeus and a half
  1238. superparticularis, superparticulare
    containing a number and an aliquot part of it besides, superparticular
  1239. superparticularitas, superparticularitatis f
    containing a number and an aliquot part of it besides, superparticular
  1240. superpartiens, superpartientis
    containing a number and an aliquot part of it besides, superparticular
  1241. sextarius, sextarii m
    containing a sextans asses, worth only the sixth part of the former
  1242. sextantalis, sextantale
    containing a sextans
  1243. stadialis, stadiale
    containing a stadium
  1244. summalis, summale
    containing a sum, whole
  1245. sescuncialis, sescunciale
    containing a twelfth and a half
  1246. sesquiseptimus, sesquiseptima, sesquiseptimum
    containing eight sevenths, one and a seventh, bearing the ratio of eight to seven
  1247. sesquiseptimus decimus, sesquiseptima decima, sesquiseptimum decimum
    containing eighteen seventheents, one and a seventheent, bearing the ratio of eighteen to seventeen
  1248. sesquidecimus, sesquidecima, sesquidecimum
    containing eleven tenths, one and an tenth, bearing the ratio of eleven to ten
  1249. sesquiquartus, sesquiquarta, sesquiquartum
    containing five quarters, one and an quarter, bearing the ratio of five to four
  1250. sesquitertius, sesquitertia, sesquitertium
    containing four thirds, one and a third, bearing the ratio of four to three
  1251. sesqueoctavus, sesqueoctava, sesqueoctavum
    containing nine eighths, containing one and an eighth, bearing the ratio of nine to eight
  1252. sesquioctavus, sesquioctava, sesquioctavum
    containing nine eighths, containing one and an eighth, bearing the ratio of nine to eight
  1253. sesquisextus, sesquisexta, sesquisextum
    containing seven sixths, one and a sixth, bearing the ratio of seven to six
  1254. septenarius, septenaria, septenarium
    containing seven, consisting of seven, septenary
  1255. sesquisextus decimus, sesquisexta decima, sesquisextum decimum
    containing seventeen sixtheents, one and a sixtheent, bearing the ratio of seventeen to sixteen
  1256. sesquiquintus, sesquiquinta, sesquiquintum
    containing six fifths, one and a fifth, bearing the ratio of six to five
  1257. sulphurans, sulphurantis
    containing sulphur, sulphurous
  1258. sesquinonus, sesquinona, sesquinonum
    containing ten ninths, one and an ninth, bearing the ratio of ten to nine
  1259. sesquitricesimus, sesquitricesima, sesquitricesimum
    containing thirty one thirtieths, one and a thirtieth, bearing the ratio of thirty one to thirty
  1260. sesquivicesimus, sesquivicesima, sesquivicesimum
    containing twenty one twentieths, one and a twentieth, bearing the ratio of twenty one to twenty
  1261. spectativus, spectativa, spectativum
    contemplative, speculative
  1262. subtorqueo 2
    contort, twist
  1263. stypsis, stypsis f
    contracting power, astringency
  1264. stenocoriasis, stenocoriasis f
    contraction of the pupil
  1265. synaliphe, synaliphes f
    contraction of two syllables into one
  1266. synaloepha, synaloephae f
    contraction of two syllables into one
  1267. synaloephe, synaloephes f
    contraction of two syllables into one
  1268. synizesis, synizesis f
    contraction of two vowels into one syllable
  1269. strictura, stricturae f
    contraction, compression, strictur, pressure, suffering, torment, mass of wrought iron, bar of iron
  1270. symbola, symbolae f
    contribution of money to a feast, share of a reckoning
  1271. sermocinatio, sermocinationis f
    conversation, disputation, discussion
  1272. subcoquo 3
    cook lightly
  1273. simulator, simulatoris m
    copier, imitator, feigner, pretender, counterfeit, hypocrite, simulator
  1274. simulamen, simulaminis n
    copy, imitation
  1275. strictorium, strictorii n
    cord, string
  1276. suber, suberis n
    cork-oak, cork-tree, thick bark
  1277. suberies, suberiei f
    cork-oak, cork-tree, thick bark
  1278. seges, segetis f
    cornfield, standing corn, growing corn, crop in a field, field, ground, soil
  1279. subtussio 4
    cough slightly
  1280. sessimonium deorum
    council of the gods
  1281. senaculum, senaculi n
    council, hall of the Senate, meeting room, advisory building
  1282. suasio, suasionis f
    counselling, advice, exhortation, suasion, persuasion, recommending, advocacy of a proposed law, suasory species of eloquence
  1283. synedrus, synedri m
    counsellor, senator
  1284. sponsum, sponsi n
    covenant, agreement, engagement
  1285. supertego 3
    cover above, cover over
  1286. supercontego 3
    cover over
  1287. superintego 3
    cover over
  1288. superoperio 4
    cover over
  1289. supergero 3
    cover over, cover up, carry upon, heap upon, heap over
  1290. superobruo 3
    cover over, overwhelm
  1291. subtego 3
    cover underneath
  1292. superpolluo 3
    cover with pollution
  1293. serniosus, serniosa, serniosum
    covered with an eruption, scabby, mangy
  1294. soliar, soliaris n
    covering for the feet
  1295. segestria, ae
    covering, wrapper
  1296. segestre, segestris n
    covering, wrapper
  1297. stellionatus, stellionatus m
    cozenage, trickery, cheating, stellionate
  1298. succrepo 1
    crackle beneath
  1299. subdolositas, subdolositatis f
    craft, cunning
  1300. sycophantia, sycophantiae f
    craft, cunning, deceit
  1301. sycophantiose
    craftily, knavishly, deceitfully
  1302. stēllo, stēllonis m
    crafty person, knavish person
  1303. sufferctus, a, um
    crammed full, full
  1304. suffertus, sufferta, suffertum
    crammed full, full
  1305. spasma, spasmatis n
    cramp, convulsion, spasm
  1306. spasmus, spasmi m
    cramp, convulsion, spasm
  1307. supercadentes aquae
    crash bath, shower, shock bath
  1308. stridulus, stridula, stridulum
    creaking, rattling, hissing, whizzing, buzzing, stridulous
  1309. substruendo iter facio
    create a path by underpinning
  1310. subrepo 3
    creep under, creep along, steal along, creep softly on, steal upon, come on unawares, insensibly
  1311. surrepo 3
    creep under, creep along, steal along, creep softly on, steal upon, come on unawares, insensibly
  1312. serpo 3
    creep, crawl, move slowly, move imperceptibly, creep along, proceed gradually, spread abroad, increase, prevail
  1313. sera transversa
    crossbar, cross bar
  1314. subsido 3
    crouch down on the watch, to lie in wait, lie in ambush, yield, submit to the male, subside, decrease, abate, lie in wait for, waylay, watch
  1315. stipatio, stipationis f
    crowd pressing around any one, a suite, retinue, train, throng
  1316. stipo 1
    crowd together, press together, compress, pack up together, press, cram, stuff full, fill full, surround, encompass, environ, attend, accompany
  1317. silvifragus, silvifraga, silvifragum
    crushing the forest, crushing trees
  1318. selenites, selenitae m
    crystalline gypsum, selenite
  1319. selenitis, selenitidis f
    crystalline gypsum, selenite
  1320. simplicitas culturalis
    cultural simplicity
  1321. scyphus, scyphi m
    cup, goblet, mug
  1322. sumptibus modum statuo
    curb one's spending
  1323. sapo simplex
    curd soap
  1324. sica, sicae f
    curved dagger, edge of a boar’s tusk
  1325. sedularia, sedulariorum n
    cushions of a carriage
  1326. suetum, sueti n
    custom, usage
  1327. solitum, soliti n
    customary, what is usual
  1328. siliquatarius, siliquatarii m
    customs agent
  1329. siliquaticum, siliquatici n
  1330. sulcos in pulvere duco
    cut furrows in the sand
  1331. sematus, semata, sematum
    cut in half, halved
  1332. semiatus, semiata, semiatum
    cut in half, halved
  1333. superincido 3 (1)
    cut into above
  1334. succido 3
    cut off below, cut away below, cut from below, cut through, cut off, cut down, fell, made powerless
  1335. supputo 1
    cut off below, prune, lop, trim, count up, reckon, compute
  1336. subseco 1
    cut under, cut away below, clip, pare
  1337. subcultro 1
    cut up with a knife, chop up with a knife, mince with a knife
  1338. sectilis, sectile
    cut, cleft, divided, that may be cut
  1339. seco 1
    cut, cut off, cut up, cut through, divide, cut surgically, operate on, amputate, separate, excise, scratch, tear, wound, hurt, injure, censure, satirize
  1340. scindo 3
    cut, tear, rend, break asunder, split, cleave, divide by force, separate by force
  1341. sector, sectoris m
    cutpurse, cutthroat, haycutter, mower, bidder
  1342. secabilitas, secabilitatis f
    cuttability, severability, divisibility, dissectability
  1343. sicilis, sicilis f
    cutting instrument, sickle
  1344. succisio, succisionis f
    cutting off, cutting away
  1345. scalptura, scalpturae f
    cutting, carving, graving
  1346. sectura, secturae f
    cutting, cut, diggings, mines
  1347. segmentum, segmenti n
    cutting, cut, piece cut off, slice, strip, zone, segment
  1348. sigmentum, sigmenti n
    cutting, cut, piece cut off, slice, strip, zone, segment
  1349. sectio, sectionis f
    cutting, cutting off, cutting up
  1350. segmen, segminis n
    cutting, shred, little bit
  1351. septidromus, septidromi m
    cycle of seven years
  1352. saltatio feralis
    dance of death
  1353. sonticus, sontica, sonticum
    dangerous, serious, critical
  1354. spadix, spadicis
    date-brown, nut-brown, chestnut-brown
  1355. superlinio 4
    daub over, smear over, besmear with something
  1356. superlino 3
    daub over, smear over, besmear with something
  1357. supremus dies
    day of death, date of death
  1358. surdigo, surdiginis f
  1359. surditia, surditiae f
  1360. surdo 1
  1361. subactor, subactoris m
    debaucher, polluter
  1362. summa aeris alieni
    debt capital
  1363. simulamentum, simulamenti n
  1364. simulatorie
  1365. simulatorius, simulatoria, simulatorium
  1366. summorum consultum
    decision of the summit
  1367. stega, stegae f
    deck of a ship
  1368. solidam coniunctionem confero cum aliquo
    declare one's solidarity
  1369. solidam coniunctionem ineo cum aliquo
    declare one's solidarity
  1370. sidreum obitus
    decline of the stars
  1371. syntexis, syntexis f
    decline, consumption
  1372. scitus, scitus m
    decree of the people, ordinance of the people
  1373. stellatura, stellaturae f
    deduction from the soldiers’ rations granted to the military tribunes
  1374. strategica, strategicon n
    deeds of a general
  1375. sopor, soporis m
    deep sleep, sleep of death, death, stupefaction, lethargy, stupor, drowsiness, laziness, indifference, poppy-juice, opium, sleepingdraught, sleeping-potion, temple
  1376. sustentatio, sustentationis f
    deferring, delay, forbearance, figure of speech where the orator defers the mention of something, keeping the hearer in doubt, suspension, sustenance, maintenance
  1377. stupro 1
    defile, dishonor by unchastity, debauch, deflour, ravish, stuprate
  1378. stuprum, stupri n
    defilement, dishonor, disgrace, dishonor, disgrace by unchastity, debauchery, lewdness, violation
  1379. stuprator, stupratoris m
    defiler, debaucher, ravisher
  1380. subdistinctio, subdistinctionis f
    definite differentiation, accurate discrimination, precise distinction
  1381. scitamenta, scitamentorum n
    delicate food, dainties
  1382. stipulor 1
    demand a formal promise, bargain, covenant, stipulate
  1383. superexigo 3
    demand over and above, exact over and above
  1384. superexactio, superexactionis f
    demanding over and above, excessive demand
  1385. semideus, semidei m
  1386. semidea, semideae f
  1387. summatim expono
    denote with light strokes
  1388. significatorius, significatoria, significatorium
    denoting, signifying, significatory
  1389. significativus, significativa, significativum
    denoting, signifying, significative
  1390. solide
    densely, closely, solidly, surely, wholly, fully, truly
  1391. sequestra, sequestrae f
    depositary, trustee
  1392. sequestratio, sequestrationis f
    depositing in the hands of a third party, sequestration, separation
  1393. sopio 4
    deprive of feeling, deprive of sense, put to sleep, lull to sleep, lay to rest, lay to kill, lay at rest, lay to calm, settle, still, quiet
  1394. squalentia, squalentiorum n
  1395. semanticus, semantica, semanticum
    designating, having an indicative force
  1396. scripturio 4
    desire to write
  1397. spernor 3
  1398. spretor, spretoris m
    despiser, disdainer, scorner, contemner
  1399. spretio, spretionis f
    despising, disdain, scorn, contempt
  1400. spretus, spretus m
    despising, disdain, scorn, contempt
  1401. scindo 3
    destroy, tear in pieces, distract, agitate, disturb
  1402. sermo altercabilis
  1403. scutulatus, scutulata, scutulatum
    diamond shaped, checkered
  1404. superemorior 5
    die upon
  1405. spinae, spinarum f
    difficulties, subtleties, perplexities
  1406. scrupea, scrupeae f
  1407. scopulus, scopuli m
    difficulty, danger, harm
  1408. suffodio 5
    dig underneath, pierce underneath, pierce through, bore through, dig under, sap, undermine
  1409. suffossio, suffossionis f
    digging under, undermining
  1410. seviratus, seviratus m
    dignity of a sexvir, sexvirate
  1411. sexviratus, sexviratuss m
    dignity of a sexvir, sexvirate
  1412. subtilio 1
    dilute, refine, weaken
  1413. scotoma, scotomatis n
    dimness of vision
  1414. submergo 3
    dip under, plunge under, sink, overwhelm, submerge, submerse
  1415. summergo 3
    dip under, plunge under, sink, overwhelm, submerge, submerse
  1416. subcontinuatio, subcontinuationis f
    direct extension, direct continuation, direct follow-up
  1417. sensus ad aliquid intendo
    direct one's senses to something
  1418. sordities, sorditiei f
    dirt, filth
  1419. sorditudo, sorditudinis f
    dirt, filth
  1420. sors, sordis f
    dirt, filth
  1421. spurcamen, spurcaminis n
    dirt, filth
  1422. squalentia, squalentiae f
    dirt, filth
  1423. squales, squalis f
    dirt, filth
  1424. squaliditas, squaliditatis f
    dirt, filth
  1425. squalitas, squalitatis f
    dirt, filth
  1426. squalitudo, squalitudinis f
    dirt, filth
  1427. sordes, sordis f
    dirt, filth, uncleanness, squalor, lowness of rank, meanness of rank, low condition, meanness, baseness of behavior, dregs of the people, mob, rabble, meanness, stinginess, niggardliness, sordidness
  1428. sordide
    dirtily, foully, meanly, basely, vulgarly, unbecomingly, poorly, stingily, penuriously, sordidly
  1429. spurce
    dirtily, impurely
  1430. superfoedo 1
    dirty above
  1431. squalus, squala, aqualum
    dirty, filthy, squalid
  1432. sordido 1
    dirty, foul, defile, pollute
  1433. sordidus, sordida, sordidum
    dirty, unclean, foul, filthy, squalid, sordid, low, base, mean, poor, humble, small, paltry, abject, vile, despicable, disgraceful, niggardly, penurious
  1434. spurcus, spurca, spurcum
    dirty, unclean, impure, foul, base, low, mean, common
  1435. sentio 4
    discern by the senses, feel, hear, see, perceive, be sensible of, experience, suffer, undergo, endure, be affected by, be influenced by, be susceptible of, observe, notice
  1436. stomacace, stomacaces f
    disease of the gums, scurvy of the mouth
  1437. sideratio, siderationis f
    disease produced by a constellation, sideration, blight, numbness, palsy
  1438. suffraginosus, suffraginosa, suffraginosum
    diseased in the hough, diseased in the pastern
  1439. syncerastum, syncerasti n
    dish composed of a variety of ingredients, hash, hotch-potch
  1440. seiugo 1
    disjoin, part, separate, divide
  1441. separo 1
    disjoin, sever, part, divide, separate
  1442. seiugis, seiuge (2)
    disjoined, separate
  1443. sexiugis, sexiuge
    disjoined, separate, drawn by six horses
  1444. seiunctio, seiunctionis f
    disjunction, separation, division
  1445. seiunctim
    disjunctly, separately
  1446. stremma, stremmatis n
  1447. stomachicus, stomachica, stomachicum
    disordered in the stomach, having a disease of the stomach
  1448. seditio, seditionis f
    dissension, discord, strife, quarrel
  1449. seiunctio, seiunctionis f
    dissension, dispute
  1450. sepositus, seposita, sepositum
    distant, remote
  1451. sepositus, seposita, sepositum
    distinct, special
  1452. sollicito 1
    disturb, stir, agitate, move, distress, harass, make uneasy, vex, solicit, tempt, seduce, attract, induce, put in lively motion, move violently, shake, exercise, produce by stirring, excite, cause to come forth, arouse, draw out, cause distress
  1453. seiungo 3
    disunite, disjoin, part, sever, separate, divide
  1454. scrobis, scrobis c
    ditch, dike, trench
  1455. suspicionem a me removeo
    divert suspicion from oneself
  1456. suspicione me exsolvo
    divert suspicion from oneself, allay suspicion of oneself
  1457. sectio, sectionis f
    dividing, parcelling out, distribution by auction
  1458. secretio, secretionis f
    dividing, sundering, separation
  1459. spiritum ultimum traho
    do the last breath
  1460. secta, sectae f
    doctrines, school, sect
  1461. suspicionem alicuius rei vito
    dodge the suspicion of something
  1462. sirius, sirii m
    dog star
  1463. sentix, senticis m
    dogrose, wild brier
  1464. societas perpetua
    domestic partnership
  1465. subitarius, subitaria, subitarium
    done suddenly, done in haste, sudden, hasty
  1466. syrmaticus, syrmatica, syrmaticum
    dragging along, trailing along
  1467. suspiro 1
    draw a deep breath, heave a sigh, sigh, sighing after, longing for, may exhale, evaporate, breathe out, exhale, sigh for, long for, sigh out, exclaim with a sigh
  1468. syllogizo 1
    draw a syllogism
  1469. subtraho 3
    draw away from underneath, draw away by stealth, draw off, carry off, withdraw, take away, remove, omit, not mention
  1470. subduco 3
    draw from under, draw from below, draw up, pull up, lift up, raise, haul up, draw away from among, take away, lead away, carry off, purge, evacuate, take in, furl
  1471. sortes tollo
    draw lots
  1472. supertraho 3
    draw over
  1473. superinduco 3
    draw over, cover over, cause to come upon, bring upon, mention afterwards, add
  1474. stringo 3
    draw tight, bind tight, tie tight, draw together, bind together, press together, touch, touch upon, touch lightly, touch slightly, graze, touch upon, treat briefly
  1475. subtractio, subtractionis f
    drawing back
  1476. superductio, superductionis f
    drawing over, erasure
  1477. systalticus, systaltica, systalticum
    drawing together
  1478. superobductus, superobducta, superobductum
    drawn over
  1479. strictus, stricta, strictum
    drawn together, close, strait, tight
  1480. substrictus, substricta, substrictum
    drawn together, contracted, small, narrow, tight, close
  1481. somnium, somnii n
    dream, idle whim, idle fancy, stuff, nonsense
  1482. somnio 1
    dream, see in a dream, think idly, think vainly, talk foolishly
  1483. somnialis, somniale
  1484. solox, solocis f
    dress of coarse woollen stuff
  1485. stolatus, stolata, stolatum
    dressed in a stola, wearing a stola, befitting a matron
  1486. synthesina, synthesinae f
  1487. subbibo 3
    drink a little, tipple
  1488. superbibo 3
    drink upon, drink after
  1489. scutella, scutellae f
    drinking bowl
  1490. sudorus, sudora, sudorum
    dripping with sweat, sweaty
  1491. subterago 3
    drive below, drive underneat
  1492. suburgeo 2
    drive close to, urge close to
  1493. suburgueo 2
    drive close to, urge close to
  1494. substīllum, substīlli n
    drizzly weather, drizzle, dripping rain, slight dropping, sprinkling
  1495. stillanter
    drop by drop
  1496. somno mergor
    drop off to a deep sleep
  1497. somno opprimor
    drop off to a deep sleep
  1498. somno me trado
    drop off to sleep
  1499. somno opprimor
    drop off to sleep
  1500. sevehor 3
    drop out of the course
  1501. superinstillo 1
    drop upon
  1502. superstillo 1
    drop upon, pour on drop by drop
  1503. superdestillo 1
    drop upon, trickle upon
  1504. stilla, stillae f
    drop, small quantity, a very little, moment
  1505. stillo 1
    drop, trickle, cause to drop, let fall in drops, distil
  1506. stillatio, stillationis f
    dropping down, falling in drops
  1507. stillativus, stillativa, stillativum
    dropping, dripping
  1508. spodium, spodii n
    dross of metals, slag, scoria, ashes of vegetable
  1509. scoria, scoriae f
    dross, slag, scoria of metals
  1510. spodos, spodi f
    dross, slag, scoria
  1511. saucius, saucia, saucium
  1512. sudario frontem sicco
    dry my brow with a handkerchief
  1513. sudario frontem tergeo
    dry my brow with a handkerchief
  1514. siccanea, siccaneorum n
    dry places
  1515. siccidus, siccida, siccidum
  1516. siccaneus, siccanea, siccaneum
    dry, of a dry nature
  1517. siccanus, siccana, siccanum
    dry, of a dry nature
  1518. siccus, sicca, siccum
    dry, without rain, firm, solid, insipid, jejune, ignorant, unformed, unprepared, void of love, cold
  1519. siccatio, siccationis f
  1520. sicce
    dryly, without wet or damp
  1521. siccitas, siccitatis f
    dryness, siccity, freedom from gross humor, jejuneness, want of ornament
  1522. socordia, socordiae f (secordia)
    dulness of mind, weakmindedness, silliness, folly, stupidity, carelessness, negligence, sloth, laziness, indolence, inactivity
  1523. stoliditas, stoliditatis f
    dulness, obtuseness, stupidity, stolidity
  1524. succerda, succerdae f
    dung of swine, pig excrements, pig manure
  1525. sucerda, sucerdae f
    dung of swine, pig excrements, pig manure
  1526. sterquilinium, sterquilinii n
    dung-pit, laystall, mixen
  1527. sterquilinum, sterquilini n
    dung-pit, laystall, mixen
  1528. stercilinium, stercilinii n
    dung-pit, laystall, mixen, dung heap, cesspit
  1529. stercilinum, stercilini n
    dung-pit, laystall, mixen, dung heap, cesspit
  1530. sterculinum, sterculini n
    dung-pit, laystall, mixen, dung heap, cesspit
  1531. stercus, stercoris n
    dung, excrements, ordure
  1532. stercoro 1
    dung, manure with dung, muck, cleanse from dung
  1533. sterceratus, stercerata, sterceratum
    dunged, mucked, manured
  1534. stercoratus, stercorata, stercoratum
    dunged, mucked, manured
  1535. stercoratio, stercorationis f
    dunging, manuring
  1536. stercoreus, stercorea, stercoreum
    dungy, stinking, misty, rancid, mangy
  1537. sordium excipulum
  1538. Suburanenses, Suburanensium m
    dwellers in the Subura
  1539. sedes, sedis f
    dwelling place, residence, habitation, abode, temple
  1540. suis fortuna cuique fingitur moribus
    each is the architect of his own fortune
  1541. studiosus, studiosa, studiosum
    eager, zealous, assiduous, anxious after any thing, fond of any thing, studious of any thing, zealous for any one, partial, friendly, attached, devoted to
  1542. studiose
    eagerly, zealously, anxiously, carefully, studiously
  1543. spinturnicium, spinturnicii n
    Eagle Owl
  1544. spicifer, spicifera, spiciferum
  1545. serium, serii n
    earnestness, seriousness, serious matters, serious discourse
  1546. seria, seriae f
    earthen vessel, large jar
  1547. solanus, solani m
    east wind
  1548. subedo
    eat away below, wear away below
  1549. subceno 1
    eat below, dine underneath
  1550. subcoeno 1
    eat below, dine underneath
  1551. succoeno 1
    eat below, dine underneath
  1552. superedo 3
    eat besides a thing, eat after a thing
  1553. se ipsum amans
    egomaniacal, egocentric, self-interested, selfish, self-centred
  1554. suae utilitati inserviens
    egomaniacal, egocentric, self-interested, selfish, self-centred
  1555. suae utilitati salutique inserviens
    egomaniacal, egocentric, self-interested, selfish, self-centred
  1556. suo commodo inserviens
    egomaniacal, egocentric, self-interested, selfish, self-centred
  1557. sublatus, sublata, sublatum
    elated, proud, haughty
  1558. suffragiorum certamen
    election campaign
  1559. suffragiorum concertatio
    election campaign
  1560. suffragiorum petitor
    election candidate
  1561. suffragiorum clades
    election defeat
  1562. suffragiorum victoria
    election victory
  1563. scitule
    elegantly, gracefully
  1564. sublimator, sublimatoris m
    elevator, exalter
  1565. smaragdus, smaragdi c
    emerald, beryl, jasper, malachite
  1566. solum muto
  1567. solum verto
  1568. submigratio, submigrationis f
  1569. suboleo 2
    emit a smell
  1570. subolo 3
    emit a smell, smell, scent, perceive any thing, perceive, detect
  1571. synergus, synergi m
    employee, assistant, partner, colleague
  1572. semicingo 3
    enclose half
  1573. saepes, saepis f
    enclosure, hedge, fencing, fence
  1574. sensualis, sensuale
    endowed with feeling or sensation, sensitive, sensual
  1575. supportatio, supportationis f
    endurance, bearing
  1576. sponsus, sponsus m
    engagement, betrothal, bail, suretyship
  1577. scribo 3
    enlist, enroll, levy
  1578. satis
    enough, sufficiently
  1579. subinvideo 2
    envy a little, envy slightly, be somewhat envious of
  1580. sublinguium, sublinguii n
  1581. septeresmos, septeresmon
    equipped with seven benches
  1582. septeresmus, septeresma, septeresmum
    equipped with seven benches
  1583. septiremis, septireme
    equipped with seven rows of rudders
  1584. superinductio, superinductionis f
    erasing any thing written
  1585. subrector, subrectoris m
  1586. subterfugio 5
    escape, evade, avoid, shun
  1587. substantialiter
    essentially, substantially
  1588. stabilitor, stabilitoris m
  1589. suburbanum, suburbani n
    estate near Rome, suburban villa
  1590. suspicientia, suspicientia f
    esteeming highly
  1591. sopitio, sopitionis f
    euthanization, putting to sleep
  1592. sera, serae f (2)
  1593. serum diei
  1594. sermo cotidianus (cottidianus)
    everyday language
  1595. suprapositio, suprapositionis f
    exacerbation of the disease, aggravation of the disease
  1596. sumptus effusi
    exaggerated expense, wasteful expenditure
  1597. supralatus, supralata, supralatum
  1598. superlatio, superlationis f
    exaggerating, hyperbole, superlative
  1599. supralatio, supralationis f
    exaggerating, hyperbole, superlative
  1600. superexalto 1
    exalt above others
  1601. supereffero 3
    exalt, extol
  1602. scrutator, scrutatoris m
    examiner, Investigator
  1603. supercedo 3
    exceed, pass, cross, overshoot, be over
  1604. supergloriosus, supergloriosa, supergloriosum
    exceedingly glorious
  1605. supercresco 3
    excel, outdo
  1606. superantia, superantiae f
    excess, predominance
  1607. superstitio, superstitionis f
    excessive fear of the goas, unreasonable religious belief, superstition, excessive regard, scrupulous observance, object that inspires dread
  1608. satyriasis, satyriasis f
    excessive sexual excitement, lascivious madness, priapism
  1609. superflua, superfluorum n
  1610. supplicio afficio aliquem
    execute the death penalty
  1611. supplicio aliquem punio (punior)
    execute the death penalty
  1612. supplicium sumo de aliquo
    execute the death penalty
  1613. supplicio afficio aliquem
  1614. summis opibus annitor
    exert all one's influence
  1615. subexhibeo 2
    exhibit under any thing
  1616. suspicionem ab aliquo amoveo
    exonerate from suspicion, divert suspicion from someone
  1617. suspicionem removeo ab aliquo
    exonerate someone from suspicion, clear someone of suspicion
  1618. suspicionem ab aliquo averto
    exonerate someone from suspicion, clear someone of suspicion, divert suspicion from someone
  1619. sumptus, sumptus m
    expense, cost, charge
  1620. sumptuose
    expensively, sumptuously
  1621. specialista, specialistae m
    Expert, Professional, Capacity, Ass
  1622. subsono 1
    express secretly, insinuate, furtively disclose, hint, intimate
  1623. significatio, significationis f
    expression of approbation, applause, significance, emphasis, meaning, sense, import, signification
  1624. signanter
    expressly, clearly, distinctly
  1625. superexeo
    extend over
  1626. superindictum, superindicti n
    extraordinary impost
  1627. superlatus, superlata, superlatum
    extravagant, excessive, exaggerated
  1628. summe officiosus
    extremely dutiful
  1629. superlaudabilis, superlaudabile
    extremely to be praised
  1630. supercilium, supercilii n
    eye-brow, brow, ridge, summit, projecting moulding, threshold, shore of a river, nod, will, pride, haughtiness, arrogance, sternness, superciliousness
  1631. sequacitas, sequacitatis f
    facility in following, disposilion to follow, sequaciousness, sequacity
  1632. sensus, sensus m
    faculty of perceiving, power of perceiving, perception, feeling, sensation, sense
  1633. syncopizo 1
    faint away, swoon
  1634. syncopo 1
    faint away, swoon
  1635. syncopa, syncopae f
    fainting away, swooning, syncope, omission of a letter or syllable in the middle of a word
  1636. syncope, syncopes f
    fainting away, swooning, syncope, omission of a letter or syllable in the middle of a word
  1637. surde
    faintly, imperfectly, indistinctly
  1638. superruo 3
    fall upon, rush upon
  1639. supercorruo 3
    fall down thereon
  1640. superincido 3 (2)
    fall from above, fall down
  1641. somno sempiterno consopior
    fall into a perpetual sleep
  1642. sub oculorum aspectum cado
    fall into the eyes
  1643. sub oculos cado
    fall into the eyes
  1644. succido 3 (2)
    fall under any thing, be comprehended under, sink under one’s self, sink down, sink
  1645. supercado 3
    fall upon, fall over
  1646. sublabor 3
    fall, glide, sink under, sink down, sink, slip down, glide away
  1647. soporatus, soporata, soporatum
    fallen asleep, soporific
  1648. stiricidium, stiricidii n
    falling of snow-flakes, snowing
  1649. sophisma, sophismatis n
    false conclusion, fallacy, sophism
  1650. sophistĭce, sophistĭces f
    false reasoning, sophistry
  1651. subreptivus, subreptiva, subreptivum
    false, fraudulent
  1652. simulatio, simulationis f
    falsely assumed appearance, false show, feigning, shamming, pretence, feint, insincerity, deceit, hypocrisy, simulation
  1653. scurriliter
    farcial, ludicrous, burlesque, farcically, buffoonery, hilarious, satirical, buffoonish, ridiculous
  1654. scurruliter
    farcial, ludicrous, burlesque, farcically, buffoonery, hilarious, satirical, buffoonish, ridiculous
  1655. suffigo 3
    fasten beneath, fasten below, fasten on, fix on, affix
  1656. suppingo 3 [1]
    fasten underneath, clout
  1657. superfigo 3
    fasten up, fasten thereupon
  1658. sero 1
    fasten with a bolt, bar
  1659. stritavus, stritavi m
    father of an atavus or atavia
  1660. socer, soceri m
  1661. socerio, socerionis m
  1662. socerus, soceri m
  1663. satur, satura, saturum
    fatted, fat
  1664. suffrago 1
    favor, support, vote for, agree with, proceed favorably
  1665. secunde
    favorably, fortunately
  1666. Septimontium, Septimontii n
    feast of the Seven Hills
  1667. sitistus, sitista, sitistum
    fed, fattened
  1668. senium, senii n
    feebleness of age, decline, decay, debility, an old man, old fellow, peevishness, moroseness
  1669. sympathia, sympathiae f
    feeling in common, sympathy
  1670. simulatilis, simulatile
    feigned, fictitious
  1671. simulato
  1672. simulanter
    feignedly, pretendedly, apparently
  1673. simulate
    feignedly, pretendedly, not sincerely
  1674. symmysta, symmystae m
    fellow-priest, colleague in the priesthood
  1675. symmystes, symmystae m
    fellow-priest, colleague in the priesthood
  1676. synoditae, synoditarum m
    fellow-travellers, companions
  1677. sociennus, socienni m
    fellow, comrade
  1678. socius, socii m
    fellow, sharer, partner, copartner, comrade, companion, associate
  1679. societas, societatis f
    fellowship, association, union, community, society, copartnership, political league, confederacy
  1680. sodalitas, sodalitatis f
    fellowship, companionship, brotherhood, friendship, intimacy, society, association, company assembled for feasting, banqueting-club, unlawful secret society
  1681. sodalicium, sodalicii n
    fellowship, friendly intercourse, friendly intimacy, brotherhood, companionship, association, company, society, college, company assembled for feasting, banquetingclub, unlawful secret society
  1682. sodalitium, sodalitii n
    fellowship, friendly intercourse, friendly intimacy, brotherhood, companionship, association, company, society, college, company assembled for feasting, banquetingclub, unlawful secret society
  1683. socialitas, socialitatis f
    fellowship, sociableness, sociality
  1684. stephanusa, stephanusae f
    female Chaplet-wreather
  1685. subrectrix, subrectricis f
    female erector
  1686. suffragatrix, suffragatricīs f
    female favorer, female supporter
  1687. spurium, spurii n
    female genital, marine animal of a similar shape
  1688. senatrix, senatricis f
    female senator
  1689. Sibylla, Sibyllae f
    female soothsayer, prophetess, Sibyl
  1690. speciaria, speciariae f
    female spice-dealer
  1691. simulatrix, simulatricis f
    female transformer
  1692. sudis, sudis f
    fence post, fencing post
  1693. staphyle, staphyles f
    fence turnip, visible haze
  1694. saeptum, saepti n
    fence, enclosure, wall, enclosed place, palisade, stake, pale, sluice, floodgate
  1695. septum, septi n
    fence, enclosure, wall, enclosed place, palisade, stake, pale, sluice, floodgate
  1696. septus, septus m
    fence, enclosure, wall, enclosed place, palisade, stake, pale, sluice, floodgate
  1697. silicia, siliciae f
  1698. siderizusa, siderizusae f
  1699. stramentor 1
    fetch straw
  1700. suspiratio, suspirationis f
    fetching a deep breath, sighing, sigh
  1701. sycites, sycitae m
  1702. supercerto 1
    fight over, fight therefor
  1703. symbolice
    figuratively, symbolically
  1704. sententiarum conformatio
    figure of speech
  1705. suppleo 2
    fill up, make full or whole, make good, complete, supply, make complete, make full in number, furnish with a complement, recruit
  1706. satullus, satulla, satullum
    filled with food, satisfied
  1707. sorditia, sorditiae f
  1708. subluvies, subluviei f
    filth, dirt, a disease in the feet of sheep, foul
  1709. subluvium, subluvii n
    filth, dirt, a disease in the feet of sheep, foul
  1710. spurcitia, spurcitiae f
    filth, dirt, smut, dun
  1711. spurcities, spurcitiei f
    filth, dirt, smut, dun
  1712. spurciloquium, ispurciloquii n
    filthy language, smutty language, obscenity
  1713. sentina, sentinae f
    filthy water that collects in the bottom of a ship, bilgewater, bottom of a ship where the bilgewater is, the hold, the lowest of the people, the dregs, refuse, rabble of a state, hangerson of an army, camp followers
  1714. sententia terminalis
    final judgment, definitive judgment
  1715. sumptuum futurorum existimatio
    financial planning
  1716. subtililia, subtililium n
    fine goods, fine stuffs
  1717. subtililoquentia, subtililoquentiae f
    fine language, elegant language
  1718. soubtilis, soubtile
    fine, not thick, not coarse, thin, slender, minute
  1719. subtilis, subtile
    fine, not thick, not coarse, thin, slender, minute, nice, acute, delicate, exquisite, precise, exact, accurate, keen, subtle, keen, plain, simple, unadorned
  1720. subtiliter
    finely, minutely, acutely, accurately, subtly, particularly, plainly, simply, without ornamen
  1721. subtilitas, subtilitatis f
    fineness, thinness, slenderness, minuteness, keen edge, sharpness, keenness, acuteness, penetration, definiteness, exactness, subtlety, plainness, simplicity, absence of ornament
  1722. simila, similae f
    finest wheat flour
  1723. similago, similaginis f
    finest wheat flour
  1724. supernas abies
    fir tree growing on the Adriatic Sea
  1725. siphonarii, siphonariorum m
    fire department
  1726. siphonarius, siphonarii m
  1727. siphonarius, siphonaria, siphonarium
  1728. soldus, solda, soldum
    firm, dense, compact, not hollow, solid, whole, complete, entire
  1729. soledus, soleda, soledum
    firm, dense, compact, not hollow, solid, whole, complete, entire
  1730. solidus, solida, solidum
    firm, dense, compact, not hollow, solid, whole, complete, entire
  1731. stabiliter
    firmly, durably, permanently
  1732. statim
    firmly, steadily, steadfastly, unyieldingly, on the spot, forthwith, straightway, at once, immediately, instantly, recently, newly, just
  1733. synodus, synodontis m
    fish of the bream genus
  1734. synecticus, synectica, synecticum
    fit for maintaining, efficient
  1735. superaccommodo 1
    fit on above, put on
  1736. suborno 1
    fit out, furnish, provide, equip, adorn
  1737. supparo 1
    fit, adjust
  1738. scitus, scita, scitum
    fit, suitable, proper, judicious, sensible, witty
  1739. scutatus, scutata, scutatum
    fitted with long shield, armed with a shield
  1740. stabilimentum, stabilimenti n
    Fixation, Stabilization, Underpinning, Strengthening, Securing
  1741. sidus infixum
    fixed star
  1742. sidera certis locis infixa
    fixed stars
  1743. scorisco 1
    flash, glitter, gleam, coruscate
  1744. scutula, scutulae f
    flat bowl, platel, little dish, little platter
  1745. simulus, simula, simulum
    flat nosed, pug nosed
  1746. simus, sima, simum
    flat nosed, pug nosed, snub nosed
  1747. supparasitor 1
    flatter a little like a parasite, fawn a little like a parasite
  1748. subsentator, subsentatoris m
  1749. scrutaria, scrutariae f
    flea market
  1750. Sicelicon, Sicelici n
    fleawort, fleabane
  1751. superfugio 5
    flee away over
  1752. suffugio 5
    flee away, flee from, shun, avoid, escape
  1753. subterfugio 5
    flee secretly, flee by stealth, get off
  1754. superficialitas, superficialitatis f
    fleetingness, superficiality
  1755. strebula, strebulorum n
    flesh about the haunches
  1756. succutio 5
    fling up from below, fling aloft, toss up
  1757. superiacto 1
    fling up, toss up, spring over a thing
  1758. subterfluo 3
    flow beneath
  1759. septemfluus, septemflua, septemfluum
    flowing in seven mouths
  1760. sudabilis, sudabile
    flowing like sweat, fluid
  1761. sudatilis, sudatile
    flowing like sweat, fluid
  1762. subulo, subulonis m
    flute-player, kind of hart with pointed horns
  1763. superevolo 1
    fly away over
  1764. subtervolo 1
    fly beneath
  1765. supervolito 1
    fly over often, fly about over
  1766. supervolo 1
    fly over
  1767. subvolo 1
    fly up, fly upwards
  1768. scintillae vagae
    flying sparks
  1769. subbullio 4
    foam slightly, bubble slightly
  1770. spumifer, spumifera, spumiferum
    foam-bearing, foaming
  1771. spumiger, spumigera, spumigerum
    foam-bearing, foaming
  1772. spumigena, spumigenae c
  1773. spumo 1
    foam, froth, foam up, boil up, effervesces
  1774. spuma salis
    foaming salt
  1775. spumatio, spumationis f
  1776. spumabundus, spumabunda, spumabundum
    foaming, frothing
  1777. spumatus, spumatus m
    foaming, frothing, foam, froth
  1778. spumeus, spumea, spumeum
    foaming, frothy
  1779. spumidus, spumida, spumidum
    foaming, frothy
  1780. subsequor 3
    follow close after, follow immediately, follow, succeed, ensue
  1781. sector 1
    follow continually, follow eagerly, run after, attend, accompany, follow after, chase, pursue
  1782. sequor 3
    follow, chase, pursue, succeed, come after, result, ensue
  1783. sectator, sectatoris m
    follower, attendant, adherent
  1784. sectatrix, sectatricis f
    follower, successor
  1785. successor, successoris m
    follower, successor, inheritor
  1786. schola, scholae f
    followers of a teacher, a school, a sect
  1787. secutio, secutionis f
    following after, striving after
  1788. secutorius, secutoria, secutorium
  1789. sequius
    following, later in rank, later in order, less than something mentioned before, otherwise, differently, not so
  1790. subsequus, subsequa, subsequum
    following, succeeding
  1791. subsicuus, subsicua, subsicuum
    following, succeeding
  1792. stultitia, stultitiae f
    folly, foolishness, simplicity, silliness, fatuity
  1793. stultities, stultitiei f
    folly, foolishness, simplicity, silliness, fatuity
  1794. stulte
    foolish, silly
  1795. stultus, stulta, stultum
    foolish, simple, silly, fatuous
  1796. societas pedifollica
    football club, soccer club
  1797. scabellum suppedaneum
  1798. scamnum, scamni n
  1799. suppedaneum, suppedanei n
  1800. scansorius, scansoria, scansorium
    for climbing
  1801. siccarius, siccaria, siccarium
    for drying , for keeping dry
  1802. sequestro
    for safekeeping
  1803. sellariolus, sellariola, sellariolum
    for sitting
  1804. sellifer, sellifera, selliferum
    for sitting
  1805. supremo
    for the last time in life
  1806. supremum
    for the last time in life
  1807. supremum
    for the last time
  1808. secundo
    for the second time
  1809. septimum
    for the seventh time
  1810. septimo
    for the seventh time, seven times
  1811. sextum
    for the sixth time
  1812. significantia, significantiae f
    force of words, energy of words, significancy of words
  1813. stagno 1
    form a pool of standing water, stagnate, be stagnant, be overflowed, be inundated, cause to stand, make stagnant, cover with water, overflow, inundate
  1814. syllogismus, syllogismi m
    form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two premises, syllogism
  1815. sculptilis, sculptile
    formed, shaped, carved, modeld
  1816. supermunio 4
    fortify above, protect above
  1817. sortilegus, sortilegi m
    fortune-teller, soothsayer, diviner by lots, diviner from oracles
  1818. societas vecturaria
    forwarding agency
  1819. spurcatus, spurcata, spurcatum
    foul, stained
  1820. sordifluus, sordiflua, sordifluum
  1821. subterfundo 1
    found beneath, establish beneath
  1822. silanus, silani m
    fountain of water, jet of water
  1823. sicilicus, sicilici m
    fourth part of an uncia, a quarter of an inch, one fortyeighth of a jugerum, two drachms, forty, eighth part of an hour
  1824. siciliquus, siciliqui m
    fourth part of an uncia, a quarter of an inch, one fortyeighth of a jugerum, two drachms, forty, eighth part of an hour
  1825. suaveolentia, suaveolentiae f
  1826. suaveolens, suaveolentis
    fragrant, scented, perfumed, aromatic
  1827. sponda, spondae f
    frame of a bedstead, sofa, bed, couch, bier
  1828. securus, secura, securum
    free from care, careless, unconcerned, untroubled, fearless, quiet, easy, composed
  1829. subdivum, subdivi n
    free sky, open skies
  1830. solutus, soluta, solutum
    free, loose, at large, unfettered, unbandaged, friable
  1831. securitas, securitatis f
    freedom from care, unconcern, composure
  1832. securitas, securitatis f
    freedom from danger, safety, security
  1833. stoechas, stoechadis f
    French lavender, sticados
  1834. summiter
    from above
  1835. sursum
    from below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above
  1836. sursus
    from below, up, upwards, on high, high up, above
  1837. septima hora
    from noon to 1 p, m
  1838. stiria, stiriae f
    frozen drop, ice-drop, icicle
  1839. stiriacus, stiriaca, stiriacum
  1840. sorbum, sorbi n
    fruit of the sorbus, sorb-apple, sorb, service-berry
  1841. sinuosus, sinuosa, sinuosum
    full of bendings, full of windings, full of curves, full of folds, bent, winding, sinuous
  1842. sentinosus, sentinosa, sentinosum
    full of bilge water
  1843. stigmosus, stigmosa, stigmosum
    full of brand-marks, branded
  1844. senticosus, senticosa, senticosum
    full of briers, full of thorns, thorny, briery
  1845. speluncosus, speluncosa, speluncosum
    full of caves, full of caverns, cavernous
  1846. seditiosus, seditiosa, seditiosum
    full of civil discord, factious, turbulent, mutinous, seditious, quarrelsome, exposed to discord, troubled
  1847. setosus, setosa, setosum
    full of coarse hairs, full of bristles, bristly, setous
  1848. stercorosus, stercorosa, stercorosum
    full of excrements, full of dung, well manured, full of filth, impure
  1849. spumosus, spumosa, spumosum
    full of foam, foaming, frothy, bombastic
  1850. stimulosus, stimulosa, stimulosum
    full of incentives, stimulative
  1851. succosus, succosa, succosum
    full of juice, full of moisture, juicy, sappy, succulent, rich in money
  1852. sucosus, sucosa, sucosum
    full of juice, full of moisture, juicy, sappy, succulent, rich in money
  1853. succulentus, succulenta, succulentum
    full of juice, full of sap, sappy, succulent, vigorous
  1854. suculentus, suculenta, suculentum
    full of juice, full of sap, sappy, succulent, vigorous
  1855. significans, significantis
    full of meaning, expressive, significant
  1856. sententiosus, sententiosa, sententiosum
    full of meaning, pithy, sententious
  1857. sententiose
    full of meaning, suggestively, sententiously
  1858. saxosus, saxosa, saxosum
    full of rocks
  1859. scopulosus, scopulosa, scopulosum
    full of rocks, rocky, shelvy, craggy
  1860. seminosus, seminosa, seminosum
    full of seeds
  1861. scruposus, scruposa, scruposum
    full of sharp stones, jagged, rough, rugged, hard, arduous
  1862. somniculosus, somniculosa, somniculosum
    full of sleep, inclined to sleep, drowsy, dozy, sleepy, sluggish, slothful, making sleepy, making drowsy, making sluggish
  1863. scrupulosus, scrupulosa, scrupulosum
    full of small sharp stones, rough, rugged, jagged
  1864. scaturiginosus, scaturiginosa, scaturiginosum
    full of springs, abounding in springs, springy
  1865. stagnosus, stagnosa, stagnosum
    full of standing waters, full of pools
  1866. sulphurosus, sulphurosa, sulphurosum
    full of sulphur, sulphureous
  1867. superstitiosus, superstitiosa, superstitiosum
    full of superstition, superstitious, soothsaying, prophetic, prophetical
  1868. sebosus, sebosa, sebosum
    full of tallow, full of grease, tallowy, greasy
  1869. spinosus, spinosa, spinosum
    full of thorns, full of prickles, thorny, prickly, harsh, crabbed, obscure, confused, perplexed, stinging, galling, irritating
  1870. sentosus, sentosa, sentosum
    full of thorns, thorny
  1871. sentuosus, sentuosa, sentuosum
    full of thorns, thorny
  1872. scelerosus, scelerosa, scelerosum
    full of wickedness, vicious, abominable, accursed
  1873. silvosus, silvosa, silvosum
    full of woods, full of trees, woody
  1874. suppeditatio, suppeditationis f
    full supply, abundance, exuberance
  1875. satur, satura, saturum
    full, deep, strong, rich
  1876. superadultus, superadulta, superadultum
    fully mature, past the first period of maturity
  1877. sonoritas, sonoritatis f
    fulness of sound, melodiousness
  1878. saturitas, saturitatis f
    fulness, plenty
  1879. saturitas, saturitatis f
    fulness, repletion, satiety
  1880. suffumigo 1
    fumigate from below, suffumigate
  1881. suffitu cimices neco
    fumigate the bugs
  1882. suffimento 1
  1883. suffio 4
    fumigate, perfume, scent
  1884. suffumigatio, suffumigationis f
    fumigating from below
  1885. suffitio, suffitionis f
    fumigating, fumigation, perfuming
  1886. suffitus, suffitus m
    fumigating, fumigation, smoke produced by fumigation
  1887. suffimen, suffiminis n
    fumigation, incense
  1888. suffimentum, suffimenti n
    fumigation, incense
  1889. suffitor, suffitorris m
  1890. secundicerius, secundiceriiī m
    functionary of the second rank
  1891. silicernium, silicernii n
    funeral feast, drybones, kind of sausage
  1892. sparsivus, sparsiva, sparsivum
    für das Hurlingspiel, zum Hurling
  1893. strio 1
    furnish with furrows, furnish with channels, hollow out, groove, flute, striate
  1894. spico 1
    furnish with spikes, furnish with ears
  1895. stadiatus, stadiata, stadiatum
    furnished with a race-course
  1896. sigillatus, sigillata, sigillatum
    furnished with little images, adorned with little figures
  1897. specillatus, specillata, specillatum
    furnished with little mirrors
  1898. speculatus, speculata, speculatum
    furnished with mirrors, adorned with mirrors
  1899. soccatus, soccata, soccatum
    furnished with socci, wearing socci
  1900. soccifer, soccifera, socciferum
    furnished with socci, wearing socci
  1901. subministratus, subministratus m
    furnishing, supplying
  1902. sulcus, sulci m
    furrow made by the plough, ploughing, long narrow trench, ditch, rut, track, wrinkle of the skin, trail of a meteor
  1903. sulcamen, sulcaminis n
  1904. stria, striae f
    furrow, channel, hollow, flute of a column
  1905. sulco 1
    furrow, cut furrows through, plough, sail over, traverse, pass through
  1906. sulcabilis, sulcabile
  1907. superadornatus, superadornata, superadornatum
    further adorned, additionally ornamented
  1908. super quam
  1909. superquam
    furthermore, besides that
  1910. superlucror 1
    gain in addition
  1911. servitricius, servitricia, servitricium
    galled by slavery
  1912. servitritius, servitritia, servitritium
    galled by slavery
  1913. saeptum venationis
    game enclosure, wildlife enclosure, preserve for game, corer for game, hunting-park
  1914. stemma, stemmatis n
    garland, wreath, pedigree, genealogical table, genealogical tree, nobility, high value
  1915. sericablatta, sericablattae f
    garment of purple silk
  1916. sericoblatta, sericoblattae f
    garment of purple silk
  1917. scortea, scorteae f
    garment of skins, garment of leather
  1918. sublego 3
    gather from below, gather for underneath, search for underneath, to gather up, catch up secretly, catch up by stealth, kidnap, overhear, choose in the place of another, elect in the place of another, substitute
  1919. suppuro 1
    gather matter, form pus, come to a head, suppurate, bring to a head, cause to suppurate, bring forth, produce
  1920. sectarius, sectaria, sectarium
    gelded, castrated
  1921. semigenius, semigenia, semigenium
  1922. summa belli
    general management of the war
  1923. synopsis, synopsis f
    general view, list, synopsis
  1924. semina genetice mutata
    genetically modified seeds
  1925. scordilon, scordili n
    germander, scordium
  1926. scordion, scordii n
    germander, scordium
  1927. scordium, scordii n
    germander, scordium
  1928. scordotis, scordotidis f
    germander, scordium
  1929. squalesco 3
    get dirty
  1930. sub dentem alicuius venio
    get into clutches of, fall into claws of
  1931. spem devoro
    get one's teeth into a hope, cling to a hope
  1932. stilasco 3
    get stalks
  1933. stilo 1
    get stalks
  1934. sumptum reficio
    get the costs back out, cover the costs
  1935. supermolior 4
    get through
  1936. stips, stipis f
    gift, donation, alms, contribution
  1937. sensutus, sensuta, sensutum
    gifted with brains, understanding
  1938. sensatus, sensata, sensatum
    gifted with sense, intelligent
  1939. succingo 3
    gird below, gird from below, tuck up, gird, gird about, girdle, surround, furnish, provide, equip, fit out
  1940. succinctulus, succinctula, succinctulum
    girded, girt
  1941. suboffendo 3
    give some offence
  1942. soccito 1
    give the sound of the thrush
  1943. sequestro 1
    give up for safekeeping, surrender, remove, separate from any thing
  1944. suppedito 1
    give, furnish, afford, supply, procure in abundance
  1945. sospitalis, sospitale
    giving health, giving safety, salutary
  1946. sortifer, sortifera, sortiferum
    giving out oracles, oracular
  1947. sortiger, sortigera, sortigerum
    giving out oracles, oracular
  1948. sublustris, sublustre
    giving some light, having a faint light, glimmering
  1949. subministratio, subministrationis f
    giving, furnishing, supplying, subministration
  1950. suffulgeo 2
    gleam beneath, shine beneath
  1951. spicilegium, spicilegii n
    gleaning of ears of corn after gathering
  1952. sublectio, sublectionis f
    gleaning, leasing
  1953. superlabor 3
    glide over, run over
  1954. subterlabor 3
    glide under, flow under, slip away, escape
  1955. submano 1
    glide under, trickle under, wet somewhat
  1956. summano 1
    glide under, trickle under, wet somewhat, do something wet
  1957. stellimicans, stellimicantis
    glittering with stars
  1958. stellumicans, stellumicantis
    glittering with stars
  1959. scoriscatio, scoriscationis f
    glittering, flash, coruscation
  1960. superglorifico 1
    glorify beyond all measure, praise beyond all measure
  1961. subrutilo 1
    glow slightly, glimmer forth
  1962. suffrendens, suffrendentis
    gnashing a little
  1963. secedo 3
    go apart, go aside, go away, separate, withdraw, remove, withdraw, retire, revolt, dissent from the opinion
  1964. singulas urbes circumvenio
    go around from one city to another
  1965. semigro 1
    go away, remove
  1966. succedo 3
    go below, go under, enter, come under, go from under, go up, mount, ascend, submit to any thing, march on, advance, march up to, approach, follow, follow after, take the place of, relieve, come into the place of, succeed, succeed to, receive by succession, come next
  1967. subintro 1
    go into secretly, enter by stealth, steal into
  1968. solum verto
    go out of the country, turn one's back on one's homeland, leave the country
  1969. supereo
    go over
  1970. supervado 3
    go over, climb over, surmount
  1971. supermeo 1
    go over, glide over, flow over
  1972. supero 1
    go over, pass over, rise above, mount, ascend, surmount, overtop, sail by a place, past a place, surpass, excel, exceed, outdo, outstrip, overcome, subdue, conquer, vanquish
  1973. superferor
    go over, ride over, fly over, swim over
  1974. supervehor 3
    go over, ride over, sail over, go past, ride past, sail past
  1975. supero 1
    go over, rise above, overtop, surmount, have the upper hand, have the superiority, be superior, overcome, surpass, be left over, remain, survive
  1976. somno me do
    go to bed
  1977. sumptum impendo
    go to expense
  1978. suggredior 5
    go up to, come up to, approach, attack
  1979. stimulus, stimuli m
    goad for driving, sting, torment, pang, spur, incentive, incitement, stimulus, pointed stake
  1980. scopus, scopi m
    goal, target
  1981. secessio, secessionis f
    going aside, withdrawal, separation, schism, secession
  1982. secessus, secessus m
    going away, departure, separation, Retirement, solitude, place of retirement
  1983. synodicus, synodica, synodicum
    going together, coming together, synodical, according to the decrees of the synod
  1984. solidus, solidi m
    gold coin
  1985. speciositas, speciositatis f
    good looks, beauty
  1986. speciosus, speciosa, speciosum
    good-looking, showy, handsome, beautiful, splendid, brilliant, well-sounding, plausible, specious
  1987. species, specierum f
    goods, wares
  1988. societas regendi
    government participation, government involvement
  1989. strategia, strategiae f
    government, district, province
  1990. spelta, speltae f
    grains of spelt
  1991. soloecismus, soloecismi m
    grammatical fault in the construction of a sentence, solecism
  1992. soloecum, soloeci n
    grammatical fault in the construction of a sentence, solecism
  1993. surena, surenae m
    grand vizier
  1994. suggrundarium, suggrundarii n
    grave of a child less than forty days old
  1995. serius, seria, serium
    grave, earnest, serious
  1996. severe
    gravely, seriously, austerely, rigidly, severely
  1997. severiter
    gravely, seriously, austerely, rigidly, severely
  1998. severitudo, severitudinis f
    gravity, austerity, severity
  1999. sumptuositas, sumptuositatis f
    great expense, costliness, expensiveness
  2000. stergethron, stergethri n
    great houseleek
  2001. scurrilitas, scurrilitatis f
    grotesque gag, kintopp, clambake, comic, slapstick, burleske, farce
  2002. scurrulitas, scurrulitatis f
    grotesque gag, kintopp, clambake, comic, slapstick, burleske, farce
  2003. solarium, solarii n [2]
  2004. symplegma, symplegmatis n
    group of persons embracing, group of persons wrestling
  2005. sideratio, siderationis f
    grouping of stars, configuration of stars, constellation
  2006. stupesco 3
    grow astonished, become amazed
  2007. seresco 3
    grow dry
  2008. siccesco 3
    grow dry, become dry, dry up
  2009. spumesco 3
    grow foamy, grow frothy, begin to foam, begin to froth
  2010. supervalesco 3
    grow in power
  2011. superincresco 3
    grow over, grow upon
  2012. subaresco 3
    grow somewhat dry
  2013. subargutulus, subargutula, subargutulum
    grow somewhat dry
  2014. spinesco 3
    grow thorny
  2015. subcresco 3
    grow under, grow from under, grow up
  2016. succresco 3
    grow under, grow from under, grow up
  2017. sterilesco 3
    grow unfruitful, grow barren, grow sterile
  2018. sororio 1
    grow up together like two sisters, swell together like two sisters
  2019. subnascor 3
    grow up under, grow out of, grow after, follow after, succeed
  2020. subolesco 3
    grow up
  2021. supercresco 3
    grow up, grow over, grow upon
  2022. silvesco 3
    grow wild, run wild, run to wood
  2023. saxosus, saxosa, saxosum
    growing among stones
  2024. supernascor 3
    growing over, growing above
  2025. supercreatus, supercreata, supercreatum
    grown on, adventitious
  2026. suggrunnio 4
    grunt a little
  2027. securitas, securitatis f
  2028. scelerĭtas, scelerĭtatis f
    guilt, wickedness, criminality
  2029. sons, sontis m
    guilty person, offender, malefactor, criminal, an evil doer, malefactor, delinquent
  2030. sons, sontis
    guilty, criminal, hurtful, noxious, delinquent
  2031. stomachus, stomachi m
    gullet, alimentary canal, œsophagus, stomach, taste, liking, distaste, dislike
  2032. stagonitis, stagonitidis f
    gum galbanum
  2033. spicus crinalis
  2034. sinciput, sincipitis n
    half a head, brain, head
  2035. semilixa, semilixae m
    half a sutler, one little better than a sutler
  2036. semianimis, semianime
    half alive, half dead
  2037. semianimus, semianima, semianimum
    half alive, half dead
  2038. semis (indecl.)
    half an as, a semi as, half a juger of lan, half foot, half a foot, half a cubit
  2039. semis, semissis m
    half an as, a semi as, half a juger of lan, half foot, half a foot, half a cubit
  2040. semiermis, semierme
    half armed, badly armed, indifferently armed
  2041. semiermus, semierma, semiermum
    half armed, badly armed, indifferently armed
  2042. semissalis, semissale
    half as a month
  2043. subdimidius, subdimidia, subdimidium
    half as much less, less by one half of itself
  2044. semisomnis, semisomne
    half asleep, sleepy, drowsy
  2045. semisomnus, semisomna, semisomnum
    half asleep, sleepy, drowsy
  2046. semisopitus, semisopita, semisopitum
    half asleep, sleepy, drowsy
  2047. semisopoōrus, semisopoōra, semisopoōrum
    half asleep, sleepy, drowsy
  2048. semireductus, semireducta, semireductum
    half bent back
  2049. semicorporalis, semicorporale
    half bodied, having but half its body visible
  2050. semicorporeus, semicorporea, semicorporeum
    half bodied, having but half its body visible
  2051. semilater, semilateris m
    half brick
  2052. semilaterium, semilaterii n
    half brick
  2053. semisepultus, semisepulta, semisepultum
    half buried
  2054. semiustulo 1
    half burn, burn in part
  2055. semiambustus, semiambusta, semiambustum
    half burned, half consumed
  2056. semicrematus, semicremata, semicrematum
    half burned
  2057. semicombustus, semicombusta, semicombustum
    half burned, half consumed
  2058. semicirculus, semicirculī m
    half circle, semicircle
  2059. semiamictus, semiamicta, semiamictum
    half clad, half naked
  2060. semigelatus, semigelata, semigelatum
    half coagulated, semi frozen
  2061. semipletio, semipletionis f
    half completeness
  2062. semimodius, semodiī mm
    half corn measure
  2063. semodius, semodiī mm
    half corn measure
  2064. semicorrectus, semicorrecta, semicorrectum
    half corrected
  2065. semiobrutus, semiobruta, semiobrutum
    half covered
  2066. semiamputatus, semiamputata, semiamputatum
    half cut off, half trimmed, lopped, pruned
  2067. semidies, semidiei m
    half day
  2068. semimortuus, semimortua, semimortuum
    half dead
  2069. seminecus, semineca, seminecum
    half dead
  2070. seminex, seminecis
    half dead
  2071. subnego 1
    half deny, half refuse
  2072. semiperemptus, semiperempta, semiperemptum
    half destroyed
  2073. semiperemtus, semiperemta, semiperemtum
    half destroyed
  2074. semideus, semidea, semideum
    half divine
  2075. semidivinus, semidivina, semidivinum
    half divine, semi divine
  2076. semicanis, semicane
    half dog
  2077. semisiccus, semisicca, semisiccum
    half dry
  2078. semipastus, semipasta, semipastum
    half eaten
  2079. semessus, semessa, semessum
    half eaten, half devoured, half consumed
  2080. semesus, semesa, semesum
    half eaten, half devoured, half consumed
  2081. semiesus, semiesa, semiesum
    half eaten, half devoured, half consumed
  2082. semiieiunia, semiieiuniorum n
    half fasts
  2083. semiperactus, semiperacta, semiperactum
    half finished
  2084. semiperfectus, semiperfecta, semiperfectum
    half finished, half perfect, incomplete
  2085. semipes, semipedis m
    half foot in vers
  2086. semipes, semipedis m
    half foot, half a foot
  2087. semipodius, semipodia, semipodium
    half footed
  2088. semiliber, semilibera, semiliberum
    half free
  2089. semus, sema, semum
    half full, half empty, only half
  2090. semiplenus, semiplena, semiplenum
    half full, half in full, incompletely, in part
  2091. semigermanus, semigermana, semigermanum
    half German, semi German
  2092. semipuella, semipuellae f
    half girl
  2093. semicaper, semicapri m
    half goat
  2094. semicanus, semicana, semicanum
    half gray, grizzled
  2095. semigraecus, semigraeca, semigraecum
    half Greek,
  2096. semihora, semihorae f
    half hour, half an hour
  2097. semimarinus, semimarina, semimarinum
    half in the sea
  2098. Semiiudaeus, Semiiudaei m
    half Jew, half a Jew
  2099. semiiugerum, semiiugeri n
    half juger, quarter acre
  2100. semidoctus, semidocti m
    half knowing, half expert, semi expert
  2101. semilacer, semilacera, semilacerum
    half lacerated, half mangled
  2102. semipedius, semipedia, semipedium
    half lame
  2103. semipes, semipedis m
    half lame
  2104. semicoriaceus, semicoriacea, semicoriaceum
    half leather
  2105. semilineus, semilinea, semilineum
    half linen
  2106. semilixula, semilixulae f
    half lixula
  2107. semilunaticus, semilunatica, semilunaticum
    half lunatic, half moonstruck
  2108. semiconfectus, semiconfecta, semiconfectum
    half made
  2109. semihomo, semihominis m
    half man, half man and half beast, half wild, half savage
  2110. semimedus, semimedi m
    half Mede, half a Mede
  2111. semimetopion, semimetopii n
    half metope
  2112. seminudus, seminuda, seminudum
    half naked, half unarmed, almost defenceless
  2113. semiobolus, semioboli m
    half obolus
  2114. semiadapertus, semiadaperta, semiadapertum
    half opened
  2115. semiapertus, semiaperta, semiapertum
    half opened, half open
  2116. semihiulcus, semihiulca, semihiulcum
    half opened, half open
  2117. semulcus, semulca, semulcum
    half opened, half open
  2118. semigravis, semigrave
    half overcome, half drunken
  2119. semibos, semibovis m
    half ox
  2120. semifastigium, semifastigii n
    half pediment
  2121. semiquinaria, semiquinariae f
    half pentameter
  2122. semiperfectio, semiperfectionis f
    half perfection
  2123. semipoeta, semipoetae m
    half poet
  2124. semilibra, semilibrae f
    half pound, half a pound
  2125. semifultus, semifulta, semifultum
    half propped
  2126. semicrudus, semicruda, semicrudum
    half raw, half digested
  2127. semirefectus, semirefecta, semirefectum
    half repaired
  2128. semimaturus, semimatura, semimaturum
    half ripe, still immature
  2129. semiromanus, semiromana, semiromanum
    half Roman
  2130. semirotundus, semirotunda, semirotundum
    half round, semicircular
  2131. semiremex, semiremigis m
    half rower, half fighter
  2132. semiaxius, semiaxia, semiaxium
    half ruined, half broken
  2133. semipaganus, semipagani m
    half rustic, half a clown, no right poet
  2134. semiagrestis, semiagreste
    half rustic, somewhat boorish
  2135. semiclausus, semiclausa, semiclausum
    half shut, half close
  2136. semiclusus, semiclusa, semiclusum
    half shut, half close
  2137. semiadopertulus, semiadopertula, semiadopertulum
    half shut, half closed
  2138. semisermo, semisermonis m
    half speech, jargon
  2139. semisyllaba, semisyllabae f
    half syllable
  2140. semitalentum, semitalenti n
    half talent
  2141. semidoctus, semidocta, semidoctum
    half taught, half learned
  2142. semidecima, semidecimae f
    half tenth
  2143. semitactus, semitacta, semitactum
    half touched
  2144. semimitra, semimitrae f
    half turban
  2145. semiconspicuus, semiconspicua, semiconspicuum
    half visible
  2146. semifer, semiferi m
    half wild man
  2147. subsericus, subserica, subsericum
  2148. semifer, semifera, semiferum
    halfbestial, half man and half beast
  2149. semicremus, semicrema, semicremum
  2150. semiorbis, semiorbis m
    halfcircle, semicircle
  2151. semicoctus, semicocta, semicoctum
    halfcooked, half done
  2152. semiruta, semirutorum n
    halfdemolished parts of the wall
  2153. semiinanis, semiinane
    halfempty, but half full
  2154. seminanis, seminane
    halfempty, but half full
  2155. semiformis, semiforme
  2156. semirosus, semirosa, semirosum
    halfgnawed, seminibbled
  2157. semionustus, semionusta, semionustum
  2158. semifactus, semifacta, semifactum
    halfmade, half finished
  2159. semimasculus, semimasculi m
  2160. semimas, semimaris m
    halfmale, hermaphrodite, unmanned, emasculated
  2161. semhians, semhiantis
    halfopened, half open
  2162. semihians, semihiantis
    halfopened, half open
  2163. semiputatus, semiputata, semiputatum
  2164. semirutus, semiruta, semiutum
    halfpulled down, half overthrown, half demolished, half destroyed, half ruined
  2165. semifunium, semifunii n
    halfrope, slender line, slender cord
  2166. semirasus, semirasa, semirasum
  2167. semiperitus, semiperita, semiperitum
  2168. semifumans, semifumantis
  2169. semisonans, semisonantis
    halfsounding, semi vocal
  2170. semisonus, semisona, semisonum
    halfsounding, semi vocal
  2171. semiacerbus, semiacerba, semiacerbum
    halfsour, half ripe
  2172. semilautus, semilauta, semilautum
  2173. semimadidus, semimadida, semimadidum
    halfwet, moist, damp
  2174. semiinteger, semiintegra, semiintegrum
    halfwhole, half uninjured
  2175. semisaucius, semisaucia, semisaucium
  2176. suffrago, suffraginis f
    ham, hough, hock of a quadruped’s hind leg, , shoot of a vine, spray of a vine
  2177. societas manufollica
    handball team, handball club
  2178. scitulus, scitula, scitulum
    handsome, pretty, neat, trim, elegant
  2179. superimmineo 2
    hang over, overhang
  2180. suspendo 3
    hang up, hang, suspend, choke to death by hanging, hang, dedicate, consecrate, build upon arches, build upon vaults, prop up, hold up, support
  2181. suspendium, suspendii n
    hanging of one’s self, hanging
  2182. scirros, scirri m
    hard swelling, tumor
  2183. scortum, scorti n
    harlot, strumpet, prostitut, mistress, concubine
  2184. speusticus, speustica, speusticum
    hastily made
  2185. superbe
    haughtily, proudly, superciliously
  2186. superbiter
    haughtily, proudly, superciliously
  2187. superbiloquentia, superbiloquentiae f
    haughty speaking, proud speaking
  2188. superciliosus, superciliosa, superciliosum
    haughty, disdainful, supercilious, censorious, severe
  2189. superbus, superba, superbum
    haughty, proud, arrogant, insolent, discourteous, uncivil, rude, supercilious, domineering, delicate, fastidious, squeamish, very severe, utterly impartial, uncivil, arrogant, proud, superior, excellent, distinguished, splendid, magnificent, superb
  2190. subductio, subductionis f
    hauling ashore of a ship, reckoning, dryocking, beaching
  2191. sublacrimo 1
    have a bit of tears, weeping a little
  2192. subincrepito 1
    have a little bang
  2193. suevi
    have accustomed one’s self, be wont, be used, be accustomed
  2194. stabulo 1
    have an abode anywhere, stable, kennel, harbor, roost, stable cattle, house cattle
  2195. stabulor 1
    have an abode anywhere, stable, kennel, harbor, roost, stable cattle, house cattle
  2196. successit coeptis
    have done a good job
  2197. superhabeo 2
    have over a thing, have upon a thing
  2198. somno satiatus sum
    have slept in
  2199. subsipio 5
    have some taste
  2200. superintendo 3
    have the oversight of, superintend
  2201. summam rerum administro
    have the supreme command
  2202. silus, sila, silum
    having a broad nose, having a turned up nose, pug nosed, snub nosed
  2203. subdialis ceno
    having a picnic, picnic
  2204. scalpratus, scalprata, scalpratum
    having a sharp edge, having a cutting edge
  2205. sistratus, sistrata, sistratum
    having a sistrum, bearing a sistrum
  2206. strumaticus, strumatica, strumaticum
    having a struma, scrofulous, strumous
  2207. strumosus, strumosa, strumosum
    having a struma, scrofulous, strumous
  2208. suppes, suppedis
    having feet turned under, with twisted feet
  2209. semicorporis, sēmicorpore
    having half a body
  2210. semicorpus, semicorporis
    having half a body
  2211. septiforis, septifore
    having seven openings, seven holed
  2212. screo 1
    hawk, hem
  2213. screator, screatoris m
    hawker, hemmer
  2214. screatus, screatus m
    hawking, hemming
  2215. separator, separatoris m
    he that separates, separator
  2216. Supinalis, Supinalis m
    he who overthrows, he who destroys
  2217. summus, summi m
    he who sits in the highest place, he who sits at the head of the table
  2218. superacervo 1
    heap on, pile up
  2219. superaggero 1
    heap over
  2220. structus, structus m
    heap, pile
  2221. struix, struicis f
    heap, pile
  2222. strues, struis f
    heap, pile, heap of little offering-cakes, funeral pile, pyre
  2223. suffervefacio 5
    heat from below,warm from below
  2224. subatio, subationis f
    heat, brimming of swine
  2225. sisara, sisarae f
    heath, sweetbroom
  2226. sisyrus, sisyri m
    heather, erica
  2227. subustio, subustionis f
    heating from below
  2228. saeps, saepis f
    hedge, fence, enclosure
  2229. seps, sepis f (2)
    hedge, fence, enclosure
  2230. saeptio, saeptionis f
    hedging in, fencing in, enclosing, enclosing with a wall
  2231. septio, septionis f
    hedging in, fencing in, enclosing, enclosing with a wall
  2232. statura, staturae f
    height of the body, size of the body, stature
  2233. sublime, sublimis n
  2234. sublimitas, sublimitatis f
    height, loftiness, loftiness, elevation, sublimity
  2235. suppetium, suppetii n
    help, assistance, support
  2236. succursor, succursoris m
    helper, succorer
  2237. symphoniaca, symphoniacae f
  2238. serpentaria, serpentariae f
    herb good against the bite of a viper
  2239. strumea, strumeae f
    herb that cures the strumaa
  2240. suspense
    hesitatingly, in suspense
  2241. sexangulum, sexanguli n
  2242. sugglutio 4
    hiccup a little
  2243. singultio 4
    hiccup, sob, cluck, throb
  2244. singulto 1
    hiccup, sob, rattle in the throat
  2245. secrete
    hidden, concealed, secret, in secret, secretly
  2246. secretim
    hidden, concealed, secret, in secret, secretly
  2247. secreto
    hidden, concealed, secret, in secret, secretly
  2248. secretus, secreta, secretum
    hidden, concealed, secret, isolated, solitary
  2249. suppressor, suppressoris m
    hider, concealer
  2250. sculponeae, sculponearum f
    high wooden shoes
  2251. superior, superius
    higher, upper, upper part of, former, past, previous, preceding, older, elder, senior, more advanced, victorious, conquering, stronger, superior, higher, more distinguished, greater
  2252. summitas, summitatis f
    highest part, height, top, summit
  2253. superrimus, superrima, superrimum
    highest, loftiest, topmost
  2254. superrumus, superruma, superrumum
    highest, loftiest, topmost
  2255. supremus, suprema, supremum
    highest, loftiest, topmost, last, latest, extreme, final, closing, dying
  2256. summo ingenio praeditus
    highly talented
  2257. supernitas, supernitatis f
    highness, height
  2258. sibilo 1
    hiss, whistle, hiss at a person, hiss down a person
  2259. sibilatrix, sibilatricis f
    hissing, whistling
  2260. sibilatus, sibilatus m
    hissing, whistling
  2261. sibilus, sibila, sibilum
    hissing, whistling
  2262. sibilum, sibili n
    hissing, whistling, contemptuous hissing, hissing at
  2263. sibilus, sibili m
    hissing, whistling, contemptuous hissing, hissing at
  2264. st
    hist!, whist!, hush!
  2265. scrupeda, scrupedae f
    hobbling, shambling
  2266. scrupipeda, scrupipedae f
    hobbling, shambling
  2267. suile, suilis n
    hog-sty, pigsty, pigpen, pig sty
  2268. sufflamino 1
    hold back by a clog, clog, check, stay, check, repress in speaking
  2269. sepulto 1
    hold buried
  2270. summis honoribus fungor
    hold the highest offices
  2271. subteneo 2
    hold underneath
  2272. strigo 1
    hold up, halt, stop in ploughing, give out, give way, lose strength, sink
  2273. sustineo 2
    hold up, hold upright, uphold, bear up, keep up, support, sustain, maintain, preserve, hold in, stop, stay, check, restrain, keep back, put off, defer, delay
  2274. sustento 1
    hold up, hold upriqht, uphold, support, prop, sustain, bear, wear, keep up, maintain, uplift, preserve, keep in check, hold back, restrain, hold out, endure, suffer, put off, defer, delay
  2275. sustentatus, sustentatus m
    holding up, holding upright, sustaining, support
  2276. subcavus, subcava, subcavum
    hollow below, hollow underneath
  2277. scotia, scotiae f
    hollow moulding in the base of a column
  2278. syringianus, syringiana, syringianum
    hollowed out like a pipe
  2279. syringnatus, syringnata, syringnatum
    hollowed out like a pipe
  2280. subtercavatus, subtercavata, subtercavatum
    hollowed out underneath
  2281. sitis caedis
    homicidal desire
  2282. superspero 1
    hope exceedingly
  2283. spero 1
    hope, look for, trust, expect, promise one’s self, flatter one’s self
  2284. sonupes, sonupedis m
    horse, ross
  2285. suasoria, suasoriae f
    hortatory speech, suasory speech
  2286. simultas, simultatis f
    hostile encounter of two parties, dissension, enmity, rivalry, jealousy, grudge, hatred, animosity, contest for a prize
  2287. suppellex, suppellectilis f
    household utensils
  2288. supelex, supelectilis f
    household utensils, stuff, furniture, goods, apparatus, furniture, outfit, qualification
  2289. supellectilis, supellectilis f
    household utensils, stuff, furniture, goods, apparatus, furniture, outfit, qualification
  2290. supellex, supellectilis f
    household utensils, stuff, furniture, goods, apparatus, furniture, outfit, qualification
  2291. sedum, sedi n
  2292. supplex, supplicis
    humbly begging, humbly entreating, humble, submissive, beseeching, suppliant, supplicant
  2293. supplice
  2294. subiecte
    humbly, submissively
  2295. supplicue
    humbly, submissively
  2296. suppliciter
    humbly, submissively, suppliant
  2297. samia, samiae f
    hurt, damage, loss
  2298. siliqua, siliquae f
    husk of leguminous plants, pod of leguminous plants, carob tree, carob, St, John’s bread
  2299. supplantatio, supplantationis f
    hypocritical deceit
  2300. supposititivus, supposititiva, supposititivum
  2301. supposititive
  2302. septimus sum deinceps
    I am the seventh in succession
  2303. suillas carnes mirum in modum amo
    I love pork very much
  2304. sensus, sensus m
    idea, notion, meaning, signification
  2305. siqui, siqua, siquod
    if any, if any one
  2306. siquis, siquid
    if any, if any one
  2307. siquando
    if ever
  2308. sicunde
    if from anywhere
  2309. sicubi
    if in any place, if anywhere, wheresoever
  2310. siqua (si qua)
    if in any way, if by any means
  2311. siqui (si qui)
    if in any way, if by any means
  2312. siquidem
    If only, if indeed
  2313. si quid titubatum est
    if something has gone wrong
  2314. sodes
    if you will, if you please, with your leave, prithee, pray
  2315. si
    if, whether, if perchance
  2316. syntecticus, syntectica, syntecticum
    ill of consumption, consumptive, syntectic
  2317. spurius, spurii m
    illegitimate child, spurious child, bastard
  2318. subagitatio, subagitationis f
    illicit intercourse
  2319. subigitatio, subigitationis f
    illicit intercourse
  2320. signifex, significis m
    image maker, carver, statuary, sculptor
  2321. statua, statuae f
    image, statue, pillar
  2322. sicelisso 1
    imitate Sicilian manner
  2323. sicilisso 1
    imitate Sicilian manner
  2324. sicilizo 1
    imitate Sicilian manner
  2325. simulatus, simulata, simulatum
    imitated, feigned, simulated, hypocrite
  2326. simulans, simulantis
    imitating, imitative
  2327. subinde
    immediately after, just after, presently, forthwith, thereupon, one after the other, from time to time, now and then, repeatedly, frequently, continually
  2328. secundum + Akk.
    immediately after, next to, after, behind, by, along
  2329. subcontinuativus, subcontinuativa, subcontinuativum
    immediately continued
  2330. systema immunitatis
    immune system
  2331. supplicium alicui decerno
    impose the death penalty
  2332. supplicium allicui irrogo
    impose the death penalty
  2333. supplicium constituo in aliquem
    impose the death penalty
  2334. sulphuratus, sulphurata, sulphuratum
    impregnated with sulphur, sulphurated
  2335. sphragitis, sphragitidis f
    impression of a seal
  2336. stribiligo, stribiliginis f
    impropriety in language, solecism
  2337. stribligo, stribliginis f
    impropriety in language, solecism
  2338. somnialiter
    in a dream
  2339. susurratim
    in a low voice, softly
  2340. suspecto
    in a manner to excite suspicion, suspiciously
  2341. sollemnitus
    in a religious manner, in a solemn manner, solemnly, with pomp, with splendor, according to custom, in the usual manner, in the customary manner, regularly, formally
  2342. sensualiter
    in a sensual manner, carnally
  2343. septempliciter
    in a sevenfold manner
  2344. suspiciose
    in a way to raise mistrust, in a way to raise suspicion, suspiciously
  2345. synodice
    in accordance with the synod’s decrees
  2346. supererogo 1
    in addition spend money
  2347. sereno
    in clear weather
  2348. summa hieme
    in deep winter, in the deep of winter
  2349. supremo in tempore
    in dire necessity, in dire distress
  2350. sordidatus, sordidata, sordidatum
    in dirty clothes, meanly dressed, shabbily dressed, foul, polluted
  2351. sermocinanter
    in discourse, in conversation
  2352. serie
    in earnest, seriously
  2353. serio
    in earnest, seriously
  2354. submissa voce
    in hushed tones, in a low voice
  2355. similiter
    in like manner, similarly
  2356. simulter
    in like manner, similarly
  2357. syllabice
    in respect to syllables, in increasing the number of the syllables
  2358. subidus, subida, subidum
    in rut
  2359. solidalis, solidale
    in solidarity
  2360. subsequenter
    in succession, one after another
  2361. syllabicus, syllabica, syllabicum
    in syllables, by the syllables
  2362. si quid humanitus mihi accidat (acciderit)
    in the event of my death, in case of my death
  2363. si quid mihi accidat (acciderit)
    in the event of my death, in case of my death
  2364. sphingatus, sphingata, sphingatum
    in the form of a sphinx
  2365. spingatus, spingata, spingatum
    in the form of a sphinx
  2366. summe
    in the highest degree, most highly, most greatly, extremely
  2367. speculari ratione
    in the manner of a mirror
  2368. serratim
    in the manner of a saw, like a saw
  2369. subdivus, subdiva, subdivum
    in the open air
  2370. superiore anno
    in the past year, last year, over the last year
  2371. sensu proprio verbi
    in the proper meaning of the word
  2372. sub umbra
    in the shade, in the shadow
  2373. stimulos sub pectore verto
    incite the heart to enthusiasm
  2374. semisermo, semisermonis m
    incomplete speech
  2375. suspectivus, suspectiva, suspectivum
    indicating a hunch
  2376. saucietas, saucietatis f
  2377. segne otium traho
    indulge in lazy leisure
  2378. societas industrialis
    industrial enterprise, industrial plant, industrial company
  2379. sequior, sequius
    inferior, lower, worse
  2380. sedes, sedis f
    infernal regions, burial place
  2381. superincendo 3
    inflame more, inflame greatly
  2382. synanche, synanches f
    inflammation of the throat, a sore-throat, quinsy
  2383. sciscitor 1
    inform one's self, ask, inquire, question, examine, interrogate
  2384. sycophanta, sycophantae m
    informer, tale-bearer, backbiter, slanderer, deceiver, trickster, cheat, cunning flatterer, parasite, sycophant
  2385. species, specierum f
  2386. suburbani, suburbanorum m
    inhabitants of the towns near Rome
  2387. silvicola, silvicolae c
    inhabiting woods, sylvan
  2388. silvicolens, silvicolentis
    inhabiting woods, sylvan
  2389. silvicultrix, silvicultricis f
    inhabiting woods, sylvan
  2390. sepioticon, sepiotici n
  2391. sciscitator, sciscitatoris m
    inquirer, examiner, investigator
  2392. scitator, scitatoris m
    inquirer, examiner, investigator
  2393. superscriptio, superscriptionis f
    inscription, superscription
  2394. sphondyle, sphondyles f
    insect that lives in the ground, and gnaws the roots of trees
  2395. spondyle, spondyles f
    insect that lives in the ground, and gnaws the roots of trees
  2396. subornator, subornatoris m
    instigator, abettor, suborner
  2397. sentinaculum, sentinaculi n
    instrument for bailing out the bilgewater of a ship, a scoop
  2398. syntonum, syntoni n
    instrument of the nature of the castanet, played on by the foot
  2399. subsanno 1
    insult by derisive gestures, deride, mock
  2400. seditio, seditionis f
    insurrectionary separation, civil discord, insurrection, mutiny, sedition
  2401. sensate
    intelligently, sensibly
  2402. subsanium, subsanii n
    Interior of the ship
  2403. subsannium, subsannii n
    Interior of the ship
  2404. sculna, sculnae m
    intermediary, fiduciary, frustee, agent, referee
  2405. sinuose
    intricately, in a roundabout manner
  2406. stropharius, stropharii m
  2407. subintroduco 3
    introduce in secret
  2408. subinduco 3
    introduce in secret, smuggle in
  2409. subintroduco 3
    introduce in secret, smuggle in
  2410. subnervo 1
    invalidate, refute
  2411. scopo 3
    investigate, test, search
  2412. scrutabundus, scrutabunda, scrutabundum
  2413. subinvito 1
    invite slightly, invite secretly
  2414. sideritis, sideritidis f
    Ironwort, vervain, a precious stone, loadstone, magnet
  2415. semeter, semetra, semetrum
    irregular, inharmonious
  2416. stomachanter
    irritably, peevishly, pettishly
  2417. suppeditat dicere
    it is easy to say
  2418. sufficit
    it is enough, suffice it
  2419. scilicet
    it is evident, clear, plain, manifest, of course, naturally, evidently, certainly, undoubtedly
  2420. scitum est
    it's a great idea
  2421. sculptor, sculptoris m
    ivory carver
  2422. scabratus, scabrata, scabratum
  2423. suffusio fellis
  2424. suffusio luridae bilis
  2425. subiungo 3
    join to, add to, annex, affix, subjoin, ring under, make subject, subordinate, subdue, subject, subjugate, put in the place of, substitute
  2426. sero 3
    join together, bind together, plait, interweave, entwine, join, connect, interweave, combine, compose, contrive
  2427. socio 1
    join together, unite together, associate, to do in common, hold in common, to share a thing with another
  2428. structio, structionis f
    joining together, building, erecting, construction
  2429. symplegas, symplegadis f
    joining together, cohesion
  2430. syzygia, syzygiae f
    joining together, conjunction, syzygy
  2431. sphondulus, sphonduli m
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2432. sphondylion, sphondylii n
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2433. sphondylus, sphondyli m
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2434. spondilus, spondili m
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2435. spondylion, spondylii n
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2436. spondylus, spondyli m
    joint of the spine, vertebra, spondyle, hard white of an oyster, muscle of an bivalve
  2437. subcommunis, subcommune
    jointly, collectively, together, collaboratively
  2438. succussator, succussatoris m
  2439. succussatura, succussaturae f
    jolting of a hard-going horse
  2440. succus, succi m
    juice, moisture, sap, medicinal liquor, drink, draught, potion, taste of any thing, flifelavor, strength, rigor, energy, spirit, life
  2441. sucus, suci m
    juice, moisture, sap, medicinal liquor, drink, draught, potion, taste of any thing, flifelavor, strength, rigor, energy, spirit, life
  2442. succositas, succositatis f
    juiciness, succulence, juici ness
  2443. sucositas, sucositatis f
    juiciness, succulence, juici ness
  2444. succidus, succida, succidum
    juicy, sappy, fresh, plump
  2445. sucidus, sucida, sucidum
    juicy, sappy, fresh, plump
  2446. scrutarius, scrutarii m
    junk dealer
  2447. sic demum
    just like that
  2448. superstito 1
    keep alive, preserve
  2449. scriniarius, scriniarii m
    keeper of the scrinium
  2450. servans, servantis
    keeping, keeping up, observant
  2451. stimulum pugnis caedo
    kick against the pricks
  2452. scinifes, scinifum m
    kind of ant
  2453. strongyle, strongyles f
    kind of alum
  2454. strepsiceros, strepsicerotis m
    kind of animal with twisted horns, called by the Africans adax
  2455. sphingion, sphingii n
    kind of ape
  2456. seleucis, seleucidis f
    kind of bird on Mount Casius
  2457. subis, subis f
    kind of bird that breaks eagles’ eggs
  2458. scultatores, scultatorum m
    kind of bodyguard
  2459. sphaeromachia, sphaeromachiae f
    kind of boxing wirh iron balls strapped to the hands
  2460. spatalium, spatalii n
    kind of bracelet
  2461. spathalion, spathalii n
    kind of bracelet
  2462. spathalium, spathalii n
    kind of bracelet
  2463. spīnter, spīnteris n
    kind of bracelet
  2464. spīnther, spīntheris n
    kind of bracelet
  2465. spica testacea
    kind of brick for pavements
  2466. siler, sileris n
    kind of brook willow
  2467. sisyrinchion, sisyrinchii n
    kind of bulbous plant
  2468. stataria, statariae f
    kind of comedy, so called from the quiet acting of the performers
  2469. segullum, segulli n
    kind of earth, which indicate the presence of native gold
  2470. segutilum, segutili n
    kind of earth, which indicate the presence of native gold
  2471. stacton, stacti n
    kind of eye-salve
  2472. stratioticum, stratiotici n
    kind of eye-salve
  2473. steatoma, steatomatis n
    kind of fatty tumor
  2474. selas n (indecl.)
    kind of fiery meteor
  2475. sindon, sindonis f
    kind of fine cotton stuff, muslin
  2476. stomoma, stomomatis n
    kind of fine scales which fly off in hammering
  2477. smyrus, smyri m
    kind of fish
  2478. surena, surenae f
    kind of fish
  2479. sparulus, sparuli m
    kind of fish, bream
  2480. sphacos, sphaci m
    kind of fragrant moss
  2481. sphagnos, sphagni m
    kind of fragrant moss
  2482. stagonias, stagoniae m
    kind of frankincense
  2483. subminia, subminiae f
    kind of garment for women
  2484. staticulus, staticuli m
    kind of gentle dance
  2485. sicale, sicalis n
    kind of grain, rye, black spelt
  2486. spionia, spioniae f
    kind of grape-vine
  2487. sircitula, sircitulae f
    kind of grape
  2488. sticula, sticulae f
    kind of grape
  2489. surcula, surculae f
    kind of grapes
  2490. strangias, strangiae m
    kind of Grecian wheat
  2491. smyrnion, smyrnii n
    kind of herb like myrrh
  2492. subina, subinae f
    kind of hunting spear
  2493. sybina, sybinae f
    kind of hunting-spea
  2494. soccus, socci m
    kind of low-heeled, light shoe, slipper, sock, comedy
  2495. sucula, suculae f
    kind of machine for drawing or lifting, winch, windlass, capstan, wine-press, oil-press
  2496. smilion, smilii n
    kind of medicinal salve
  2497. scolopendra, scolopendrae f
    kind of multipede, scolopendra, kind of sea fish
  2498. sory, soryos n
    kind of ore, ink-stone, sory
  2499. scopes, scopum f
    kind of owl
  2500. syagrus, syagri f
    kind of palm-tree
  2501. silaus, silai m
    kind of parsley, smallage
  2502. staphylinos, staphylini f
    kind of parsnip
  2503. staphylinus, staphylini f
    kind of parsnip
  2504. spagas (indecl.)
    kind of pitch found in Asia
  2505. sitites, sititae m
    kind of precious stone
  2506. spongitis, spongitidis f
    kind of precious stone
  2507. syringitis, syringitidis f
    kind of precious stone
  2508. scorpio, scorpionis m (scorpius, scorpii m)
    kind of prickly sea fish
  2509. sualiternicum, sualiternici n
    kind of reddish amber
  2510. syringia, syringiae f
    kind of reed
  2511. syringio, syringionis f
    kind of reed
  2512. syringa, syringae f
    kind of reed, cane good for pipes
  2513. syringias, syringiae m
    kind of reed, cane good for pipes
  2514. spaerita, spaeritae m
    kind of round cake
  2515. sphaerita, sphaeritae m
    kind of round cake
  2516. sphacos, sphaci m
    kind of sage
  2517. silicernius, silicernii m
    kind of sausage
  2518. sphyraena, sphyraenae f
    kind of sea-fish, otherwise called sudis
  2519. squalus, squali m
    kind of sea-fish
  2520. spatangius, spatangii m
    kind of sea-urchin
  2521. spatarius, spataria, spatarium
    kind of sea-urchin
  2522. solen, solenis m
    kind of seamussel, razor-fish
  2523. seliquastrum, seliquastri n
    kind of seat, kind of stool
  2524. stlata, stlatae f
    kind of ship, kind of piratical vessel
  2525. strombus, strombi m
    kind of spiral snail
  2526. sicera n (indecl.)
    kind of spirituous, intoxicating drink
  2527. sphragis, sphragidis f
    kind of stone used for seals, Lemnian earth, little ball of plaster
  2528. spadix, spadicis m
    kind of stringed instrument
  2529. suavillum, suavilli n
    kind of sweet cake, confectionery
  2530. striblita, striblitae f
    kind of tart
  2531. sillybus, sillybi f (2)
    kind of thistle
  2532. syllibus, syllibi f
    kind of thistle
  2533. spathe, spathes f
    kind of tree, called also elate
  2534. scomber, scombri m
    kind of tunny, a mackerel
  2535. sitella, sitellae f
    kind of urn used in drawing lots
  2536. salpuga, salpugae f
    kind of venomous ant, kind of venomous spider
  2537. solifuga, solifugae f
    kind of venomous ant, kind of venomous spider
  2538. solipuga, solipugae f
    kind of venomous ant, kind of venomous spider
  2539. solipugna, solipugnae f
    kind of venomous ant, kind of venomous spider
  2540. solpuga, solpugae f
    kind of venomous ant, kind of venomous spider
  2541. silīgo, silīginis f
    kind of very white wheat, winter wheat, fine wheaten flour
  2542. spinea, spineae f
    kind of vine
  2543. serracum, serraci n
    kind of wagon, kind of cart
  2544. sudiculum, sudiculi n
    kind of whip, kind of scourge, cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief
  2545. suduculum, suduculi n
    kind of whip, kind of scourge, cloth for wiping off perspiration, handkerchief
  2546. scybelites, scybelitae m
    kind of wine in Galatia
  2547. scyzinum, scyzini n
    kind of wine
  2548. succendo 3
    kindle from below, set on fire from below, inflame, redden
  2549. sufflammo 1
    kindle, inflame
  2550. sceptrum, sceptri n
    kingdom, rule, dominion, authority
  2551. syngenicon, syngenici n
    kinship relation
  2552. saviatus, saviata, saviatum
    kiss worth
  2553. suavium, suavii n (savium, savii n)
    kiss, love-kiss, smacker
  2554. saviationes puerorum et puellarum
    Kissing with boys and girls
  2555. suaviatio, suaviationis f
  2556. supellex coquinaria
    kitchen appliance, food processor
  2557. stlembus, stlemba, stlembum
    klutzy, slow
  2558. serpirastra, serpirastrorum n
    knee splints
  2559. serperastra, serperastrorum n
    knee splints, knee bandages for straightening the crooked legs of children
  2560. supplico 1
    kneel down, humble one’s self, pray humbly, beg humbly, to beseech, implore, supplicate, pray to a god, supplicate as a god, pray, worship
  2561. superbas potentiorum fores pulso
    knock on the doors of the proud rich
  2562. scio + aci
  2563. scitor, scitoris m
    knower, connoisseur
  2564. scitor, scitoris m
    knower, connoisseur
  2565. sciens, scientis
  2566. scius, scia, scium
    knowing, having knowledge
  2567. subidus, subida, subidum
    knowing, sensible
  2568. scitus, scita, scitum
    knowing, shrewd, wise, acute, experienced, skilful, adroit
  2569. scio 4
    Knowing, understanding, acquainted with, skilled, versed, expert in any thing
  2570. scienter
    knowingly, understandingly, wisely, skilfully, expertly
  2571. suppernatus, suppernata, suppernatum
    lamed in the hip, cut down
  2572. sublugeo 2
    lament a little
  2573. solifundium, solifundii n
    landed property
  2574. Sybaritica, Sybariticorum n
    lascivious poems
  2575. semiannuus, semiannua, semiannuum
    lasting half a year, of half a year
  2576. sero
    late, at a late hour, too late, delayed
  2577. serus, sera, serum
    late, too late
  2578. septimana vergente
    later this week
  2579. superrideo 2
    laugh at sth,
  2580. statutum, statuti n
    law, decision, determination, statute
  2581. suppo 1
    lay back, lay on the back
  2582. suffundo 1
    lay foundation
  2583. succumbo 3
    lay under any thing, put one’s self under any thing, fall down, lie down, sink down, lie down to a man, cohabit with a man, yield, be overcome, submit, surrender, succumb
  2584. subiecto 1
    lay under, place under, put under, throw out from below
  2585. sepositio, sepositionis f
    laying aside, setting apart, hoarding, separation
  2586. stratio, strationis f
    laying of cloths and coverings, the preparation of a room for a feast
  2587. subiectus, subiectus m
    laying under
  2588. subiectio, subiectionis f
    laying under, putting under, placing under, representation, substituting, forging, subjugation, reduction to obedience, annexing, subjoining, answer subjoined, added explanation
  2589. seduco 3
    lead aside, lead apart, draw aside, lead lead away, carry off, set aside, put by, remove, separate, divide, lead astray, mislead, seduce
  2590. superduco 3
    lead over, draw over, bring over, put over, add, subjoin
  2591. schedula volitans
    leaflet, handbill, flier, broadsheet, handout
  2592. socius, socia, socium
    leagued, allied, confederate
  2593. strigosus, strigosa, strigosum
    lean, lank, thin, meagre, dry, tasteless
  2594. stricosus, stricosa, stricosum
    lean, lank, thin, meagre, meagre, dry, tasteless
  2595. superinsulto 1
    leap about upon
  2596. supermico 1
    leap over, leap beyond
  2597. superexsulto 1
    leap up, exult greatly
  2598. supersilio 4
    leap upon, alight upon
  2599. superiectus, superiectus m
    leaping upon, covering
  2600. scisco 3
    learn, ascertain, know
  2601. scordisus, scordisci m
    leather saddle
  2602. subrelinquo 3
    leave behind
  2603. subcubonea, subcuboneae f
    lecher, mistress
  2604. sinistra, sinistrae f
    left hand, the left
  2605. sinistrum, sinistri n
    left side
  2606. sinister, sinistra, sinistrum
    left, on the left, on the left hand, on the left side, awkward, wrong, perverse, improper, unlucky, injurious, adverse, unfavorable, ill, bad
  2607. scaevus, scaeva, scaevum
    left, that is on the left, towards the left side
  2608. sucidia, sucidiae f
    leg of meat cut off, side of meat cut off, leg of pork, flitch of bacon, slaughter
  2609. succidia, succidiae f
    leg of meat cut off, side of meat cut off, leg of pork, flitch of bacon, slaughtering
  2610. spathula, spathulae f
    leg of pork, little palmbranch, small stirring spoon
  2611. spatula, spatulae f
    leg of pork, little palmbranch, small stirring spoon
  2612. schola, scholae f
    leisure given to learning, a learned conversation, a debate, a disputation, lecture, dissertation
  2613. sorbitio lentiaria
    lentil soup
  2614. subtertius, subtertia, subtertium
    less by a third of itself
  2615. substrepo 3
    let a little hear, let a little sound
  2616. sanguinem depleo
    let blood, bleed
  2617. submissus, submissa, submissum
    let down, lowered, low, soft, gentle, calm, not vehement, low, mean, grovelling, abject, humble, submissive
  2618. summissus, summissa, summissum
    let down, lowered, low, soft, gentle, calm, not vehement, low, mean, grovelling, abject, humble, submissive
  2619. subsicco 1
    let it dry a little
  2620. sino 3
    let, suffer, allow, permit, give leave, give up, cease, leave a thing undone
  2621. submissio, submissionis f
    letting down, lowering, dropping, sinking
  2622. summissio, summissionis f
    letting down, lowering, dropping, sinking
  2623. spatalocinaedus, spatalocinaedi m
    lewd person
  2624. salinum regusto
    lick out the salt cask, suck out the salt cask
  2625. sublingulo, sublingulonis m
    lick-dish, under-scullion
  2626. secubo 1
    lie alone, sleep by one's self, sleep without a bedfellow, lie alone, sleep by one's self or without a bedfellow
  2627. supinor 1
    lie along, lie extended
  2628. sub umbra vescor
    lie in the shade while eating
  2629. suppateo 2
    lie open beneath, spread out beneath, was spread over at the bottom
  2630. superincumbo 3
    lie over, lie above
  2631. superiaceo 2
    lie over, lie upon
  2632. subteriaceo 2
    lie under any thing
  2633. subiaceo 2
    lie under any thing, lie near any thing, be under, subject to any thing, belong to, be connected with
  2634. subcubo 1
    lie under
  2635. succubo 1
    lie under
  2636. supercubo 1
    lie upon, sleep upon
  2637. subigito 1
    lie with illicitly, work upon, incite to any thing
  2638. sublevo 1
    lift up from beneath, raise up, hold up, support, sustain, support, assist, encourage, console, lighten, qualify, alleviate, mitigate, lessen an evil, assuage
  2639. sublimo 1
    lift up on high, raise, elevate
  2640. sublimor 1
    lift up on high, raise, elevate
  2641. subrigo 3
    lift up, raise up, raise, erect, elevate
  2642. surgo 3
    lift up, raise up, raise, erect, elevate, rise, arise, get up, stand up, mount up, ascend, rise in growth, spring up, grow up, rise in building, be built, occur, rise to, rise against, attempt, assume, attack
  2643. suscito 1
    lift up, raise, elevate, throw up, cast up, erect, prick up, scare away, build, erect, stir up, rouse up, arouse, awaken, set in motion, encourage, incite, restore, revive, awaken, resuscitate
  2644. sustollo 3
    lift up, take up, raise up, raise, set upon a high pedestal, build, erect, take away, remove, destroy
  2645. sublimatio, sublimationis f
    lifting up, deliverance
  2646. sublatio, sublationis f
    lifting up, raising, elevation, exaltation, removal, abrogation, annulling, taking away, withdrawal
  2647. sublevatio, sublevationis f
    lightening, alleviation
  2648. subunguo 3
    lightly cream, lightly anoint, lightly massage in
  2649. solearis, soleare
    like a sole, like a sandal, sandal-shaped
  2650. Stoice
    like a Stoic, Stoically
  2651. silaceus, silacea, silaceum
    like ochre, of ochre
  2652. squamatim
    like scales
  2653. solporeus, solporea, solporeum
    like sulphur, sulphurous, sulphureous
  2654. sulfureus, sulfurea, sulfureum
    like sulphur, sulphurous, sulphureous
  2655. sulphureus, sulphurea, sulphureum
    like sulphur, sulphurous, sulphureous
  2656. surculose
    like wood
  2657. similis, simile
    like, resembling, similar
  2658. siremps (sirempse) (indecl.)
    like, the same
  2659. simulacrum, simulacri n
    likeness, image, form, representation, semblance, image, form, shade, phantom, sign, type, emblem, description, similitude, appearance
  2660. similitas, similitatis f
    likeness, resemblance, similarity
  2661. similitudo, similitudinis f
    likeness, resemblance, similitude, imitation, analogy, application to similar cases, sameness, uniformity, monotony
  2662. scriptura, scripturae f
  2663. scriptum, scripti n
    line, written composition, writing, treatise, book, work
  2664. supparum, suppari n
    linen garment worn by women or men, small sail on the foremast, topsail
  2665. siparium, siparii n
    linen garment worn by women, topsail
  2666. superlimen, superliminis n
  2667. superliminare, superliminaris n
  2668. superliminium, superliminii n
  2669. stilicidium, stilicidii n
    liquid which falls drop by drop, a dripping moisture, stillicide, falling rain, rain-water falling from the eaves of houses
  2670. stillicidium, stillicidii n
    liquid which falls drop by drop, a dripping moisture, stillicide, falling rain, rain-water falling from the eaves of houses
  2671. syllabus, syllabi m
    list, register, syllabus
  2672. subausculto 1
    listen secretly, eavesdrop
  2673. strategematica, strategematicon n
    lists of war, lists of generals
  2674. substramentum, substramenti n
  2675. stipulatiuncula, stipulatiunculae f
    little promise, insignificant promise, little stipulation
  2676. simiolus, simioli m
    little ape
  2677. securicula, securiculae f
    little axe, hatchet
  2678. sericula, sericulae f
    little axe, hatchet, dovetail
  2679. sphaerion, sphaerii n
    little ball, pill in medicine
  2680. sportella, sportellae f
    little basket, fruit-basket
  2681. sportula, sportulae f
    little basket, gift, present
  2682. scamnellum, scamnelli n
    little bench
  2683. scamnulum, scamnuli n
    little bench
  2684. suculus, suculi m
    little boar
  2685. scopulae, scopularum f
    little broom
  2686. scriniolum, scrinioli n
    little case, little box, little shrine
  2687. scurrula, scurrulae m
    little clown
  2688. setula, setulae f
    little coarse hair, a small bristle
  2689. solaciolum, solacioli n
    little comfort, little solace
  2690. solatiolum, solatioli n
    little comfort, little solace
  2691. sicilicula, siciliculae f
    little cutting instrument, a small sickle
  2692. sepiola, sepiolae f
    little cuttle fish
  2693. sicula, siculae f
    little dagger
  2694. sordicula, sordiculae f
    little dirt, little filth
  2695. scrobiculus, scrobiculi m
    little ditch, little trench
  2696. sponsiuncula, sponsiunculae f
    little engagement, little stipulation
  2697. sigilliolum, sigillioli n
    little figure, little image
  2698. sigillum, sigilli n
    little figure, little image
  2699. scamnellum, scamnelli n
    little footstool
  2700. Semigraeculus, Semigraeculī
    little half Greek
  2701. sudariolum, sudarioli n
    little handkerchief
  2702. scortillum, scortilli n
    little harlot, young harlot
  2703. silicula, siliculae f
    little husk, little pod, silicle
  2704. sigillaria, sigillariorum n
    little images
  2705. sigillaricia, sigillariciorum n
    little images
  2706. sorticula, sorticulae f
    little lot, small tablet, small ticket
  2707. scriptiuncula, scriptiunculae f
    little piece of writing, little treatise
  2708. suellus, suelli m
    little pig
  2709. siphunculus, siphunculi m
    little pipe from which water springs forth
  2710. sipunculus, sipunculi m
    little pipe from which water springs forth
  2711. scutrillus, scutrilli m
    little plate, bowl, flat tray, little dish
  2712. scutriscum, scutrisci n
    little plate, bowl, flat tray, little dish
  2713. squamula, squamulae f
    little scale
  2714. sellula, sellulae f
    little seat, little stool, little sedan
  2715. sedecula, sedeculae f
    little seat, low stool
  2716. senariolus, senarioli m
    little senarius, insignificant senarius, little verse of six feet
  2717. spiculum, spiculi n
    little sharp point, little sting, dart, arrow, later name for the pilum, ray, beam
  2718. sororcula, sororculae f
    little sister
  2719. serviculus, serviculi m
    little slave
  2720. serpula, serpulae f
    little snake, little serpent
  2721. scintillula, scintillulae f
    little spark, sparklet
  2722. semispatha, semispathae f
    little spatha
  2723. semispathium, semispathii n
    little spatha
  2724. stellula, stellulae f
    little star, asterisk
  2725. staticulum, staticuli n
    little statue, little image, statuette, idol
  2726. statunculum, statunculi n
    little statue, statuette
  2727. studiolum, studioli n
    little study, little piece of composition, little study, i, e, a , little room to study in
  2728. substantiola, substantiolae f
    little substance, small property
  2729. spinula, spinulae f
    little thorn, little backbone, little spine
  2730. silvula, silvulae f
    little wood, copse
  2731. stefanium, stefanii n
    little wreath
  2732. stephanium, stephanii n
    little wreath
  2733. sine tecto ac sede sum vagus
    live a nomadic life, live a gypsy life
  2734. secubo 1
    live alone, live in solitude
  2735. suis legibus uti
    live by one's own laws
  2736. sycotum, sycoti n
    liver of an animal fattened on figs
  2737. serarius, seraria, serarium
    living on whey
  2738. saura, saurae f
  2739. saurus, sauri m
  2740. Sauroctonos, Sauroctoni m
    lizard, killer
  2741. sauritis, sauritidis f
  2742. sinisterior, sinisterius
    located further left
  2743. sublime
    loftily, on high
  2744. superbia, superbiae f
    loftiness, haughtiness, pride, arrogance, conceit, vanity, rudeness, discourtesy, lofty spirit, honorable pride
  2745. stipes, stipitis m
    log, stock, post, trunk of a tree, tree, branch of a tree
  2746. stips, stipis m
    log, stock, post, trunk of a tree, tree, branch of a tree
  2747. sorites, soritae m
    logical sophism formed by an accumulation of arguments, sorites
  2748. subligar, subligaris n
    loincloth, apron, underpants
  2749. solitudo aetate provectorum
    loneliness of elderly people
  2750. stola, stolae f
    long female upper garment, noble woman, lady, dame, matron
  2751. scutati, scutatorum m
    long shield bearer
  2752. strictoria, strictoriae f
    long-sleeved men's shirt
  2753. specto 1
    look at, behold, gaze at, watch, observe, see as a spectator, look on, face, lie, be situated, regard, consider
  2754. superspicio 5
    look on
  2755. solem adversum intueor
    look straight into the sun
  2756. suspecto 1
    look up at, look up, watch, observe, mistrust, suspect, apprehend
  2757. suspicio 5
    look up, look upwards, look up at a thing, admire, respect, regard, esteem, honor, mistrust, suspect
  2758. spectus, spectus m
    look, appearance, aspect
  2759. specio 5
    look, look at, behold
  2760. spicio 5
    look, look at, behold
  2761. speculator, speculatoris m
    looker-out, spy, scout, explorer, éclaireur, searcher, explorer, investigator, examiner
  2762. spiculator, spiculatoris m
    looker-out, spy, scout, explorer, éclaireur, searcher, explorer, investigator, examiner
  2763. speculamen, speculaminis n
    looking at, observing
  2764. suspectio, suspectionis f
    looking up to any one, esteeming highly
  2765. suspectus, suspectus m
    looking up, looking upwards, height, high regard, high esteem, respect
  2766. speculum, speculi n
    looking-glass, mirror, copy, imitation
  2767. spectatio, spectationis f
    looking, beholding, contemplation, examining, proving, testing, respect, regard, consideration
  2768. solutim
  2769. solutor, solutoris m
    looser, opener, payer
  2770. summus magister civium, summ magistri civium m
    Lord Mayor of the city
  2771. sors, sortis f
    lot, casting of lots, drawing of lots, decision by lot, share, duty assigned by lot, oracular response, oracular sayings, oracular verses, oracular sentences, fate, destiny, chance, fortune, condition, share, part, capital bearing interest, rank, class, order
  2772. sortis, sortis f
    lot, casting of lots, drawing of lots, decision by lot, share, duty assigned by lot, oracular response, oracular sayings, oracular verses, oracular sentences, fate, destiny, chance, fortune, condition, share, part, capital bearing interest, rank, class, order
  2773. sonore
  2774. susurrus, susurri m
    low and gentle noise, humming, murmuring, muttering, whispering
  2775. subsellium, subsellii n
    low bench, judge’s seat, benc
  2776. semiplotia, semiplotiorum n
    low shoes
  2777. sordes, sordis f
    low-minded creature
  2778. subventrile, subventrilis n
    lower belly, abdomen
  2779. suggrunda, suggrundae f
    lower border of a roof, eaves
  2780. suggrundatio, suggrundationis f
    lower border of a roof, eaves
  2781. suggrundium, suggrundii n
    lower border of a roof, eaves
  2782. stirps, stirpis f
    lower part of the trunk of plants, stock, stem, stalk, root, plant, shrub, shoot, sprout, race, family, lineage, offspring, descendant, progeny, source, origin, foundation, first beginning, cause
  2783. solum, soli n
    lowest part of a thing,bottom, ground, base, foundation, floor of a room, pavement of a room, bottom of a ditch, bottom of a trench, ground, earth, land, soil, sole of the footsole of a shoe, land, country, region, place, base, basis
  2784. secubatio, secubationis f
    lying alone, sleeping alone
  2785. secubitus, secubitus m
    lying alone, sleeping alone
  2786. subsitus, subsita, subsitum
    lying below, situated below
  2787. subsolanus, subsolana, subsolanum
    lying beneath the sun, eastern, oriental
  2788. subalpinus, subalpina, subalpinum
    lying near the Alps, sub-Alpine
  2789. subtalaris, subtalare
    lying under the heel
  2790. subiectus, subiecta, subiectum
    lying under, lying near, bordering upon, neighboring, adjacent
  2791. susinatus, susinata, susinatum
    made from lilies
  2792. susinus, susina, susinum
    made from lilies
  2793. styracinus, styracina, styracinum
    made from storax
  2794. similagineus, similaginea, similagineum
    made of fine wheat flour
  2795. scorteus, scortea, scorteum
    made of hides, made of leather, leathern
  2796. scortinus, scortina, scortinum
    made of hides, made of leather, leathern
  2797. scirpiculus, scirpicula, scirpiculum
    made of rushes
  2798. stagneus, stagnea, stagneum
    made of stannum, pewtered, tin
  2799. stanneus, stannea, stanneum
    made of stannum, pewtered, tin
  2800. stramineus, straminea, stramineum
    made of straw, straw-
  2801. stupeus, stupea, stupeum
    made of tow, consisting of tow
  2802. stuppeus, stuppea, stuppeum
    made of tow, consisting of tow
  2803. sobriefactus, sobriefacta, sobriefactum
    made reasonable, sobered
  2804. scabratus, scabrata, scabratum
    made rough, roughened
  2805. schedius, schedia, schedium
    made suddenly, made off hand, hastily put together, hastily thrown together
  2806. summa cenae
    main dish
  2807. sententiae longe plurimae
    majority of votes
  2808. sulcum duco
    make a furrow
  2809. sulcum imprimo
    make a furrow
  2810. strepito 1
    make a great noise, rustling, rattling
  2811. susurro 1
    make a low continued sound, hum, buzz, murmur, mutter, whisper
  2812. sonito 1
    make a noise
  2813. strepo 3
    make a noise, rattle, rustle, rumble, murmur, hum, roar
  2814. sono 1
    make a noise, sound, resound, utter, give utterance, speak, call, cry out, sing, pour forth
  2815. subdīstinguo 3
    make a smaller interpunction
  2816. subringor 3
    make a somewhat wry face, be a little vexed
  2817. surringor 3
    make a somewhat wry face, be a little vexed
  2818. simulo 1
    make a thing like another, imitate, copy, represent
  2819. suavifico 1
    make acceptable, make dear
  2820. strideo 2
    make any harsh sound, make any shrill sound, make any hissing sound, make any whistling sound, make any grating sound, make any creaking sound
  2821. strido 3
    make any harsh sound, make any shrill sound, make any hissing sound, make any whistling sound, make any grating sound, make any creaking sound
  2822. splendifico 1
    make bright, brighten, illumine
  2823. strenuo 1
    make brisk, make lively, make busy
  2824. sereno 1
    make clear, make fair, make serene, clear up
  2825. sum cum aliquo
    make common cause with sb,
  2826. sicco 1
    make dry, day, dry up, drain
  2827. summa ope annitor
    make every effort
  2828. stagno 1 (2)
    make fast, strengthen, fortify
  2829. spurco 1
    make filthy, befoul, defile
  2830. solido 1
    make firm, make dense, make solid, make whole, make sound, strengthen, fasten together, confirm, establish, unite, correct
  2831. stabilio 4
    make firm, make steadfast, make stable, fix, stay, establish
  2832. stabilito 1
    make firm, make steadfast, make stable, fix, stay, establish
  2833. sucido 1
    make fresh, make juicy
  2834. solo 1
    make lonely, make desolate, lay waste, lay desolate
  2835. sebo 1
    make of tallow
  2836. sensifico 1
    make sensible, endow with sensation
  2837. splendido 1
    make shining, make shiningbright, brighten, polish
  2838. simplo 1
    make simple, simplify
  2839. simplico 1
    make single, make simple
  2840. supparo 1 (2)
    make somewhat like, make somewhat similar
  2841. stupefacio 5
    make stupid, make senseless, benumb, deaden, stun, stupefy
  2842. scurror 1
    make the court jester, dance, scrounge, flatter
  2843. submeio 3
    make water under a thing, piss under oneself
  2844. scotomo 1
    make you dizzy
  2845. sonarius, sonarii m
    maker of girdles
  2846. sigillariarius, sigillariarii m
    maker of images
  2847. strophiarius, strophiarii m
    maker of strophia, dealer in strophia
  2848. stegnus, stegna, stegnum
    making close, drawing together, costive
  2849. spurcificus, spurcifica, spurcificum
    making filthy, making smutty, making obscene
  2850. spurcuficus, spurcufica, spurcuficum
    making filthy, making smutty, making obscene
  2851. solidatio, solidationis f
    making firm, making solid, fastening, strengthening
  2852. similatio, similationis f
    making similar
  2853. sceptrum, sceptri n
    male member
  2854. spinthria, spinthriae m
    male prostitute
  2855. spintria, spintriae m
    male prostitute
  2856. sagax et admodum subtilis ingenio
    man of fine spirit
  2857. subucula, subuculae f
    man’s under-garment, shirt, off the priest’s dress
  2858. stellatus, stellata, stellatum
  2859. subsigno 1
    mark beneath, write beneath, undersign, subscribe, set down, enter, register on a list, pledge by signing, pledge, engage, warrant
  2860. subnoto 1
    mark underneat, note underneat, write underneat, write down, subscribe, note secretly, mark, watch, observe
  2861. summis laudibus effero aliquem (aliquid)
    mark with the highest praise
  2862. signaculum, signaculi n
    mark, sign, circumcision, sign of the cross, seal, signet
  2863. spectamen, spectaminis n
    mark, sign, proof, sight, scene, spectacle
  2864. signum, signi n
    mark, token, sign, indication, military standard, ensign, banner, image, figure, statue, picture, device on a seal ring, seal, signet, sign in the heavens, a constellation, miraculous work
  2865. signatio, signationis f
    marking, signing
  2866. sycophyllon, sycophylli n
  2867. sodalis, sodalis m
    mate, fellow, intimate, comrade, crony, boon-companion, fellow of a corporation, member of a corporation, participator, accomplice in unlawful secret associations, gallant
  2868. sobrinus, sobrini m
    maternal cousin
  2869. sobrina, sobrinae f
    maternal cousin, maternal niece, cousin by the mother’s side
  2870. socera, socerae f
  2871. suppurata, suppuratorum n
    matter, pus
  2872. scitum, sciti n
    maxim, tenet, dogma
  2873. seselis, seselis f
    meadow, saxifrage, hartwort, seseli
  2874. seselium, seselii n
    meadow, saxifrage, hartwort, seseli
  2875. sil, silis n
    meadow, saxifrage, hartwort, seseli
  2876. sellularius, sellularii m
  2877. semiaridus, semiarida, semiaridum
    medium dry, semi dry, semidry
  2878. synedrium, synedrii n
    meeting room, conference room, Council Chamber, City Hall, Town Hall
  2879. sevir, seviri m
    member of a board consisting of six men, sexvir
  2880. sexvir, sexviri m
    member of a board consisting of six men, sexvir
  2881. septemvir, septemviri m
    member of the Seven Men Board
  2882. societas, societatis f
  2883. sicula, siculae f
    membrum virile, penis
  2884. sutor veteramentarius
    mender of old shoes, cobbler
  2885. socors, socordis
    mentally dull, narrow-minded, silly