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  1. ventriculus porciliaris
  2. verculum, verculi n
  3. voto teneor
    be bound by a vow
  4. vervex sectarius
  5. versus octonarius
    eight-part verse, octonary
  6. via me laedit
    the path bores me
  7. vallum armatorum multitudinem capit
    the wall holds the multitude of armed men
  8. via fert aliquo
    the way leads somewhere
  9. velocissime refugio
    , escape with lightning speed, escape very quickly
  10. veternositas, veternositatis f
    , lethargy, somnolency
  11. vadimonium obeo
    , meet the deadline, keep the appointment,
  12. ventus perspirans
    a constant blowing wind, a steady blowing wind
  13. venenum praesens
    a fast acting poison, a quick acting poison
  14. viatrix, viatricis f
    a female traveller
  15. vasus fictilis
    a fool who cannot defend himself
  16. Victoria in antefixis est
    a goddess of victory stands (as ornament) on the cornice
  17. vir doctissimus
    a great scholar
  18. vini somnique benignus
    a hard drinker and a lover of sleep
  19. vita omnibus flagitiis dedita
    a highly dissolute life, a most profligate life, a most vicious life
  20. vita omnibus flagitiis inquinata
    a highly dissolute life, a most profligate life, a most vicious life
  21. viator aridus
    a hiker languishing with thirst
  22. vir iustus idemque sapientissimus
    a just and at the same time very wise man
  23. vir ut temporibus illis doctus
    a learned man for his time
  24. vita conferta voluptatibus
    a life full of pleasures, a life full of delights
  25. vita trepida
    a life in danger
  26. vetulus, vetuli m
    a little old man
  27. vafellus, vafella, vafellum
    a little smart, a little cunning, a little refined, somewath cunning
  28. vis frumenti
    a lot of cereals
  29. vir inturbidus
    a man averse to disturbances
  30. vir capax imperii
    a man capable of dominion
  31. vir equo commissus
    a man connected with a horse (centaur)
  32. vir inexplebilis virtutis
    a man full of insatiable desire for merit
  33. vir recti exempli
    a man of exemplary sincerity
  34. vir singulari in rem publicam officio
    a man of great service to the state
  35. vir morum veterum
    a man of old conventionality
  36. vir fide cognita
    a man of proven loyalty
  37. vir senatorii ordinis
    a man of senatorial rank
  38. vir ingeniosus
    a man of spirit, genius, man of great mind
  39. vir magno ingenio
    a man of spirit, genius, man of great mind
  40. vir magno ingenio praeditus
    a man of spirit, genius, man of great mind
  41. vir gravis et severus
    a man of very great seriousness, a very serious man
  42. vir vita et morte consentaneus
    a man, equal in life and death
  43. vinum annosum
    a many years old wine
  44. vir insigni prudentia (est)
    a particularly smart man (the man is particularly smart)
  45. vitraria, vitrariae f
    a plant, called also parietaria, wall-pellitory
  46. vitriaria, vitriariae f
    a plant, called also parietaria, wall-pellitory
  47. vettonica, vettonicae f
    a plant, the betony
  48. virtus domi militiaeque cognita
    a prowess proven in war and peace
  49. Vipsanius, Vipsanii m
    a Roman gens
  50. vir doctus
    a scholar
  51. ventulus, ventuli m
    a slight wind, breeze
  52. vetus miles
    a soldier graying in military service
  53. verbum quod idem declarat
    a synonym, a corresponding word, an appropriate word
  54. verbum quod idem significat
    a synonym, a corresponding word, an appropriate word
  55. vir perfecte planeque eruditus
    a thorough scholar
  56. vir omni doctrina eruditus
    a versatile scholar
  57. vir insignis industriae
    a very active man
  58. vir summi laboris
    a very active man
  59. vir ad efficiendum acerrimus
    a very energetic man, a very active man, a very effective man
  60. vir perelegantis ingenii
    a very fine head
  61. vitae ratio bene ac sapienter instituta
    a wise life plan, a wisely established life plan
  62. volatica, volaticae f
    a witch, sorceress
  63. vocabulum Latino sermone non tritum
    a word not used in Latin
  64. ventriculatio, ventriculationis f
    abdominal grief, abdominal pain, stomach grief, stomach pain, stomach ache
  65. viscerum dolores
    abdominal pain, stomach ache, belly ache
  66. ventriculosus, ventriculosi m
    abdominal sufferer
  67. ventriculosus, ventriculosa, ventriculosum
  68. vix contineor, quominus ...
    abstain only with difficulty that
  69. vorago, voraginis f
    abyss, gulf, whirlpool, depth, chasm, devourer, squanderer, spendthrift
  70. vallematia, vallematiae f
    accompanying the dance
  71. verbo tenus
    according to the word only, merely according to the word, by all appearances, according to appearance, seemingly, apparently
  72. verbo
    according to the word
  73. verbo ... re (quidem vera)
    according to the word, , , but in truth
  74. vere
    according to truth, truly, really, in fact, properly, rightly, aright
  75. victoriam adipiscor
    achieve a victory, gain a victory, win a victory
  76. victoria clueo
    achieve the glory of victory
  77. verba facio apud populum
    act as a speaker in the people's assembly
  78. verba facio in contione
    act as a speaker in the people's assembly
  79. villico 1
    act as bailiff, act as overseer, superintend , live in the country, reside in the country, manage an estate
  80. vilico 1
    act as bailiff, act as overseer, superintend, live in the country, reside in the country, manage an estate
  81. vilicor 1
    act as bailiff, act as overseer, superintend, live in the country, reside in the country, manage an estate
  82. vitiose facio
    act incorrectly, act wrongly
  83. virginor 1
    act like a virgin, behave like a virgin, to play the virgin
  84. visio, visionis f
    act of seeing, sense of seeing, sight, vision, a thing seen, an appearance, apparition, image of a thing in the mind, an idea, conception, notion, supposition, case
  85. violenter me gero
    act wild, behave wildly, act fiercely
  86. verbis amicis aliquem compello
    address someone with kind words
  87. verbis aliquem prosequor
    addressing words to someone
  88. venetiani, venetianorum m
    adherents of the Blues, the Blues
  89. venerativus, venerativa, venerativum
    adoring, reverential
  90. viticomus, viticoma, viticomum
    adorned with vine-leaves, crowned with vine-leaves
  91. versutus, versuta, versutum
    adroit, dexterous, versatile, shrewd, clever, ingenious, cunning, crafty, wily, sly, deceitful
  92. vorsutus, vorsuta, vorsutum
    adroit, dexterous, versatile, shrewd, clever, ingenious, cunning, crafty, wily, sly, deceitful
  93. ventus adversus
    adverse wind
  94. vectigal aedilicium
    aedile tax
  95. veternosus, veternosa, veternosum
    afflicted with lethargy, lethargic, sleepy, drowsy, dreamy, languid, spiritles
  96. votis numeratis
    after counting the votes, , after the vote count
  97. vita perfuncta
    after the end of life, after death
  98. vetuste
    after the manner of the ancients
  99. vulgariter
    after the ordinarymanner, after the common manner, commonly, vulgarly
  100. vestratim
    after your own kind, in your own way
  101. versus obscoenissimi in Clodium dicuntur
    against Clodius the most obscene verses are shouted
  102. vetusto 1
    age, make old
  103. vultu assentior
    agree by nodding
  104. volup
    agreeably, delightfully, satisfactorily, to one’s satisfaction
  105. vae
    ah!, alas!
  106. vah!
    ah!, oh!
  107. vaha
    ah!, oh!
  108. volatilium arcendorum systema
    air defense system
  109. vires aeriae
    Air Force
  110. viae vitales
  111. ventilatio, ventilationis f
    airing, ventilation
  112. voluntatem alicuius a me abalieno
    alienate someone, estrange oneself from someone
  113. vivus, viva, vivum
    alive, living, that has life, natural, unwrought
  114. varia et diversa studia
    all kinds of divergent studies
  115. vigiliae, vigiliarum f
  116. victoriam praecipio (animo)
    already see yourself as a winner
  117. vicatim (2)
    alternately, in alternation
  118. varietas temporum
    alternating time circumstances, alternating time conditions
  119. vicibus factis
    alternating, alternately
  120. vicissitudo in sermone
    alternation in talking, alternation conversation
  121. varius et mutabilis
    always capricious
  122. vivo in aeterna rosa
    always live happily, always live pleasurably
  123. venia et incolumitate aliquem dono
    amnesty someone
  124. venia praeteritorum
  125. venenum cervarium
    an herb with which arrows were smeared
  126. vir moris antiqui
    an old fashioned man
  127. vetamur vetere proverbio
    an old proverb forbids us, an old saying forbids us
  128. vox Pythia (Pythia)
    an oracle saying of the delphic Apollo
  129. vultus angelicus
    Angel face
  130. vehementer alicui suscenseo
    anger someone violently
  131. vigoro 1 (tr.)
    animate, , invigorate
  132. vivatus, vivata, vivatum
    animated, lively, vivid
  133. vegetamen, vegetaminis n
    animating power, vitality, vivifying principle
  134. vegetabilis, vegetabile
    animating, enlivening
  135. vicissitudines anniversariae
    annual change of seasons, the changes of the seasons of the year
  136. venae caroticae
    aorta, main arteries, major arteries
  137. valetudinem causor
    apologize with my condition
  138. valetudinem excuso
    apologize with my condition
  139. valetudinis excusatione utor
    apologize with my condition
  140. vocabulum, vocabuli n
    appellation, designation, name of any thing, substantive
  141. vocamen, vocaminis n
    appellation, designation, name
  142. verba novo
    apply new words, bring up new words
  143. vectem subicio
    apply the crowbar, put the crowbar in place
  144. vineas ago
    approach protective roofs
  145. verbis cum aliquo concerto
    argue with someone with words
  146. vires, virium f
    armed forces
  147. verutus, veruta, verutum
    armed with a dart, armed with a javelin
  148. vehiculum loricatum
    armored vehicle
  149. via militaris
    army road
  150. vegeto 1
    arouse, enliven, quicken, animate, invigorate
  151. vigidus, vigida, vigidum
    aroused, vivid, awakened, lively
  152. vincula alicui inicio
    arrest someone, detain someone, imprison someone
  153. velut ex composito
    as agreed upon, as it was agreed
  154. vix aut omnino non
    as good as not at all
  155. ventose
    as if full of wind, inflatedly
  156. velut multa pace
    as if in deep peace, as it were in deep peace, like in deep peace
  157. velut agmine facto
    as it were in marching column
  158. velut ex praedicto
    as on appointment, as by appointment
  159. venio superas ad auras
    ascend to the upper world
  160. venio sub axem caeli
    ascend to the vault of heaven
  161. veniam peto feroque
    ask and receive forgiveness
  162. veniam advocandi peto
    ask for a deadline for consultation
  163. Veneriis vadimoniis te convador
    ask for a lovers' tryst, invite to a rendezvous
  164. veniam peto erroris
    ask for forgiveness of the error
  165. veniam ignoscendi peto
    ask for forgiveness, ask for pardon
  166. veniam peto
    ask for forgiveness, ask for pardon
  167. veniam delicti precor
    ask for mercy for an offence
  168. veniam rogo
    ask for mercy
  169. veniam oro
    ask for mercy, ask for leniency, ask for a favor
  170. vehementer rogo aliquem
    ask someone urgently, urge someone to
  171. vitam mihi deprecor
    ask to spare his life, ask for his life
  172. victimarius, victimarii m
    assistant at sacrifices
  173. victumarius, victumarii m
    assistant at sacrifices, dealer in beasts for sacrifice
  174. vivo cum aliquo
    associate with somebody, interact with somebody, deal with somebody
  175. verbo
    at a word
  176. vacive
    at leisure, leisurely
  177. vicenarius, vicenaria, vicenarium
    at the age of twenty
  178. vere ineunte
    at the beginning of spring
  179. visu repentino obiecto
    at the unexpected sight
  180. voluptatem amplexor
    attach great importance to his pleasure
  181. visualis, visuale
    attained by sight
  182. vigil auris
    attentive listening ear, watchful ear
  183. virtus attractiva
  184. veritatis fides
  185. via auxiliaria
    auxiliary corridor, aid corridor
  186. vindicator, vindicatoris m
  187. vindicatrix, vindicatricis f
  188. vindictrix, vindictricis f
  189. vito alicuius occursum
    avoid someone
  190. vitator, vitatoris m
  191. vigil, vigilis
    awake, on the watch, alert
  192. vigul, vigulis
    awake, on the watch, alert
  193. voluptatem prolicio
    awaken desire, arouse desire
  194. virtus conscia
    awareness of bravery, consciousness of bravery
  195. valgiter
    awry, wryly
  196. vilitas morum
    bad character, mean character
  197. versus male nati
    badly done verses
  198. vas, vadis m
    bail, security, surety
  199. viscarium, viscarii n
    bait, decoy, lure
  200. vulnus alligo
    bandage the wound, dress the wound
  201. vinctura, vincturae f
    bandage, ligature, vincture
  202. vix aliquem cohibeo, quominus ... .+ Konj.
    barely restraining somebody from
  203. vix nobis verba coiere decem
    barely ten words were exchanged between us
  204. vix ter in anno
    barely three times a year
  205. vis et natura
    basic nature, basic system
  206. valores essentiales
    basic values
  207. vietor, vietoris m
    basket-maker, trunk-maker, cooper
  208. vitor, vitoris m
    basket-maker, trunk-maker, cooper
  209. vespertilio, vespertilionis m
  210. valetudine premor
    be attacked by a disease
  211. vix meus sum
    be barely sane, be barely conscious
  212. voti damnatus sum
    be bound to fulfill a vow, be bound to perform a vow
  213. vetustate amicitiae coniunctus sum cum aliquo
    be bound to someone in old friendship
  214. vindemiae sunt in manibus
    be busy with the grape harvest, have to do with the grape harvest
  215. vocor ad imperandum,
    be called to receive commands
  216. vector 1
    be carried, be borne, ride
  217. vehor 3
    be carried, be borne, ride, sail, go
  218. velim tibi ita persuadeas!
    be convinced!
  219. vino deditus sum
    be devoted to drink, be addicted to drink
  220. vino indulgeo
    be devoted to drink, be addicted to drink
  221. volo alicui
    be devoted to someone, be fond of someone
  222. vario 1
    be diversified, be variegated, change, alter, waver, vary, become variegated, become colored, be various, be different
  223. vino madeo
    be drunk with wine
  224. vaco 1
    be empty, be void, be vacant, be void of, be without, not to contain, be free from, be unoccupied, keeps free from, remains aloof from, be free from labor, be not busied, be idle, be at leisure, have leisure, have time, have time for, be ownerless
  225. vacare (a) culpa
    be free from guilt
  226. vermiculor 1
    be full of worms, be wormy, be worm-eaten
  227. vireo 2
    be green, be verdant, be fresh, be vigorous, be lively, flourish, bloom
  228. valetudine utor minus commoda
    be ill, be sick
  229. vestibus civilibus indutus sum
    be in civilian clothes, be dressed in civilian clothes, be dressed in non-military clothes, not wear uniform
  230. vita periclitor
    be in danger of death
  231. vibro 1 (intr.)
    be in tremulous motion, shake, quiver, vibrate, tremble, glimmer, glitter, gleam, scintillate
  232. vesanio 4
    be insane, rave
  233. verberor sole
    be irradiated by the sun, be heated by the sun
  234. verberor imbre
    be lashed by rain
  235. vitiis alicuius indulgeo
    be lenient with sb, 's mistakes
  236. vegeo 2
    be lively, be active
  237. vigeo 2
    be lively, be vigorous, thrive, flourish, bloom, be in honor, be in esteem, be in repute, live, be alive
  238. vulnus mortiferum excipio
    be mortally wounded, be fatally wounded
  239. veritatem imitor
    be natural, be true to nature, be true to life, be lifelike
  240. vicinor 1
    be neighboring, be near
  241. ventrem fero
    be pregnant
  242. victor Olympiae citor
    be proclaimed the winner in Olympia
  243. vicisti
    be right
  244. voluptatis blanditiis corrumpor
    be seduced by the lure of pleasure
  245. voluptatis illecebris delenior
    be seduced by the lure of pleasure
  246. vulnus grave accipio
    be severely wounded, suffer a serious injury
  247. venum eo
    be sold
  248. viribus ceteris antisto
    be superior to all in strength, be the strongest of all
  249. vitiis (sceleribus) contaminatus sum
    be tainted with vices
  250. vitiis (sceleribus) inquinatus sum
    be tainted with vices
  251. verberor ventis
    be tousled by the winds, get ruffled by the winds
  252. vitiis (sceleribus) obrutus sum
    be vicious
  253. vitiis obrutus sum
    be vicious
  254. virtute ornatus sum
    be virtuous
  255. virtute praeditus sum
    be virtuous
  256. volvo 3
    be vividly engaged in something, be very active about something
  257. vocito 1
    be wont to call, call, name, call loudly, call out
  258. vento 1
    be wont to come, come
  259. vatiola, vatiolae f
    beaker, large drinking bowl, large drinking bowl
  260. vectito 1
    bear about, carry about
  261. vecto 1
    bear, carry, convey
  262. veho 3
    bear, carry, convey
  263. vesticeps, vesticipis
    bearded, arrived at puberty, manly, virile, immoral, corrupt
  264. vectura, vecturae f
    bearing, carrying, conveying, transportation, riding, passage-money, freight-money, fare, freight
  265. victuma, victumae f
    beast for sacrifice, victim
  266. verberibus in aliquem animadverto
    beat up as punishment, spank as punishment
  267. verberibus decido
    beat up
  268. verberator, verberatoris m
    beater, flogger
  269. verberatus, verberatus m
  270. vestra causa
    because of you, for your sake
  271. vilem redigor ad assem
    become a trivial matter
  272. vivesco 3
    become alive, get life, spring forth, grow lively, grow strong, grow vigorous
  273. vivisco 3
    become alive, get life, spring forth, grow lively, grow strong, grow vigorous
  274. vulgor 1 (volgor 1)
    become common knowledge
  275. vastesco 3
    become desolate, decay, perish
  276. vacefio
    become empty, be made empty
  277. vesperascit
    become evening, grow towards evening
  278. vigesco 3
    become lively, become vigorous, thrive, begin to flourish, begin to bloom
  279. vigoro 1
    become strong, gain strength
  280. vehementesco 3
    become violent, become vehement
  281. vilesco 3
    become worthless, become bad, become vile
  282. vilisco 3
    become worthless, become bad, become vile
  283. violarium, violarii n
    bed of violets, bank of violets
  284. vimen curvum
  285. vimen tortum
  286. volgo
    before every body, before all the world, generally, universally, everywhere, all over, commonly, openly, publicly, generally, usually, by prostitution
  287. vulgo
    before every body, before all the world, generally, universally, everywhere, all over, commonly, openly, publicly, generally, usually, by prostitution
  288. victori supplicare
    begging the winner on his knees
  289. vitrum conflo
    being a glassblower, being a glassmaker
  290. via eo
    being on the right track, walking on a straight path
  291. verbis abundo
    being verbose, not getting to the point, making a lot of words, beating around the bush
  292. ventrale, ventralis n
  293. venter, ventris m
    belly, paunch, maw, appetite for ordinary food, glutton, gormandizer, fruit of the womb, fœtus, swelling, protuberance
  294. vīllaris, vīllare
    belonging to a country-house, belonging to a villa
  295. villaticus, villatica, villaticum
    belonging to a country-house, belonging to a villa
  296. vilicus vilica, vilicum
    belonging to a countryhouse, belonging to a villa
  297. villicus, villica, villicum
    belonging to a countryhouse, belonging to a villa
  298. vicarianus, vicariana, vicarianum
    belonging to a deputy, belonging to a vicar, vicarial
  299. volpinus, volpina, volpinum
    belonging to a fox
  300. vulpinus, vulpina, vulpinum
    belonging to a fox
  301. vernilis, vernile
    belonging to a home-born slave, slavish, mean, fawning, servile, jesting, pert, waggish
  302. venatorius, venatoria, venatorium
    belonging to a hunter, belonging to the chase, hunter’s, hunting-
  303. viatorius, viatoria, viatorium
    belonging to a journey, belonging to summoners
  304. virginalis, virginale
    belonging to a maiden, belonging to virgin, maidenly, virgin, virginal
  305. virgineus, virginea, virgineum
    belonging to a maiden, belonging to virgin, maidenly, virgin, virginal, offered by a maiden
  306. virginius, virginia, virginium
    belonging to a maiden, belonging to virgin, maidenly, virgin, virginal, offered by a maiden
  307. virilis, virile
    belonging to a man, manly, virile, masculine, full-grown, arrived at the years of manhood, belonging to a person, that falls to a person, that falls to each one, worthy of a man, manly, manful, firm, vigorous, bold, spirited
  308. vallaris, vallare
    belonging to a rampart,
  309. viaticus, viatica, viaticum
    belonging to a road, belonging to a journey, viatic
  310. vepraticus, vepratica, vepraticum
    belonging to a thorn-bush
  311. velaris, velare
    belonging to a veil or curtain
  312. vinitorius, vinitoria, vinitorium
    belonging to a vine-dresser
  313. votivus, votiva, votivum
    belonging to a vow, promised by a vow, given in consequence of a vow, votive, conformable to one’s wish, wished for, longed for, desired
  314. volturinus, volturina, volturinum
    belonging to a vulture, vulture-like, vulturine
  315. vulturinus, vulturina, vulturinum
    belonging to a vulture, vulture-like, vulturine
  316. vidualis, viduale
    belonging to a widow, widow-
  317. veterinarius, veterinaria, veterinarium
    belonging to beasts of burden and draught
  318. veterinus, veterina, veterinum
    belonging to beasts of burden
  319. vocativus, vocativa, vocativum
    belonging to callin
  320. vocatorius, vocatoria, vocatorium
    belonging to calling, belonging to invoking, invocatory
  321. vehicularis, vehiculare
    belonging to carriages, belonging to vehicles
  322. vehicularius, vehicularia, vehicularium
    belonging to carriages, belonging to vehicles
  323. veterinus, veterina, veterinum
    belonging to carrying or drawing burdens
  324. vestiarius, vestiaria, vestiarium
    belonging to clothes
  325. voluptativus, voluptativa, voluptativum
    belonging to enjoyment
  326. vesperalis, vesperale
    belonging to evening
  327. vespertinus, vespertina, vespertinum
    belonging to evening, evening-, made in the evening, in the evening hours, belonging to the west, western
  328. vitrarius, vitraria, vitrarium
    belonging to glass, made of glass
  329. vernaculus, vernacula, vernaculum
    belonging to homeborn slaves, native, domestic, indigenous, vernacular, natural, common
  330. venaticius, venaticia, venaticium
    belonging to hunting, belonging to the chase
  331. vectigalis, vectigale
    belonging to imposts, belonging to taxes, paying tribute, subject to imposts, tributary, belonging to the revenue, that brings in revenue, that brings in income
  332. vitalis, vitale
    belonging to life, vital
  333. vivarius, vivaria, vivarium
    belonging to living creatures
  334. venerarius, veneraria, venerarium
    belonging to love, venereal
  335. victualis, victuale
    belonging to nourishment, belonging to sustenance
  336. veteramentarius, veteramentaria, veteramentarium
    belonging to old things
  337. viminalis, viminale
    belonging to osiers, bearing twigs for plaiting
  338. voluptarius, voluptaria, voluptarium
    belonging to pleasure, belonging to enjoyment, pleasant, agreeable, delightful, devoted to pleasure, sensual, voluptuous, concerning sensual enjoyment
  339. voluptuarius, voluptuaria, voluptuarium
    belonging to pleasure, belonging to enjoyment, pleasant, agreeable, delightful, devoted to pleasure, sensual, voluptuous, concerning sensual enjoyment
  340. venenarius, venenaria, venenarium
    belonging to poison
  341. venalicius, venalicia, venalicium
    belonging to selling, for sale, belonging to slave-selling
  342. venalis, venale
    belonging to selling, to be sold, for sale, purchasable
  343. venaliciarius, venaliciaria, venaliciarium
    belonging to slave-selling
  344. vernalis, vernale
    belonging to spring, vernal
  345. vaporalis, vaporale
    belonging to steam, belonging to vapor, vapory
  346. victuarius, victuaria, victuarium
    belonging to sustenance
  347. ventralis, ventrale
    belonging to the belly, ventral
  348. vesperus, vespera, vesperum
    belonging to the evening, evening-
  349. valedictorius, valedictoria, valedictorium
    belonging to the farewell, belonging to saying goodbye
  350. vulgaris, vulgare
    belonging to the great mass, belonging to the multitude, general, usual, ordinary, every-day, common, commonplace, vulgar
  351. vulgarius, vulgaria, vulgarium
    belonging to the great mass, belonging to the multitude, general, usual, ordinary, every-day, common, commonplace, vulgar
  352. viarius, viaria, viarium
    belonging to the highways, belonging to the roads
  353. vialis, viale
    belonging to the highways, belonging to the roads, placed by the road-side, worshipped by the road-side
  354. vicesimarius, vicesimaria, vicesimarium
    belonging to the twentieth part
  355. velitaris, velitare
    belonging to the velites
  356. Venetus, Veneta, Venetum
    belonging to the Veneti, Venetian
  357. Veneticus, Venetica, Veneticum
    belonging to the Veneti, Venetic
  358. viteus, vitea, viteum
    belonging to the vine
  359. vindemialis, vindemiale
    belonging to the vintage
  360. vindemiatōrius, vindemiatōria, vindemiatōrium
    belonging to the vintage
  361. venerius, veneria, venerium
    belonging to Venus, belonging to sexual love, venereous, venereal, lascivious
  362. viciarius, viciaria, viciarium
    belonging to vetches
  363. victimarius, victimaria, victimarium
    belonging to victims
  364. victumarius, victumaria, victumarium
    belonging to victims
  365. victorialis, victoriale
    belonging to victory
  366. vinearius, vinearia, vinearium
    belonging to vines
  367. vineaticus, vineatica, vineaticum
    belonging to vines
  368. violaris, violare
    belonging to violets, violet-
  369. virginarius, virginaria, virginarium
    belonging to virgins
  370. vinalis, vinale
    belonging to wine, of wine
  371. vinarius, vinaria, vinarium
    belonging to wine, wine-
  372. vulnerarius, vulneraria, vulnerarium
    belonging to wounds
  373. vitem praecipito
    bend down the vine too deep
  374. vieo 2
    bend together, twist together, plait, weave
  375. vergo 3
    bend, turn, incline itself
  376. vergor 3
    bend, turn, incline itself
  377. vergo 3 (tr.)
    bend, turn, incline
  378. varatio, varationis f
    bending, winding
  379. vota prospera
    benediction, blessing
  380. varus, vara, varum
    bent, stretched, grown inwards, grown awry, diverse, different
  381. viduitas, viduitatis f
    bereavement, want, lack, widowhood
  382. viduatus, viduata, viduatum
    bereft of her husband, widowed
  383. vador 1
    bind over by bail to appear in court, take legal action, demand in court
  384. vincio 4
    bind, bind about, wind about, fetter, tie, fasten, surround, encircle, compress, lace, compass, guard, make firm, harden, fix, fasten, confine, restrain, attach, arrange rhythmically
  385. vinctor, vinctoris m
  386. vinctus, vinctus m
  387. vinctio, vinctionis f
    binding, ligature, shoetie
  388. vitium partus
    birth defect
  389. vīsceratim
    bit by bit
  390. virga rubea
    blackberry branch
  391. violenta exactio pecuniarum
    blackmail, money extortion
  392. vensica, vensicae f
    bladder, urinary bladder, any thing made of bladder, purse, cap, lantern, foot-ball, bladder-like tumor, blister, inflation of language, bombast
  393. vesica, vesicae f
    bladder, urinary bladder, any thing made of bladder, purse, cap, lantern, foot-ball, bladder-like tumor, blister, inflation of language, bombast
  394. vessica, vessicae f
    bladder, urinary bladder, any thing made of bladder, purse, cap, lantern, foot-ball, bladder-like tumor, blister, inflation of language, bombast
  395. vituperabiliter
  396. vituperator, vituperatoris m
    blamer, censurer, vituperator
  397. vitupero, vituperonis m
    blamer, censurer, vituperator
  398. vituperabilis, vituperabile
    blameworthy, blamable, censurable
  399. vituperatio, vituperationis f
    blaming, censuring, blame, censure, vituperation, blameworthiness, blameworthy conduct
  400. vota laeta
    blessing wish, blessing
  401. vita beata
    blissful life, bliss, happiness
  402. viam intercludo
    block the way, obstruct the way
  403. vas sanguineum
    blood vessel
  404. vasa sanguinea
    blood vessels, blood veins, veins
  405. vena, venae f
    blood-vessel, vein, artery, water-course, vein of metals, urinary passage, streak of wood, row of trees, strength, the interior nature, the innate quality, the innermost feelings, pulse, a person’s natural bent, genius, disposition
  406. vehiculum escendo
    board the vehicle, enter the vehicle, get into the vehicle
  407. venditator, venditatoris m
    boaster, vaunter, braggart
  408. virulentia hircorum
    bock smell, bock stink
  409. valentia, valentiae f
    bodily strength, vigor, capacity, endowment
  410. venae atque viscera rei publicae
    body and blood of the state
  411. vires corpors
    body forces, physical forces
  412. vires, virium f
    body forces, physical forces
  413. vexillatio, vexillationis f
    body of the vexillarii, soldiers united under one flag, corps, battalion, division of cavalry, troop, squadron
  414. valvas obstruo
    bolt the door, barricade the door
  415. venditor librorum
  416. ventigenus, ventigena, ventigenum
    born from wind, wind born
  417. vadatus, vadata, vadatum
    bound over to appear in court, bound, pledged, engaged to do any thing
  418. vittatus, vittata, vittatum
    bound with a fillet, bound with a chaplet
  419. vibratio, vibrationis f
    brandishing, vibration
  420. virilia, virilium n
    brave deeds, heroic deeds
  421. virtus arguitur malis
    bravery proves itself in adversity
  422. vitilitigator, vitilitigatoris m
    brawler, wrangler
  423. victus nullus
    breadlessness, no livelihood, no subsistence
  424. vallum scindo fossasque compleo
    break down the wall and fill up the trenches, demolish the wall and fill in the trenches
  425. valvas effringo
    break open the door
  426. vincula rumpo
    break out of prison, break out of jail, escape from prison
  427. vincula abrumpo
    break the shackles
  428. vincula rumpo
    break the shackles, break the ties
  429. victo silentio prorumpo
    break the silence and let the words come out
  430. vervago 3
    break up land, plough land for the first time after its lying fallow
  431. vox liquata
    bright voice, pure voice
  432. veritatem enubilo
    bring the truth to light
  433. vinco 3
    bring to better understanding
  434. varietatibus opus distinguo
    bringing colorful variety to the work
  435. verba protrita
    broad words, commonplace words, worn-out words
  436. vitrea fracta
    broken glass, trifles, trumpery
  437. violatio fidei
    broken word, breach of fidelity, loyalty violation
  438. vernaculi, vernaculorum m
    buffoons, jesters
  439. vanas figurationes animo exstruo
    build castles in the air
  440. vigitulus, vigituli m
  441. vulnera missilium
    bullet wounds, gunshot wounds
  442. vivum aliquem comburo
    burn somebody alive
  443. vivicomburium, vivicomburii n
    burning of people alive
  444. virgultum, virgulti n
    bush, thicket, copse, shrubbery, slips, cuttings of trees
  445. virgulta silvasque penetro
    bushes and forests penetrate
  446. verum haec alias
    but about that another time
  447. verumtamen (veruntamen)
    but as I was saying
  448. verum
    but in truth, but not with standing, but yet, but even
  449. verum
    but, yet, still, but however
  450. vilissime emo
    buy at a knockdown price, buy for a song
  451. vili pretio emo
    buy cheap
  452. verbo
    by a single word
  453. vocabulo
    by name
  454. via vicinaria
    by-way in a camp
  455. vitulus, vituli m
    calf, bull-calf, foal
  456. vitellina, vitellinae f
    calf’s-flesh, veal
  457. vitulina, vitulinorum n
    calf’s-flesh, veal
  458. vatem hunc perhibeo optimum
    call this seer the best
  459. voco 1
    call, call upon, call down, summon, invoke, call together, convoke, announce, cite, bid, invite, exhort, urge, stimulate, arouse, challenge, name
  460. vocator, vocatoris m
    caller, bidder, inviter to dinner
  461. vocatus, vocatus m
    calling, calling upon, summoning, invocation, invitation
  462. vestitus tectorius
    camouflage clothing
  463. vix reprimor, quin ...
    can hardly hold on to me that
  464. vix me contineo, quin lacrimem
    can hardly refrain from tears, can hardly contain the tears
  465. vix mihi tempero, quin lacrimem
    can hardly refrain from tears, can hardly contain the tears
  466. vix me contineo, quin ...
    can hardly restrain myself that
  467. vix adsto prae formidine
    can hardly stand on the feet because of fear
  468. vix teneor, quin dicam
    can hardly stop myself from saying
  469. verbis non omnia exsequi possum
    can not exhaust everything with words
  470. verbo parum valeo
    can't find the right word
  471. vallis fauciformis
  472. venalitas, venalitatis f
    capability of being bought (with bribes), venality
  473. vectigal autoraedarium
    car toll, vehicle tax
  474. vinum cumino factum
    caraway schnapps, caraway brandy
  475. valetudini consulo
    care for his health, take care of his health
  476. valetudini do operam
    care for his health, take care of his health
  477. vitia virtutesque perpendo
    carefully weigh the faults against the merits
  478. verba non circumspecta
    careless words, glib words, thoughtless words
  479. velatura, velaturae f
    carriage and transportation
  480. vehes, vehis f
    carriage loaded with any thing, cart-load, wagon-load
  481. vehis, vehis f
    carriage loaded with any thing, cart-load, wagon-load
  482. vectabulum, vectabulī n
    carriage, vehicle
  483. vectaculum, vectaculī n
    carriage, vehicle
  484. victoriam fero
    carry off the victory
  485. victoriam refero
    carry off the victory
  486. vectatio, vectationis f
    carrying, being carried, riding, bearing
  487. vectio, vectionis f
    carrying, conveyance
  488. vellatura, vellaturae f
    carrying, conveyance
  489. vehatio, vehationis f
    carrying, conveying, transportation
  490. vinum doliare
    cask wine, barrel wine
  491. vincula mihi exuo
    cast off one's shackles, get rid of one's shackles
  492. visu percipio aliquid
    catch sight of something, catch a glimpse of something
  493. veterinarius, veterinarii m
    cattle-doctor, farrier, veterinarian
  494. vexabilis, vexabile
    causing annoyance, troublesome, vexatious
  495. vexativus, vexativa, vexativum
    causing annoyance, vexatious, troublesome, burdensome, plaguing
  496. visificus, visifica, visificum
    causing to see, conferring sight
  497. vulnus exuro
    cauterize a wound, burn out a wound
  498. vitulor 1
    celebrate a festival, keep holiday, be joyful, bring a thank-offering
  499. victoriam cohonesto
    celebrate the victory
  500. virgo senecta
    celibate old age
  501. vincula, vinculorum n
    chain punishment, chain penalty
  502. vas obscenum
    chamber pot
  503. vinum Campanense
  504. vestimenta et calceos muto
    change clothes and shoes
  505. vestem muto
    change clothes
  506. vestitum muto
    change clothes
  507. vitam flecto
    change his lifestyle habits
  508. varietates temporum
    change of seasons
  509. vicissitas, vicissitatis f
    change, alternation
  510. vicis f
    change, interchange, alternation, alternate succession, reciprocal succession, vicissitude, return, requital, reciprocal service, recompense, remuneration, retaliation, position, place, room, stead, post, office, duty
  511. vicissitudo, vicissitudinis f
    change, interchange, alternation, vicissitude
  512. variabilis, variabile
    changeable, variable
  513. versiformis, versiforme
    changing its form, changeable
  514. vitta, vittae f
    chaplet worn round the head, head-band, sacrificial fillet, sacerdotal fillet
  515. vita moresque
  516. venuste
    charmingly, gracefully, beautifully
  517. vitex, viticis f
    chaste-tree, Abraham’s balm
  518. verba lapsantia
    chattered words, words babbled
  519. vultus laetus
    cheerful expression
  520. vultus serenus
    cheerful expression
  521. verbera linguae
  522. valetudinarium paediatricum
    children's hospital, paediatric clinic
  523. vel
    choose, take your choice, or (if you will), or else, or (at your pleasure), or (at least), or (it is indifferent), or (what is the same thing), or even, if you will, or indeed, or … itself, even, assuredly, certainly
  524. vetus tussis
    chronic cough
  525. verpus, verpi m
    circumcised man
  526. vocatio, vocationis f
    citing before a court, summons, bidding, invitation, to dinner, calling
  527. viscidus, viscida, viscidum
    clammy, sticky, viscid
  528. vinum liquatum
    clarified wine
  529. vinum liquo
    clarify the wine, draw the wine from the lees
  530. vivis aliquem annumero
    classify somebody with the living, include somebody among the living, reckon somebody with the living
  531. vulnus purgo
    clean up a wound
  532. verbis aliquid obtego
    cloak something with words, shroud something in words
  533. velum, veli n
    cloth, covering, awning, curtain, veil, chamber-curtains, hangings
  534. vestiplex, vestiplicis m
    clothes-folder, ironer
  535. vestiplicus, vestiplici m
    clothes-folder, ironer
  536. vestiarium, vestiarii n
    clothes-press, clothes-chest, wardrobe, articles of clothing, clothes, wardrobe
  537. vestiarius, vestiarii m
  538. vestitus, vestitus m
    clothing, clothes, dress, apparel, raiment, attire, vesture, covering
  539. vestimentum, vestimenti n
    clothing, garment, vestment, bedclothes, tapestry
  540. versus rhopalicus
    club verse
  541. volarium, volarii n
    clump, clot
  542. vernulitas, vernulitatis f
    coarse, pert, jesting, pertness
  543. vectigal exigo
    collect a levy, collect a tax
  544. vectigalia acerbe exigo
    collect taxes with hardness
  545. vectigalia exigo
    collect taxes
  546. vectigaliarius, vectigaliarii m
    collector of taxes, receiver of taxes, tax collector
  547. vicensumarius, vicensumarii m
    collector of the twentieth tax
  548. vicesimarius, vicesimarii m
    collector of the twentieth tax
  549. vigintiviri, vigintivirorum m
    college of twenty men, board of twenty men
  550. versicolora, versicolororum n
    colorful pictures
  551. varietas florum
    colorfulness of the flowers, variety of flowers, colorful flowers
  552. vorte hac te, puere!
    come here slave
  553. ventito 1
    come often, be wont to come, keep coming
  554. vincor 3
    come to a better understanding
  555. venit mihi in opinionem
    come to a view, come to an opinion, come to an assessment, come to an assumption, come to a judgment
  556. venio coctum ad nuptias
    come to cook for the wedding
  557. venio 4
    come, spring, be descended, appeare, happen, come into, fall into any state, fall into any condition
  558. ventio, ventionis f
  559. virtute, non genere me populo Romano commendo
    commend himself to the Roman people by ability, not by origin
  560. venena spargo
    commit poison killings, commit poisonous murders
  561. vilitas nominum
    common names, despicable names
  562. vulgo dicitur
    commonly said, generally one says
  563. vocem consocio
    communicate orally (with sb, ), make oneself common (with sb, ) by speaking
  564. vitia virtutibus redimo
    compensate for its faults with merits, make up for its mistakes with virtues
  565. vicem suam conquestus est
    complain audibly about his change of fate
  566. venia, veniae f
    complaisance, indulgence, kindness, obliging disposition, obliging conduct, mercy, grace, favor, permission, forbearance, forgiveness, pardon, remission
  567. vitam ad annum centesimum perduco
    complete the hundred years, fill the hundred years
  568. vastito 1
    completely destroy, completely devastate, thoroughly devastate
  569. virus computatorium
    computer virus
  570. vascularis, vasculare
    concerning the vessels, regarding the vessels
  571. visu tactuque manifestus
  572. verum profiteor
    confess the truth
  573. victoriam gratulari alicui
    congratulate someone on a victory
  574. victoriam alicui gratulor
    congratulate someone on the victory, wish someone luck for victory
  575. volatus coniuncticius
    connecting flight, connection flight
  576. vinco 3
    conquer, overcome, get the better of, defeat, subdue, vanquish, be victorious, be successful, gain, win, prevail, be successful, overwhelm, prevail over, prevail against
  577. victrix, victricis f
    conquering, victorious
  578. victor, victoris m
    conqueror, vanquisher, victor
  579. vocem alicuius premo
    consider someone's word in silence
  580. viscereus, viscerea, viscereum
    consisting of flesh
  581. verbalis, verbale
    consisting of words, wordy, verbal, belonging to verbs
  582. venter compressus
  583. virtus matura
    consummate efficiency, perfect efficiency
  584. vividus, vivida, vividum
    containing life, living, animated, true to the life, spirited, vivid, full of life, lively, vigorous, vivid
  585. venenifer, venenifera, veneniferum
    containing poison, poisonous, venomous
  586. vicenalis, vicenale
    containing the number twenty, having twenty angles
  587. virosus, virosa, virosum (1)
    containing viruses, virus-containing
  588. vita umbratilis
    contemplative scholarly life
  589. valetudo confirmata
    convalescence, recovery
  590. vitae commoditas iucunditasque
    convenience and comfort of life
  591. versator, versatoris m
  592. vinculatus, vinculata, vinculatum
    cord-like twisted, cord-like wound
  593. virus coroniforme
  594. vespillo, vespillonis m
    corpse-bearer, grave robber
  595. vispellio, vispellionis m
    corpse-bearer, grave robber
  596. vispillo, vispillonis m
    corpse-bearer, grave robber
  597. vespero, vesperonis m
    corpse-bearer, pallbearer
  598. vitiis medeor
    correct the errors, correct the faults, correct the mistakes
  599. vocis conformatio
    correct word stress
  600. vicissitudo litterarum
    correspondence, exchange of letters
  601. vultum fucandi ars
  602. vita rustica
    country life, life in the countryside
  603. vita rusticana
    country life, life in the countryside
  604. vella, vellae f
    country-house, country-seat, farm, villa
  605. villa rustica
    country-house, country-seat, farm, villa
  606. villa, villae f
    country-house, country-seat, farm, villa
  607. velis aliquid obtendo
    cover something behind curtains
  608. vestio 4
    cover with a garment, dress, clothe, vest, cover, deck, array, attire, surround, adorn
  609. velamen, velaminis n
    cover, covering, clothing, robe, garment, veil
  610. velamentum, velamenti n
    cover, covering, veil, curtain, concealment, screen
  611. velatura, velaturae f (2)
    cover, veil
  612. vestis, vestis f
    covering for the body, clothes, clothing, attire, vesture, carpet, curtain, tapestry, veil, skin of a serpent, beard, spider’s web
  613. velabrum, velabri n
    covering stretched above the theatre, awning stretched above the theatre
  614. vestis stragula
    covering, bedspread, coverlet, blanket, rug, carpet
  615. velaria, velariorum n
    covering, screen
  616. velarium, velarii n
    covering, screen, awning
  617. vitula, vitulae f
    cow-calf, calf, foal
  618. vacca, vaccae f
  619. vaccae me circummugiunt
    cows roar around me
  620. vaframentum, vaframenti n
    crafly device, trick, quirk, artifice
  621. versutiloquus, versutiloqua, versutiloquum
    crafly-speaking, sly in talking
  622. veteratorie
    craftily, cunningly, slyly
  623. veteratorius, veteratoria, veteratorium
    crafty, cunning, sly
  624. vas frumentarium
    crain basket, cereal basket
  625. vernilitas, vernilitatis f
    cringing, obsequiousness, servility, coarse, pert, jesting, pertness
  626. verbum induco
    cross out a word, delete a word
  627. veritatem oblinio
    cross out the truth, strike out the truth
  628. via transversa
    cross path, cross alley, cross way, cross aisle, cross passage
  629. via trifida
  630. ventus lateralis
  631. verbenatus, verbenata, verbenatum
    crowned with a wreath of sacred boughs
  632. vexata, vexatorum n
    crushes, bruises
  633. vocifico 1
    cry aloud, utter a loud cry, proclaim
  634. virginalem plōrātum edō
    cry like a girl
  635. vocifero 1
    cry out, cry aloud, exclaim, scream, bawl, vociferate, call aloud, sound, resound, proclaim
  636. vociferor 1
    cry out, cry aloud, exclaim, scream, bawl, vociferate, call aloud, sound, resound, proclaim
  637. vagio 4
    cry, squall, sound
  638. vagitus, vagitus m
    cry, squall, sound
  639. vagina, vaginae f
    crying, squalling
  640. viticola, viticolae m
    cultivator of vines, vine-planter
  641. vulpes cauta
    cunning fox, sly fox
  642. versutia, versutiae f
    cunning, slyness, craftiness, subtlety, ingenuity
  643. versute
    cunningly, craftily, slyly
  644. vorsute
    cunningly, craftily, slyly
  645. vinifusor, vinifusoris m
  646. ventosa, ventosae f
  647. vinculum immodicae cupiditati inicio
    curb intemperate greed
  648. valuta, valutae f
    currency, valuta
  649. vetus atque usitatus
    customary from time immemorial
  650. vocem abscido
    cut off the word, let it fall silent
  651. vitiosas partes exseco
    cut out diseased parts of the body
  652. vultum duco
    cutting grimaces
  653. vitiosas partes exseco
    cutting out cancerous tumors
  654. volumen sīderum
    cycle of the stars
  655. venenum cellulare
  656. victus cotidianus
    daily bread
  657. victus cottidianus
    daily bread
  658. verrutum, verrutī n
    dart, javelin
  659. verutum, veruti n
    dart, javelin
  660. venenum somniferum
    deadly poison, lethal poison
  661. victimarius, victimarii m
    dealer in beasts for sacrifice
  662. viminarius, viminarii m
    dealer in wicker-work
  663. vestimentum mortui
    death robe, death dress
  664. vaepallidus, vaepallida, vaepallidum
    deathly pale, corpse pale, very pale
  665. vepallidus, vepallida, vepallidum
    deathly pale, corpse pale, very pale
  666. verba verecunda
    decent words
  667. voluntariam exsilium mihi conscisco
    decide to go into voluntary banishment
  668. voluntatis significatio
    declaration of intent, designation of will, expression of will, declaration of intention
  669. voluntatis declaratio
    declaration of intent, expression of will, declaration of intention
  670. vindicias do secundum libertatem
    declare free, pass a judgment on freedom
  671. vindicias do secundum servitutem
    declare unfree, pass a sentence on servitude
  672. verbum per casus duco
    decline, pass a word through its case
  673. vox gravis
    deep voice
  674. vallis in altitudinem depressa
    deeply cutting valley
  675. vulnus alte adactum
    deeply penetrated wound
  676. victoriam ab hoste reporto
    defeat the enemy, achieve a victory over the enemy
  677. victoriam ex hoste fero
    defeat the enemy, win against the enemy
  678. victus, victa, victum
    defeated, checkmate
  679. verbum defectivum
    defective verb
  680. vultus in peius fictus
    deformed face
  681. vultus in peius fictus
    deformity of the face
  682. vinnulus, vinnula, vinnulum
    delightful, sweet
  683. vinulus, vinula, vinulum
    delightful, sweet
  684. vulgi turbator
  685. voluntativus, voluntativa, voluntativum
    denoting the will, denoting the aspiration, signifying the intention
  686. vespix, vespicis f
    dense bushes, undergrowth
  687. vaspicetum, vaspiceti n
    dense shrubbery
  688. vaspix, vaspicis f
    dense tuft
  689. vita cedo
    depart from life, die
  690. vita concedo
    depart from life, die
  691. vita defungi
    depart from life, die
  692. vita defungor
    depart from life, die
  693. vita excedo
    depart from life, die
  694. viduo 1
    deprive, bereave of any thing
  695. viduus, vidua, viduum
    deprived or bereft of a husband or wife, bereft of a lover, spouseless, mateless, widowed, destitute of, without any thing
  696. vicegerens, vicegerentis m
    Deputy, Substitute
  697. vices gerens, vices gerentis m
    deputy, substitute
  698. verbum duco ab ... (de ...)
    derive a word from
  699. verba paragoga
    derived words, derivative words
  700. venio ab aliquo
    descend from someone
  701. vitam alicuius depingo
    describe someone's life, depict someone's life
  702. votum aut animus
    desire or mindset
  703. vastator, vastatoris m
    desolater, ravager, devastater, destroyer
  704. vaecors, vaecordis
    destitute of reason, senseless, silly, foolish, mad, insane
  705. vecors, vecordis
    destitute of reason, senseless, silly, foolish, mad, insane
  706. vectigal statuo
    determine the tax
  707. Venerem seram attingo
    devote later love
  708. vorator, voratoris m
  709. voratus, voratus m
    devouring, destruction, chasm
  710. venisti huc te extentatum?
    did you come here to place a sample?
  711. verba recondo
    die Worte im Gedächtnis behalten
  712. vitam commuto
  713. vitam efflo
  714. vitam effundo
    die, waste one's life
  715. varior 1
    differ from each other, be divided
  716. variantia, variantiae f
    difference, diversity, variety
  717. varietas, varietatis f
    difference, diversity, variety, variety of opinion, changeableness, fickleness, inconstancy, varied clothing, colored attire
  718. variatio, variationis f
    difference, variation
  719. varia lectio
    different reading
  720. varia forma
    different shape, variant
  721. varix, varicis c
    dilated vein, varix
  722. vesperna, vespernae f
  723. volatus directus
    direct flight, non-stop flight
  724. via compendiaria
    directional path, stub path
  725. via et ratione disputo
    discuss methodically
  726. vilitas sui
    disdain for oneself, disdain for one's own person, self-contempt
  727. vultus ficti simulatique
    disfigured expressions
  728. vultum fingo
    disguise one's face
  729. volsa, volsorum n
    dislocations, luxation
  730. vaporeus, vaporea, vaporeum
    dissolving in haze, void, very hot, full heat, full steam
  731. vestitu (a vestitu) dignosco (dinosco)
    distinguish by clothing
  732. vera a falsis diiudico
    distinguish true from false
  733. vera et falsa diiudico
    distinguish true from false
  734. vultus incerti
    distraught expressions
  735. viritanus, viritana, viritanum
    distributed to the individual citizens
  736. vexabilis, vexabile
    disturbed, plagued, vexed
  737. virtus mictualis
    diuretic property, diuretic effect
  738. varianus, variana, varianum
    divers-colored, variegated
  739. varius, varia, varium
    diverse, different, manifold, changing, varying, various, variegated, party-colored, mottled, changeable, versatile, fickle, inconstant, untrustworthy
  740. varius sermo
    diversified conversation, varied conversation
  741. vario 1
    diversify, variegate, change, cause to change, make different, make various, alter, change, vary, interchange, cause to alternate
  742. varietas in disputationibus
    diversity of opinion in discussions, diversity of the contributions to the discussion, variety of views expressed
  743. viro repudium remitto
    divorce his husband
  744. vertiginem efficiens
    dizzying, vertiginous
  745. vertiginosus, vertiginosa, vertiginosum
    dizzying, vertiginous
  746. vadimonium desero
    do not meet the deadline, fail to meet the deadline, fail to appear
  747. vestimenta civilia gero
    do not wear uniform, wear civilian clothes
  748. vim et manus inicio alicui
    do violence to someone
  749. vim facio alicui
    do violence to someone
  750. vim infero alicui
    do violence to someone, use violence against someone
  751. vim naturae iniecto
    do violence to the nature
  752. vim iniecto
    do violence
  753. visne concreta an fluida ova
    do you want hard or soft eggs?
  754. vin? (visne?)
    do you want?
  755. vir bisulci lingua
    double tongue man, hypocrite
  756. viribus meis indubito
    doubt one's own powers
  757. vitam alicuius expono
    draft a biography of someone, draft a description of someone's life
  758. verriculum, verriculi n
    drag-net, seine
  759. vitam asperam traho
    dragging his tedious life, dragging his weary life
  760. vestem corpori obduco
    drape a dress over the body
  761. veterinae, veterinarum f
    draught-cattle, beasts of burden
  762. virga circumscribo regem
    draw a circle around the king with the rod
  763. vela obduco
    draw the curtains, close the curtains
  764. vicensimatio, vicensimationis f
    drawing by lot of every twentieth man for execution, vicesimation
  765. vicesimatio, vicesimationis f
    drawing by lot of every twentieth man for execution, vicesimation
  766. vulnus obligo
    dress a wound, bandage a wound
  767. vestis subsuta
    dress below with a trimming
  768. venero 1
    dress in poverty, let appear charming
  769. vestis cum gunna calathinus
    dress with flat hoopskirt
  770. vestem induo
    dress, get dressed
  771. vestio 4
    dress, put on clothes
  772. vestior 4
    dress, put on clothes
  773. venenum bibo
    drink poison
  774. venenum obduco
    drink poison
  775. vino aliquem depono
    drink someone under the table, drink someone to the ground
  776. vino me obruo
    drinking wine excessively, overloading oneself with wine
  777. vehiculo portor
    drive on a wagon, be taken away on a wagon
  778. vehiculo vector
    drive on a wagon, be taken away on a wagon
  779. vim vi depello
    drive out violence with force, drive out violence with violence
  780. vecturarius, vecturarii m
    driver of a vehicle
  781. voces iacio
    dropping words, uttering words
  782. vino excerebratus
    drunk to the brim, befuddled by wine
  783. virgo Pygmaea
    dwarf, pygmy, pygmy girl
  784. versor 1
    dwell, live, remain, stay, abide, be in a place, be, be circumstanced or situated, busy one’s self with any action, be engaged
  785. vicaneus, vicanea, vicaneum
    dwelling in a village
  786. vicanus, vicana, vicanum
    dwelling in a village
  787. violarius, violarii m
    dyer of violet color
  788. vis dynamica
  789. vehementer
    eagerly, impetuously, ardently, violently, earnestly, vehemently, strongly, forcibly, powerfully, exceedingly, extremely, very much
  790. victum aliqua re quaero
    earn the living doing something
  791. virtutis opinionem capio
    earn the reputation of bravery
  792. vires bitumineae
    earth pitch masses
  793. vasus fictilis
    earthen vessel
  794. vallum, valli n
    earthen wall, earthen rampart set with palisades, palisaded rampart, intrenchment, circumvallation, wall, rampart, fortification
  795. vermis terrēnus
  796. visabundus, visabunda, visabundum
    easily visible
  797. visibundus, visibunda, visibundum
    easily visible
  798. voratrina, voratrinae f
    eatinghouse, gulf, abyss, chasm
  799. virus ebolense
    ebola virus
  800. vocis imago
    echo, Reverberation
  801. vis maior
    economic power, economic strength
  802. vis affectoria
    effective power, effectiveness
  803. vel ... vel ...
    either … or, be it … or
  804. victor electionum
    election winner
  805. victrix electionum
    election winner
  806. vis electrica
    electricity, energy
  807. Velia, Veliae f
    elevated part of the Palatine Hill at Rome
  808. virgae ulmeae
    elm sticks with which slaves were beaten up
  809. venenum tabidum
    emaciating poison, emaciating venom
  810. victor proelio discedo
    emerge victorious from the battle
  811. victor pugna discedo
    emerge victorious from the battle
  812. victor ex certamine abeo
    emerge victorious from the battle, leave the fight as a winner
  813. victor abeo
    emerge victorious, emerge as the winner
  814. vaporo 1
    emit steam, emit vapor, steam, reek, glow, burn
  815. vaporifer, vaporifera, vaporiferum
    emitting steam, full of vapors, full of exhalations, vaporous
  816. verbīs adorno
    emphasize with words, verbally stress
  817. vacivitas, vacivitatis f
    emptiness, lack, want
  818. vanum, vani n
    emptiness, nothingness, naught
  819. vanitudo, vanitudinis f
    emptiness, nothingness, vainglory, vanity
  820. vanities, vanitiei f
    emptiness, nullity, folly, vanity, vainglory
  821. verborum inanium crepitus
    empty sound of words
  822. vacuitas, vacuitatis f
    empty space, vacancy, vacuity, being without, freedom, absence, exemption from any thing, vacancy in an office
  823. vaniloquium, vaniloquii n
    empty talk, idle talk, gabble, prate, vaunting
  824. vaniloquentia, vaniloquentiae f
    empty talk, idle talk, prating, vaunting
  825. verbum inane
    empty word, weasel word, empty formula, word without content
  826. vastus, vasta, vastum
    empty, unoccupied, waste, desert, uncultivated, unpolished, rude, rough, harsh, harsh-sounding, desolate, deserted, laid waste, ravaged, devastated, destroyed, vast, immense, enormous, huge, monstrous, prodigious, insatiable, bulky, unwieldy
  827. vacans, vacantis
    empty, unoccupied, without an owner, vacant, single, unmarried, without a husband, at leisure, unoccupied, idle
  828. vacivus, vaciva, vacivum
    empty, void
  829. vitrum metallicum
  830. vivarium, vivarii n
    enclosure in which game, fish, etc, , are kept alive, park, warren, preserve, fish-pond
  831. vir acer
    energetic man, forceful man, vigorous man
  832. vita gaudeo
    enjoy his life
  833. vita frui
    enjoy life
  834. vita fruniscor
    enjoy life
  835. voluptatibus fruor
    enjoy one's pleasure, revel in pleasure, indulge in pleasures
  836. voluptate capior
    enjoy oneself, like to have fun, to be seized by lust
  837. voluptates haurio
    enjoy pleasures to the fullest
  838. vescitor 1
    enjoy something
  839. vegetus, vegeta, vegetum
    enlivened, lively, animated, vigorous, active, brisk, sprightly
  840. vegetator, vegetatoris m
    enlivener, exciter, quickener
  841. vegetatio, vegetationis f
    enlivening, quickening, excitement
  842. vim uranii augeo
    enrich uranium
  843. viam virtutis ingredior
    enter the path of virtue
  844. vomitoria, vomitoriorum n
    entrances to the theatres or amphitheatres, vomitories
  845. vicissitudo fortunae
    envelope into misfortune, blow of fate, stroke of fate, disaster, catastrophe
  846. venerunt legati pacificatum
    envoys came to negotiate peace
  847. vasifer, vasiferi m
    equipment carrier, device carrier
  848. vericulatus, vericulata, vericulatum
    equipped with a small javelin
  849. veruculatus, veruculata, veruculatum
    equipped with a small javelin
  850. vasatus, vasata, vasatum
    equipped with strong pubic member
  851. vaso, vasonis m
    equipped with strong pubic member
  852. vitia exstirpo et funditus tollo
    eradicate the vices altogether
  853. veritatem oblinio
    erase the truth, eradicate the truth
  854. vehementer erro
    err enormously, err massively, err tremendously
  855. vitia erumpunt
    errors come to the outbreak
  856. varus, vari m (2)
    eruption on the face, blotch, pimple
  857. volta, voltae f
    Etruscan name of a monster among the Volsinians
  858. veriloquium, veriloquii n
  859. velut (veluti)
    even as, just as, like as
  860. vere nondum adulto
    even before the full onset of spring
  861. vixdum etiam
    even now hardly, even now barely, also now hardly
  862. vel maximos luctus vetustate tollit diuturnitas
    even the deepest mourning lifts the time bit by bit
  863. ventus occidentalis
    evening breeze
  864. vita occidens
    evening of life, autumn of life
  865. vesperugo, vesperuginis f
    evening-star, bat
  866. vesper, vesperi m
    evening, even, eve, even-tide, evening-star, the west, occident
  867. vesper, vesperis m
    evening, even, eve, even-tide, evening-star, the west, occident
  868. vespera, vesperae f
    evening, eventide, the West
  869. vespere (vesperi)
    evening, late in the day, in the evening
  870. vesperi (vespere)
    evening, late in the day, in the evening
  871. vigil ignis
    ever burning fire, eternal fire
  872. victus cotidianus
    everyday food, daily food
  873. vita communis
    everyday life, ordinary life
  874. vir virum legit
    everyone picks his man
  875. verificus, verifici m
    evidence guide, evidence leader
  876. verificatio, verificationis f
    evidence, verification, proof
  877. veritatem egredior
    exaggerate, overdo
  878. veritatem non servo
    exaggerate, overdo
  879. verbis in maius extollo
    exalt, upstyle
  880. virtutes, virtutum f
    excellent deeds, heroic deeds
  881. varietates pretii monetarii
    exchange rate fluctuations, fluctuations in exchange rates
  882. vina merce Syra reparo
    exchange wine for goods from Syria
  883. virum scelestum supplicio afficere
    execute the criminal
  884. veniam do
    exempt from punishment
  885. vacatio ab administratione belli
    exemption from military service
  886. vacatio muneris
    exemption from taxes, exemption from charges
  887. vires intendo
    exerting one's strength
  888. vituperationem subeo
    experience censure, be rebuked, being reprimanded
  889. verborum origines indago
    explain words according to their origin, etymologize
  890. verborum origines quaero
    explain words according to their origin, etymologize
  891. vestis displosiva
    explosive vest
  892. vitam meam in discrimen offero
    expose his life to danger, put his life in danger
  893. voce aliquid exprimo
    express something vocally
  894. verbis aliquid exprimo
    express something with words, make something clear with words
  895. vultu animi motum praefero
    expressing dismay in his countenance
  896. vultus, vultus m
    expression of countenance, countenance, visage, face, painted face, portrait, likeness, look, appearance
  897. voltus, voltus m
    expression of countenance, countenance, visage, features, looks, air, mien, expression, aspect, face, painted face, portrait, likeness, look, appearance
  898. vitrum ocularium
    eye glass, eyeglass lens, spectacle lens
  899. vitra ocularia
    eyeglasses, eye lenses, glasses
  900. veritatem imitor
    faithfully represent, faithfully depict, faithfully reproduce
  901. vinum Falernum
    Falernian wine
  902. volutor ad alicuius pedes
    fall at someone's feet, throw oneself at someone's feet
  903. vervactum, vervacti n
    fallow ground, fallow field
  904. vanitas opinionum
    false opinions, wrong opinions, misconceptions, prejudices
  905. vannus, vanni f
    fan, van for winnowing grain
  906. vanno 3
    fan, winnow
  907. vale!
    farewell, adieu
  908. valeas!
    farewell, adieu
  909. vehiculum rusticum
    farmer's carriage
  910. victus agrestis
    farmer's food
  911. vitium, vitii n
    fault, defect, blemish, imperfection, vice, breach, blemish, , useless part, faulty position, moral fault, failing, error, offence, crime, defect in the auspices, fault of language, base metal, alloy
  912. vitiose
    faultily, defectively, badly, corruptly
  913. vitiositas, vitiositatis f
    faultiness, corruption, viciousness, vice
  914. ventus ferens
    favorable airstream
  915. venti secundi
    favorable skills, luck
  916. ventus secundus
    favorable wind
  917. vereor, ne non licuerit
    fear that it is not possible, unfortunately it will not work
  918. vino me beo
    feast on wine, gorge oneself on wine
  919. vecturae, vecturarum f
    feeds, supplies
  920. vereor 2
    feel awe of, reverence, revere, respect, fear, be afraid of any thing, await with fear, dread
  921. vapide me habeo
    feel bad
  922. verecundor 1
    feel bashful, feel ashamed, be shy, be diffident, express shame
  923. vicem alicuius doleo
    feel condolences for someone
  924. voluptate perfundor
    feel delight, feel pleasure
  925. venas tempto
    feel the pulse, take the pulse
  926. vernacula, ae f
    female household slave
  927. vicina, vicinae f
    female neighbor
  928. villica, villicae f
    female overseer, the wife of an overseer
  929. vilica, vilicae f (villica, villicae f)
    female overseer, wife of an overseer
  930. vicaria, vicariae f
    female under-slave, substitute, post of deputy
  931. virologa, virologae f
    female virologist
  932. vastatrix, vastatricis f
    female waster, female ravager, female devastater
  933. vinibua, vinibuae f
    female wine-bibber
  934. viverra, viverrae f
  935. vicennalia, vicennalium n
    festival on the twentieth anniversary of an emperor’s reign
  936. vestis diei sollemnis
    festive dress
  937. vestis sollemnis
    festive dress
  938. vestimenta cubitoria
    festive dresses, clothing worn at table
  939. vinculo 1
    fetter, bind, chain
  940. vario certamine pugnatum est
    fight with changing output, fight with changing outcome
  941. velitor lapidibus in aliquem
    fight with stones against someone, throw stones at someone
  942. vice mea fungor
    fill his place, stand his ground
  943. vescor 3
    fill one’s self with food, to take food, feed, eat, enjoy, make use of, use, have
  944. vinum in dolia conicio
    fill wine into the barrels
  945. vaporo 1
    fill with steam, fill with vapor, steam, smoke, fumigate, heat, warm
  946. venenatus, venenata, venenatum
    filled with poison, envenomed, poisonous, venomous
  947. viscellum, viscelli n
    filler from meat, stuffing from meat
  948. vix tandem sensi stolidus
    finally once I dummy got it
  949. vix tandem
    finally once
  950. vitupero caelum
    find fault with heaven itself, be satisfied with nothing
  951. veniam invenio
    find grace, find mercy
  952. voluptatem capio ex aliqua re
    find pleasure in something
  953. voluptatem percipio ex aliqua re
    find pleasure in something
  954. viam invenio
    find the way around, find the way on the road
  955. vinum generosum
    fine wine, noble wine
  956. vinum exanclo
    finish the wine, drink up the wine,
  957. viripotens, viripotentis (2)
    fit for a husband, marriageable, nubile
  958. visus attentus
    fixed gaze
  959. vultum mentemque aliqua re suspendo
    fixing the gaze and mind on something
  960. vertex igneus
    flame vortex, flame column
  961. velocitas cogitationum animique celeritas
    flight of thoughts
  962. verecundia volandi
    flight shame, flight shaming
  963. vibo, vibonis m
    flower of the herb called Britannica
  964. vernifer, vernifera, verniferum
    flowering in spring, spring-blooming
  965. vernificus, vernifica, vernificum
    flowering in spring, spring-blooming
  966. volutatus aer
    flowing air
  967. vomifluus, vomiflua, vomifluum
    flowing with pus, flowing with matter
  968. varietates annonae
    fluctuations in grain prices
  969. volito 1
    fly, fly to and fro, fly about, flit about, flutter, hasten about, hover about, float about
  970. volo 1
    fly, move swiftly like one flying, fleet, speed, hasten along
  971. volatura, volaturae f
    flying, flight
  972. volitatio, volitationis f
    flying, flight
  973. volitatus, volitatus m
    flying, flight
  974. volatio, volationis f
    flying, flight, air travel
  975. volatus, volatus m
    flying, flight, power of flight, rapid course, swiftness, velocity
  976. volaticus, volatica, volaticum
    flying, winged, fleeting, flighty, volatile, inconstant, transitory, fickle, turning from one to another
  977. volatilis, volatile
    flying, winged, swift, rapid, fleeting, transitory, changing from one part to another
  978. volucer, volucris, volucre
    flying, winged, winged, fleet, swift, rapid, passing quickly by, fleeting, transient, transitory
  979. verbenae, verbenarum f
    foliage, herbage, leaves, twigs, branches (of laurel, olive, or myrtle), cypress, tamarisk, sacred boughs, class of plants used in medicine as cooling remedies (olive, myrtle, ivy)
  980. vestigia alicuius sequor (persequor)
    follow in someone's footsteps
  981. vestigiis alicuius ingredior
    follow in someone's footsteps
  982. vestigiis aliquem sequor (persequor)
    follow in someone's footsteps
  983. vestigo 1
    follow in the track of, track, trace out, find out by tracing, trace out, discover, search after, seek out, inquire into, investigate
  984. vestigiis alicuius insisto
    follow on someone's heels
  985. vestigiis aliquem sequor (persequor)
    follow on someone's heels
  986. vela orationis pando
    follow the stream of my speech
  987. vestigiis ingredior
    follow the tracks, follow the traces
  988. vischiulentus, vischiulenta, vischiulentum
    fond of drinking whisky
  989. verosus, verosa, verosum (2)
    fond of men, longing after men
  990. virosus, virosa, virosum (2)
    fond of men, longing after men
  991. vendax, vendacis
    fond of selling
  992. vestigium, vestigii n
    footstep, step, footprint, foot-track, track, sole of the foot, trace, mark, sign, token, vestige, point, moment, instant
  993. vectarius, vectaria, vectarium
    for carrying or conveying
  994. vectorius, vectoria, vectorium
    for carrying
  995. verbi causa
    for example
  996. verbotenus
    for example
  997. voluptatis causa
    for pleasure, for the sake of pleasure
  998. vis maior
    force majeure, unavoidable coincidence
  999. vim mihi facio
    force oneself
  1000. venatum duco invitas canes
    force someone, even if he does not want
  1001. vires, virium f
  1002. vis, vim, vi, vires, virium f
    force, vigor, power, energy, virtue, potency, violence, quantity, number, abundance, mental strength, notion, meaning, sense, import, nature, essence, signification
  1003. vires non suppetunt
    forces are not enough, strengths are not sufficient
  1004. vires morbo attenuatae
    forces weakened by illness
  1005. violentus, violenta, violentum
    forcible, violent, vehement, impetuous, boisterous
  1006. vaticinor 1
    foretell, predict, prophesy, forebode, vaticinate, warn as a prophet, sing as a poet, celebrate as a poet, rave, rant, talk foolish stuff
  1007. vates, vatis m (f)
    foreteller, seer, soothsayer, prophet, poetess, teacher, master, authority
  1008. vaticinatio, vaticinationis f
    foretelling, soothsaying, prophesying, prediction, vaticination
  1009. veniam do
    forgive out of magnanimity
  1010. veniam do
  1011. valli bifurci
    forked bulwark posts, fork-shaped bulwarks, forked ramparts
  1012. verbum derivo
    form a new word, derive a new word
  1013. vesico 1
    form bubbles
  1014. viri aedilicii
    former aediles
  1015. viri consulares
    former consuls
  1016. viri praeteriti
    former men, deceased men, men of the past
  1017. venerarii, venerariorum m
    fornicators, who indulge in sensual love
  1018. verborum foeditates
    foul language, filthy language
  1019. volpes, volpis f
  1020. volpis, volpis f
  1021. vulpis, vulpis f
  1022. vulpes, vulpis f
    fox, cunning, craftiness
  1023. vacivus laboris
    free from work, unemployed
  1024. vindex publicae libertatis
    freedom fighter
  1025. vacuitas ab angoribus
    freedom from fears
  1026. vacuitas doloris
    freedom from pain, painlessness
  1027. vacatio, vacationis f
    freedom, exemption, immunity, freeing, exempting, dispensation
  1028. via trita
    frequently traveled path, commonly used route
  1029. virens, virentis
    fresh, vigorous, lively
  1030. Veneris dies
  1031. vultus benignus
    friendly mien
  1032. vilis amicorum annona
    friends are bought cheaply, friends are cheap, friends do not cost much
  1033. vehementer ango
    frighten, scare off
  1034. vaccinus, vaccina, vaccinum
    from cows
  1035. vicatim
    from street to street, through the streets, from village to village, through the villages, in hamlets
  1036. vilissime natus
    from very low origin
  1037. vino relanguescit animus
    from wine you become effeminate, from the wine one effeminates
  1038. vellereus, vellerea, vellereum
    from wool, want
  1039. violatas caerimonias inexpiabili religione sancio
    frowning upon the violation of sacred customs by an inexpiable curse
  1040. vinum acinaticium
    fruit wine, berry wine
  1041. votum solvo
    fulfill a vow
  1042. verba mea redimo
    fulfill my promise
  1043. vindico me ad aliquem
    fulfill one's obligations to someone
  1044. voluntati alicuius obsequor
    fulfill someone's wish, comply with someone's wish, satisfy someone's wish
  1045. voluntati alicuius satisfacio
    fulfill someone's wish, comply with someone's wish, satisfy someone's wish
  1046. vota dissolvo
    fulfill vows
  1047. vota exsolvo
    fulfill vows
  1048. vota persolvo
    fulfill vows
  1049. vota solvo
    fulfill vows
  1050. viscosus, viscosa, viscosum
    full of birdlime, sticky, viscous
  1051. vesiculosus, vesiculosa, vesiculosum
    full of bladders, full of blisters, vesiculous
  1052. virgultus, virgulta, virgultum
    full of bushes, full of thickets, shrubby
  1053. varicose (2)
    full of dilated veins, varicose
  1054. vitiosus, vitiosa, vitiosum
    full of faults, full of defects, faulty, defective, bad, corrupt, diseased, morally faulty, wicked, depraved, vicious
  1055. viridissimus irae
    full of fiery anger, full of glowing anger
  1056. voluptuosus, voluptuosa, voluptuosum
    full of gratification, full of enjoyment, full of pleasure, full of delight, agreeable, pleasant, delightful
  1057. vitā repletus
    full of life, life full
  1058. vita satiatus
    full of life, life full
  1059. vinolentus, vinolenta, vinolentum
    full of or drunk with wine, drunk, intoxicated, strongly mixed with wine
  1060. vinulentus, vinulenta, vinulentum
    full of or drunk with wine, drunk, intoxicated, strongly mixed with wine
  1061. voraginosus, voraginosa, voraginosum
    full of pits, full of chasms, full of abysses, voraginous
  1062. virulentus, virulenta, virulentum
    full of poison, poisonous, virulent
  1063. venenosus, venenosa, venenosum
    full of poison, very poisonous
  1064. vadosus, vadosa, vadosum
    full of shallows, full of fords, shallow, shoal
  1065. verosus, verosa, verosum (1)
    full of slime, covered with slime, slimy, having a bad odor, stinking, fetid, poisonous, foul
  1066. virosus, virosa, virosum (1)
    full of slime, covered with slime, slimy, having a bad odor, stinking, fetid, poisonous, foul
  1067. vomicosus, vomicosa, vomicosum
    full of sores, full of tumors
  1068. vaporosus, vaporosa, vaporosum
    full of steam, full of vapor, steaming, vaporous
  1069. virgosus, virgosa, virgosum
    full of twigs
  1070. venosus, venosa, venosum
    full of veins, veiny, venous, dry, meagre
  1071. verrucosus, verrucosa, verrucosum
    full of warts, warty, rough, rugged
  1072. ventosus, ventosa, ventosum
    full of wind, windy, like the wind, light, quick, speedy, swift, nimble, changeable, inconstant, fickle, puffed up, vain, conceited, empty
  1073. voluminosus, voluminosa, voluminosum
    full of windings, full of bendings, full of folds
  1074. vinosus, vinosa, vinosum
    full of wine, drunk with wine, fond of wine, winebibbing, drunken, having the taste of wine, having the flavor of wine
  1075. verbosus, verbosa, verbosum
    full of words, wordy, prolix, verbose
  1076. vermiculosus, vermiculosa, vermiculosum
    full of worms, wormy
  1077. verminosus, verminosa, verminosum
    full of worms, wormy
  1078. vermiosus, vermiosa, vermiosum
    full of worms, wormy
  1079. vestis pellita
    fur dress, fur coat
  1080. viaticatus, viaticata, viaticatum
    furnished with travelling-money
  1081. vasarium, vasarii n
    furniture-money, equipage-money, money given for the hire of an oil-mill, furniture, movables in a bath, archives, records
  1082. venturus, ventura, venturum
  1083. veniam impetro
    gain Grace, obtain grace
  1084. victoriatus, victoriata, victoriatum
    gained by victory
  1085. venatio, venationis f
    game, game meat
  1086. vehiculum purgamentarium
    garbage truck, refuse collection vehicle
  1087. vacuola gasosa
  1088. vindemio 1
    gather grapes, gather the vintage
  1089. vulgatus, vulgata, vulgatum
    general, ordinary, usual, common
  1090. volgatus, volgata, volgatum
    general, ordinary, usual, common, generally, known, notorious, public
  1091. vulgatus, vulgata, vulgatum
    general, ordinary, usual, common, generally, known, notorious, public
  1092. vir ingeniō praestans
    genius, man of great mind
  1093. vitium facio
    get a damage
  1094. vide mihi prandium
    get a second breakfast
  1095. vado destituor
    get into deep water, lose the solid ground under their feet
  1096. vim affero alicui
    get physical with someone, do violence to someone, use violence against someone
  1097. veneno mihi mortem conscisco
    get poisoned, poison oneself, kill oneself with poison
  1098. vasa colligo
    get ready to travel, set off, pack his suitcase, pack his equipment
  1099. vide mihi aliquid cibi
    get someone something to eat
  1100. vinco 3
    get the better of, outlast, survive, surmount, scale, be superior, convince, refute, constrain, overcome, surpass, exceed, excel
  1101. ventre pene bona lacero
    get through his fortune with debauchery and fornication
  1102. vinum dolio promo
    get wine from the barrel
  1103. vinum de dolio haurio
    get wine from the barrel, take wine from the barrel
  1104. vacationem habeo
    getting off work, closing time
  1105. vires vastae
    giant force, giant forces
  1106. verbum in publico facio
    give a public lecture, give a public speech
  1107. vulnus infigo
    give a wound, inflict a wound
  1108. victoriam exploratam dimitto
    give an already certain victory out of hand
  1109. vocem remitto
    give an echo, give a resonance
  1110. varia negotia causor
    give multiple transactions as reason
  1111. veniam do
    give permission
  1112. vulnus alicui impono
    give somebody a wound, inflict a wound on somebody
  1113. vulnus alicui infligo
    give somebody a wound, inflict a wound on somebody
  1114. venia et incolumitate aliquem dono
    give someone amnesty
  1115. verecundiam alicui attribuo
    give someone attention
  1116. voluntatem in aliquem confero
    give someone one's affection, bestow affection on someone
  1117. vim victoriamque prospero
    give strength and victory
  1118. vasa conclamo
    give the signal to leave, give the signal, before breaking up, for packing, give the order for decamping
  1119. vectigalia loco
    give the taxes in lease
  1120. vectigalia vendo
    give the taxes in lease
  1121. vomax, vomacis
    given to vomiting
  1122. verberationem cessationis do
    giving satisfaction for a default, making amends for a default
  1123. vitrarius, vitrarii m
    glass-worker, glassblower
  1124. vitrearius, vitrearii m
    glass-worker, glassblower
  1125. vitriarius, vitriarii m
    glass-worker, glassblower
  1126. vitrum, vitri n
    glass, wood
  1127. vitreamen, vitreaminis n
  1128. vitrarium, vitrarii n
  1129. verbis aliquid augeo
    glorify something with words
  1130. virga viscata
    glue rod, limed twig
  1131. viscatura, viscaturae f
    glue rod, limed twig
  1132. viscatorium, viscatorii n
    glue rod, limed twig, snare
  1133. viscata vimina
    glue rods, limed twigs
  1134. viam longam conficio
    go a long way
  1135. viam flecto
    go another way, change one's ways
  1136. via erro
    go astray, stray from the right path
  1137. viam repeto
    go back the same way
  1138. vehor autocineto
    go by car, drive by car
  1139. vehor autoraeda
    go by car, drive by car
  1140. viam exploratoriam eo
    go exploring
  1141. venatum proficiscor
    go hunting, set off on a hunt
  1142. vaeneo
    go to sale, be sold
  1143. veneo
    go to sale, be sold
  1144. viam facio
    go, travel, make a trip
  1145. vado 3
    go, walk, go hastily, go rapidly, rush
  1146. vestis saetigera
    goat hair robe, goat hair garment
  1147. Vertumnus, Vertumni m
    god of the changing year, god of the seasons and their productions
  1148. vestis aurata
    gold woven robe, robe woven with gold
  1149. vinum generosum
    good wine
  1150. versura publica
    government bond
  1151. versura publice facta
    Government Bond
  1152. vir gubernatorius
    government member
  1153. venialis, veniale
    gracious, pardonable, venial
  1154. vecturae frumenti
    grain feeds, grain supplies
  1155. vaniloquus, vaniloqui m
    grand speaker, braggart
  1156. veniam tribuo
    grant a favor
  1157. veniam do
    grant forgiveness
  1158. veniam impertio
    grant forgiveness, grant pardon
  1159. veniam impertio
    grant grace, grant mercy
  1160. voti aliquem compotem facio
    grant someone a wish
  1161. vinacei uvae
    grape marc, wine marc
  1162. vindemitor, vindemitoris m
    grape-gatherer, vintager
  1163. vindemiator, vindemiatoris m
    grape-gatherer, vintager, star in the constellation Virgo
  1164. vindemia, vindemiae f
    grape-gathering, vintage, grapes, wine, time of grape-gathering, vintage season, harvest of similar things
  1165. vinacea, vinacae f
    grape-skin, husk
  1166. vinacia, vinaciae f
    grape-skin, husk
  1167. vinaceus, vinacei m
    grape-stone, grape-skin
  1168. vinaceum, vinacei n
    grape-stone, grape-skin, husk
  1169. veram speciem Romani senatus capio
    grasp the true idea of the Roman Senate
  1170. vulgaritas, vulgaritatis g
    great mass, multitude
  1171. vulgus, vulgi n
    great mass, multitude, people, public, mass, crowd, throng, vulgar, mob, rabble, populace
  1172. volgus, volgi n
    great mass, people, public, mass, crowd, throng, multitude of persons, vulgar, mob, rabble, populace
  1173. vulgus, vulgi n
    great mass, people, public, mass, crowd, throng, multitude of persons, vulgar, mob, rabble, populace
  1174. voraciter
    greedily, voraciously
  1175. voracitas, voracitatis f
    greediness, ravenousness, voracity
  1176. viror, viroris m
    green color, greenness, verdure
  1177. viride, viridis n
    green color, greenness, verdure, green thing
  1178. viriditas, viriditatis f
    green color, greenness, verdure, viridity, freshness, briskness, vigor
  1179. viridia, viridium n
    green plants, green herbs, green trees
  1180. viridis, viride
    green, young, youthful, fresh, blooming, lively, vigorous
  1181. viride
    greenly, verdantly
  1182. vertaga, vertagae f
    greyhound, sighthound
  1183. vertagra, vertagrae f
    greyhound, sighthound
  1184. vertagus, vertagi m
    greyhound, sighthound
  1185. vertraga, vertragae f
    greyhound, sighthound
  1186. vertragus, vertragi m
    Greyhound, Sighthound
  1187. vertraha, vertrahae f
    Greyhound, Sighthound
  1188. vultus foedus
  1189. vermina, verminum n
    gripes, belly-ache, stomach-ache
  1190. veteretum, vetereti n
    ground that has long lain fallow, old fallow ground
  1191. virdesco 3
    grow green, become green
  1192. virdico
    grow green, become green
  1193. viridesco 3
    grow green, become green
  1194. viridico 1
    grow green, green, verdant
  1195. virido 1
    grow green, green, verdant
  1196. viridor 1
    grow green, green, verdant
  1197. vesperor 1
    grow into evening
  1198. veterasco 3
    grow old
  1199. veteresco 3
    grow old
  1200. vetustesco 3
    grow old
  1201. vetustisco 3
    grow old
  1202. vetustor 1
    grow old
  1203. valesco 3
    grow strong, acquire strength
  1204. viresco 3
    grow, become green, become verdant, shoot forth, be developed, flourish, prosper, grow
  1205. venter iratus
    growling stomach
  1206. ventus animosus
    gusty wind, stormy wind
  1207. valetudo, valetudinis f
    habit, state of body, condition of body, state of health, health, good state, good condition, soundness of body, good health, healthfulness, bad state, bad condition, ill health, sickness, feebleness, infirmity, indisposition, health, soundness
  1208. vibrissae, vibrissarum f
    hair in the nose, nose hair
  1209. villosus, villosa, villosum
    hairy, shaggy, rough
  1210. voti pars succedit
    half of the wish comes true
  1211. vehiculum manuale
    handcart, trolley
  1212. vinculum manuale
  1213. verba numeris coerceo
    handle the words metrically
  1214. vadimonium alicui impono
    hang a trial on someone's neck
  1215. velo obduco
    hang up, veil
  1216. velo tego
    hang up, veil
  1217. vasto 1
    harasse, perplexe
  1218. vir adamantini rigoris
  1219. vixdum
    hardly then, scarcely yet
  1220. virgidemia, virgidemiae f
    harvest of rods, harvest of stripes, harvest of blows, beating, spanking
  1221. verbositas, verbositatis f
    hattiness, wordiness
  1222. varia fortuna utor
    have a changeful destiny, have a chequered destiny
  1223. ventrem facio
    have a passage at stool, have bowel movement, have stool
  1224. ventrigo 1
    have bowel movement
  1225. vulso 1
    have cramps, have spasms
  1226. ventis adversis utor
    have headwind
  1227. verecundor neminem
    have no fear of anyone
  1228. vitae necisque potestatem habeo
    have power over life and death
  1229. ventis secundis utor
    have tailwind
  1230. velut in cervicibus habeo hostem
    have the enemy as it were sitting in the neck
  1231. video 2
    have the eyes open, be awake
  1232. vere existimo de aliqua re
    have the right opinion about something
  1233. vere iudico de aliqua re
    have the right opinion about something
  1234. vastum maris aequor tibi arandum
    have to navigate the immeasurable vastness of the sea
  1235. vehementer est providendum, ne opprimamur
    have to take care of themselves enormously
  1236. vici
    have won the game, have achieved its purpose
  1237. vermino 1
    have worms, be troubled with worms, have crawling pains, have itching pains, prick, shoot, ache, pain
  1238. vectifer, vectifera, vectiferum
    having a bolt, well bolted
  1239. ventricosus, ventricosa, ventricosum
    having a large belly, big-bellied, pot-bellied
  1240. ventriosus, ventriosa, ventriosum
    having a large belly, big-bellied, pot-bellied
  1241. vatax, vatacis
    having crooked feet
  1242. vatrax, vatracis
    having crooked feet
  1243. valvatus, valvata, valvatum
    having folding-doors
  1244. valgus, valga, valgum
    having the calves of the legs bent outwards, bow-legged
  1245. vigintiangulus, vigintiangula, vigintiangulum
    having twenty angles
  1246. vernicomus, vernicoma, vernicomum
    having young leaves
  1247. vasta desertaque omnia invenit
    he found everything as extinct
  1248. vidit se operatum
    he saw himself sacrificing (in a dream)
  1249. videbatur vivere tamquam superstes sibi
    he seemed to have outlived himself, as it were
  1250. vitam auro vendidit
    he sold his life for gold
  1251. vivificator, vivificatoris m
    he who makes alive, quickener, vivifier
  1252. verbigena, verbigenae m
    he who was born of the Word, Christ
  1253. verbigenus, verbigeni m
    he who was born of the Word, Christ
  1254. vis remedialis
    healing power, healing effect
  1255. valetudo incommoda
    health ailment, malaise, indisposition
  1256. veratrum, veratri n
  1257. viperina, viperinae f
    herb good against the bite of a viper
  1258. vage
    here and there, far and wide, dispersedly
  1259. vires invictae
    hero strength, hero power
  1260. vir (bello) fortis
  1261. vir bello insignis
  1262. vir fortissimus
  1263. vultus intrepidus
    heroic face, heroic expression
  1264. virtus summa
    heroic power, heroic virtue
  1265. virtus ac fortitudo
    heroic virtue, heroic strength, heroic valor, heroic courage
  1266. viro forti dignus
    heroic, worthy of a brave man
  1267. verbenaca, verbenacae f
    hierabotane, vervain
  1268. vertipedium, vertipedii n
    hierabotane, vervain
  1269. vox acuta
    high voice
  1270. vir clarissimus
    highly famous man
  1271. vectigal autocineticae stratae
    highway toll
  1272. via, viae f
    highway, road, path, street, march, journey, way, passage, channel, pipe, lane in a camp, method, mode, manner, fashion, the right way, the true method
  1273. vertebrum, vertebri n
  1274. vox rauca
    hoarse voice, rough voice
  1275. vexillum suspendo
    hoist a flag, raise a flag
  1276. vela stringo
    hoist the sails
  1277. vela subduco
    hoist the sails
  1278. vela ventis nego
    hoist the sails
  1279. vela depono
    hoist the sails, furl the sails, reef the sails
  1280. vela intendo
    hoist the sails, set the sails
  1281. vexillum propono
    hoist the standard on the commander tent
  1282. vexillum tollo
    hoist the standard on the commander tent
  1283. victoriam ostendo
    hold out the prospect of victory, promise a victory
  1284. vola, volae f
    hollow of the hand, palm, , hollow of the foot, sole
  1285. via cava
    hollow way
  1286. viae cavae
    hollow ways
  1287. vir bonus
    honest man, man of honor
  1288. vita honesta
    honorable life, virtuous life
  1289. vestis cucullata
    hooded dress, hoodie dress, hoodie
  1290. viribus pollens
    huge in physical strength
  1291. vita humana
    human life
  1292. vir humanitatis studiosus
  1293. venor 1
    hunt, chase, hunt after, seek after, pursue a thing
  1294. venator, venatoris m
    hunter, one who fights with wild beasts in the arena, huntsman, hunting man
  1295. venator canis
    hunting dog
  1296. venatura, venaturae f
    hunting, chase
  1297. venatus, venatus m
    hunting, chase, fishing, game
  1298. venatio, venationis f
    hunting, chase, venery, hunting spectacle, hunt, battue, combat of wild beasts, that which is been hunted, that which has been hunted, game
  1299. venabulum, venabuli n
  1300. venatrix, venatricis f
  1301. ventus nimius
  1302. verissime loquor
    i am serious, i speak in earnest
  1303. verticinor 1
    I feel dizzy, suffer from vertigo
  1304. vertiginor 1
    I feel dizzy, suffer from vertigo
  1305. veto
    I forbid it, I protest
  1306. vix bene desieram
    I had hardly stopped, hardly have quite stopped
  1307. voce opus est
    I must scream, I have to scream
  1308. veniam impetro errati
    I receive forgiveness for my mistake
  1309. visa revolvo
    I reconsider what I have seen
  1310. vane
    idly, vainly
  1311. vaniter
    idly, vainly
  1312. venerator idolorum
  1313. veniam, si modo licebit
    if possible I will come
  1314. virtutem moresque Catonis repraesento
    imitate Cato's virtue and character
  1315. vita turpis
    immoral life, indecent life
  1316. volutatio rerum humanarum
    impermanence of everything human
  1317. vibratus, vibrata, vibratum
    impetuous, forcible
  1318. violente
    impetuously, vehemently, violently
  1319. violenter
    impetuously, vehemently, violently, furiously
  1320. volgiolus, volgioli m
    implement for levelling beds of earth
  1321. vos obtestor atque obsecro (ut ... / ne ...)
    implore somebody (that , , , / that not , , , )
  1322. victoriam a dis exposco
    implore victory from the gods, beg the gods for victory
  1323. vectigalia alicui impono
    impose taxes on someone
  1324. vermiculate
    in a vermiculated manner
  1325. ventis adversantibus
    in adverse winds
  1326. venialiter
    in an excusable manner, in a pardonable manner
  1327. veste mutata
    in mourning clothes, in mourning dress, in disguise
  1328. vicissatim
    in return, again
  1329. virgatus, virgata, virgatum
    in striped dress
  1330. volventibus mensibus
    in the cycle of months
  1331. volventibus annis
    in the cycle of years
  1332. vespertino
    in the evening hours
  1333. vesperi, quid quoque die dixerim, commemoro
    in the evening i visualize what i have said every day
  1334. vespera
    in the evening, evening
  1335. vere novo
    in the first spring
  1336. vermiculatus, vermiculata, vermiculatum
    in the form of worms, inlaid so as to resemble the tracks of worms, vermiculated
  1337. vicinitus
    in the neighborhood, close by
  1338. vicine
    in the neighborhood, near by
  1339. vicem (mit Gen.)
    in the place of, instead of, on account of, for, for the sake of
  1340. vulnerati in parietinis quaeruntur
    in the ruins they search for wounded people
  1341. vere novo
    in the spring that has just arrived, in the spring that is now beginning, in this spring
  1342. verno (2)
    in the spring time
  1343. vocative
    in the vocative
  1344. vero
    in truth, in fact, certainly, truly, to be sure, surely, assuredly, but in fact, but indeed, however
  1345. variatim
    in various ways, variously
  1346. voluntas alicuius rei
    inclination to something, sense of something
  1347. vectigal ex scriptura
    income from pasture money, drift money, drift interest
  1348. vectigal reditui impositum
    income tax, personal income tax
  1349. vectigalia augeo
    increase taxes, raise taxes
  1350. valorem augeo
    increase the value, revalue
  1351. ventrificatio, ventrificationis f
    increasing belly, increasing abdomen
  1352. vitia inextricabilia
    incurable defects, unhealable defects
  1353. valetudo adversa
    indisposition, discomfort
  1354. ventri operam do
    indulge in gluttony, indulge in voracity
  1355. voluptatibus me do
    indulge in pleasures
  1356. ventri oboedio
    indulge in sensual pleasures
  1357. ventri deditus sum
    indulge one's appetite
  1358. vitupero 1
    inflict censure, blame, censure, disparage, vituperate, render defective, spoil
  1359. vulnera alicui ingero
    inflict wounds on someone
  1360. vulnera figo
    inflicting wounds
  1361. vestigia figo
    inhibit his step, hamper his step, retard his step
  1362. vestigia premo
    inhibit his step, hamper his step, retard his step
  1363. vexata, vexatorum n
    injured parts of the body, hurts, injuries
  1364. violator, violatoris m
    injurer, profaner, violator, murderer, polluting, poisoning
  1365. vitiatio, vitiationis f
    injuring, violation, corruption
  1366. viscera, viscerum n
    inner parts of the body, internal organs, the inwards, viscera, uterus, testicles, flesh, fruit of the womb, offspring, child, bowels, interior part, inward or inmost part, means, property, favorite
  1367. versus orationi admisceo
    insert verses into the speech, Weave verse into the speech
  1368. vehemens, vehementis
    insistent, urgent, emphatic
  1369. vice (mit Gen.)
    instead of, for, on account of
  1370. vehementes tumultus instigati sunt
    instigate violent riots
  1371. voces contumeliosae
    insulting remarks, abusive remarks
  1372. volo aliquid
    intend something
  1373. voculatio, voculationis f
    intonation, accentuation of words, accent
  1374. vinolenties, vinolentiei f
    intoxication from wine, , drunkenness, gluttony, tendency to drink wine
  1375. vinulentia, vinulentiae f
    intoxication from wine, , drunkenness, gluttony, tendency to drink wine
  1376. vinulenties, vinulentiei f
    intoxication from wine, , drunkenness, gluttony, tendency to drink wine
  1377. vinolentia, vinolentiae f
    intoxication from wine, drunkenness, gluttony, tendency to drink wine
  1378. vallatio, vallationis f
  1379. vectigal instituo
    introduce a levy, introduce a tax
  1380. verba pario
    invent words, make up words
  1381. videtur
    it appears that
  1382. venit res ad ultimum dimicationis
    it comes to the decisive fight, it comes to the decision fight
  1383. vix sex menses sunt
    it has hardly been six months
  1384. virtutis est
    it is a sign of courage
  1385. videlicet
    it is easy to see, it is clear, it is evident, clearly, plainly, evidently, manifestly, it is very plain, of course, forsooth
  1386. virtus hoc habet, ut ...
    it is in the nature of virtue that
  1387. verum est
    it is justified, it is well founded
  1388. verisimile est aliquem commisisse
    it is likely that one has committed a crime
  1389. verisimile est
    it is likely, it is probable
  1390. volupest mihi
    it is my pleasure, it is to my satisfaction, it makes me happy
  1391. verum est
    it is reasonable
  1392. verum est
    it is right and proper, it is right and fair, it is right and just
  1393. verendum est, ne ...
    it is to be feared that
  1394. videtur alicui
    it seems someone proper, it seems someone right, it seems someone fit, it seems good to any one, it pleases someone, it someone likes
  1395. vetus (verbum) est (+ AcI)
    it's an old word that, , , ,
  1396. verminantia membra
    itchy limbs, itching limbs
  1397. velum anterius
    jib sail, foresail
  1398. vertibulum, vertibuli n
  1399. verticula, verticulae f
  1400. verticulum, verticuli n
  1401. verticulus, verticuli m
  1402. vertebra, vertebrae f
    joint, vertebra of the spine
  1403. vertebratus,vertebrata, vertebratum
    jointed, articulated, vertebrated
  1404. ventilatio ultima
    Judgment Day, Last Judgment, Divorce of Good and Evil
  1405. velut si
    just as if, just as though, as if, as though
  1406. vultum non muto
    keep a straight face
  1407. vigilias servo
    keep night watch
  1408. vos in sollicitudine attineo
    keep someone in a state of turmoil
  1409. virga turbam coerceo
    keep the flock in order with the rod
  1410. vitem amputans coerceo
    keep the vine short by pruning
  1411. vocem includo
    keep your mouth shut, keep quiet
  1412. vim et manus affero alicui
    kill someone by force, do violence to someone
  1413. veneno aliquem occido
    kill someone with poison
  1414. vitiligo, vitiliginis f
    kind of cutaneous eruption, tetter
  1415. valeria, valeriae f
    kind of eagle
  1416. venicula, veniculae f
    kind of grapes fit for preserving
  1417. vennucula, vennuculae f
    kind of grapes fit for preserving
  1418. venucula uva (vennucula, vennuncula uva)
    kind of grapes fit for preserving
  1419. volaemum pirum
    kind of large pear, warden-pear
  1420. viriae, viriarum f
    kind of ornament for the arm, armlets, bracelets
  1421. volsella, volsellae f
    kind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps
  1422. volsilla, volsillae f
    kind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps
  1423. vulsella, vulsellae f
    kind of pincers for pulling out hairs, tweezers, forceps
  1424. vipio, vipionis m
    kind of small crane
  1425. visula, visulae f
    kind of vine
  1426. visulla, visullae f
    kind of vine
  1427. vincula affinia
    kinship ties, ties of kinship
  1428. versus nescio
    know nothing about verse construction
  1429. video, quid adriseris
    know what you smiled at
  1430. viduertas, viduertatis f
    lack of fruits of the earth, dearth, sterility
  1431. vestis instita subsuta
    ladies dress, falbel trimmed dress
  1432. victoria navalis
    lake victory, sea victory
  1433. virides lacus
    lakes surrounded with trees
  1434. vicem meam conqueror
    lament his fate, bemoan his fate
  1435. vicem meam conqueror
    lament one's fate, mourn one's fate
  1436. vivos mortuosque comploro
    lament the living and the dead, pity the living and the dead
  1437. vires terrestrss
    land forces
  1438. vectigal acquisitoribus agrorum impositum
    land transfer tax
  1439. vernilago, vernilaginis f
    large tansy, great tansy
  1440. verbero 1
    lash, scourge, whip, flog, beat, drub, beat, strike, knock, chastise, plague, torment, harass with words
  1441. verber, verberis n
    lash, whip, scourge, rod, lashing, scourging, flogging, stripe, stroke, blow
  1442. verbera, verberum n
    lashes, strokes
  1443. vitae extremus actus
    last phase of life, final phase of life
  1444. vespera multa
    late in the evening
  1445. vigil auris
    lawsuit filed in the night
  1446. vigil questus
    lawsuit filed in the night
  1447. ventrifluus, ventriflua, ventrifluum
    laxative, purgative
  1448. vendico 1
    lay claim to as one’s own, make a claim upon, demand, claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate, place in a free condition, set free, free, emancipate, avenge, revenge, punish, take vengeance, make compensation for
  1449. vindico 1
    lay claim to as one’s own, make a claim upon, demand, claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate, place in a free condition, set free, free, emancipate, avenge, revenge, punish, take vengeance, make compensation for
  1450. vitam profundo pro patria
    lay down his life for the fatherland
  1451. vim mihi affero
    lay hands on yourself, kill yourself
  1452. vindiciae, vindiciarum f
    laying claim to a thing
  1453. vindicatio, vindicationis f
    laying claim to a thing, civil action for a thing, lawsuit for a thing, taking into protection, protection, defence, vindication, avenging, punishment
  1454. vastatio, vastationis f
    laying waste, desolating, ravaging, devastation
  1455. vastificus, vastifica, vastificum
    laying waste, ravaging, devastating
  1456. vitam segregem ago
    lead a secluded life, lead a solitary life
  1457. vitam miseram dego
    lead an unhappy life, live in misfortune
  1458. venatum duco invitas canes
    lead the dogs to the hunt even against their will
  1459. valva, valvae f
    leaf of a door, folding-door
  1460. vectigalia conduco
    lease income, rent income, take income in lease
  1461. vulga, vulgae f
    leathern knapsack, bag
  1462. vestigium facio
    leave a trace, draw a track
  1463. vacationes militum
    leave of absence for soldiers
  1464. vetera omitto
    leave the old out, pass over the old
  1465. valvae, valvarum f
    leaves of a door, folds of a door, valves of a door, folding-door
  1466. vulnus sano, ut coeat
    let a wound heal, heal a wound
  1467. vapulare eum iubeo
    let him take a beating!, a beating he shall receive!
  1468. vocem emitto
    let his voice be heard
  1469. vocem mitto
    let his voice be heard
  1470. vocem ostendo
    let his voice be heard
  1471. varie et copiose alludo
    let his wit play in all variety and abundance
  1472. vectigalia exerceo
    let income be collected
  1473. veniam do
    let mercy take precedence over justice
  1474. vitam finio abstinentia (sc. cibi)
    let oneself starve
  1475. vexillum propono
    let the flag fly
  1476. vexillum tollo
    let the flag fly
  1477. vitam gladiatori concedo
    let the gladiator live, give life to the gladiator
  1478. vellor 3
    let the hair pull out, get depilated
  1479. vinum in vetustatem servo
    let the wine mature, let the wine age
  1480. venam percutio
    let to the vein
  1481. viritim sententiam feramus
    let's vote man by man
  1482. vanidicus, vanidici m
  1483. vindictam paro
    liberate, set free, set at liberty
  1484. vastor 1
    lie waste, lie untilled
  1485. vanitatem orationis adhibeo
  1486. vita vecticularia
    life as a thief, life as burglar, life as robber
  1487. vita multis casibus subiacet
    life is subject to many vicissitudes
  1488. vivificatorius, vivificatoria, vivificatorium
  1489. veraedus, veraedi m
    light horse for posting, post-horse, courier’s horse, light, fleet huntinghorse
  1490. veles, velitis m
    light-armed soldier, who attacked the enemy out of the line of battle, skirmisher
  1491. vaporaliter
    like a vapor
  1492. velut avium examina avolavere
    like flocks of birds they escaped
  1493. vernaliter
    like house slaves
  1494. virus tinctile
    liquid arrow poison
  1495. verbatim
    literally, verbatim
  1496. vulnusculum, vulnusculi n
    little wound, slight wound
  1497. vensicula, vensiculae f
    little blister, vesicle
  1498. vesicula, vesiculae f
    little blister, vesicle
  1499. viriolae, viriolarum f
    little bracelet
  1500. villula, villulae f
    little country-house, small villa
  1501. vaccula, vacculae f
    little cow, heifer
  1502. verrucula, verruculae f
    little eminence, small wart
  1503. vannulus, vannuli m
    little fan, little van for winnowing grain
  1504. volpecula, volpeculae f
    little fox
  1505. vulpecula, vulpeculae f
    little fox
  1506. viridiariolum, viridiarioli n
    little garden, small garden
  1507. vesticula, vesticulae f
    little garment, little dress
  1508. versiculus, versiculi m
    little line, mere line, little verse, verslet, line
  1509. virguncula, virgunculae f
    little maid, young girl
  1510. verbella, verbellae f
    little mutton, muttonchops
  1511. vervella, vervellae f
    little mutton, muttonchops
  1512. vetula, vetulae f
    little old woman
  1513. vetulus, vetula, vetulum
    little old, old
  1514. veretilla, veretillae f
    little private part
  1515. vaginula, vaginulae f
    little sheath, husk of ears of grain
  1516. verculum, verculi n
    little spring
  1517. Victoriola, Victoriolae f
    little statue of Victory
  1518. viriculae, viricularum f
    little strength, small force
  1519. veprecula, vepreculae f
    little thorn-bush, little brier-bush
  1520. virgula, virgulae f
    little twig, small rod, wand, title of a work by Varro, critical mark (sign of spuriousness), accentual mark, stripe on a garment, slight column of smoke
  1521. vallecula, valleculae f
    little valley, glen, dell
  1522. vallicula, valliculae f
    little valley, glen, dell
  1523. viculus, viculi m
    little village, hamlet
  1524. vitecula, viteculae f
    little vine, tendril
  1525. viticula, viticulae f
    little vine, tendril
  1526. vindemiola, vindemiolae f
    little vintage, small income
  1527. vinulum, vinuli n
    Little wine
  1528. vallum, valli n
    little winnowing-van for grain or provender
  1529. vallus, valli f
    little winnowing-van for grain or provender
  1530. volvula, volvulae f
    little womb or matrix of an animal
  1531. vulvula, vulvulae f
    little womb or matrix of an animal
  1532. verbulum, verbuli n
    little word
  1533. vermiculus, vermiculi m
    little worm, grub, disease of dogs which drives them mad, scarlet worm
  1534. vesculus, vescula, vesculum
    little, trifling
  1535. vitam beatam dego
    live a happy life
  1536. vitam inopem sustento
    live a miserable life, lead a meager life
  1537. vitam inopem tolero
    live a miserable life, lead a meager life
  1538. virtutis perfectae perfecto munere fungor
    live a perfectly virtuous life
  1539. vitam honeste dego
    live an honorable life
  1540. vivo ac spiro
    live and breathe
  1541. venatu alor
    live from hunting, eating game meat
  1542. vento vivo
    live from the air, live from the wind, live from nothing
  1543. vivo in aeterna rosa
    live in eternal pleasure
  1544. vitam in egestate dego
    live in poverty, spend his life in poverty
  1545. vitam in obscuro ago
    live in secret, live in seclusion
  1546. vitam in solitudine dego
    live in solitude, live in loneliness
  1547. vitam meo habitu dego
    live the way you are
  1548. vitam colo
  1549. veivo 3
    live, be alive, have life, survive, be still alive, live well, live at ease, enjoy life, last, endure, remain, be remembered, support life, sustain one’s self, maintain one’s self, pass one’s life, reside
  1550. vivo 3
    live, be alive, have life, survive, be still alive, live well, live at ease, enjoy life, last, endure, remain, be remembered, support life, sustain one’s self, maintain one’s self, pass one’s life, reside
  1551. veita, veitae f
    live, living, support, subsistence, way of life, mode of life, mankind, world, course of life, career, duration of life, an existence, a being
  1552. vita, vitae f
    live, living, support, subsistence, way of life, mode of life, mankind, world, course of life, career, duration of life, an existence, a being
  1553. victus atque cultus
    livelihood and lifestyle
  1554. vigor, vigoris m
    liveliness, activity, force, vigor, brilliancy
  1555. visceralis, viscerale
    located inside a thing, internal
  1556. vinclis et carcere freno
    lock up in jail, imprison
  1557. vetusta, vetustorum n
    long past
  1558. viso 3
    look at attentively, view, behold, survey, go in order to look at, go in order to see to, go in order to look after, go to see, go to visit
  1559. visso 3
    look at attentively, view, behold, survey, go in order to look at, go in order to see to, go in order to look after, go to see, go to visit
  1560. vultu digitoque aliquem subnoto
    look at someone and point the finger at them
  1561. vides arcum caelestem?
    look, there's a rainbow!, do you see the rainbow?
  1562. vulticulus, vulticuli m
    look, mien, air
  1563. vadum aliquem destituit
    lose the ground under your feet
  1564. vociferatio, vociferationis f
    loud calling, clamor, outcry, vociferation
  1565. vociferatus, vociferatus m
    loud cry, outcry, scream, vociferation
  1566. vagulatio, vagulationis f
    loud lament
  1567. vox clara
    loud voice
  1568. vox magna
    loud voice
  1569. venustulus, venustula, venustulum
    lovely, charming, delightful
  1570. voluptarius consectator
    lover, amateur, dilettante
  1571. voluptarius cultor
    lover, amateur, dilettante
  1572. vultum demitto
    lower his face, lower his gaze
  1573. vocem summitto (submitto)
    lower the voice, let the voice sink
  1574. vilitas, vilitatis f
    lowness of price, cheapness, trifling value of a thing, meanness, baseness, worthlessness, vileness, low esteem, disregard, slighting, contempt
  1575. vesticontubernium, vesticontubernii n
    lying under the same coverlet, sleeping in the same bed, bed-companionship
  1576. vacerrosus, vacerrosa, vacerrosum
    mad, crazed, crack-brained
  1577. vineus, vinea, vineum
    made of wine, belonging to wine
  1578. vimineus, viminea, vimineum
    made of osiers, of wicker-work
  1579. virgatus, virgata, virgatum
    made of twigs, made of osiers, striped
  1580. vineus, vinea, vineum
    made of wine, belonging to wine
  1581. velificus, velifica, velificum
    made with sails, sailing
  1582. vesania, vesaniae f
    madness, insanity
  1583. virga venenata
    magic wand, magic stick, magic rod
  1584. virgo, virginis f
    maid, maiden, virgin, young woman, girl, unwedded, pure, unused, unmarried, untilled, vacant
  1585. virginitas, virginitatis f
    maidenhood, virginity
  1586. via militaris
    main street, main road
  1587. viam custodiariam eo
    make a patrol, go on patrol, patrol
  1588. verba facio apud aliquem de aliqua re
    make a speech in front of someone about something
  1589. viam munio
    make a way passable, build a road
  1590. vulnus adigo
    make a wound
  1591. vivido 1
    make alive, produce
  1592. vivifico 1
    make alive, restore to life, quicken, vivify
  1593. veniam ignoscendi peto
    make apologies
  1594. verba fingo
    make deceptive speeches, invent words
  1595. verba reis vendo
    make defense speeches for money, defend against money
  1596. vacuefacio 5
    make empty, empty, clear, free, abolish
  1597. vasto 1
    make empty, make vacant, leave untenanted, leave uninhabited, desert, empty of inhabitants, deprive of inhabitants, lay waste, lay desolate, ravage, devastate, ruin, destroy
  1598. vitio 1
    make faulty, injure, spoil, mar, taint, corrupt, infect, vitiate, violate, falsify, make void
  1599. viridico 1
    make green, cause to grow green
  1600. virido 1
    make green, cause to grow green
  1601. verbīs exaggero
    make important by the speech
  1602. vulgo 1
    make known to all by words, spread abroad, publish, divulge, make common, mingle, confound, prostitute, name, call
  1603. vitam alicui molestam reddo
    make life difficult for someone, give someone a hard time
  1604. venusto 1
    make lovely, beautify
  1605. verbosor 1
    make many words, make a lot of words, speak many words
  1606. variego 1
    make of various sorts, make of various colors, variegate
  1607. vetero 1
    make old
  1608. viam alicui do
    make room for someone, give someone space, allow someone a way, clear a path for someone
  1609. velifico 1
    make sail, spread sail, sail, make sail for, exert one’s self to effect, procure a thing, or gain a thing
  1610. velificor 1
    make sail, spread sail, sail, provide support, provide assistance, give support, give assistance
  1611. valetudine tento
    make sick, make ill,
  1612. vinco 3
    make somebody yield, make somebody give way
  1613. ventulum alicui facio
    make someone a breeze
  1614. valido 1
    make strong, strengthen, invigorate
  1615. ventrem caedo
    make the cesarean section
  1616. vecturas onerum corpore meo factito
    make the load carrier
  1617. vocem intercludo
    make the voice fail
  1618. vocem obtundo
    make the voice hoarse, make the voice husky
  1619. violenter me gero
    make the wild man, play the wild man
  1620. vivificatio, vivificationis f
    making alive, quickening, vivification
  1621. vivificus, vivifica, vivificum
    making alive, quickening, vivifying, vivific
  1622. vulgatus, vulgatus m
    making generally known, publishing, divulging
  1623. vestificina, vestificinae f
    making of garments, tailoring
  1624. vestificium, vestificii n
    making of garments, tailoring
  1625. velificatio, velificationis f
    making sail, sailing
  1626. velificium, velificii n
    making sail, sailing
  1627. vitarifer, vitarifera, vitariferum
    making the vines dry
  1628. vota concipio
    making vows
  1629. vota facio
    making vows
  1630. vota nuncupo
    making vows
  1631. vota suscipio
    making vows
  1632. verpa, verpae f
    male genital
  1633. vir, viri m
    male person, man, husband, man of courage, man of principle, man of honor, one who deserves the name of a man, soldier
  1634. virilia, virilium n
    male procreation members
  1635. verres, verris m
    male swine, boar-pig
  1636. verris, verris m
    male swine, boar-pig
  1637. voluptas ex malis alienis capta
    malicious joy, malicious pleasure, thieving joy
  1638. vitium alicui dico
    malign someone's character
  1639. viritim
    man by man, to each one separately, singly, individually, each by itself, singly, separately
  1640. vir militaris
    man experienced in war, militiaman
  1641. vir constans
    man of strong character, man of character
  1642. vir gravis
    man of strong character, man of character
  1643. vir defunctus honoribus
    man who has managed all the honorary posts, someone who has held all the honorary positions
  1644. vir honoribus ac rei publicae muneribus perfunctus
    man who has managed all the honorary posts, someone who has held all the honorary positions
  1645. vir potens
    man with influence
  1646. virago, viraginis f
    man-like maiden, vigorous maiden, heroic maiden, female warrior, heroine, virago
  1647. versipellis, versipellis m
    man-wolf, were-wolf
  1648. vorsipellis, vorsipellis m
    man-wolf, were-wolf
  1649. vilicatio, vilicationis f
    management of an estate in the country
  1650. vectigalium ceterorumque fructuum publicorum administratio
    management of the state budget, state budget
  1651. viriliter
    manfully, firmly, courageously
  1652. virilitas, virilitatis f
    manhood, age of manhood, virility, organs of generation, manliness, manly vigor
  1653. virtus, virtutis f
    manliness, manhood, strength, vigor, bravery, courage, aptness, capacity, worth, excellence, virtue, moral perfection, virtuousness, obstinacy
  1654. viratus, viratus m
    manly conduct, manliness
  1655. vestium monstratrix
    mannequin, model
  1656. valvarius, valvarii m
    manufacturer of double doors, producer of double doors
  1657. vagus et lasciviens per agros miles
  1658. viabundus, viabunda, viabundum
    marching on, pulling his road
  1659. vibex, vibicis f
    mark of a blow or stripe, weal
  1660. vibix, vibicis f
    mark of a blow or stripe, weal
  1661. viro nubere
    marry a man
  1662. virginem in matrimonium loco
    marry my young daughter
  1663. virginem alicui nuptum loco
    marry someone my daughter
  1664. vehiculum, quod in Martem descendit
  1665. valetudinarium obstetricium
    maternity clinic, birth clinic
  1666. vestis stragula
    mattress, cushion
  1667. vivat sane
    may he live anyway, may he live for my sake
  1668. vilitas verborum
    mean words, bad words
  1669. vim habeo
    mean, have significance, signify, have meaning
  1670. vis nominis
    meaning of the word, word meaning
  1671. vindicta, vindictae f
    means of asserting, means of defending, vindication, protection, defence, vengeance, revenge, punishment
  1672. vehiculum, vehiculi n
    means of transport, carriage, conveyance, vehicle, wagon, cart, ship, agricultural implement for cutting down grain, reaping-machine
  1673. via ad propositum assequendum
    means to an end, means for the purpose
  1674. verbicina, verbicinae f
    meat from wether, meat from mutton, mutton meat
  1675. versus canori
    melodious verses
  1676. vox canora
    melodious voice, sonorous voice
  1677. vigintivir, vigintiviri m
    member of the board of twenty men
  1678. viri clari et honorati
    men in office and dignity
  1679. viri experientia probati
    men of experience, experience men
  1680. viri clari
    men of merit, deserved men
  1681. viri multarum rerum experientia cogniti
    men of rich experience, versatile experienced men
  1682. viri gravitatem adseverantes
    men of serious nature, men of serious character
  1683. viri gravitatem adseverantes
    men who profess serious principles
  1684. volutatio animi
    mental restlessness, mental unrest
  1685. valetudo mentis
    mental weakness, weakness of mind
  1686. venaliciarum mercium navis
    merchant vessel, merchant ship
  1687. victus precarius
    mercy bread
  1688. vir operarius lingua celeri et exercitatā
    mere rabulist, mere babbler, mere tongue twister
  1689. viripotens, viripotentis
    mighty in power, mighty, powerful
  1690. volucres advenae
    migratory birds, birds of passage
  1691. vernantis caeli temperies
    mild spring weather
  1692. vina cariosa
    mild wines
  1693. vexillum, vexilli n
    military ensign, standard, banner, flag, red flag placed on the general’s tent, troops belonging to a vexillum, company, troop
  1694. verbum castrense
    military expression, military term
  1695. vir militaris
    militiaman, militia soldier
  1696. via lactea
    milky way
  1697. versus atri
    mischievous verses, malicious verses
  1698. versus mali
    misguided verses
  1699. viscum, visci n
    Mistel, Vogelleim (aus den Beeren der Mistel hergestellt)
  1700. ventus magistralis
  1701. verba conicio
    mit Worten um sich werfen
  1702. veris falsa remisceo
    mixing false with true
  1703. vera cum falsis confundo
    mixing true with false
  1704. vera falsis confundo
    mixing true with false
  1705. vir procax
    mocker, scoffer
  1706. vita sanctimonialis
    monastic life
  1707. vivorum usus
    money transfer
  1708. ventus monsonius
    monsoonwind, monsoon wind
  1709. vastifica belua
    monster, monstrosity, beast
  1710. varietas fortunae
    mood of happiness, whim of happiness
  1711. vitae sinceritas
    moral purity
  1712. vestis humanior
    more decent clothes
  1713. viridiores, viridiorum m
    more robust men, more spry men, stronger men
  1714. vilior alga
    more worthless than seaweed
  1715. vappo, vapponis m
    moth, butterfly
  1716. Venilia, Veniliae f
    mother of Turnus
  1717. vehiculum automatarium
    motor vehicle, car
  1718. veteratus, veterata, veteratum
  1719. vertex montis
    mountain top, mountain peak, mountain summit
  1720. versabilis, versabile
    movable, mobile, changeable, mutable, versatile
  1721. vecte aliquid submoveo
    move something with the crowbar
  1722. vexo 1
    move violently, shake, agitate, toss back and forth, injure, damage, molest, annoy, distress, plague, trouble, maltreat, abuse, vex, harass, disquiet, disturb, torment, rumple, disorder, crush
  1723. vegeo 2
    move, excite, quicken, arouse
  1724. vocem premo
    muffle his voice, silence
  1725. vocem supprimo
    muffle his voice, silence, speak muffled
  1726. vox summissa
    muffled voice, subdued voice
  1727. vinum adustum
    mulled wine
  1728. verbascum, verbasci n
  1729. vires alicuius amplio
    multiply someone's forces, increase someone's forces
  1730. vigiles urbis
    municipal police force
  1731. velum carbaseum
    muslin cloth
  1732. vires intimas molemque belli cieo
    muster the full might of war
  1733. vervecina, vervecinae f
    mutton meat
  1734. verminat auris
    my ear itches, my ear is itching,
  1735. vocor 1
    my name is
  1736. vita, quam adhuc vixi
    my previous way of life, my way of life so far,
  1737. Verbannus lacus
    name of a lake in Upper Italy, Lago Maggiore
  1738. venenum somniferum
    narcotic, narcotic agent
  1739. victus tenuis
    narrow fare, slender fare
  1740. vix aegreque
  1741. viridarium nationale
    national park
  1742. verecundia, verecundiae f
    natural feeling of shame, shamefacedness, bashfulness, shyness, coyness, modesty, over-shyness, bashfulness, sheepishness, timidity, shame, disgrace
  1743. vivacitas, vivacitatis f
    natural vigor, vital force, tenaciousness of life, length of life, vivaciousness, liveliness, vivacity
  1744. vires marinae
    naval forces, naval force
  1745. vicinus, vicina, vicinum
    near, neighboring, in the neighborhood, in the vicinity
  1746. vicinus, vicini m
    neighbor, contemporary
  1747. vicinitas, vicinitatis f
    neighborhood, nearness, proximity, vicinity, region, neighbors, near likeness, resemblance, similarity, congeniality, affinity
  1748. vicinia, viciniae f
    neighborhood, nearness, vicinage, vicinity, neighbors, near likeness, resemblance, similarity, affinity
  1749. vicinum, vicini n
    neighboring place, neighborhood, vicinity
  1750. vicinalis, vicinale
    neighboring, near
  1751. vicinarius, vicinaria, vicinarium
    neighboring, near
  1752. virus elumbe
    nerve agent
  1753. venenum nervale
  1754. vinum mustum
    new wine
  1755. vigiles lucernae
    night lanterns, night lights, night lighting
  1756. via nocturna
    night march
  1757. verbum facere omnino non possum
    not be able to utter a word
  1758. virtutem pristinam retineo
    not give up his former virtuous way of life
  1759. vesanus, vesana, vesanum
    not of sound mind, mad, insane, fierce, wild, savage, furious, raging
  1760. voce parum clara loqueris
    not speak loud enough, speaking too softly
  1761. veto 1
    not suffer a thing to take place, not permit, advise against, oppose, forbid, prohibit a thing, not permit one to do a thing, prevent from doing, hinder from doing, not grant, forbid a thing
  1762. vetuo 1
    not suffer a thing to take place, not permit, advise against, oppose, forbid, prohibit a thing, not permit one to do a thing, prevent from doing, hinder from doing, not grant, forbid a thing
  1763. vino adversor
    not tolerate wine, can not tolerate wine
  1764. vaegrandis, vaegrande
    not very large, little, small, diminutive
  1765. vegrandis, vegrande
    not very large, little, small, diminutive, very great
  1766. vir dicendus
    notable man
  1767. vulgate
  1768. viri nunc gloria claret
    now the man's glory shines
  1769. vitiarium, vitiarii n
    nursery for vines
  1770. vascus, vasca, vascum
    oblique, transverse
  1771. vitulinus, vitulina, vitulinum
    of a calf
  1772. viratus, virata, viratum
    of a manly spirit, manly
  1773. viperinus, viperina, viperinum
    of a viper, of a serpent, of a snake
  1774. verbecinus, verbecina, verbecinum
    of a wether, of a mutton
  1775. vervecinus, vervecina, vervecinum
    of a wether, of a mutton
  1776. vervicinus, vervicina, vervecinum
    of a wether, of a mutton
  1777. vultuosus, vultuosa, vultuosum
    of an expressive countenance, full of expression, full of airs or grimaces, grimacing, affected
  1778. vestra sponte
    of free will, of one’s own accord, of one’s self, freely, willingly, voluntarily, spontaneously
  1779. vitreolus, vitreola, vitreolum
    of glass
  1780. vitreus, vitrea, vitreum
    of glass, glass-, vitreous, like glass, glassy, transparent, brilliant
  1781. vitrius, vitria, vitrium
    of glass, glass-, vitreous, like glass, glassy, transparent, brilliant
  1782. veternus, veterna, veternum
    of great age, old, ancient
  1783. voluntate
    of one's own free will, by one's own decision, voluntarily, gladly
  1784. virgeus, virgea, virgeum
    of rods, of twigs, of brushwood
  1785. vilis, vile
    of small price, of small value, purchased at a low rate, cheap, poor, paltry, common, mean, worthles, base, vile, found in great quantities, abundant, common
  1786. vitineus, vitinea, vitineum
    of the vine, vine-
  1787. vicennalis, vicennale
    of twenty years, every twenty years
  1788. vestras, vestratis c
    of your family, of your nation
  1789. vestratis, vestrate
    of your family, of your nation, your compatriot, your countryman
  1790. virulentia, virulentiae f
    offensive odor, stench
  1791. verborum contumeliae
    offensive statements, offensive remarks, offensive comments
  1792. Veneri pervigilo
    offer a night sacrifice to Venus, make an offering to Venus at night
  1793. vendito 1
    offer again and again for sale, try to sell, cry up, praise, commend, recommend, blazon
  1794. victimo 1
    offer in sacrifice, sacrifice
  1795. venditioni aliquid expono
    offer something for sale
  1796. venditarius, venditaria, venditarium
    offering for sale
  1797. vigintiviratus, vigintiviratus m
    office of the vigintiviri, vigintivirate
  1798. volumen publicum
    officially maintained protocol
  1799. vagito 1
    often cry, often squall
  1800. verba celeberrima
    often repeated words
  1801. vetustas, vetustatis f
    old age, age, long existence, long duration, great age, posterity, the remote future
  1802. veternus, veterni m
    old age, age, old dirt, lethargy, somnolence, deep long sleep, long torpidity, drowsiness, dulness, sluggishness, sloth
  1803. veterum annales
    old history, ancient history
  1804. vetus quassaque navis
    old leaky ship, old leaking vessel
  1805. vetus sepulcrum
    old man, half dead man
  1806. veteranus, veterani m
    old tried soldier, veteran soldier, veteran
  1807. veteraria, veterariorum n
    old wine stocks
  1808. veterarium, veterarii n
    old wine storage room
  1809. vetus vinum
    old wine
  1810. vinum edentulum
    old wine
  1811. vetularum oblectamenta antequadragesimalia
    old women's carnival
  1812. vetus, veteris
    old, aged, veteran, experienced, of a former time, former, earlier, ancient
  1813. veteratus, veterata, veteratum
    old, inveterate
  1814. veterarius, veteraria, veterarium
    old, mature
  1815. veterarius, veterarii m
    old, mature
  1816. veteranus, veterana, veteranum
    old, veteran, experienced, skilled
  1817. vetranus, vetrana, vetranum
    old, veteran, experienced, skilled
  1818. velamenta, velamentorum n
    olive-branches wound about with woollen fillets, or rods wound about in like manner
  1819. vexillum Olympicum
    Olympic flag
  1820. verbis alicuius
    on someone's behalf
  1821. vicissim
    on the other hand, on the contrary, again, in turn
  1822. vada spirant
    on the shallow shore the surf ferments
  1823. vestro periculo
    on your responsibility
  1824. volpio, volpiōnis m
    one cunning as a fox, sly fox
  1825. vulpio, vulpiōnis m
    one cunning as a fox, sly fox
  1826. vilico, vilicionis m
    one managing a farm, bailiff, overseer
  1827. vitandum est, ne (+ Konj.)
    one must avoid, you have to avoid that
  1828. videndum est, quo sua quemque natura maxime ferre videatur
    one must pay attention to the natural inclination of the individual
  1829. vopiscus, vopisci m
    one of a pair of twins, born alive after the premature birth and death of the other
  1830. venetus, veneti m
    one of the Blue faction
  1831. vigintisevir, vigintisevirī m
    one of the twenty six
  1832. vigintisexvir, vigintisexvirī m
    one of the twenty six
  1833. vector, vectoris m
    one that bears any thing, one that carries any thing, one that conveys any thing any thing, bearer, carrier, horse, rider, traveller, passenger, horseman
  1834. vulgator, vulgatoris m
    one that makes a thing generally known, publisher, divulger
  1835. varicator, varicatoris m
    one that walks with his legs spread apart, straddler
  1836. verbenarius, verbenarii m
    one who bears the sacred boughs, of the fetiales
  1837. virgator, virgatoris m
    one who beats with rods, flogger
  1838. versicapillus, versicapilli m
    one who changes hair, whose hair grows gray
  1839. vorsicapillus, vorsicapilli m
    one who changes hair, whose hair grows gray
  1840. vociferator, vociferatoris m
    one who cries aloud, crier, vociferator
  1841. veterator, veteratoris m
    one who has grown old, one who has become gray, one who has practised, one who has skilled in any thing, crafty fellow, old fox, sly-boots, an old slave
  1842. vindex, vindicis c
    one who lays legal claim to a thing, a claimant, maintainer, defender, protector, deliverer, liberator, vindicator, avenger, punisher, revenger
  1843. ventricola, ventricolae m
    one who makes a god of his belly, a belly-god, glutton
  1844. ventricultor, ventricultois m
    one who makes a god of his belly, a belly-god, glutton
  1845. vasclarius, vasclarii m
    one who makes vessels of metal
  1846. vascularius, vascularii m
    one who makes vessels of metal, worker in metals, whitesmith, goldsmith
  1847. ventriloquus, ventriloqui m
    one who speaks from his belly, ventriloquist
  1848. vertiginosus, vertiginosa, vertiginosum
    one who suffers from giddiness, one who suffers from vertigo, , vertiginous
  1849. verticosus, verticosa, verticosum
    one who suffers from giddiness, one who suffers from, vertiginous
  1850. vorticosus, vorticosa, vorticosum
    one who suffers from giddiness, one who suffers from, vertiginous
  1851. vomitor, vomitoris m
    one who vomits, vomiter
  1852. ventilator, ventilatoris f
    one who winnows grain, winnower
  1853. volens, volentis
    one who wishes, one who intends, one who is about, one who is willing, one who consents, one who does a thing voluntarily
  1854. verbero, verberonis m
    one worthy of stripes, scoundrel, rascal
  1855. via irredux
    one-way street
  1856. via unius cursus
    one-way street
  1857. via unius directionis
    one-way street
  1858. volvus, volvi m
  1859. volumen explico
    open a book
  1860. vocalitas, vocalitatis f
    open sound, euphony
  1861. veterum annalium monumenta evolvo
    open the history books
  1862. vocem resolvo
    open the mouth to speak
  1863. venas exsolvo
    open the veins
  1864. venas resolvo
    open the veins
  1865. viam aperto
    open up a way
  1866. vatum carmen
    oracle saying of the seers
  1867. vox viva
    oral speech, verbal speech
  1868. venae metallorum
    ore deposit
  1869. vimentum, vimenti n
    osier, withy
  1870. vilitates harum similes aliae
    other such trifles, other such small things
  1871. vestis superior
    outer garment, outer dress
  1872. vires nimis intendo
    overexert oneself, overwork oneself, overtake oneself
  1873. villicus, villici m
    overseer of a farm, overseer of a estate, a steward, bailiff
  1874. vilicus, vilici m
    overseer of a farm, overseer of a estate, steward, bailiff, overseer, superintendent, director
  1875. viocurus, viocuri m
    overseer of roads, constructor of roads
  1876. verto cuncta odio et terrore
    overthrow everything by arousing hatred and terror
  1877. verto cuncta odio et terrore
    overthrow everything through hatred and terror
  1878. vitam debeo alicui
    owe his life to someone
  1879. varia, variae f
    panther, kind of magpie
  1880. veniam do
    pardon out of magnanimity
  1881. veniam do
    pardon the punishment
  1882. veniam do
  1883. veniam impertio
    pardon, reprieve, amnesty, grant a pardon
  1884. vehiculorum statio
    parking place, vehicle parking place, vehicle stand
  1885. vehiculum in statione sisto
    parking, park
  1886. verba participalia
  1887. vanesco 3
    pass away, disappear, vanish, be in vain
  1888. variis casibus iactor
    pass many adventures
  1889. viabilis, viabile
    passable, walkable
  1890. viae infestae
    path uncertainty, uncertainty of the paths
  1891. via vicinalis
    path used by neighbors, communal path
  1892. vigilias circumeo
  1893. visu aliquid obeo
    pattern something, look at something
  1894. viam molior
    pave a way
  1895. viam aperio
    pave a way, open a way, open up a way
  1896. viam munito
    pave the way
  1897. viam patefacio
    pave the way
  1898. viam sterno
    pave the way, smooth a way
  1899. via strata
    paved road, paved street
  1900. verecundiam alicui attribuo
    pay attention to someone, give someone attention
  1901. vectigal pendo
    pay customs, pay duty
  1902. venerationem alicui tribuo
    pay homage to someone, pay tribute to someone
  1903. vim aeris alienis exhaurio
    pay off debts
  1904. vectigalia pendo
    pay taxes, pay indirect taxes
  1905. vestitus agrestis
    peasant clothes
  1906. voluntas publica
    people's spirit, folk spirit
  1907. vasculum piperis sparsivum
    pepper shaker
  1908. visu tactuque manifestus
    perceptible by sight and touch
  1909. virtutem edo
    perform a miracle, accomplish a miracle
  1910. vel
  1911. vicennium, vicennii n
    period of twenty years
  1912. vitam amitto
    perish, come to death
  1913. vita privor
    perish, lose the life
  1914. vinca pervinca
  1915. vincapervinca, vincapervincae f
  1916. vox permanens
    persistent voice
  1917. violas carpo
    pick violets
  1918. vīsceratim
  1919. vulnus acu punctum
    pinprick, needleprick
  1920. vita legalis
    pious life, devout life
  1921. veterinarium, veterinarii n
    place for taking care of diseased animals
  1922. viretum, vireti n
    place overgrown with grass, green place, greensward, sod, turf, greenness
  1923. verborum tenuitas
    plain speaking style, unpretentious style of speech
  1924. veritas nuda
    plain truth, whole truth, full truth, complete truth
  1925. vibia, vibiae f
    plank, cross-piece supported on trestles (varae) so as to form a bank
  1926. vesicaria, vesicariae f
    plant that cures pain in the bladder, bladder-wort
  1927. verrucaria, verrucariae f
    plant that drives away warts, wartwort, turnsole
  1928. verdiarium, verdiarii n
    plantation of trees, pleasure-garden
  1929. virdiarium, virdiarii n
    plantation of trees, pleasure-garden
  1930. viridarium, viridarii n
    plantation of trees, pleasure-garden
  1931. vinetum, vineti n
    plantation of vines, vineyard
  1932. vinea, vineae f
    plantation of vines, vineyard, vine, kind of penthouse, shed, mantlet
  1933. vites pono
    planting vines, setting vines
  1934. vitilis, vitile
    platted, interwoven
  1935. vulpinor 1
    play the fox, be sly as a fox
  1936. vicem tortoris exhibeo
    play the role of the tormentor
  1937. velim tu ipse sumas
    please take yourself
  1938. voluptas et dolor e corpore oriuntur
    pleasure and pain have their origin in the body
  1939. voluptas et dolor ad corpus referuntur
    pleasure and pain relate to the body
  1940. voluptas nullum habet cum virtute commercium
    pleasure does not go together with virtue
  1941. vimen, viminis n
    pliant twig, switch, withe, osier, set of willow, slip of willow, wand of Mercury, woven work, basket
  1942. vomer, vomeris m
    ploughshare, style for writing with
  1943. vomeris, vomeris m
    ploughshare, style for writing with
  1944. vomis, vomeris m
    ploughshare, style for writing with
  1945. vellera carpo
    pluck wool
  1946. vello 3
    pluck, pull, deprive of the hair, deprive of the feathers, tear out, tear away, tear up, twitch, tear, torment
  1947. vellico 1
    pluck, twitch, pinch, nip, wake up, arouse by twitching, twitch in speaking, twit, taunt, carp, rail at
  1948. vulsio, vulsionis f
  1949. volsura, volsurae f
    plucking, pulling
  1950. vulsura, vulsurae f
    plucking, pulling
  1951. vellicatio, vellicationis f
    plucking, twitching, twitting, taunting
  1952. venator clandestinus
  1953. valvolum, valvoli n
    pod, shell, pericarp
  1954. valvolae, valvolarum f
    pod, shell, pericarp, valvules of leguminous plants
  1955. valvoli, valvolorum m
    pod, shell, pericarp, valvules of leguminous plants
  1956. vergiliocento, vergiliocentonis m
    poem made up of scraps from Vergil
  1957. venenum artus pervadit
    poison penetrates the limbs, poison pervades the limbs, poison permeates the limbs
  1958. veneno aliquem occido
    poison someone
  1959. veneno aliquid temero
    poison something
  1960. veneno 1
    poison, color, dye
  1961. veneficium, veneficii n
    poisoning, poisonous, sorcerous, magic, magical
  1962. veneficus, venefica, veneficum
    poisoning, poisonous, sorcerous, magic, magical
  1963. venenarius, venenarii m
    poisonmixer, poisoner
  1964. virgis dorsum depolio tuum
    polish your back, polish someone's back
  1965. vinum deuterium
    pomace wine, marc wine
  1966. ventosa loquacitas
    pompous verbiage, pompous chatter
  1967. valetudo mala
    poor health, feeling bad, poor well-being
  1968. virtutum sterilis
    poor in noble traits, barren in virtues
  1969. versus male tornati
    poorly turned verses
  1970. vapide
    poorly, badly, ill
  1971. virtutem moresque Catonis repraesento
    portray Cato's virtue and character, embody Cato's virtue and character
  1972. veredus, veredi m
    post-horse, courier’s horse, light, fleet huntinghorse
  1973. veraedarius, veraedarii m
    postboy, courier
  1974. veredarius, veredarii m
    postboy, courier
  1975. vicus Potemkinius
    Potemkin village
  1976. venenum, veneni n
    potion, juice, drug, potion that destroys life, poison, venom, magical potion, charm, seduction, coloring material, color, dye, paint, drug used in embalming
  1977. vires in impetum valentes
    power in attack, power of impact
  1978. visualitas, visualitatis f
    power of seeing, faculty of sight, vision
  1979. visualia, visualium n
    power of vision
  1980. vis et effectus
    powerful effectiveness, effective realization
  1981. vox plena
    powerful voice, full sounding voice
  1982. veniam tribuo
    practice indulgence, practice leniency
  1983. virtutem colo
    practice virtue
  1984. virtutem militum collaudo
    praise the bravery of the soldiers
  1985. vaticinium, vaticinii n
    prediction, prophecy
  1986. vetera novis et quieta turbidis antehabeo
    prefer the old to the new and the calm to the storm
  1987. vetus aetas
    prehistory, prehistoric times
  1988. vela paro
    prepare for escape
  1989. vinito 1
    present wine, serve wine
  1990. vinum premo
    press wine
  1991. vis et impetus
  1992. valetudinem simulo
    pretend to be ill
  1993. vincor 3
    pretend to be overcome
  1994. virgo regia
  1995. virtutes cardinales
    principal virtues, cardinal virtues
  1996. vincula, vinculorum n
  1997. vita domestica
    privacy, private sphere
  1998. vita intima
    privacy, private sphere
  1999. vir privatus
    privat man, private person, private individual
  2000. vita privata
    private life, privacy
  2001. veretrum, veretri n
    private part
  2002. veri similitudo, veri similitudinis f
  2003. verisimilitudo, verisimilitudinis f
  2004. verisimilis, verisimile
    probable, likely
  2005. verisimiliter
    probably, likely
  2006. victorem aliquem cito
    proclaim someone as winner
  2007. vir proconsularis
  2008. vires, virium f
    procreative forces, testicles
  2009. vitigineus, vitiginea, vitigineum
    produced by the vine, vine-
  2010. voto 1
    prohibit, forbid
  2011. vetativus, vetativa, vetativum
    prohibitive, prohibiting, not permitting, proscriptive, prohibitory
  2012. vadimonium, vadimonii n
    promise secured by bail for appearance on a particular day before a tribunal, bail, security, recognizance, appointment, fixed time
  2013. vadimonium promitto
    promise to appear in court
  2014. vinum tempero
    properly mix the wine
  2015. vaticinatrix, vaticinatricis f
    prophetess, female fortune-teller
  2016. vaticinius, vaticinia, vaticinium
    prophetic, vaticinal
  2017. vaticinus, vaticina, vaticinum
    prophetical, vaticinal
  2018. vadimonium alicui impono
    prosecute someone in court
  2019. volutans pedibus
  2020. vestitus protectorius
    protective clothing
  2021. vindex iniuriae
    protector from wrong
  2022. vindex periculi
    protector in peril
  2023. virtutem armis affirmo
    prove bravery in war
  2024. virtutem exhibeo
    prove his valor, prove his prowess, prove his virtue, prove his power, prove his strength, prove his might, prove his worth
  2025. veteranis diligentissime caveo
    provide for the veterans most prudently
  2026. vades do
    provide guarantors
  2027. vindictam tribuo
    provide satisfaction, provide revenge
  2028. vecturae causa navigia praebeo
    provide ships for transport
  2029. vinum ac tus praebeo
    provide wine and incense for sacrifice
  2030. victualia, victualium n
    provisions, victuals
  2031. virtus bellica
    prowess in war, efficiency in war
  2032. verecundia ostentata
    prudery, prudishness
  2033. vitem attondeo
    prune the vine
  2034. vitem compesco
    prune the vine
  2035. verecunda membra
    pubic parts, pubic members, pudenda
  2036. verecunda, verecundorum n
    pubic parts, pubic members, pudenda
  2037. verecundiora, verecundiorum n
    pubic parts, pubic members, pudenda
  2038. visceratio, viscerationis f
    public distribution of flesh or meat
  2039. voluptates vulgi
    public entertainments, public amusements, public pleasures
  2040. vita forensis
    public life
  2041. vitulatio, vitulationis f
    public thanksgiving or other festival
  2042. vomo 3
    puke, spew, throw up, vomit, pour forth, empty, discharge itself
  2043. vela dimoveo
    pull the curtains apart
  2044. vela traho
    pull the sails together, haul in the sails
  2045. vela reduco
    pull up the curtains, pull back the curtains
  2046. vela removeo
    pull up the curtains, pull back the curtains
  2047. video, ne ...
    pull yourself together, that not, watch, that not, pay attention, that not
  2048. velis aliquid obtendo
    pulling curtains before something
  2049. vestes ostro perfusae
    purple drenched clothes
  2050. viam vitae ingredior
    pursue a life course
  2051. ventriculus furunculi
    pus plug of the ulcer
  2052. vineas turresque ad oppidum ago
    push protective roofs and towers to the city
  2053. vulnus alligo
    put a dressing on a wound, place a bandage on a wound
  2054. vultu ridere invito
    put a good face on the matter
  2055. velis remisque conor
    put all levers in motion, make an effort with hands and feet, do everything, exert all your strength, pull out all the stops, lie down in the harness, pull out your arms and legs
  2056. vitae finem do
    put an end to life, end life
  2057. vitae finem facio
    put an end to life, end life
  2058. verba ad rem confero
    put his words into action
  2059. voco 1
    put in a situation, put in a mood, bring in some position, draw in some position, put in some condition, set in some condition, place in some condition
  2060. versifico 1
    put into verse, write in verse, versify
  2061. vultum compono
    put on a serene face, put on a friendly face
  2062. vultum compono ad severitatem
    put on a stern face
  2063. vincula plantis circumdo
    put on ankle shackles, put on ankle bracelets
  2064. vestem lugubrem sumo
    put on mourning clothes
  2065. vestem muto
    put on mourning clothes
  2066. vestitum muto
    put on mourning clothes
  2067. virtute me cum aliquo comparo
    put oneself on the same level with someone in terms of bravery
  2068. vela in altum do
    put out to sea
  2069. vincula alicui adhibeo
    put someone in chains, put someone in shackles
  2070. vincula alicui inicio
    put someone in chains, put someone in shackles
  2071. vitilitigo 1
    quarrel disgracefully, brawl, wrangle to abuse, calumniate
  2072. vicus Iugarius
    quarter of Iuno Iuga
  2073. vita tranquilla
    quiet life, peaceful life, introspective life, tranquil life
  2074. veterulus, veterula, veterulum
    quite old, relatively old, a little old, somewhat old
  2075. voluptarius operator radiophoniae
    radio amateur
  2076. vesaniens, vesanientis
    raging, furious
  2077. viae ferratae custos
    railroad guard, railroad attendant
  2078. via ferrata
  2079. vallum exstruo
    raise a wall, throw up a rampart
  2080. vallum facio
    raise a wall, throw up a rampart
  2081. vallum iacio
    raise a wall, throw up a rampart
  2082. vocem tollo
    raise the voice
  2083. vela facio
    raising sails, sailing with full wind, move forward quickly in speech
  2084. volubilitas, volubilitatis f
    rapid whirling motion, roundness, round form, rapidity, fluency, volubility, changeableness, mutability
  2085. vastulus, vastula, vastulum
    rather huge, rather bulky
  2086. vectigal possessoribus agrorum impositum
    real estate tax, property tax, land tax
  2087. vaccam praemium capio
    receive a cow as a wage, get a cow as a reward
  2088. videor 2
    receive attention, be visited, be looked upon, be regarded in any manner, seem, appear to be, appear to do
  2089. veniam impetro
    receive forgiveness, obtain forgiveness, earn forgiveness
  2090. vicissitudo, vicissitudinis f
    reciprocal influence
  2091. verba praeeo
    recite prayer formulas, putting prayer formulas in the mouth
  2092. vicem reddo
    recompense like with like
  2093. vicem refero
    recompense like with like
  2094. vices rependo
    recompense like with like
  2095. vinum rubellum
    red wine
  2096. vinum russum
    red wine
  2097. vota reddo
    redeem vows
  2098. vectigalia tempero
    reduce the taxes
  2099. vela lego
    reef the sails, hoist the sails
  2100. vela contraho
    reef the sails, pull in the sails
  2101. video 2
    reflect upon, see to, care for, provide, take care, see to it, make sure, reach, attain, obtain, enjoy, go to see, visit
  2102. versus intercalaris
  2103. vires resumo
    regain one's strength, regain one's powers
  2104. vires colligo
    regain strength
  2105. vesicam exonero
    relieve one's bladder, urinate
  2106. virtute fretus
    relying on bravery, trusting in courage
  2107. victoria perpotior
    remain determined winner
  2108. viam persequor
    remain on one's path, continue on one's path, follow one's path, not to leave one's path
  2109. vestigia, vestigiorum n
    remains, ruins, debris
  2110. vulnus refrico
    reopen a gummed wound
  2111. vulnus renovo
    reopen a wound
  2112. vulnus rescindo
    reopen a wound
  2113. veniam remitto
    repay a favor, retribute a favor
  2114. vulnus vulnere penso
    repay wound with wound
  2115. vice alicuius fungor
    represent someone
  2116. vicegerens, vicegerentis
  2117. verbum pro verbo reddo
    reproduce something word for word
  2118. vituperativus, vituperativa, vituperativum
    reproving, reprimanding, rebuking
  2119. vinum resina conditum
    resinated wine
  2120. vado in hostes
    resolutely attack the enemies
  2121. viam capio
    resort to a remedy, choose a remedy
  2122. viam sequor
    resort to a remedy, choose a remedy
  2123. verecundia patronalis
    respect for the patron
  2124. venero 1 (2)
    respectfully ask, respectfully call
  2125. vim restituo
    restitute the damage caused by violence, compensate for the damage caused by violence, make good the damage caused by violence
  2126. vitam alicui reddo
    resuscitate someone, revive someone
  2127. voluntaria morte morior
    retire voluntarily, depart this life voluntarily
  2128. voluntariam mortem oppeto
    retire voluntarily, depart this life voluntarily
  2129. voluntariam mortem mihi conscisco
    retire voluntarily, depart this life voluntarily, commit suicide
  2130. vestigia retro refero
  2131. veneror 1
    reverence with religious awe, to worship, adore, revere, venerate, do homage to, reverence, honor, ask reverently for any thing, beseech, implore, beg, entreat, supplicate
  2132. venerator, veneratoris m
    reverencer, venerator
  2133. vivum calorem revoco in artus mortuos
    revive a congealed person, resuscitate a dead person
  2134. virtutem honoro
    reward the merit, reward the performance
  2135. vox beata
    richly gifted voice, rich talented voice
  2136. vultus concretus
    rigid facial expression, stern facial expression
  2137. vitus, vitus m
    rim, wheel circle
  2138. Visurgis, Visurgis m
    river in Northern Germany
  2139. vicomagister, vicomagistri m
    road supervisor
  2140. vectigal viarium
    road toll
  2141. via vehicularia
    roadway, driving route
  2142. vestis circum bracchia torta
    robe wound around the arm, robe wrapped around arm
  2143. vacillatio, vacillationis f
    rocking to and fro, see-saw, wavering, reeling motion
  2144. virgarius, virgarii m
    rod carrier, rod holder
  2145. virgifer, virgifera, virgiferum
    rods bearing, rods carrying
  2146. volumen, voluminis n
    roll of writing, book, volume, roll, whirl, wreath, fold, eddy, revolution, alteration, change
  2147. volvo 3
    roll, turn about, turn round, tumble, roll up, roll together, form by rolling, roll itself round about, turn along, roll along, roll along, roll off, roll onwards, turn over in the mind, revolve in the mind, ponder, meditate, reflect upon, consider
  2148. volutatus, volutatus m
    rolling about, wallowing
  2149. volutatio, volutationis f
    rolling about, wallowing, restlessness, disquiet, instability
  2150. volutus, volutus m
    rolling, power of rolling, power of twisting, power of turning about
  2151. virtus Romana turpiter spoliatur
    Roman bravery is shamefully exposed
  2152. verbum nativum
    root word, stem word
  2153. vocābulum primitivum
    root word, stem word
  2154. vocabulum principale
    root word, stem word
  2155. versoria, versoriae f
    rope that guides a sail, sheet
  2156. vorsoria, vorsoriae f
    rope that guides a sail, sheet
  2157. versilis, versile
    rotatable, that may be turned
  2158. vertibilis, vertibile
    rotatable, variable, changeable
  2159. veicus, veici m
    row of houses, quarter of a city, street, village, hamlet, a country-seat
  2160. vicus, vici m
    row of houses, quarter of a city, street, village, hamlet, a country-seat
  2161. vaste
    rudely, harshly, widely, vastly, immensely, violently, enormously
  2162. vastitudo, vastitudinis f
    ruin, destruction, fearful size, hugeness, immensity
  2163. vastitia, ae f
    ruin, destruction
  2164. vinum Sabinum
    Sabine wine
  2165. victimator, victimatoris m
    sacrificial animal slaughterer, sacrificial animal butcher
  2166. violentia pulsandi atque laedendi
    sacrilegious wantonness of physical insult and injury
  2167. velifer, velifera, veliferum
  2168. veliger, veligera, veligerum
    sail-bearing, covered with sails
  2169. velivolans, velivolantis
    sail-flying, flying with sails
  2170. velivolus, velivola, velivolum
    sail-flying, winged with sails
  2171. velifico 1
    sail, make sail
  2172. velarius, velarii m
    sailor who attended to furling and unfurling the sails
  2173. vela aquilone tumida
    sails blown by the north wind
  2174. vendibiliter
    salably, pleasantly
  2175. venus, veni m
    sale, sell
  2176. venus, venus m
    sale, sell
  2177. venditio totalis
    sale, total sale
  2178. vectigal venditionis
    sales tax
  2179. via Salaria
    Salt Road
  2180. vasculum salis sparsivum
    salt shaker
  2181. vicus sandaliarius
    Sandals Lane, Shoemaker's Lane, Cobbler's Lane
  2182. valetudo, valetudinis f
    sanity, unsound state of mind, mental infirmity
  2183. versus satirici
    satirical verses, mock verses
  2184. voluptas, voluptatis f
    satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure, delight, desire for pleasure, bent, passion, male semen
  2185. voluptatem expleo
    satisfy his desire
  2186. versus Saturnius
    saturnine verse
  2187. valere dico
    say goodbye
  2188. vetera vaticinor
    say nothing new, announce nothing new
  2189. verbis amplissimis gratias ago
    say thanks with most honorable words
  2190. verba tertiato et quartato dico
    say the words three and four times
  2191. vaste loquor
    say with mouth too wide open
  2192. valedico 3
    saying goodbye, bid farewell, bid adieu
  2193. vagina, vaginae f
    scabbard, sheath, covering, sheath, holder, hull, husk, female vagina, sheath of a claw
  2194. vinum frumento factum
    schnapps, liquor, brandy
  2195. vir litteratus
  2196. Venenifer, Veneniferi m
    Scorpio, a constellation
  2197. vergiliomastix, vergiliomastigis f
    scourge of Virgil
  2198. visor, visoris m
  2199. verro 3
    scrape, sweep, brush, scour, sweep out, sweep up, sweep together, clean out, cleanse by sweeping, sweep along, drive, impel, sweep away, drag away, take away, carry off, obliterate, cover, hide, conceal
  2200. vavato, vavatonis m
    screaming doll
  2201. valetudo oculorum
    sea weakness, eye disease
  2202. venti tropaei
  2203. vitulus marinus
    sea-calf, seal
  2204. vulgo me excerpo
    seclude oneself, separate
  2205. voti compos fio
    see a wish fulfilled, see a wish come true
  2206. vide, ut caelum blandiatur
    see how tempting the weather is
  2207. virtutis fructus ex re publica capio
    see my virtue rewarded by the state
  2208. vide caliginem temporum illorum
    see the tribulations of those times
  2209. vide, quis sit rerum nostrarum status
    see what condition our things are in
  2210. video te amicum
    see you as a friend
  2211. video + aci
  2212. visito 1
    see, go to see, visit, punish
  2213. video 2
    see, perceive, have the eyes open, be awake, look out on, afford a view, observe, mark, discern, understand, comprehend, be aware, know, look at, look to, consider, think upon
  2214. visus, visus m
    seeing, looking, look, glance, faculty of seeing, act of seeing, sight, vision, sight, organ of sight, a thing seen, appearance, apparition, seeming, probability
  2215. vitae parco
    seek to preserve the life
  2216. vitam fugae mando
    seek to save his life by escape
  2217. vendo quam optume
    sell as expensive as possible
  2218. venundatio, venundationis f
  2219. venundo 1
  2220. vendo et abalieno
    sell, dispose of
  2221. vendo et alieno
    sell, dispose of
  2222. vendo 3
    sell, vend, sell up for money, give up for money, betray, cry up, trumpet, blazon, praise for sale
  2223. venditor, venditoris m
    seller, vender, bribe-taker, barterer
  2224. venditio, venditionis f
    selling, sale, vending
  2225. voluntas recti generis
    sense of the right kind, sense of the classical, inclination to the classical
  2226. voluptates corporis
    sensual pleasure of love, lust
  2227. voluntas propitia
  2228. vultus severus
    serious countenance, serious expression
  2229. vultus adductus
    serious expression, tense face, serious mien, furrowed face
  2230. valetudo atrox
    serious illness, severe disease
  2231. vimineus, viminea, vimineum
    serving for wicker-work
  2232. vadimonium constituo
    set a trial date, schedule a trial date
  2233. vibro 1
    set in tremulous motion, move rapidly to and fro, brandish, shake, agitate, cause to flutter, make tremble, throw with a vibratory motion, launch, hurl, fling, hurl, launch, threaten
  2234. viveradix, viveradicis f
    set or cutting having a root, layer, quickset
  2235. viviradix, viviradicis f
    set or cutting having a root, layer, quickset
  2236. viam ineo
    set out, resort to a means, take a path
  2237. viae me committo
    set out, set off
  2238. vela do
    set sails, depart, sail off
  2239. vexillum tollo
    set the flag, put on the flag
  2240. vela ventis do
    set the sails
  2241. vis frigoris
    severe cold
  2242. vallis umbrosa
    shady valley
  2243. villus, villi m
    shaggy hair, a tuft of hair, nap of cloth
  2244. vellus, velli m
    shaggy hair, tuft of hair
  2245. vibrisso 1
    shake the voice (in singing), trill
  2246. vexamen, vexaminis n
    shaking, quaking
  2247. vadum, vadi n
    shallow place in water, shallow, shoal, ford, body of water, sea, stream, bottom of a body of water, the depths
  2248. vadus, vadi m
    shallow place in water, shallow, shoal, ford, body of water, sea, stream, bottom of a body of water, the depths
  2249. vadus, vada, vadum
  2250. vada brevia
  2251. verecunde
    shamefacedly, bashfully, shyly, modestly
  2252. verecunditer
    shamefacedly, bashfully, shyly, modestly
  2253. vitrum ruptum
    shard of glass
  2254. varius adsensus
    shared consent, shared approval, shared agreement, divided consent
  2255. visu acri
  2256. vectrix, vectricis
    she that carries, she that transports
  2257. victrix, victricis f
    she that is victorious, conqueress, victress
  2258. vestifica, vestificae f
    she that makes garments, tailoress, dress maker
  2259. venditrix, venditricis f
    she that sells, she that vends
  2260. vexatrix, vexatricis f
    she that vexes, she that molests
  2261. vivificatrix, vivificatricis f
    she who makes alive
  2262. violatrix, violatricis f
    she who profanes or violates
  2263. vim lacrimarum profundo
    shed a stream of tears, shed many tears
  2264. vultus insubidus
    sheep face
  2265. vita pastoralis
    shepherd life
  2266. vexillum navale
    ship flag
  2267. vitulamen, vitulaminis n
    shoot, sucker, sprig
  2268. vicus emptionalis
    shopping district, shopping mile
  2269. via emptionalis
    shopping street
  2270. vulsus, vulsa, vulsum
    shorn, plucked, smooth, beardless, hairless, effeminate, suffering convulsions, spasmodic
  2271. vestigium temporis
    short moment, instant
  2272. vin commutemus?
    should we swap?, shall we trade?
  2273. vicinas aquas clamo
    shout at the neighbors Water! Water!
  2274. vocibus strepunt
    shout in confusion, shout confusedly
  2275. victoriam conclamant
    shout victory!
  2276. verbis aliquem prosequor
    shout words at someone
  2277. virtute fungor
    show bravery
  2278. virtutem ostendo
    show bravery
  2279. vultu animi motum praefero
    show his inner excitement in his facial expression
  2280. viam alicui ostendo
    show someone a means
  2281. viam alicui commonstro
    show someone exactly the way
  2282. venerabilis, venerabile
    showing veneration, venerating, revering, reverential
  2283. vafritia, vafritiae f
    shrewdness, craftiness, cunning, artfulness
  2284. viesco 3
    shrink up, shrivel, wither
  2285. vietus, vieta, vietum
    shrunken, shrivelled, withered, wrinkled, decayed
  2286. vito 1
    shun, seek to escape, avoid, evade
  2287. vitatio, vitationis f
    shunning, avoiding, avoidance
  2288. vitabundus, vitabunda, vitabundum
    shunning, avoiding, evading
  2289. valvula retentoria
    shut-off valve
  2290. verecundor in publicum prodire
    shy away from appearing in public
  2291. valetudinarium, valetudinarii n
    sick-room, hospital, infirmary, military lazar-house, military hospital
  2292. valetudinarius, valetudinaria, valetudinarium
    sickly, infirm, weak, valetudinary
  2293. via vicinaria
    side path, sideway
  2294. visitatio, visitationis f
    sight, appearance, visitation, punishment
  2295. visenda, visendorum n
    sights, attractions
  2296. vocem teneo
  2297. vermis Indiacus
  2298. victoriatus, victoriati m
    silver coin stamped with the image of Victory, an apothecaries’ weight
  2299. vas argenteum
    silver vessel
  2300. vicinia virtutum vitiorumque
    similarity of virtues and vices
  2301. verbum simplex
    simple word
  2302. voces simplices
    simple words
  2303. verus adfectus
    sincere feeling, genuine sensuality
  2304. vocales, vocalium m
    singers, vocalists
  2305. vox assa
    singing without instrumental accompaniment, unaccompanied vocal music
  2306. veris laudibus aliquem orno
    single somebody out with genuine praise
  2307. vestigia graphidis
    sketches, outlines
  2308. vestis nartatoria
    ski suit
  2309. vestigium nartatorium
    ski track, ski trail
  2310. verbivelitatio, verbivelitationis f
    skirmishing with words, bickering, wrangling, dispute
  2311. vertex caeli
    sky pole, celestial pole
  2312. victimas (hostias) caedo
    slaughter sacrificial animals, slaughter sacrifice animals
  2313. victimas (hostias) macto
    slaughter sacrificial animals, slaughter sacrifice animals
  2314. victimas immolo
    slaughter sacrificial animals, slaughter sacrifice animals
  2315. victimas securi ferio
    slaughter sacrificial animals, slaughter sacrifice animals
  2316. verna, vernae c
    slave born in his master’s house, homeborn slave
  2317. vestis servilis
    slave clothes
  2318. velarius, velarii m
    slave who attended to closing the curtains at the entrance of an apartment, door-keeper
  2319. venaliciarius, venaliciarii m
  2320. venalicius, venalicii m
  2321. venalicium, venalicii n
    slave-selling, young slaves
  2322. verniliter
    slavishly, servilely, with fawning flattery, cringingly
  2323. veternus civitatem occupavit
    sleeping sickness has affected the state
  2324. virga, virgae f
    slender green branch, twig, sprout, switch, rod, graft, scion, set, switch for flogging, wand, staff, stalk of the flax-plant, streak, stripe in the heavens, colored stripe in a garment, branch
  2325. virus, viri n
    slimy liquid, slime, poisonous liquid, poison, venom, virus, offensive odor, stench, sharp saline taste
  2326. vestigio fallor
    slipping with the foot, slipping the foot,
  2327. vafer, vafra, vafrum
    sly, cunning, crafty, artful, subtle
  2328. vafre
    slyly, cunningly, artfully
  2329. vitiparra, vitiparrae f
    small bird, titmouse
  2330. viriculae patrimonii
    small fortune, small means
  2331. vericulum, vericuli n
    small javelin
  2332. veruculum, veruculi n
    small javelin
  2333. veruina, veruinae f
    small javelin
  2334. viriculum, viriculi n
    small javelin
  2335. viaticulum, viaticuli n
    small sum of money for a journey
  2336. vascellum, vascelli n
    small vase, small urn
  2337. vascio, vascionis m
    small vase, small urn
  2338. venula, venulae f
    small vein, veinlet
  2339. vasculum, vasculi n
    small vessel, small beehive, seed-capsule, beehive, male member, penis
  2340. viniola, viniolae f
    small vineyard
  2341. vocula, voculae f
    small voice, feeble voice, soft note, soft tone, little speech, petty speech, little word, particle
  2342. vescus, vesca, vescum
    small, little, thin, weak, feeble, poor, wretched, corroding, eating away
  2343. vasa collisa
    smashed dishes, broken crockery
  2344. visco 1
    smear, besmear
  2345. viscatus, viscata, viscatum
    smeared with birdlime
  2346. vinum oleo
    smell of wine
  2347. vinum redoleo
    smell of wine
  2348. victoriam iam partam ex manibus eripio
    snatch an already won victory
  2349. via per nives facta
    snow track, snow way
  2350. voluntatem alicuius offendo
    snub someone, snub someone in front of the head
  2351. volsillis pugno, non gladio
    so as to do but little damage
  2352. vitae societas
    social life, life in community
  2353. vox lenis
    soft voice, quiet voice
  2354. vox parva
    soft voice, quiet voice, weak voice
  2355. ventus solaris
    solarwind, solar wind
  2356. vicensimani, vicensimanorum m
    soldiers of the twentieth legion
  2357. velati, velatorum m
    soldiers who wore only a cloak
  2358. votum, voti n
    solemn promise made to some deity, vow, thing solemnly promised, that which is vowed, that which is devoted, votive offering, wish, desire, longing, prayer, marriage vow, matrimonial engagement, marriage
  2359. votivitas, votivitatis f
    solemn promise, vow
  2360. vernant alicui lanugine malae
    someone sprouts the first beard fuzz on the cheeks
  2361. visum, visi n
    something seen, sight, appearance, vision, impression, image
  2362. vox subrauca
    somewhat hoarse voice, slightly husky voice
  2363. vetusculus, vetuscula, vetusculum
    somewhat old, somewhat ancient, oldish, rather antiquated
  2364. vulnera mulceo
    soothe the wounds
  2365. vaticinator, vaticinatoris m
    soothsayer, prophet
  2366. veteratrix, veteratricis f
  2367. venefica, veneficae f
    sorceress, witch
  2368. vomica, vomicae f
    sore, boil, ulcer, imposthume, abscess, encysted tumor, bunch filled with fluid, knob filled with fluid, evil, annoyance, grief, plague, curse
  2369. vis animi
    soul power
  2370. verborum inanium crepitus
    sound and smoke
  2371. vocem exerceo
    sound the voice, make the voice sound
  2372. vagor, vagoris m
    sounding, sound
  2373. vultus acerbi
    sour faces, sour expressions, disappointed faces
  2374. vertex austrinus
    south pole
  2375. volturnus, volturni m
    southeastby-one-third-south wind
  2376. vulturnus, vulturni m
    southeastby-one-third-south wind
  2377. vehiculum siderale
    spacecraft, space vehicle
  2378. vanga, vangae f
    spade with a cross-bar to put the foot upon
  2379. verberibus aliquem obiurgo
  2380. valetudini parco
    spare my healt
  2381. vaste loquor
    speak broadly, speak widely
  2382. via dico
    speak in due order, speak in proper order
  2383. vatis in modum dictito
    speak like a seer, speak in the manner of a seer
  2384. vero 1
    speak the truth
  2385. verba facio pro aliquo
    speak up for someone, speak on somebody's behalf, speak in someone's place
  2386. veris laudibus aliquem orno
    speak well-deserved praise of somebody
  2387. verax, veracis
    speaking truly, true, veracious
  2388. veriloquus, veriloqua, veriloquum
    speaking truly, truth-telling
  2389. via peculiaris
    special path, special way, special route
  2390. venditatio, venditationis f
    specious display, boasting, vaunting, blazoning
  2391. volubilitas verborum
    speech dexterity
  2392. vitium orationis
    speech impediment
  2393. vitium sermonis
    speech impediment
  2394. vis dicendi
    speech power
  2395. vitam in otio dego
    spend his days in peace, live in peace
  2396. vitam consumo in aliqua re
    spend his life doing something
  2397. vitam ago
    spend his life
  2398. vitam dego
    spend his life
  2399. vitam transigo
    spend his life, live there
  2400. vomitio, vomitionis f
    spewing, vomiting, that which is vomited, vomit
  2401. vomitium, vomitii n
    spewing, vomiting, that which is vomited, vomit
  2402. vertilabundus, vertilabunda, vertilabundum
    spinning back and forth, staggering along without reflection
  2403. vero, veronis m
    spit, broach, dart, javelin
  2404. veru, verus n
    spit, broach, dart, javelin, critical sign on the margin of a book
  2405. verum, veri n
    spit, broach, dart, javelin, critical sign on the margin of a book
  2406. victoria spectabilis
    splendid victory, brilliant victory
  2407. vox viva
    spoken language
  2408. voluptates, voluptatum f
    sports, shows, spectacles
  2409. venena spargo
    spray poison
  2410. vulgo 1
    spread among the multitude, make general, make common, make universal, put forth to the world, publish, let all share in
  2411. varico 1
    spread the legs apart, straddle, stride over it, striding, strutting, swaggering
  2412. ver in hiemem revolvitur
    spring falls back into winter
  2413. ver aetatis
    spring of life, youth time, youth
  2414. vapor vernus
    spring warmth
  2415. vernales hōrae
    springtime hours
  2416. vapio, vapionis m
    squanderer, good-for-nothing, rascal, dawdler, rapscallion
  2417. vitiis contaminor
    stain themselves with vices
  2418. vitiis me contamino
    stain themselves with vices
  2419. vallus, valli m
    stake, pale, stake, palisade, rampart set with palisades, point, spike
  2420. vicialia, vicialium n
    stalks of vetches, halm of vetches
  2421. verba tertiata
    stammering words, stuttering words
  2422. vice alicuius fungor
    stand in for someone, substitute for someone
  2423. vigeo 2
    stand in full strength and freshness, stand in sap and vigor
  2424. vexillarius, vexillarii m
    standard-bearer, ensign, leader of a band, captain of robbers
  2425. vexillifer, vexillifera, vexilliferum
  2426. visitatio statalis
    State Visit, Government Visit
  2427. vir civilis
  2428. viri in re publica prudentes
  2429. viri rei publicae gerendae periti
  2430. viri rerum civilium periti
  2431. viam offirmo
    stay on the chosen path
  2432. vestigio me non moveo
    stay put, remain stationary
  2433. vaporis plenus
    steam filled, dark filled, steamy, hazy
  2434. vaporarium, vaporarii n
    steam-pipe in the Roman baths, which conveyed the heat to the sweating-room
  2435. vapor, vaporis m
    steam, exhalation, vapor, warm exhalation, warmth, heat, ardor of love
  2436. vapos, vaporis m
    steam, exhalation, vapor, warm exhalation, warmth, heat, ardor of love
  2437. vaporus, vapora, vaporum
    steaming, reeking, smoking
  2438. vaporatio, vaporationis f
    steaming, reeking, steam, vapor
  2439. verruca, verrucae f
    steep place, height, wart, excrescence on precious stone, slight fault, small failing
  2440. verba primitiva
    stem verbs
  2441. vitricus, vitrici m
  2442. vixdum luce certa
    still in the twilight
  2443. vacerra, vacerrae f
    stock, block, stupid person
  2444. ventriculi porta
    stomach gate
  2445. venter Faliscus
    stomach sausage, pressed sausage
  2446. ventriculus fartus
    stomach sausage, pressed sausage
  2447. vulnus fascia substringo
    stop a wound
  2448. vestigium premo
    stop, stand still
  2449. vagantes fabulae
    stories that are always told differently
  2450. vocibus aliquem tundo
    storm someone with words
  2451. vigoratus, vigorata, vigoratum
    stout, lusty, vigorous
  2452. vocem ultra vires urgeo
    strain the voice excessively, overstrain the voice
  2453. vado illidor
    strand, beach
  2454. vavato stramenticius
    straw dummy
  2455. validitas, validitatis f
    strength of body
  2456. vires consenescunt
    strengths dwindle with age
  2457. verberatio, verberationis f
    striking, beating, chastisement, punishment
  2458. virgulatus, virgulata, virgulatum
  2459. ventum popularem quaero in aliqua re
    strive for the people's favor in one thing
  2460. virtutis studiosus sum
    strive for virtue, aspire to virtue
  2461. vagor 1
    stroll about, go to and fro, ramble, wander, roam, range, rov, wander about, roam, be unsettled, waver, spread abroad, diffuse itsel
  2462. vagus, vaga, vagum
    strolling about, rambling, roving, roaming, wandering, unfixed, unsettled, vagrant, wavering, unsteady, inconstant, doubtful, uncertain, vague
  2463. vagabundus, vagabunda, vagabundum
    strolling about, vagabond
  2464. vagatio, vagationis f
    strolling about, wandering, roaming
  2465. vectis, vectis m
    strong pole, strong bar, handspike, carryingpole, crow, crow-bar, bolt
  2466. viriosus, viriosa, viriosum
    strong, robust, violent
  2467. valentulus, valentula, valentulum
    strong, stout
  2468. validus, valida, validum
    strong, stout, able, powerful, robust, vigorous, in good health, sound, healthy, active, efficacious, mighty, effective
  2469. valens, valentis
    strong, stout, vigorous, powerful, healthy, hale, hearty, powerful, active, mighty
  2470. viribus editior
    stronger, mightier, more powerful
  2471. valenter
    strongly, stoutly, powerfully, violently, forcibly, energetically
  2472. valde
    strongly, stoutly, vehemently, mightily, powerfully, exceedingly, very
  2473. valide
    strongly, stoutly, vehemently, mightily, powerfully, exceedingly, very
  2474. viriose
    strongly, violently
  2475. vulnere pulsus
    struck by a wound, hit by a wound
  2476. viscellatus, viscellata, viscellatum
    stuffed with the entrails of fishes or of birds
  2477. varo, varonis m
    stupid fellow, boorish fellow, clodpate
  2478. varro, varronis m
    stupid fellow, boorish fellow, clodpate
  2479. verba sua praepediens
  2480. varulus, varuli m
    sty in the eye
  2481. verbis exprimo atque effingo
    stylize, stylize with words
  2482. victoria aut bello aliquem amplector
    subjugate or wage war on someone
  2483. vicarius, vicarii m
    substitute, deputy, proxy, a locum tenens, vicegerent, vicar, adjutant, lieutenant to a military commander, under-servant, underslave
  2484. velut (veluti)
    such as, for example
  2485. vermigeratus, vermigerata, vermigeratum
    suffering from worms
  2486. valetudinem causor
    suggest health reasons
  2487. vestis suicidalis
    suicide vest
  2488. vestis seposita
    sunday dress, state dress
  2489. vino somnoque sepultus
    sunk in drunkenness and sleep
  2490. villum, villi n
    sup of wine
  2491. vacanter
  2492. velocitas supersonica
    supersonic aircraft
  2493. viridarius, viridarii m
    supervisor of the garden, supervisor of the park, park supervisor
  2494. viridiarius, viridiarii m
    supervisor of the garden, supervisor of the park, park supervisor
  2495. vulnerarius, vulnerarii m
  2496. virtute aliquem praecedo
    surpass someone in bravery
  2497. vallo 1
    surround with a rampart and palisades, palisade, intrench, circumvallate, fortify, protect, defend
  2498. valles circumiectae
    surrounding valleys
  2499. veno positus
    suspended for sale, offered for sale
  2500. vermifluus, vermiflua, vermifluum
    swarming with worms
  2501. vaccillo 1
    sway to and fro, waddle, stagger, reel, totter, waver, vacillate, hesitate, stagger, be untrustworthy
  2502. vacillo 1
    sway to and fro, waddle, stagger, reel, totter, waver, vacillate, hesitate, stagger, be untrustworthy
  2503. verbis conceptissimis iuro
    swear the most formal oath, swear the most solemn oath
  2504. vela tendo
    swell the sails
  2505. velox, velocis
    swift, quick, fleet, rapid, speedy
  2506. volucripes, volucripedis
    swiftfooted, swift
  2507. volubiliter
    swiftly rolling, spinning, rapidly, fluently, volubly
  2508. velociter
    swiftly, quickly, speedily
  2509. volucriter
    swiftly, rapidly
  2510. volucritas, volucritatis f
    swiftness of flight
  2511. velocitas, velocitatis f
    swiftness, fleetness, speed, rapidity, velocity, rapidity
  2512. vestis balnearis
    swimsuit, bathing suit
  2513. ventilabundus, ventilabunda, ventilabundum
    swinging to and fro, wavering
  2514. vis festucaria
    symbolic act of violence, symbolic violence
  2515. vocabula idem fere declarantia
  2516. vinum mensale
    table wine
  2517. vinum cibarium
    table wine, ordinary wine, common wine, everyday wine
  2518. versus ecaudes
    tailless verses, limping verses
  2519. vestifex, vestificis m
    tailor, dress maker
  2520. vestificus, vestifici m
    tailor, dress maker
  2521. viam capesso
    take a path
  2522. viam ingredior
    take a path, take a route
  2523. viam eo
    take a walk
  2524. vexillum deduco
    take down the flag
  2525. vexillum demitto
    take down the flag
  2526. vestem recingor
    take off his dress
  2527. vestem depono
    take off one's clothes
  2528. vincula alicui demo
    take off someone's shackles
  2529. vestem exuo
    take off the clothes
  2530. vestem pono
    take off the clothes
  2531. vestem lugubrem depono
    take off the mourning clothes, remove the mourning clothes
  2532. vehementer studeo alicui rei
    take part in something active
  2533. venenum haurio
    take poison, ingest poison
  2534. venenum sumo
    take poison, ingest poison
  2535. vivum aliquem capio
    take somebody alive, capture somebody alive
  2536. vincula alicui inicio
    take someone into custody, detain someone,
  2537. vectigalia redimo
    take the taxes in lease
  2538. vindicium, vindicii n
    taking into protection, self-defense, protection of the right
  2539. verbis aliquem obruo
    talk down, bring down with words
  2540. verbigero 1
    talk, chat, dispute
  2541. verba facio
    talk, chat, speak
  2542. vaniloquus, vaniloqua, vaniloquum
    talking emplily, talking idly, gabbling, prating, lying, , boastful, bragging, vaunting
  2543. vaniloquax, vaniloquacis
    talking lies, speaking lies
  2544. verbificatio, verbificationis f
  2545. vitae splendorem maculis aspergo
    tarnish the luster of my life
  2546. vitae splendori maculas aspergo
    tarnish the luster of my life
  2547. vinum austerum
    tart wine
  2548. vectigal alicuius rei do
    tax something
  2549. vectigal pro aliqua re pendo
    tax something
  2550. venalicium, venalicii n
    taxes on sales
  2551. vectigalia certissima
    taxes received with complete security
  2552. vulnera alicui dirigo
    teach someone wounds, inflict wounds on someone
  2553. vallum vello
    tear down the wall, tear down the rampart, tear out the palisades
  2554. vulnus novo
    tear open the wound
  2555. vestem umeris abscindo
    tear the robe from the shoulders
  2556. verissime loquor
    tell the absolute truth, tell the plain truth
  2557. verum dico
    tell the truth
  2558. veriverbium, veriverbii n
    telling the truth, veracity
  2559. vivax, vivacis
    tenacious of life, long-lived, vivacious, ancient, venerable, lasting long, enduring, durable, lively, vigorous, vivacious
  2560. verbum temporale
    tense, verb
  2561. vastitas vocis
    terrible voice, horrifying voice
  2562. velocitate certo
    test the speed in competition
  2563. viviparus, vivipara, viviparum
    that brings forth its young alive, viviparous
  2564. vectabilis, vectabile
    that can be carried, portable
  2565. vincibilis, vincibile
    that can be easily gained, conquering, victorious
  2566. voluptificus, voluptifica, voluptificum
    that causes enjoyment, gives delight
  2567. voluptabilis, voluptabile
    that causes pleasure, that causes, satisfaction, pleasant, agreeable
  2568. vomificus, vomifica, vomificum
    that causes vomiting, emetic
  2569. versipellis, versipelle
    that changes its shape or form, that alters its appearance, that transforms himself or itself, skilled in dissimulation, sly, cunning, crafty, subtle
  2570. vorsipellis, vorsipelle
    that changes its shape or form, that alters its appearance, that transforms himself or itself, skilled in dissimulation, sly, cunning, crafty, subtle
  2571. vanus, vana, vanum
    that contains nothing, empty, void, vacant, idle, null, groundless, unmeaning, fruitless, vain, false, lying, deceptive, delusive, untrustworthy, weak, wavering, vainglorious, ostentatious, boastful
  2572. vericola, vericolae c
    that cultivates the truth, that regards the truth
  2573. vapularis, vapulare
    that gets a flogging
  2574. vetustus, vetusta, vetustum
    that has existed a long time, aged, old, ancient
  2575. verendus, verenda, verendum
    that is to be feared, that is to be reverenced, awful, venerable, fearful, terrible
  2576. veridicus, veridica, veridicum
    that is truly said, true, veritable
  2577. volubilis, volubile
    that is turned round, that turns itself round, turning, spinning, whirling, circling, rolling, revolving, rapid, fluent, voluble, changeable, mutable
  2578. vibrabilis, vibrabile
    that may be brandished, quivering, glimmering
  2579. vitiabilis, vitiabile
    that may be harmed, violable, corruptible
  2580. violabilis, violabile
    that may be injured, that may be injured, violated, violable
  2581. visibilis, visibile
    that may be seen, visible
  2582. vitabilis, vitabile
    that may be shunned, that ought to be shunned
  2583. vendibilis, vendibile
    that may be sold, salable, vendible, acceptable, agreeable, popular
  2584. vomitorius, vomitoria, vomitorium
    that provokes vomiting, vomitive, vomitory, emetic
  2585. veredicus, veredica, veredicum
    that speaks the truth, truth-telling, veracious, veridical
  2586. veridicus, veridica, veridicum
    that speaks the truth, truth-telling, veracious, veridical
  2587. vicarius, vicaria, vicarium
    that supplies the place of a person or thing, substituted, delegated, vicarious
  2588. versatilis, versatile
    that turns round, that moves round, revolving, movable, versatile
  2589. victus, victus m
    that upon which one lives, sustenance, nourishment, provisions, victuals, necessaries of life (inclusive of clothing), way of life, mode of living, manner of living, manner of subsisting
  2590. vocalis, vocale
    that utters a voice, sounding, sonorous, speaking, crying, singing, vocal, making vocal, causing song, inspiring song, causing speech, inspiring speech
  2591. vivum, vivi n
    that which is alive, capital
  2592. vacantia, vacantium n
    that which is superfluous, that which is useless
  2593. vinclum, vincli n
    that with which any thing is bound, band, bond, rope, cord, fetter, tie
  2594. vinculum, vinculi n
    that with which any thing is bound, band, bond, rope, cord, fetter, tie
  2595. vicissitudines dierum noctiumque
    the alternation of day and night
  2596. varius autumnus purpureo colore
    the autumn bathed in purple
  2597. vitta coercet capillos
    the bandage holds the hair together
  2598. vixdum coalescens regnum
    the barely recovering kingship
  2599. virtute formae evenit, ut ...
    the beauty is due to the fact that , , ,
  2600. vernat avis
    the bird begins to sing again in spring
  2601. vernat sanguis
    the blood pulsates youthfully
  2602. vinculum, per quod res publica cohaeret
    the bond by which the state is held together
  2603. ventilat aura comas
    the breeze moves the foliage (of the tree)
  2604. vita occupata
    the business life of a statesman
  2605. veniens aetas
    the coming time, the offspring
  2606. ventus, ventus m
    the coming
  2607. ventura, venturorum n
    the coming, the future, the coming time, the coming days
  2608. videant consules, ne quid res publica detrimenti capiat
    the consuls may take care that the state does not suffer any damage (SCU)
  2609. vultus, imago animi
    the countenance, a reflection of the mood of the soul
  2610. Venetia, Venetiae f
    the country of the Veneti
  2611. vapulare eum iubeo
    the devil take him!
  2612. vapulet
    the devil take him!, let him take a beating!
  2613. vestibulum, vestibuli n
    the enclosed space between the entrance of a house and the street, fore, court, entrance-court, entrance to any thing, entrance, opening, beginning
  2614. vitae finis adest
    the end of life is approaching, the end of life is imminent
  2615. vultus colligit rugas
    the face wrinkles, the face pulls in wrinkles
  2616. vinositas, vinositatis f
    the flavor of wine
  2617. vires pauperescunt
    the forces are weakening, the forces decrease
  2618. vires torpent
    the forces are weakening, the forces decrease
  2619. vela, velae f
    the Gallic name for the plant erysimon
  2620. venus, veneris f
    the goddess of Love, the planet Venus, love, sexual love, venery, beloved object, beloved, quality that excite love, loveliness, attractiveness, beauty, grace, elegance, charms, highest throw at dice
  2621. vis aurea de humano corpore cessit in amnem
    the gold power transferred from the human body to the river
  2622. vera causa
    the good and just cause
  2623. virecta nemorum
    the green of the groves
  2624. vertigine tectum ambulat
    the house is spinning before my eyes, the house turns before my eyes
  2625. villae urbi proximae
    the houses adjoining the city
  2626. virtutes consertae et inter se cohaerentes
    the interrelated and interconnected virtues
  2627. vocabulum poprium
    the literal expression, the actual expression
  2628. viventes, viventium m
    the living
  2629. vis terraemotus quinque unitates mensurabatur
    the magnitude of the earthquake was measured with five units
  2630. vir senatorii ordinis est
    the man belongs to the senatorial rank
  2631. vir mihi carendus
    the man I have to do without
  2632. vir omnium callidissimus
    the man superior to all in cunning, the very cleverest
  2633. viri inter se coeunt
    the men meet for the fight
  2634. vetera, veterum n
    the old, the former
  2635. vexillarii, vexillariorum m
    the oldest class of veterans, the last summoned veterans
  2636. via se findit in partes ambas
    the path forks in two directions
  2637. via in collem fert
    the path leads up the hill
  2638. visa in animis imprimuntur
    the perceptions cause an impression in the soul
  2639. violentia fortunae
    the perfidy of fate, the perfidy of destiny
  2640. voluptas non habet ictum
    the pleasure has no strong appeal
  2641. venenum non processerat
    the poison had had no success
  2642. vota tetigere deos
    the prayers touched the gods
  2643. verenda, verendorum n
    the private parts
  2644. verisimilis illa narratio
    the probability of that narrative
  2645. verbum proprium
    the proper (not tropical) expression, real meaning of the word
  2646. vates attonitus
    the prophetically enthusiastic singer
  2647. venae cuiusque aetatis
    the pulse of any age, the peculiarities of any age
  2648. volumina Qumranica
    the Qumran scrolls
  2649. vela cadunt
    the sails go down, the sails are retracted
  2650. vela deduco
    the sails go down, the sails are retracted, pull down the sails, lower the sails
  2651. vates bacchatur
    the seer is racing
  2652. vernatio, vernationis f
    the sloughing of the skin of snakes, the shedding of the skin of snakes, the slough cast off by a snake
  2653. vernat anguis
    the snake tapers off, the snake rejuvenates
  2654. ventus solaris est fluentum particularum electrica vi imbutarum
    the solar wind is a stream of electrically charged particles
  2655. velocitas corporis celeritas appellatur
    the speed of a body is called quickness
  2656. ver adolescit
    the spring prevails
  2657. vindicta, vindictae f
    the staff with which a slave was touched in the ceremony of manumission, liberating-rod, manumission-staff
  2658. verba scriptoris
    the text of the writer
  2659. vidularia, vidulariae f
    the title of a lost comedy by Plautus
  2660. verbum translatum
    the transferred expression
  2661. viantes, viantium m
    the travelers
  2662. vacillat arbor
    the tree wobbles, the tree wavers
  2663. vicensimus, vicensima, vicensimum
    the twentieth
  2664. vicesimus, vicesima, vicesimum
    the twentieth
  2665. vigesimus, vigesima, vigesimum
    the twentieth
  2666. voluntas legis
    the underlying intent of the law
  2667. venae micant
    the veins pulsate
  2668. verbum legendi
    the verb legere
  2669. victoria multo sanguine ac vulneribus stetit
    the victory cost a lot of blood and wounds
  2670. victoria Romanorum
    the victory of the Romans (the Romans were victorious)
  2671. vicus proximus itineri
    the village closest to the road
  2672. vites grandine contunduntur
    the vines are haunted, the vines are hailed
  2673. vites grandine excutiuntur
    the vines are haunted, the vines are hailed
  2674. vites grandine percutiuntur
    the vines are haunted, the vines are hailed
  2675. violaceum, violacei n
    the violet
  2676. virtus iustitiae
    the virtue of justice
  2677. vitalia, vitalium n
    the vital parts, vitals, graveclothes
  2678. vocativus, vocativi m
    the vocative case
  2679. vultur cornua profert
    the vulture stretches his horns
  2680. ventus ab ortu solis flat
    the wind blows from the east
  2681. ventus tergum afflat
    the wind blows in the back
  2682. ventus aram flatu permulcet
    the wind caresses the altar
  2683. ventus remittit
    the wind dies down, the wind decreases
  2684. ventus cadit
    the wind dies down, the wind is dying down
  2685. ventus cessat
    the wind dies down, the wind is dying down
  2686. ventus cecidit
    the wind has died down, the wind has calmed down, the wind has settled
  2687. ventus cessavit
    the wind has stopped, the wind has suspended
  2688. ventus increbrescit (increbescit)
    the wind increases, the wind picks up
  2689. ventus se vertit in Africanum
    the wind turns to the southwest
  2690. ventus se vertit in Favonium
    the wind turns to the west
  2691. venti circum claustra fremunt
    the winds roar around the rock closure
  2692. vinum resipit picem
    the wine tastes like pitch
  2693. vox carendi hoc significat
    the word carere has this meaning
  2694. vocabulum angustius valet
    the word has a narrower meaning
  2695. vocabulum latius patet
    the word has another meaning
  2696. verbum altius in pectus descendit
    the word penetrates deeper into the soul
  2697. verbum aratri
    the word plough
  2698. vox virtutis
    the word virtue
  2699. verba in suum locum immigrant
    the words (metaphors) take their due place
  2700. verba profectu carent
    the words are lost, the words go into the void
  2701. verba olent alumnum
    the words betray the student
  2702. verba verbis respondent
    the words correspond, the words match
  2703. voces labuntur
    the words fall on deaf ears
  2704. verba fiunt mortuo
    the words go unheard, the words are in vain, speaking to a dead man
  2705. verminatio, verminationis f
    the worms (a disease of animals), the bots, crawling pain, itching pain
  2706. vulnus coit
    the wound closes
  2707. vulnus coit
    the wound heals up
  2708. vixdum satis percurato vulnere
    the wound was barely healed
  2709. vulnera nondum coeunt
    the wounds do not close yet
  2710. vulnera difficile sanescunt
    the wounds heal with difficulty
  2711. vitellum, vitelli n
    the yolk of an egg
  2712. vitellus, vitelli m
    the yolk of an egg, little calf
  2713. votum est, ut ...
    there is a desire that, it is to be wished that
  2714. vacat
    there is time for, there is room for, there is leisure for, it is permitted
  2715. vipera est in veprecula
    there’s a viper in the bush, there’s a hidden danger
  2716. verba istaec sunt
    these are mere words, these are just words, these are empty phrases
  2717. vinum ad se importari non sinunt
    they do not allow wine to be imported to them, ban the import of wine, prohibit the import of wine
  2718. ventum nancti idoneum ex portu exeunt
    they run out with favorable wind
  2719. virgetum, virgeti n
    thicket of rods, thicket of osiers
  2720. vitilia, vitilium n
    things platted, wicker-work
  2721. volentia alicui
    things someone pleasing, things someone acceptable, news favorable for someone, events favorable for someone
  2722. verae beatitudinis sitio
    thirst for true happiness
  2723. vepres, vepris m
    thorn-bush, brier-bush, bramble-bush
  2724. vepretum, vepreti n
    thornhedge, bramble-thicket
  2725. ventus adversum tenet Athenis proficiscentibus
    those departing from Athens have headwinds
  2726. vitula conternans
    three year old calf
  2727. via trifida
  2728. velato
    through a veil, darkly, obscurely
  2729. virtute alicuius
    through someone's help, through someone's mediation
  2730. vallum circumicio
    throw up a wall all around
  2731. vallum circuminicio
    throw up a wall all around
  2732. vomo 3
    throw up by vomiting, discharge by vomiting, vomit up, vomit forth, throw or pour out in abundance, emit, discharge
  2733. vomitus, vomitus m
    throwing up, vomiting, that which is thrown up by vomiting, a vomit, a disgusting fellow, a puke
  2734. vinclis capio aliquem
    tie somebody up
  2735. veris et hiemis divortium
    time around beginning of spring
  2736. vita satiatus
    tired of life
  2737. vergobretus, vergobreti m
    title of the chief magistrate among the Ædui
  2738. virgobretus, virgobreti m
    title of the chief magistrate among the Ædui
  2739. variego 1
    to be party-colored, to be variegated
  2740. vineta mea caedo
    to be severe against one’s self
  2741. vitio do
    to hold something against someone, resent someone
  2742. vitio duco
    to hold something against someone, resent someone
  2743. vitio tribuo
    to hold something against someone, resent someone
  2744. vitio verto
    to hold something against someone, resent someone
  2745. venum
    to sell
  2746. verecundum est mihi
    to shy away from doing, not to do because of shyness
  2747. vectigal, vectigalis n
    toll, tax, impost paid to the State, honorarium or contribution paid to a magistrate, private revenue, rents, income of private affairs
  2748. volubilitas linguae
    tongue dexterity, speech dexterity
  2749. volubilitas circulatoria
    tongue flapping, market shouting tongue skill
  2750. vir sine dentibus mandens
    toothless eater
  2751. ventilo 1
    toss, swing, brandish in the air, fan, sway, agitate, fan coolness upon, cool with fanning, toss to and fro, toss grain into the air, winnow, set in motion, move, disturb, agitate, disquiet
  2752. versor lecto
    tossing restlessly in bed
  2753. vincenter
    totally convincing, fully convincing
  2754. villa urbana
    town house, city villa
  2755. Vetera, Veterum n
    town of Gallia Belgica, now Xanten
  2756. vestigabilis, vestigabile
    traceable, fathomable, fathomable, ascertainable
  2757. vestigatio, vestigationis f
    tracing, searching after
  2758. vestigator, vestigatoris m
    tracker, spy, tracer, searcher
  2759. vestigiator, vestigiatoris m
    tracker, spy, tracer, searcher
  2760. venaliciariam vitam exerceo
    trade in slaves, be a slave trader
  2761. vestitus traditionalis
    traditional dress
  2762. vates cothurnatus
    tragedy poet, tragedian
  2763. verbum e verbo exprimo
    translate something word by word
  2764. vas purgamentarium
    trash can, dustbin
  2765. viam anticipo
    travel a distance sooner
  2766. via Appia proficisci
    travel on the Via Appia
  2767. viam pergo in Macedoniam
    travel on to Macedonia, continue to Macedonia, continue the march to Macedonia
  2768. vidulus, viduli m
    travelling-trunk, portmanteau, wallet
  2769. viaticum, viatici n
    travellingmoney, provision for a journey, journey, resources, means, money made by a soldier in the wars, savings, prize-money, money to pay the expenses of one studying abroad
  2770. vestigiis alicuius insisto
    tread in someone's footsteps
  2771. violo 1
    treat with violence, injure, dishonor, outrage, violate, do violence to, invade, profane, shock, break
  2772. vibramen, vibraminis n
    tremulous motion, quivering
  2773. vibratus, vibratus m
    tremulous motion, quivering
  2774. vibrabundus, vibrabunda, vibrabundum
    tremulous, glimmering
  2775. vir triumphalis
  2776. vires, virium f
  2777. ventilator urbis
    troublemaker of the city, worrier of the city
  2778. vexator, vexatoris m
    troubler, harasser, abuser, vexer
  2779. vexabiliter
    troublesomely, vexatiously
  2780. vehiculum onerarium
    truck, lorry
  2781. veritas, veritatis f
    true nature, real nature, reality, real life, truth of nature, etymology, rectitude, integrity
  2782. verum aut falsum
    true or false
  2783. verus, vera, verum
    true, real, actual, genuine, right, proper, fitting, suitable, reasonable, just, containing the truth, true, veracious
  2784. veridice
  2785. verum
    truly, just so, certainly, doubtless, even so, yes
  2786. veraciter
    truly, veraciously
  2787. veritatis amans
  2788. veritatis diligens
  2789. veritatis studiosus
  2790. veridicentia, veridicentiae f
  2791. vim paro
    trying to fight back, trying to defend yourself
  2792. visus cunicularius
    tunnel vision
  2793. vertor 3 (vortor 3)
    turn around
  2794. vices annuae
    turn of the year
  2795. verso 1
    turn often, wind often, twist often, whirl about violently, shake, turn up, bend, treat, manage, turn upside down, discompose, disturb, vex, agitate, think over, meditate upon, reflect upon, revolve, consider, transact, carry on
  2796. versoriam capio
    turn the sail, tack
  2797. verrunco 1
    turn, turn about
  2798. vorto 3
    turn, turn round, turn about, change, alter, transform, be engaged in, turn one’s self, direct one’s way
  2799. versatio, versationis f
    turning round, changing, alteration
  2800. versabundus, versabunda, versabundum
    turning round, revolving
  2801. vertigo, vertiginis f
    turning round, whirling round, turn, twirl, whirling of the head, giddiness, dizziness, vertigo, revolution, change, alteration
  2802. vicesima, vicesimae f
    twentieth part (as a levy)
  2803. vigessis, vigessis m
    twenty asses
  2804. vicenarius, vicenaria, vicenarium
    twenty contained in itself
  2805. viceni, vicenae, vicena
    twenty each
  2806. vigeni, vigenae, vigena
    twenty each
  2807. vicena milia
    twenty thousand each
  2808. vicies milies
    twenty thousand times
  2809. vicies millesimus, vicies millesima, vicies millesimum
    twenty thousandth
  2810. viciens
    twenty times
  2811. vicies
    twenty times
  2812. viceni bini, vicenae binae, vicena bina
    twenty two each
  2813. vicies bis
    twenty two times
  2814. vicenarius, vicenaria, vicenarium
    twenty years old
  2815. vicesimus primus, vicesima prima, vicesimum primum
  2816. viceni singuli, vicenae singulae, vicena singula
    twenty-one each
  2817. vicies semel
    twenty-one times
  2818. vicesimus alter, vicesima altera, vicesimum alterum
  2819. veiginti
  2820. viginti
  2821. verbum in peius detorqueo
    twist a word for the worse
  2822. via bidui
    two day trips, two day marches
  2823. vicies centena milia
    two million
  2824. ventus typhonicus
    typhoon, whirlwind
  2825. vela pando
    unclamp the sails, hoist the sails
  2826. verba oblivia
    unclear words, ambiguous words
  2827. vellicatim
    unconnected, piece by piece, incoherent, piecewise
  2828. vices perago
    undergo change, suffer change
  2829. veram speciem Romani senatus capio
    understand the true idea of the Roman Senate, gain an accurate idea of the Roman Senate
  2830. vel maxima laus
    undoubtedly the highest praise
  2831. veste me exuo
    undress, disrobe
  2832. vexillum evolvo
    unfurl the flag, unroll the flag
  2833. via inexplicabilis
    unmanageable way, inaccessible way
  2834. vulneribus tenus
    until wounds occurred
  2835. voluntas firma
    unwaveringness, consistency, steadfastness
  2836. vox negativa
  2837. via mictualis
  2838. vim in aliquem transmitto
    use force against someone, become violent against someone
  2839. victoriam tempero
    use the victory with moderation
  2840. vim adhibeo alicui
    use violence against someone, use force against someone
  2841. vim alicui facio
    use violence against someone, use force against someone
  2842. vim alicui infero
    use violence against someone, use force against someone
  2843. vecturarius, vecturaria, vecturarium
    used for transport, concerning the driving
  2844. vappam potare soleo
    usually drink poor wine
  2845. vanor
    utter empty words
  2846. vacantia, vacantium n
    vacant estates, property without an owner
  2847. vaccinum alicui inicio
    vaccinate someone
  2848. vaccinatio, vaccinationis f
    vaccination, inoculation, immunization
  2849. vaccinum serum
  2850. venerivagus, venerivaga, venerivagum
    vagabond in love, libidinous, dissolute
  2851. vargus, vargi m
  2852. vaginalis, vaginale
  2853. vanidicus, vanidica, vanidicum
    vain-speaking, false-speaking, a liar
  2854. vallestria, vallestrium n
    valley bottom, valleys, vales
  2855. vallis condensa arboribus
    valley densely covered with trees
  2856. vallis lacrimarum
    Valley of Tears, Tears Valley
  2857. vallis supina
    valley slope, valley wall
  2858. valles, vallis f
    valley, vale, hollow
  2859. vallis, vallis f
    valley, vale, hollow
  2860. valor, valoris m
  2861. valvula, valvulae f
    valve, heart valve, vein valve
  2862. varietas sententiarum
    variety of ideas, diversity of opinions
  2863. vasorum sanguineorum dilatatio
    vascular dilatation
  2864. vasorum sanguineorum occlusio
    vascular occlusion
  2865. vasorum sanguineorum praeclusio
    vascular occlusion
  2866. vasculosus, vasculosa, vasculosum
    vascular, rich in vessels
  2867. vascularisatio, vascularisationis f
  2868. vectigal vehicularium
    vehicle toll
  2869. vehela, vehelae f
    vehicle, driving device
  2870. velatio, velationis f
    veiling, giving the veil
  2871. venerabundus, venerabunda, venerabundum
    venerating, revering, reverential
  2872. virus acerbitatis meae effundo in aliquem
    vent one's anger against someone
  2873. virus acerbitatis meae evomo in aliquem
    vent one's anger against someone
  2874. ventriculus cordis
    ventricle, cardiac chamber, heart chamber
  2875. Veneris compages
    Venus embrace
  2876. Venus bella movet
    Venus excites love affair
  2877. Veneriae, Veneriarum f
  2878. verborum contumelia
    verbalinjury, insult, insult of honor, slap in the face, affront, invective, injuria, violation of honor, cutting off of honor
  2879. verbis describo
    verbalize, describe with words
  2880. verba transgressiva
    verbs changing into another paradigm
  2881. verifico 1
    verify, prove, confirm
  2882. verificus, verifica, verificum
    verifying, proving, confirming
  2883. versidicus, versidici m
    verse-maker, versifier
  2884. versificator, versificatoris m
    verse-maker, versifier
  2885. versificus, versifici m
    verse-maker, versifier
  2886. versificatio, versificationis f
    versemaking, versifying, versification
  2887. verticalis, verticale
  2888. vehemens, vehementis
    very eager, violent, furious, impetuous, ardent, vehement, active, forcible, vigorous, powerful, mighty, strong
  2889. venenose
    very poisonously
  2890. voletar, voletaris n
    vessel for mushrooms, vessel for cooking and eating in
  2891. vasarius, vasarii m
    vessel smith, vessel dealer, vessel manufacturer
  2892. vas, vasis n
    vessel, dish, utensil, implement of any kind, military equipments, baggage, agricultural implements, beehives, hunting implements
  2893. vasa, vasorum n
    vessel, dish, utensil, implement of any kind, military equipments, baggage, agricultural implements, beehives, hunting implements
  2894. vasum, vasi n
    vessel, dish, utensil, implement
  2895. vasus, vasi m
    vessel, dish, utensil, implement
  2896. Vesuvius eructat ignes
    Vesuvius spits fire
  2897. Vesuvius evomit ignes
    Vesuvius spits fire
  2898. vicia, viciae f
  2899. veterinaria, veterinariae f
    veterinary, meterinary medicine, farriery
  2900. vice-cancellarius, vice-cancellarii m
    Vice Chancellor
  2901. vice-cancellarius foederalis
    Vice Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor
  2902. vitium ignaviae
    vice of laziness
  2903. vicepraesidens, vicepraesidentis m
    Vice President
  2904. vitia nobis sub virtutum nomine obrepunt
    vices creep into us under the name of virtue
  2905. vitia praevalida
    vices that have taken over, vices that have become rampant
  2906. vitia vitiorum n
  2907. varii casus
    vicissitudes, vicculations
  2908. victoriosus, victoriosa, victoriosum
  2909. victor, victrix
    victorious, conquering, superior
  2910. victoria furtiva
    victory obtained by fraud
  2911. victoria civilis
    victory over fellow citizens
  2912. vicia, viciae f
  2913. victoria, victoriae f
  2914. vivide
  2915. vicanus, vicani m
    villager, peasant, rustic
  2916. vitis unciaria
    vine that carries grapes of one ounce weight
  2917. vinitor, vinitoris m
  2918. vitifer, vitifera, vitiferum
    vinebearing, supporting vines, producing vines
  2919. vitisator, vitisatoris m
  2920. violentia aegrescit
    violence is on the rise
  2921. violentia, violentiae f
    violence, vehemence, impetuosity, ferocity
  2922. vis et impressio
    violent attack, forcible assault
  2923. vis alicui allata
    violent death
  2924. vis alicui allata
    violent death, act of violence against someone, act of murder against someone
  2925. violaceus, violacea, violaceum
    violet-colored, violet
  2926. violaceum, violacei n
  2927. violacium, violacii n
  2928. violatum, violati n
  2929. violeus, violea, violeum
    violet, of a violet color
  2930. vipera!
    viper!, serpent!
  2931. virosis, virosis f
    viral disease, virus disease, virosis
  2932. virginal, virginalis n
    virgin pubic limb
  2933. virginale, virginalis n
    virgin pubic limb
  2934. virginesvendonides, virginesvendonidae m
    virgin seller, virgin salesman, virgin vendor
  2935. virologicus, virologica, virologicum
  2936. virologus, virologi m
  2937. virologia, virologiae f
  2938. virtualis
  2939. virtus nullam requirit voluptatem
    virtue does not require lust
  2940. virtus est propter se expetenda
    virtue is desirable for its own sake
  2941. virtus splendet per sese
    virtue radiates from itself
  2942. virtutes et vitia in contraria abeunt
    virtues and vices form opposites, virtues and vices are opposites
  2943. virulentia, virulentiae f
  2944. visibilitas, visibilitatis f
  2945. Visigothae, Visigotharum m
  2946. visitator, visitatorris m
    visitor, protector
  2947. vitalitas,vitalitatis f
    vital force, life, vitality
  2948. vitaliter
  2949. vivacitas ingenii
    vividness of the mind
  2950. vocum et fidium (nervorum) cantus
    vocal and instrumental music
  2951. vocabilis, vocabile
  2952. vox torpet
    voice falters
  2953. vox, vocis f
    voice, sound, tone, cry, call, word, saying, speech, sentence, proverb, maxim, speech, language, accent, tone
  2954. vocela, vocelae f
    voicemail, voice message
  2955. Volnovaca, Volnovacae f
    Volnovakha, Volnovacha
  2956. voluntarie
  2957. volo, volonis m
  2958. voluntarii, voluntariorum m
  2959. voluptatum diffusio
    voluptuous exhilarations, voluptuous amusements
  2960. voluptarie
  2961. voluta, volutae f
    volute, spiral scroll
  2962. vomito 1
    vomit often
  2963. vomitu reddo
  2964. vomitu remetior
  2965. Vogesus, Vogesi m
  2966. Vosagus, Vosagi m
  2967. Vosegus, Vosegi m
  2968. vadimonium concipio
    vouch in writing, vouch in written form
  2969. votifer, votifera, votiferum
    vow-bearing, votive
  2970. votiger, votigera, votigerum
    vow-bearing, votive
  2971. vulnerabilitas, vulnerabilitatis f
  2972. voltur, volturis m
  2973. volturius, volturii m
    vulture, grasping perso, avaricious person
  2974. vultur, vulturis m
    vulture, grasping perso, avaricious person
  2975. vulturius, vulturii m
    vulture, grasping perso, avaricious person, unlucky throw at dice
  2976. Vahalis, Vahalis m
    Waal, left arm of the Rhine
  2977. vado 1
    wade through, ford
  2978. vigilatio, vigilationis f
    wakefulness, sleeplessness
  2979. vigilia, vigiliae f
    wakefulness, sleeplessness, lying awake, keeping awake for security, watching, watch, guard, time of keeping watch by night, watchmen, sentinels, watching at religious festivals, nightly vigils, vigilance, post, office, duty
  2980. vigilium, vigilii n
    wakefulness, sleeplessness, lying awake, keeping awake for security, watching, watch, guard, time of keeping watch by night, watchmen, sentinels, watching at religious festivals, nightly vigils, vigilance, post, office, duty
  2981. vigilantia, vigilantiae f
    wakefulness, watchful attention, watchfulness, vigilance
  2982. volutabundus, volutabunda, volutabundum
    wallowing about, rolling about
  2983. volutabrum, volutabri n
    wallowing-place for swine, hog-pool, slough
  2984. vago 1
  2985. vagulus, vagula, vagulum
    wandering, roving, hastening away
  2986. vaecordia, vaecordiae f
    want of reason, senselessness, silliness, folly, madness, insanity
  2987. vecordia, vecordiae f
    want of reason, senselessness, silliness, folly, madness, insanity
  2988. victoriae Pompei comes esse vult
    want to be companion of Pompey in victory
  2989. volo istuc severum facere
    want to make this seem ghastly
  2990. vitam profundo
    waste his life
  2991. vastabundus, vastabunda, vastabundum
    wasting, desolating, devastating
  2992. vastatorius, vastatoria, vastatorium
    wasting, ravaging, devastating