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  1. equus bellator
    a spirited horse, a mettlesome horse
  2. examussim
    according to a rule, exactly, quite
  3. ex composito
    according to agreement, by agreement, in concert
  4. ex commodo
    according to one's convenience, conveniently, at one’s leisure
  5. ex vero
    according to the truth, in truth, truthfully
  6. ex voto
    according to the vow
  7. ego vero mallem
    after all, I'd rather
  8. ex alio atque alio subortu
    always from a fresh source
  9. error calcularius
    an error in reckoning
  10. et alia generis eiusdem
    and so forth
  11. et cetera
    and so forth
  12. et deinceps
    and so forth
  13. et id genus alia
    and so forth
  14. et quae sunt generis eiusdem
    and so forth
  15. et quae sunt reliqua
    and so forth
  16. et consimilia
    and the like, and similar things
  17. ex integro
    anew, afresh
  18. esto!
    anyway, I don't care, it's good
  19. exercitus collecticius
    army gathered hastily without selection
  20. ex voluntate
    as requested, as desired, according to wish
  21. equo admisso
    at full speed
  22. epulas adeo
    attend the banquet
  23. eius generis sum
    be among
  24. eius ordinis sum
    be among
  25. ex usu est
    be of use, be of service, be of benefit, be useful, be serviceable, be advantageous, be profitable
  26. essedarius, essedaria, essedarium
    belonging to a war-chariot
  27. effervesco 3
    boil up, boil over, foam up, effervesce, ferment, grow violent, rage, light up, shine out, boil out, subside, abate
  28. ex accidenti
    by accident, accidentally
  29. ex conventu
    by agreement
  30. eruca, erucae f
    caterpillar, cankerworm, sort of cole-wort
  31. ex confesso
    confessedly, beyond doubt
  32. ex destinato
    designedly, intentionally
  33. ex imo verro arenas
    digging up sand from the depths (of the sea)
  34. ex industria
    diligently, assiduously, on purpose, purposely, intentionally
  35. extremum iudicium
    doomsday, last judgment
  36. e-litterae, e-litterārum f
  37. epistula electronica, epistulae electroncae f
  38. exaggerata verborum volubilitas
    effusive eloquence, exuberant eloquence
  39. etiam tunc
    even then, still
  40. essedarius, essedarii m
    fighter in a war-chariot, gladiator
  41. ex aversione
    from behind
  42. et adversus et aversus
    from the front and from behind
  43. ex adverso
    from the front, opposite
  44. ex animo
    from the heart, from the bottom of one’s heart, deeply, truly, sincerely
  45. e vicino
    from the neighborhood, from near
  46. ex unguiculis
    from the very finger-tips, through and through
  47. ex hac deductione rationis
    from this course of reasoning
  48. e partu laboro
    have birth pains, give birth, want to give birth
  49. exitus humanitarius
    humanitarian corridor
  50. eum esse nefarium non putavi
    I did not believe him to be nefarious
  51. e vestigio
    instantaneous, on the spot, immediately
  52. ex continenti
    instantly, immediately
  53. exiguus usus
    little benefit, low utility
  54. ex alicuius more vivo
    live by someone's will
  55. equi vectigales
    lucrative horses, profitable horses
  56. exercitatio, exercitationis f
    moving, agitating, setting in motion, Exercise, practice
  57. eo accedit, quod (ut)...
    on top of that, in addition to that
  58. ex trivio
    out of the street, from the mob
  59. equus vectarius
    packhorse, draught-horse
  60. extenuo 1
    play down, downplay, minimize
  61. equi cursuales
  62. ecdicus, ecdici m
    Public Prosecutor, District Attorney
  63. extrema acies
    rearmost line of battle
  64. ex sepulcro exeo
    resurrect, return to life
  65. equus advector
    Riding horse
  66. equa vectrix
    riding mare
  67. epistula uniformis
    serial letter, mail merge letter
  68. est alicuī in usu
    someone is used to, someone is accustomed, it is a character trait of someone
  69. ex libidine causam arcesso
    start a cause
  70. enixe
    strenuously, earnestly, zealously
  71. ex abundanti
  72. ex supervacuo
    superfluously, uselessly
  73. excipio 5
    take upon oneself
  74. essedum loricatum
    tank, armored car
  75. equi curatoricii
    the horses of a provincial commissary
  76. elementa vocalia
    the vowels
  77. extremis digitis aliquid attingo
    to concern oneself only fleetingly with something, to deal with something only superficially
  78. exercitum in Italiam transpono
    translate the army to Italy
  79. exorbito 1
    turn out of the track, turn aside
  80. elephantus bellicus
    war elephant
  81. elephantus militaris
    war elephant
  82. equus albus
    white horse
  83. ex toto
    wholly, completely, entirely, altogether, totally
  84. expers veritatis
    without experience of reality
  85. effector mundi
    world builder, world architect
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