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  1. me apoculo
  2. misy, misyos n
    a kind of mushroom or truffle, , a mineral, a vitriolic ore, copperas, sory
  3. mulier secutuleia
    a street walker
  4. meo animo
    according to my mind, in my opinion
  5. magnam partem ad me verto
    acquire a large part
  6. male ago
    act badly, behave badly
  7. me accommodo
    adapt one’s self to another’s opinion, adapt one’s self to another’s wishes, conform to, comply with, be compliant to one in any thing, apply one’s self to, devote one’s self to, undertake
  8. machina spiritalis
    air machine
  9. missile antiphractum
    anti-tank missile
  10. molimen incendiarium
    arson attacc, incendiary
  11. media de nocte
    at midnight
  12. male ago cum aliquo
    be bad with someone
  13. me ipsum vito
    be dissatisfied with yourself
  14. mihi facile persuaderi patior
    be easily persuaded, be easily talked into, be easily cajoled
  15. male mecum agitur
    be in a bad way
  16. multum ex vero traxi
    be interspersed with much truth
  17. metu oppressus sum
    be intimidated
  18. me alicui sufflo
    be mad at sb,
  19. maioribus astrictus sum
    be preoccupied by greater things
  20. magna sollicitudine hoc nuntio afficior
    be very unpleasantly surprised by this news
  21. maiora ac terribiliora
    bear terrible news
  22. mucesco 3
    become mouldy, become musty
  23. mucorem contraho
    become mouldy, become musty
  24. me corroboro
    become stronger, become greater, be grown up
  25. Mariupolitanus, Mariupolitana, Mariupolitanum
    belonging to Mariupol
  26. me confero
    betake anywhere, turn one’s self anywhere, go anywhere
  27. me detego
    betray oneself, reveal oneself, show oneself, make oneself known
  28. megalopolis, megalopolis f
    big city
  29. me astringo
    bind oneself
  30. mordicus abripio
    bite off
  31. Mare Ponticum
    Black Sea
  32. moles fluctibus opposita
  33. moles fluctifraga
  34. moles undifraga
  35. munimentum fluctifragum
  36. murus coctilis
  37. molestias alicui exhibeo
    bully someone, harass, victimize, persecute, hassle, mess around
  38. mea dextra
    by my hand, by my fist, by my bravery, by my action, by my commitment
  39. mobilitas ingenii
    capriciousness, moodiness
  40. musca cadaverina
    carrion fly
  41. miscix, miscicis
    changeable, inconstant
  42. magister praetorii generalis
    Chief of General Staff
  43. mentum, menti n
    chin Beard, chinbeard, goatee
  44. mentum, menti n
    chin of persons and animals, projecting part of a cornice
  45. minister publicus
    Civil servant
  46. magistratus, magistratus m
    Civil servant, State Official, Government Official
  47. me astringo
    clot, coagulate, curdle, congeal
  48. machinatio comitatensis
    court intrigue
  49. multa acervatim frequento
    crowding together many thoughts in one period
  50. mortuus, mortua, mortuum
    dead, faint, overwhelmed, decayed, withered, passed away
  51. munitio, munitionis f
    defence line
  52. mores corrumpo
  53. ministerium rei defensoriae
    department of defense, ministry of defence
  54. me devoveo
    devote one’s self to death, sacrifice one’s self, give one’s self up to, devote one’s self to, curse one’s self, execrate one’s self
  55. missio causaria
    discharge from military service on account of sickness, liberation from service
  56. mascula tura
    drip incense, drip Frankincense
  57. morbus subtercutaneus
  58. medicamen vomificum
  59. mare Anglicum
    English Channel, Sleeve channel
  60. montes ascensu vinco
    exceed the mountains, overcome the mountains
  61. momentum stabilitati periculosum
    factor of uncertainty, insecurity factor
  62. male evenio
    fail, go wrong
  63. me approno
    fall down (upon the knees), kneel
  64. molestiam traho
    feeling displeasure, incurring displeasure
  65. medicāmenta viatoria
    first-aid kit, travel medication
  66. machina coquinatoria
    food processor, kitchen appliance
  67. merces adventiciae
    foreign goods, import goods
  68. myosotis palustris
  69. me corripio
    get up hastily, rise up hastily, betake one’s self somewhere
  70. me assuefacio
    get used to something
  71. munera viscata
    gifts for which one expects a good return
  72. mendosum tinnio
    give a false sound
  73. meae orationi audientiam facio
    give attention to one's speech, give attention to one's lecture, make one's lecture heard
  74. malevolus, malevola, malevolum (malivolus)
    gloating, gleeful, mischievous
  75. me abdo
    go away, betake one’s self to some place
  76. me transfero
  77. messis spicea
    grain harvest
  78. mola acuminaria
    grinding mill, grindstone
  79. miscix, miscicis m
    half a man
  80. mixcix, mixcicis m
    half a man
  81. molae versatiles
    hand mills, handmills
  82. mola trusatilis
  83. manus viscatae
    hands on which everything sticks
  84. multum (plus, plurimum) valeo apud aliquem
    have a big (quite big, biggest) influence on someone, have great (pretty big, biggest) prestige with someone
  85. memoriā vigeo
    have a good memory, have a strong memory, be in full possession of one's memory
  86. multum alicui tribuo
    have a lot of confidence in someone, trust someone with a lot
  87. minimum in me esse arbitror
    have very little self-confidence
  88. me sibi ille affixum habebit
    he will always have me by the neck
  89. medicae artes
    healing art, medicine
  90. missile hypersonicum
    hypersonic missile
  91. me habent venalem
    I am betrayed and sold
  92. meae spontis sum
    I am my own master
  93. munitus, munita, munitum
    immune to something
  94. mediis caloribus
    in the midst of summer
  95. mensarum voragines
    indulgences at the table
  96. multitudo infinita
    innumerable, vast number, vast quantity, immense number, abundance
  97. me admisceo
    interfere, meddle with
  98. metu oppressus
    intimidated, cowed, frightened, scared, terrified
  99. mihi constat
    it is my fixed determination, I am determined, I am fully resolved
  100. mihi satis claret
    it is sufficiently evident to me
  101. malus anterior
    jib mast, fore mast
  102. me abiungo
    keep away, stay away, abstain from
  103. memoria teneo
    keep in mind, remember
  104. mittō aliquem in meum vivarium
    keep somone under his control
  105. mortem accio
    kill one’s self
  106. mena, menae f
    kind of carriage
  107. machinae versatiles
  108. medicamen ventrifluum
    laxative, purgative
  109. me applico 1 (adplico 1)
    lean against, approach
  110. malum citreum
    lemon, citrusapple
  111. me detergeo
    lick oneself
  112. male vivo
    live in poor conditions, live poorly
  113. mansuefacio 5
    make tame, tame, make gentle, soften, civilize, pacify
  114. multi et varii timores
    many different fears, many different concerns
  115. Mariupolis, Mariupolis f
  116. mus Alpinus
  117. mentis turbellae
    mental disorder, mental disturbance, mental derangement
  118. mala valetudo animi
    mental Illness, insanity
  119. minister a sanitate
    minister of health
  120. manus alicui rei adhibeo
    misappropriate something, tamper with anything
  121. male admissa
  122. miscellaneus, miscellanea, miscellaneum
    mixed, of all sorts
  123. Moldavicus, Moldavica, Moldavicum
  124. Moldaviensis, Moldaviense
  125. Moldavia, Moldaviae f
  126. Monasterium, Monasterii n
  127. muccidus, muccida, muccidum
    mouldy, musty, snivelling
  128. mucidus, mucida, mucidum
    mouldy, musty, snivelling
  129. montes caseati
    mountains where much cheese was made
  130. multipolaris, multipolare
  131. mecum viventes
    my contemporaries
  132. mi animule
    my heart, my darling
  133. mea voluptas
    my joy, my charmer, you my delight!, you my bliss!
  134. mi vetule!
    my little old fellow
  135. malevolus, malevola, malevolum (malivolus)
    nasty, mean, bad, ugly, yuck, wicked, obnoxious, disgusting, ugh
  136. malitiosus, malitiosa, malitiosum
    nasty, mean, bad, ugly, yuck, wicked, obnoxious, disgusting, ugh
  137. mea (tua, sua, nostra, vestra) sponte
    of free will, of one’s own accord, of one’s self, freely, willingly, voluntarily, spontaneously
  138. mea sponte
    of free will, of one’s own accord, of one’s self, freely, willingly, voluntarily, spontaneously
  139. meum caput offero vilitati
    offer his skin for sale at a low price
  140. modo demum
    only now, now for the first time
  141. medicus auricularius
    otologist, ear doctor
  142. maiora quam pro viribus agito
    overestimate one's strength
  143. manus adversa
    palm, inner hand, inside hand
  144. membrana ad volandum apta
  145. meio 1
    piss, make water
  146. me comparo
    place onseself in a condition
  147. munus vehicularium
    postal service, cartage
  148. mare vinis suffundo
    pour sea water into the wines
  149. manum alicui adeo
    put someone on the cross, betray someone, trick someone
  150. manus alicui rei adhibeo
    put the hand on something
  151. manus alicui rei admolior
    put the hand to, lay hands on
  152. medicas manus ad vulnera adhibeo
    put the healing hands on the wounds
  153. Monasteriensis, Monasteriense
    relating to Münster
  154. mihi confido
    rely on one’s self, have confidence in one’s self
  155. medicamentum traumaticum
    remedy for a wound
  156. Mariupolitanus, Mariupolitanai m
    resident of Mariupol
  157. me ad eloquentiam applico
    resort to eloquence
  158. magicas artes accingor
    resort to magical arts, resort to magic
  159. mos astrictus
    restricted way of life
  160. me circumvolvo
    roll one’s self around, roll round
  161. me verso
    rolling around, spinning around
  162. me devoveo pro aliqua re
    sacrifice oneself for something
  163. me devoveo pro re publica
    sacrifice oneself for the state
  164. mensis September
  165. mucosus, mucosa, mucosum
    slimy, mucous
  166. montes nivales
    snow mountains
  167. montes, unde nives numquam absunt
    snow mountains
  168. male agitur cum aliquo
    someone is unwell
  169. mala struthea
  170. me superfundo
    spread out, pour out
  171. mensa publica
    State Bank, National Bank
  172. magistratus, magistratus m
    State Office, Office of State, State Agency
  173. manus defigere
    strike hands, close a contract as surety, pledge one's person
  174. me transigo
    struggle through, get through
  175. modus adiunctivus
    subjunctive mood
  176. male tussio
    suffer violently from a bad cough
  177. missile supersonicum
    supersonic missile
  178. me dedo
    surrender one’s self, capitulate, give up one’s self, apply one’s self, devote one’s self, dedicate one’s self
  179. malum metuo ab aliquo
    suspect evil of someone, fear bad things from someone
  180. manum immitto
    take action, intervene, step in, take action
  181. militiam capesso
    take military service
  182. macrologia, macrologiae f
    tediousness in speech
  183. mos accomodatur prout conducat
    the custom is based on the respective need
  184. mare Cyneum
    the Hellespont
  185. memoria vetustate abit
    the memory expires with the (length of) time
  186. mercatura iacet
    there is a standstill in trade, trade has come to a standstill, trade is at rest
  187. me astringo
    thicken, deepen
  188. multa mecum animo voluto
    think about a lot of things, consider a lot of things
  189. manus post tergum vincio
    tie the hands behind the back
  190. mecum vivo
    to deal with oneself
  191. me saucio
    to get drunk
  192. mutuum muli scabunt
    to praise one another
  193. merces tabacariae
    tobacco products
  194. machinamentum, machinamenti n
  195. manganum, mangani n
  196. molli articulo tracto aliquem
    touch one gently, touch one softly
  197. male afficio aliquem
    treat someone badly, mistreat someone
  198. me verto 3 (me vorto 3)
    turn around
  199. mucronem in me verto
    turn the dagger against yourself
  200. me confero
    turn to, apply to, devote one’s self to
  201. me transfero
  202. maleficīs artibus utor
    use witchcraft
  203. medicina veterinaria
    veterinary, meterinary medicine
  204. munus militare
    war office
  205. multum in bello versatus
  206. messis triticea
    wheat harvest, wheat crop
  207. mustum circumcidaneum
    wine pressed out after the ordinary pressing, when the husks and stems remaining in the press had been cut around
  208. multo maioris alapae mecum veneunt
    with me freedom is much more dearly purchased
  209. mense vertente
    within a month, in the course of a month
  210. mundus omnis
    world building, universe, all
  211. mundus universus
    world building, universe, all
  212. mercatus mundanus
    world market
  213. mundi redemptor
    world redeemer
  214. mens mundi
    world spirit
  215. morsu serpentis ulceratus
    wounded by snakebite
  216. malefactor, malefactoris m
    wrongdoer, an evil doer, malefactor, delinquent
  217. maleficus, malefici m
    wrongdoer, magician, enchanter, an evil doer, malefactor, delinquent
  218. monitor, monitoris m
    display, monitor
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